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Drinks and Liquors

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  1. ProducerJonathan Amouyal
    LE COCKTAIL BACK TO SCHOOL: SUZE SPRITZTu prends un grand verre. Tu y verses un filet de sirop de pêche blanche Monin. Tu y ajoutes 3 cl de Suze. Tu remplis de glaçons et tu verses 12 cl de vin pétillant. Tu rajoutes une belle tranche de citron vert. Tu dégustes… T’en penses quoi ? ...
  2. Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza
    Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza
    Scientists have figured out how to hide secret messages in your soda
    grendz.com Next time you see someone spilling a drink in a bar, you could actually be witnessing a spy secretly decoding an encrypted message. This might sound like something from a Bond movie. But a team from Israel has used some rather niffy chemistry to...
  3. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Every country has their heavy hitting distilled spirit: Russia with vodka, America with whiskey, Japan with sake - Korea has soju. Jinro soju is a distilled rice liqueur with surprisingly low alcohol content, only 19% by volume. It is however, according to the 'Drinks International' rankings, the number one selling booze upon the planet - 11 years in a row.
    The booze is smoother than vodka, it is at best described as crisp, it will clear your pipes with a zippy quickness, like the first time you ever had a cinnamon toothpick. Of course there are variants that are infused with ginger, sweet potato or berries; and it goes without saying that it mixes well with Red Bull. And my favorite way, put it in the freezer and it will thicken to a slurpee consistency. This is a great escape when the temp is 35 C.
    And the best thing of soju?......it will make you fearless at Karaoke!
    Brian McKenzie


    Brian McKenzie
    21/06/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    #1 YES - I think "funny foreigner fall down" - is a right of passage. I totally did not know I was drunk until I stood up.
    Marcel Arvizu
    21/06/2016 #1 Marcel Arvizu
    Love Soju, brings good memories of when I was in my Jiu-Jitsu academy. We would spend Saturdays boozing on Soju and eating korean BBQ or Sushi, lol! Soju is sneaky, you won't notice how f----d up you are until it is too late, lol!
  4. ProducerLori Boxer

    Lori Boxer

    Avoid the Beer Belly Blues: Rethink Your Drink
    Avoid the Beer Belly Blues: Rethink Your DrinkThe official first day of summer is almost here.  Sun.  Surf.  Sand.  Barbecues and beer.  Beautiful beach sunsets and bottles of wine.Happy hours and hang-overs.Alcohol is deeply entrenched in our culture as a way to have fun, let loose, and be...


    Nick Mlatchkov
    04/06/2016 #9 Anonymous
    That's especially relevant in US & Germany ;D
    Oliver Moloney
    03/06/2016 #8 Oliver Moloney
    I make a point of no beer during the week to battle the belly .....HOWEVER, It's independent beer week here in Madrid... So these rules do not apply right now!
    Oliver Moloney
    03/06/2016 #7 Oliver Moloney
    And you shared this while it's beer week in Madrid!?.
    Álvaro Beltrán
    03/06/2016 #6 Álvaro Beltrán
    You ruined my next White Russian! Now I'm gonna need two or three more to forget it :p
    Nick Mlatchkov
    03/06/2016 #5 Anonymous
    #3 Lol
    Jessica Robinson
    03/06/2016 #4 Jessica Robinson
    I think that looking for a balance is good and you can still drink a couple of beers, but always paying attention to what you're eating while drinking these.
    Brian McKenzie
    03/06/2016 #3 Brian McKenzie
    If you make your own homebrew - without all the additives, you will find that you don't get that bottled beer gut. I spent a year in Ukraine - samogon and Kvas was always on the table - because you couldn't trust the water.
    Aurorasa Sima
    03/06/2016 #2 Aurorasa Sima
    That´s right! Vodka has the best calorie/intoxication ratio. ... Kidding
  5. Kimberly Lewis

    Kimberly Lewis

    Wine talk: 5 classic French wine and food pairings... go on, its Friday, yay! http://bit.ly/27jmizu Kimberly Lewis
  6. Sharon Chen

    Sharon Chen

    Fireball Cider ‪#‎DelishPlan‬
    Sharon Chen
    Fireball Cider - DelishPlan
    www.delishplan.com Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas when it’s 82 degrees out here in Florida. I seriously intended to go swimming because of that. Actually, I went but decided to drop the idea after dipping my feet into the water three times. After all,...
  7. ProducerJames McElearney
    The Mojito: The Rise of a Giant
    The Mojito: The Rise of a Giant So the April showers have finally stopped, the ominous dark clouds that have been lining the Mediterranean coast have dissipated, and while the sun may not quite have his hat on, he´s certainly getting ready to play. Summer is close, and I for one...


    James McElearney
    22/04/2016 #4 James McElearney
    #3 The strawberry tree Spirit! Never tried it, but I will look into it.
    Dean Owen
    22/04/2016 #3 Dean Owen
    That's it, sorry. Gave up drinking after my broker days. One drink I do miss is Medronho from Portugal. Those Mojotos and Caipirinhas were always too sweet for me.
    James McElearney
    22/04/2016 #2 James McElearney
    #1 A Caiprinha is made with Cachaca, which is essentially a very similar drink, just without the mint. Another of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed it Dean, Thanks again for the support
    Dean Owen
    22/04/2016 #1 Dean Owen
    What a great post. "El Drake" ... who would have known. Mojitos hit Asia rather late I guess, in the early 90's. For some reason I had always thought Mojitos were made with Cachaça. Time for a drink!
  8. Joe Miragliotta

    Joe Miragliotta

    Who's ready for some delicious Spring libations by the pool? #AltosTequila #Recipes
    Joe Miragliotta
    Refreshing Spring Libations Using Altos Tequila
    bit.ly Spring has arrived, my friends, and I am so happy to finally announce that I’m partnering with Olmeca Altos Tequila to bring you exciting recipes,...
  9. Joe Miragliotta

    Joe Miragliotta

    Joe Miragliotta
    3 Jägermeister Cocktail Recipes That You MUST Try
    www.joesdaily.com Face it: when you hear Jägermeister, you immediately think of a time back in college when you had one too many shots. Trust me, we've all been...
  10. Manaira Corrêa de Araújo
    Over 200 Individual Flavors of Bourbon Can Be Identified in Woodford Reserve.
    Manaira Corrêa de Araújo
    Over 200 Individual Flavors Can Be Identified in Woodford Reserve. Here’s How.
    www.thedailybeast.com Master Distiller Chris Morris helps explain how Woodford Reserve packs over two-hundred individual flavor notes into its signature bourbon. We explore how the process behind the bourbon imbues it with remarkable tastes across the full spectrum of...