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  1. ProducerPeggy Meder

    Peggy Meder

    Peggy Meder: Aesthetic Injecting
    Peggy Meder: Aesthetic InjectingPeggy Meder explains that there are a variety of substances that are utilized to conceal the effects of aging skin. Peggy Medersummarizes, Aesthetic Injecting is a non-surgical avenue of providing patients with results that are comparable to...
  2. Producersharon greer

    sharon greer

    Best Receding Gums Mouthwash
    Best Receding Gums MouthwashReceding gums are an indication that something is not right, but the lack of pain does not mean that gums are healthy. Chronically inflamed gums do not hurt. Receding gums almost always come from acute inflammation. This may be...
  3. ProducerJavar Myatt Jones
    JaVar Myatt-Jones: The Looming Threat of Alzheimer's Disease
    JaVar Myatt-Jones: The Looming Threat of Alzheimer's DiseaseJaVar Myatt-Jones has experience with geriatric medicine. There are many threats that our elders face, but Alzheimer's disease may be at the top of the list. Everyone has heard about the existence of this disease, but the facts can be quite...
  4. ProducerNarendar Yasa

    Narendar Yasa

    Narendar Yasa: Easy Ways to Help Your Community
    Narendar Yasa: Easy Ways to Help Your CommunityNarendar Yasa is a pharmacist who is very passionate about charity work and helping others. He originally is from a small village in India. Yasa says, “I have established a community water plant at our Village Mogilipaka to provide pure drinking...
  5. ProducerRichard Lowe Jr

    Richard Lowe Jr

    Why a Doctor Needs a Book
    Why a Doctor Needs a BookDo you want to improve your service to your patients?Would you like to increase your practice?Do you need to establish your credibility and expertise?Publish a book about you and your practice to define your credibility, cement your expertise in...
  6. ProducerRoyce Shook

    Royce Shook

    New resource for caregivers dealing with dementia patients wandering
    New resource for caregivers dealing with dementia patients wanderingDid you know that 60 percent of people living with dementia will wander at some point during their disease? The Alzheimer Society of B.C released two new resources about wandering and dementia, Disorientation and Getting Lost: A guide for people...


    David 🐝 Martín Alonso
    16/10/2017 #1 David 🐝 Martín Alonso
    Thanks for sharing, very helpful @Royce Shook
    I share it!!
  7. ProducerBrian Galofaro

    Brian Galofaro

    Brian Galofaro: Know Your Numbers
    Brian Galofaro: Know Your NumbersBrian Galofaro is a Louisiana doctor who specializes in Family Medicine. A Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, he emphasizes preventive medicine and wellness. Brian Galofaro stresses the importance of treating and...
  8. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    EmergenceSomewhere in the depths of my sleep I heard a noise. The noise was persistent. Slowly I emerged from a deep slumber and identified the noise as my ringing mobile phone. Then further time lapsed until I arrived at sufficient awareness to...


    Cyndi wilkins
    13/08/2017 #29 Cyndi wilkins
    At the risk of mincing words, I will do you the honor of having the last one on this subject on your own post...Perhaps we will cross paths on this again;-)
    Speaking of respect...That lady ER doctor, as your ' said colleague' deserves some too...which is really at the HEART of the matter...and quite frankly why I brought the heart into the discussion in the first place...It sounds like hers took quite a beating in front of a patient's husband...not to mention being berated by someone she undoubtedly has a great deal of respect for herself. It's a difficult job...but somebody's got to do it. That is how you save lives...by saving each other on the battle field ...We make mistakes...That's what makes us human but are all in this together...learning and teaching. Thank you for your time.
    Ian Weinberg
    13/08/2017 #28 Ian Weinberg
    #25 @Cyndi wilkins As you may have gleaned from my collective writings I am very much a proponent of other elements, including neurophysics which give rise to the human state. However we need to respect a hierarchical structure starting with anatomy and physiology at the foundation. Upon that we can build the mind- body influences (PNI) which I pioneered in the clinical domain. Then we can add in the energy interface with nonlocality. At the latter level exists resonance and not cause and effect. But to take the resonant energetic connections from nonlocality and imbibe functional significance to physical elements is incorrect. In other words energetic grids may incorporate the heart in nonlocality integrations but in physicality the heart is a muscular pump which generates a strong electric field (ECG) - it 'expresses' and amplifies mind cognition and emotion and in turn, influences the mind-brain electrically and via autonomic connections. But at the pure physical level the heart as an organ has no intrinsic emotional or cognitive function.
    Allan Rey Quiban
    12/08/2017 #26 Allan Rey Quiban
    #1 thanks to give me a chance to express my opinion, it's very strong to help a greater knowledge, its good to suggest.... have a nice day
    Cyndi wilkins
    12/08/2017 #25 Cyndi wilkins
    "Neurophysics indicate that the heart is an organ of far greater intelligence than previously thought, and evidence suggests a profound cognitive interrelationship between brainwaves and the powerful electromagnetic energy signals emitted from the heart. These findings have led scientists and physicians to conclude that consciousness is a function of both the heart and brain, and that ethereal forms of sentience such as intuition, precognition, mood, and emotion may formulate and resonate within this realm."


