Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
12/6/2016 · 2 min read · +300 · 3
To Immunonutrition and 7 more
Hey! Let's Eat Watermelon!

Hey! Let's Eat Watermelon!

  / by Dr Margaret Aranda /  This tongue-in-cheek article is on the very serious subject of Immunonutrition. Little known by the general public, it is an international concept used by millions of medical professionals for at least the past 8...


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Cyndi wilkins

Cyndi wilkins

Thank you so much for your post on Lyme Disease as well Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD...I just sent the link to a friend who's son has been struggling with this beast for the past several years...initial tests coming back negative for Lyme, he and his family rode the medical merry go round of specialists all of whom did not believe in chronic Lyme and refused further testing...Poor kid was told it was all in his his head. Finally, last year in desperation she found a Lyme specialist who gave her son the western blot guessed it...screamed Lyme....The doctor immediately put him on the antibiotics and his physical symptoms disappeared within four weeks...Unfortunately still struggles with cognitive issues and extreme fatigue...had to drop out of college for a bit, but hopefully he will continue to recover and soon return to his life...So be pushy if you have to people...could save your own life.