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E-mail Marketing

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El E-mail marketing es un método comercial en el cual se utiliza como herramienta de comunicación y ventas el e-mail.
  1. Cristina Simón Sánchez
    ¿Alguna vez te ha ocurrido, que has hecho un envío de correos a clientes, y descubres que casi nadie los ha abierto? ¿O lo que es peor: que se van directos a la carpeta de spam?

    A la hora de enviar emails corporativos existen una serie de recomendaciones que merece la pena seguir si quieres llegar al mayor número posible de tus suscriptores. Descubre cómo en este artículo:
    Cristina Simón Sánchez
    ¿Por qué mis clientes no reciben mis emails?
    www.convertclick.es A la hora de enviar emails a tus clientes debes analizar todos los factores que garantizan que tu email les llegue a la bandeja de entrada, y no a la de...
  2. ProducerTomas Torres Sanchez
    El Email Marketing como medio relacional con nuestros clientes.
    El Email Marketing como medio relacional con nuestros clientes.La importancia del e-mail marketing para crear efectivas campañas de marketing directo. ¿Qué podemos decir del e-mail marketing? Pues que es una excelente herramienta para fomentar el diálogo con el cliente. Esta herramienta nos permite: ·...


    Tomas Torres Sanchez
    02/06/2016 #4 Tomas Torres Sanchez
    #3 Totalmente de acuerdo contigo Aitor. Gracias por tu comentario tan enriquecedor.
    Aitor Ochoa Albizua
    02/06/2016 #3 Aitor Ochoa Albizua
    Yo opino lo mismo, muy bien expuestas todas las partes y acciones a seguir. Creo que tal vez le daría mayor importancia y me extendería un poquito más en el punto de definir a nuestra audiencia, que es una de las primeras cosas que debemos hacer, investigación y elección del público. Saludos
    Tomas Torres Sanchez
    02/06/2016 #2 Tomas Torres Sanchez
    #1 Gracias Catalina por tu opinión. Me agrada.
    Catalina Serrano
    02/06/2016 #1 Catalina Serrano
    Hola Tomás! Puntos muy claros para el email marketing del sector inmobiliario. Además como dices tu, es muy fácil de medir los resultados, por lo tanto, también corregirlos!
  3. Alfredo Vela Zancada
    Alfredo Vela Zancada
    Aspectos legales del email marketing #infografia @andresmacariog
    ticsyformacion.com El email marketing ha demostrado ser una herramienta de gran utilidad para muchos negocios generando nuevos clientes y manteniendo los actuales. Si todavía no has puesto en marcha ninguna campaña...


    12/05/2016 #1 M. ANGELES VALLEJO
    Aspectos legales del email marketing #infografia @andresmacariog
  4. ProducerMatt 🐝 Sweetwood
    Stop Answering Emails All Day - It May Improve Your Life
    Stop Answering Emails All Day - It May Improve Your LifeI am an email monster. I mean, I am really serious about how I use email. I was an early adopter with AOL in the mid-90s as well as, Lycos, Yahoo and as soon thereafter, an email domain for my company. When I discovered Gmail, my life was...


    Scott Engler
    10/05/2016 #5 Scott Engler
    This is GREAT ! I can so very much relate - I'm receiving emails and messages ALL day long . I actually wish companies would begin to integrate the auto responder feature on the iPhone , Facebook , and LinkedIn as well . I predict they will do something to this effect soon - at least on the iPhone .

    Actually - perhaps you know this answer Matt - does Gmail have a special feature where your auto responded emails can be placed into a hidden filter - so you don't still SEE the actual email on your account ?

    I know that if you block a user , they're emails are automatically filtered into Spam.

    The reason why I feel this is so very important for me personally is due to the amount of days I've implemented the auto responder setting during business hours as described , and during my more focused work times - I've often found that I do actually need to log into my gmail and locate something from a previous email correspondence . I will cringe because I know as soon as I open my account - I will still "see" all the emails I've gotten that were auto responded to .
    NO one
    10/05/2016 #4 NO one
    So true. sometimes a way to escape receiving a % of emails is to give out your twitter account and leave it possible to everyone to send you a message.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    09/05/2016 #3 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    When I worked, email was an issue. I would receive 200+ emails a day. There were no ads or spam. My emails were requests that were work related and needed attention, some immediately. I learned to organize them and deal with each one professionally. I am an early riser and would be at my job before the sun rises. I would clear out a lot of them before my clients got to work. Being an insurance underwriter, my emails as well as those of my co-workers, were subject to review by a court of law if necessary. Every "i" had to be dotted and every "t" crossed. Now that I am retired, I still take care of email quickly but most of it is of a personal nature and doesn't come close to 200+ a day.

    I believe the method one uses to handle their email is an individual preference and what works best.

    Nice article, @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood.
    David B. Grinberg
    09/05/2016 #2 David B. Grinberg
    Thanks for another excellent article full of important insights, @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood. Personally, I try to go by the 24-hour rule in responding to non-priority email. Also, I know some folks who try to maximize their time management by devoting only particular hours of the day to responding -- and letting recipients know that. I agree that email can be overwhelming if not properly managed. However, I also think different strategies work best for certain professionals. I'm glad you found a strategy that works so well for you, kind sir! Best wishes, David
    Phillip Hubbell
    09/05/2016 #1 Phillip Hubbell
    I'm afraid I am an email junkie myself. I answer them and act on them as a driving force for my day. But, I do separate family/friends email from business. I have trained my wife and kids...that my business email is emergency only during the day...so if I do get an email from one of them, it means I really need to look at it. For example, if the basement is flooding or the house is on fire. Otherwise, they tell me what they want me to know on the other account.
  5. ProducerToby Marshall

    Toby Marshall

    Rules to Follow when Emailing a ‘Cold List’
    Rules to Follow when Emailing a ‘Cold List’A ‘cold list’ is a list of people whose details you have, who you intend to market to, who have not expressly agreed to receive any material from you.For business-to-business marketing in Australia, you are allowed to send unsolicited content, if it...


    Marta Pardo Morales
    10/05/2016 #5 Marta Pardo Morales
    Email is a valuable source for all the companies, if they use it correctly :)
    NO one
    10/05/2016 #4 NO one
    It is good to know about all these tips to e-mail users. Thank you for the buzz @Toby Marshall i thik I'll definately take it into consideration for the future in my business.
    Navinya Lee
    10/05/2016 #2 Navinya Lee
    Hi @Toby Marshall, great read. I think its a nice tip for those who do seek out contacts for marketing and sales etc.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    10/05/2016 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Welcome to beBee !
  6. NO one

    NO one

    7 Herramientas gratuitas para mailing marketing
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