    Now I realize there is a rather 'hostile' environment in the field of bio-medicine when confronted with anything that conflicts with it's scientific methods...however, I humbly suggest there is a great deal that cannot be 'scientifically proven' when considering the more subtle fields of energy. You can throw all the science at me you want...and yes, you do get a bit technical... if you just wish to converse with other neuroscientists...then I will humbly disengage...but there is more than one way to skin a cat...We are always evolving in our understanding of how our physical and non-physical being exists...
    Ian Weinberg
    12/08/2017 #24 Ian Weinberg
    #21 @Cyndi wilkins The heart is not a cognitive/emotional brain. It is a muscular pump with an intrinsic electro-chemical circuit controlling heart rate and rhythm. It secretes a diuretic hormone. It also generates a powerful electric field within the body (as a volume conductor). It would then influence the brain because the brain exists within the range of the electric field. The sequence then is that the cognitive and emotional brain influences the heart neurologically (autonomic nervous system) and chemically via hormones and immune system secretion. The heart electric field reflecting rate, rhythm and amplitude then influences neuronal networks within the brain, in turn affecting cognition and emotion. I have done much research on the influences of mind states on the body electric field (see http://www.pninet.com/articles/Electro-couple.pdf ). This may be a bit technical - a proposed model. There is also no brain in the gut/abdomen. There is a neural network in the bowel wall which interacts with the autonomic nervous system - efferently (transmission from brain to gut) as well as afferently (gut to brain). The gut is also influences by hormones and immune chemistry.
    Cyndi wilkins
    12/08/2017 #21 Cyndi wilkins
    BTW...The heart as a sensory organ, capable of processing information...energetically influences the physiological function of the body via heart rate patterns that correspond to an emotional charge, be it positive or negative in nature...having a profound impact on the immune system. Feelings of love and joy create 'wellness' of mind/body/spirit...whereas the energies of anger and pain leave us feeling helpless and ill...Anyone with chronic illness can most assuredly trace it's roots back to unresolved emotional pain and trauma.
    Cyndi wilkins
    12/08/2017 #20 Cyndi wilkins
    #18 Not sure how one might go about lobotomizing one's intuitive energies, which metaphorically speaking is in reference to the 'gut brain' or trusting one's instincts and such...but I suppose where there is a will there is a way...Electric shock therapy might do the trick;-)
    #19 All kidding aside...If you have not tried it already...A bit of warm water and lemon first thing in the morning may help to tame your 'naughty bowels' @Ken Boddie;-)
    Ken Boddie
    11/08/2017 #19 Ken Boddie
    #18 Far be it from me, Ian, to query your self diagnosis, but when my "bowels knot up" it's the space at my non thinking end that takes flight ..... and fast. 🤢
    Ian Weinberg
    11/08/2017 #18 Ian Weinberg
    #17 some have claimed that we have a gut brain. But in my years spent navigating the abdomen as a general surgeon, I never found anything to lobotomize. In my case, when my bowels knot up, I feel that unique queeziness which somehow tickles my fight/flight centre in the space between my ears!
    Ken Boddie
    11/08/2017 #17 Ken Boddie
    I just love these personal experience stories, Ian, and all the more so when they have a happy ending. But, tell me, which part of our brain connects to the feeling part of our gut? 🤔
    Cyndi wilkins
    11/08/2017 #16 Cyndi wilkins
    #12 With all due respect to Hank for sticking by his badly injured wife...and to you Dr. Weinberg for having saved her life...Had that ER doctor not checked her work by making 'the call'...that young woman would be dead right now. Perhaps the real hero of this story is in trusting one's intuition;-)
    Ian Weinberg
    10/08/2017 #15 Ian Weinberg
    #14 Thanks for those kind words @Jerry Fletcher
    Jerry Fletcher
    10/08/2017 #14 Jerry Fletcher
    Ian, it says a lot that your care did not end after the surgery and that years later the contact had been maintained.
    Ian Weinberg
    10/08/2017 #13 Ian Weinberg
    #11 Thanks @Aaron 🐝 Skogen Fortunately I'm sensitive to an active gut feel - got me out of many a tight situation.
    Ian Weinberg
    10/08/2017 #12 Ian Weinberg
    #10 Thanks @Cyndi wilkins Indeed you are perfectly correct. I was judgemental in the heat of the moment. But there is always the bigger (higher) perspective.
    Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    10/08/2017 #11 Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    What a powerful story @Ian Weinberg! Thank God that gut feel kept tingling until you took action.
    Cyndi wilkins
    10/08/2017 #10 Cyndi wilkins
    People make mistakes...That 'beautiful-eyed' doctor made a biggie...but HER consciousness told her to call YOU...regardless of the patients alleged 'brain dead' state...She deserves some credit...She could have pulled the covers over her head and gone back to sleep too...But you BOTH have that instinct that told you to do otherwise...If we all had such an acute awareness of our circumstances, we could save ourselves a great deal of unnecessary pain...Thank you for such a powerful message here @Ian Weinberg...'Trust your instincts.'
    Ian Weinberg
    10/08/2017 #9 Ian Weinberg
    #8 Thanks @Chas ✌️ Wyatt
    Ian Weinberg
    10/08/2017 #7 Ian Weinberg
    #6 Thanks again @Pascal Derrien
    Pascal Derrien
    10/08/2017 #6 Pascal Derrien
    If you operate as well as you write you are a genius Doc this was breath taking :-) Glad you made the right call after all (if may use that term). :-)
  9. ProducerFrancisco Jose  🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    SEGUNDO MANDAMIENTO: HABLAME COMO UN NIÑO NORMAL“Dime y lo olvido, enséñame y lo recuerdo, involúcrame y lo aprendo”. Benjamín FranklinY por favor, no hables como si no estuviera. El concepto “da igual no entiende” solamente existe en tu cabeza. ¿Sabes porqué? Por que realmente no sabes lo que...


