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Economy is an area of the production, distribution, or trade, and consumption of goods and services by different agents in a given geographical location.
  1. ProducerAariya rafi

    Aariya rafi

    5 Ways The Brexit Economy Will Affect Startups
    5 Ways The Brexit Economy Will Affect StartupsThe vote of the British people has triggered article 50 and we can say that no one could precisely foretell how things were going to develop from there. Brexit has already brought changes in many domains and has affected people from both parties....
  2. Maureen O'Connell
    The Euro has surged more than 13% against the Dollar this year. Some might think that this will worry the European Central Bank, but Economists think that Faster economic expansion will likely help offset Euro rally's effect on price growth.
    Maureen O'Connell
    ECB Worried About the Euro? Economists Say ‘Not So Much’
    www.bloomberg.com Faster economic expansion will likely help offset euro rally's effect on price...
  3. Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    Warren Buffett: How to Get Rich

    www.inc.com A few takeaways from the multibillionaire's letters to his partners in the 1950s through the 1970s.

    Noemi Barrazueta, MBA


    Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    15/08/2017 #3 Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    #1 Tambien estoy en LinkedIn & Twitter en caso que deseas conectarte en estos medios tambien :)

    Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    15/08/2017 #2 Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    #1 Muchas gracias Felipe, si seguro gracias por el link :)
    Felipe Rey
    13/08/2017 #1 Felipe Rey
    Muchas gracias por compartir!!!! Si te gusta el tema no te pierdas todos los artículos relacionados con invertir y hacerse rico de http://millonariosanonimos.com/
  4. Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    The Best Salespeople Don't Sell. They Build Relationships
    www.linkedin.com Having sold everything from phone cards to enterprise software, I have always had my way of selling things. It was the high of closing the sales...


    Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    13/08/2017 #2 Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
    #1 Building lasting relationships should be important to everyone, we all 'salespeople' one way or another :)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    11/08/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    If salespersons care for lasting relationships with customers then you are very correct @Noemi Barrazueta, MBA
  5. Tony 🐝 Rossi

    Tony 🐝 Rossi

    We are far more responsible for our mindset than we care to admit. Here are some common pitsfalls that get us slipping down the negative slide.
    Tony 🐝 Rossi
    Traps You Fall Into That Limit Your Happiness
    www.linkedin.com Almost every action we take in life is aimed at achieving or maintaining “happiness”—that elusive state where we feel contentment, satisfaction, and even bliss. Still, happiness can be a bit hard...


    Tony 🐝 Rossi
    31/10/2016 #1 Tony 🐝 Rossi
    We are far more responsible for our mindset than we can to admit. Here's some common pitfalls that tend to allow us to slip down the negative side of life...
  6. Maureen O'Connell
    A decline in US Social Mobility has been a cause of worry for economists. Read more on how this is interlinked with inequality of opportunity.
    Maureen O'Connell
    An alarming number of Americans are worse off than their parents and we're not talking about it enough
    www.businessinsider.com US inequality is rising and it's getting harder for America's poor to climb up the income...


  7. Maureen O'Connell
    US slip's to the fourth position in the Global Competitiveness rankings as China shoots up. More details here:
    Maureen O'Connell
    U.S. Slips in Global Competitiveness Ranking as China Shoots Up
    www.bloomberg.com The world's biggest economy dropped and Hong Kong seized first...
  8. Maureen O'Connell
    An interesting read of how China and the European Union establish trade ties with an underlying wariness.
    Maureen O'Connell
    As China Eyes Trade Growth, Europe Moves to Calm Wary Industries
    www.bloomberg.com As the European Union forges closer ties with China, the bloc is also moving to calm concern that Chinese exporters will destroy EU-based industries ranging from steel to...
  9. ProducerJim Taggart