    Elena Sánchez Mallebrera
    25/07/2017 #34 Elena Sánchez Mallebrera
    Buen día!! Francisco José, animarte y recargaros pilas . Con estos, tus escritos haces visible la realidad en la vida diaria en autismo. Es una palabra que cuesta entender en su totalidad. Su definición en el diccionario no nos hace ver , ni comprender ... La COMUNICACIÓN, no son solo palabras. Gracias por mencionarme.Comparto ya!!🤗
    Francisco Jose  🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    10/07/2017 #33 Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    @MartÍn Zafrilla gracias a ti compañero por tus palabras
    MartÍn Zafrilla
    10/07/2017 #32 MartÍn Zafrilla
    Muchas gracias por compartir estos textos. Ayudan mucho.
    Francisco Jose  🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    09/07/2017 #31 Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    #21 @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador Thank you friend Stephan for supporting our cause, you are a good man
    Francisco Jose  🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    09/07/2017 #30 Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    #28 @maria pilar pich pou ,MD @Raquel Mena gracias por vuestras palabras.....también me ayudan a mi
    Raquel Mena
    08/07/2017 #29 Raquel Mena
    Qué bonito y que gran ayuda para quien quiere comunicarse con una persona con autismo y no sabe cómo. Gracias por compartirlo @Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    08/07/2017 #28 maria pilar pich pou ,MD
    Ya es hermosa ...esa conversacion! Gracias por compatir.@@Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador
    @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    08/07/2017 #27 @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez
    #4 y...
    Cristina Ballester Martínez
    08/07/2017 #25 Cristina Ballester Martínez
    #13 No pasa nada @Francisco Jose 🐝 Paredes Pérez Global Brand Ambassador. Por suerte lo he podido ver y compartir!! 😀
    Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    08/07/2017 #24 Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    @stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador, Fernando Santa Isabel is already a musketeer.
    Las liao parda 😂 As it says @David 🐝 Martín Alonso, you have named many bees. Thank you for helping us give voice to autism.
    c'est tré jolie.
    stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    08/07/2017 #20 stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    @Juan Imaz if you can give a little push to the Musketeers cause by sharing, we would be grateful for ever. Thanks.
    Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    08/07/2017 #17 Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar
    @Raúl Jiménez Uceda, la misión de mosqueter@ consiste en compartir. Dar Voz al autismo, a las reflexiones de un autista de la mano de su padre Francisco Paredes.
    Unete a la causa 😉.
  10. ProducerMila Cohen

    Mila Cohen

    	 6 Reasons to Look after Your Child’s Primary Teeth
    6 Reasons to Look after Your Child’s Primary TeethNew Jersey Children’s dentist Dr. Mila Cohen and all of our great pediatric dentists here at the True Dental Care for Kids and Teens often get asked by parents and caregivers why they need to look after their child’s primary teeth, as after all they...
  11. ProducerJames Taft

    James Taft

    Sun Damage
    Sun DamageThe warm rays of the sun sometimes feel so good on your skin that it’s hard to turn away. You may think you’re getting plenty of important D vitamins from the solar exposure. Plus, what looks better any time of year than the rosy glow from being...
  12. ProducerJames Taft

    James Taft

    Acne Treatment
    Acne TreatmentAcne treatments vary, based on the severity of your acne. You may have to go through several different types of treatments, or you may have to combine medications, before you find the best acne treatment for you. Usually, your treatment is a...
  13. ProducerSaba Khodadadian
    Astigmatism Correction
    Astigmatism CorrectionAstigmatism is a common vision disorder, but is not an eye disease. It’s a refractive error that occurs when your cornea (the surface of your eye) has an asymmetrical shape. Astigmatism is like nearsightedness and farsightedness; it can be corrected...
  14. ProducerPedram Bral

    Pedram Bral

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
    Polycystic Ovarian SyndromePolycystic ovarian syndrome, often called PCOS, is a condition that affects women of childbearing age with a disorder of the endocrine system. It’s fairly common, affecting as many as one in 10 women. The syndrome can be detected in girls as young...
  15. ProducerPedram Bral

    Pedram Bral

    Impact of Social Media on Gynecology
    Impact of Social Media on GynecologyIt’s important for women to visit their gynecologist in order to promote excellent health. It should start as early as puberty, or once their reproductive organs mature. Regular evaluation needs to be done through a specialized gynecologist. An...
  16. ProducerDr. Dmitriy Bronfman
    Endometrial Polyp | Professional Gynecological Services
    Endometrial Polyp | Professional Gynecological ServicesEndometrial Polyp is out-pocket of tissue that sticks out of the innermost lining of the uterus. They are often seen in women in their 40s and 50s. The inner-most lining of the uterus is known as the endometrium, hence the name endometrial polyps...
  17. ProducerDr. Dmitriy Bronfman
    No Menstrual Periods But Also Not Pregnant
    No Menstrual Periods But Also Not PregnantWomen have menstrual cycles every month from puberty until menopause.  The normal menstrual cycle varies from women to women and it is usually 28+/-7 days. The average length of menstrual periods also varies from 3 to 5 days, sometimes menstrual...
  18. ProducerDr. Dmitriy Bronfman
    Can You Lactate Without Being Pregnant?
    Can You Lactate Without Being Pregnant?Lactation is the process of milk production in the mammary glands in women. Lactation is considered normal for every woman ho is expecting or who has recently given birth to a child. The secretion of the milk depends from two hormones prolactin and...
  19. ProducerDr. Dmitriy Bronfman
    Healthy Pregnancy and Labor for Women with Diabetes
    Healthy Pregnancy and Labor for Women with DiabetesWomen who suffer from diabetes but are also pregnant are at a higher risk of possible complications during pregnancyand childbirth. However, the most important thing is maintaining normal or as close as possible to normal levels of glucose in the...
  20. ProducerDr. Dmitriy Bronfman
    Secrets to Successful Pregnancy Weight Gain
    Secrets to Successful Pregnancy Weight GainPregnancy is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a young couple, especially when they are expecting a child for the first time. However, a lot of things concern the young mother during this time. Among many things, pregnancy weight...
  21. ProducerDrNavid Rahmani

    DrNavid Rahmani

    Severe Gum Disease is 6th Most Prevalent Condition in the World
    Severe Gum Disease is 6th Most Prevalent Condition in the WorldSevere gum disease isn’t just an American problem, as a recently released review found it to be the sixth most prevalent health condition in the world. This particular study looked at data from 37 different countries, and found severe periodontitis...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/07/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    I believe you @DrNavid Rahmani because I suffered from gum disease. It is a global problem and I live far away from the USA
  22. ProducerDrNavid Rahmani

    DrNavid Rahmani

    Tooth Loss: How It Increases the Risk of Heart Disease
    Tooth Loss: How It Increases the Risk of Heart DiseaseA new study conducted in Finland at the University of Helsinki looked at the connection between tooth loss and cardiovascular disease. The study involved more than 8,000 people over a 13 year period and it found that people with more than five...
  23. ProducerNatasha Fazylova
    Exfoliation & Microdermabrasion
    Exfoliation & MicrodermabrasionGorgeous, glowing skin is the first thing others notice about you — and the first thing you see when you look in the mirror every day. Your overall health and good spirits can add to that soft glow, but sometimes you need a little more help...
  24. ProducerNatasha Fazylova
    Made a Tattoo Mistake? Have it Removed with Ease!
    Made a Tattoo Mistake? Have it Removed with Ease!Tattoo Laser Removal We have all made some mistakes in our lives. Getting a tattoo that you may regret may even be one of them. From the Chinese symbols that mean “strength” or that first boyfriend’s name, we all have one regret and it may even come...
  25. ProducerDmitriy Epelboym
    Restorative Dental Treatment: Do You Know Your Options?
    Restorative Dental Treatment: Do You Know Your Options?Restorative dental care helps to preserve your natural teeth so they can last as long as possible. Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center, our dentists will carefully assess any damage to your teeth and prepare a customized restorative dental...
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