    Jim Taggart

    Gen Y, Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? Six Tips to Ride the Wave
    Gen Y, Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? Six Tips to Ride the WaveOkay, I admit I’m one of those Baby Boomers detested by Gens X and Y. “Ah feel yo pain,” as President Bill Clinton liked to express when pressing the flesh. We’ve inundated you with non-stop rock-and-roll for far too long. (I admit that I still love...
  10. Maureen O'Connell
    Fed's Mester warns about repercussions on US Economy with prolonged low-interest rates of the Central Bank. Read more for a greater insight.
    Maureen O'Connell
    Fed's Mester Sees U.S. Economy Warranting Gradual Rate Increases
    www.bloomberg.com Bad things happen when the U.S. central bank holds interest rates too low for too long, Loretta Mester said in an interview, as she urged her colleagues to deliver on gradual policy...
  11. Maureen O'Connell
    Here is a great article which explains how our tax money is invested. Where it comes from and how it is spent by the federal government.
    Maureen O'Connell
    Here's where your tax dollars actually go
    www.businessinsider.com The important question taxpayers need to understand is why the federal government raises taxes in the first place, and where all of the money actually...
  12. Maureen O'Connell
    Read more on China's Great Stock Index divide of MSCI Index and H- Shares that is only widening with time.
    Maureen O'Connell
    China Stock Shakeout Creates Most Divided Market in 15 Years
    www.bloomberg.com All Chinese stock indexes are not...
  13. Maureen O'Connell
    Millennials owe a lot of the US consumer debt which comes with rising default risks. This article provides a peek into its probable repercussions on US economy.
    Maureen O'Connell
    Millennials owe a record amount of debt, and it could become a huge drag on the economy
    www.businessinsider.com Student and auto debt has offset a drop in mortgages, leading to an estimated $1.1 trillion of $3.6 trillion U.S. consumer debt being held by...
  14. Maureen O'Connell
    Here is a video with some simple steps to help you stay on top of your receipts in an organized way.
    Maureen O'Connell
    How to Organize Your Expenses
    www.entrepreneur.com Don't be afraid of your...
  15. Nicole Morgan

    Nicole Morgan

    #inspiration She Asked For A Sign From Her Dead Son, That’s When A Miracle Happened
    Nicole Morgan
    She Asked for a Sign From Her Dead Son, That's When a Miracle Happened (Video) | Spirit
    bit.ly (N.Morgan) A parent’s love for their children is one that transcends words and is nearly impossible for a parent to try to explain, it’s a bond like no other that humans share with each other. Marie Robinson endured every parent’s worst nightmare...
  16. Javier 🐝 beBee
    Top 10 most tourism-ready economies

    1. Spain
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. USA
    5. UK
    6. Switzerland
    7. Australia
    8. Italy
    9. Japan
    10. Canada
    Javier 🐝 beBee


    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    08/04/2017 #6 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    #5 i know. But their ratings were better then. Now a few things have become expensive, makes me think which countries have become cheaper for tourists?
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    08/04/2017 #5 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #4 Report says 2015
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    08/04/2017 #4 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    I wonder how Bhutan missed out. Have to read this report now. Thanks.
    Milos Djukic
    07/04/2017 #2 Anonymous
    Spain ":)
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    07/04/2017 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Spain & Tourism https://www.bebee.com/producer/@javierbebee/spain-tourism
  17. Javier 🐝 beBee
    Top 10 most competitive global economies

    1. Switzerland
    2. Singapore
    3. USA
    4. Netherlands
    5. Germany
    6. Sweden
    7. UK
    8. Japan
    9. Hong Kong
    10. Finland

    Spain is NOT on the top 10. We need to improve. It is impossible to be competitive with so many administrative stuff and against-entrepreneurship taxes.
    Javier 🐝 beBee
  18. ProducerBryan Tate

    Bryan Tate

    Construction Is Rising, And So Are Costs
    Construction Is Rising, And So Are CostsThe construction industry is going through a bit of a boom. With the housing market crash well behind us, and the economic recession nowhere near as bad as it was all those years ago, construction has taken off. Unfortunately, the boom also comes...
  19. ProducerJarvis Buckman

    Jarvis Buckman

    Where Is Technology Taking Education?
    Where Is Technology Taking Education?A few months prior I had written a piece about the coolest technology that is being implemented in classrooms. And while that article focused on impressive technology in classrooms, it didn’t really delve into how that technology is shaping the...
  20. ProducerBhagwati Prasad

    Bhagwati Prasad

    Genuine BG/SBLC PROVIDERDear Partners & Associates, One of our main businesses is to open Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit as well as other Financial and Banking Instruments. We issue our Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit for Lease & Sale...
  21. ProducerJim Taggart

    Jim Taggart

    Healing America’s Great Divide—A Burning Platform is not the Way
    Healing America’s Great Divide—A Burning Platform is not the WayThe Continental Divide of the Americas, known in the vernacular as the Great Divide, is big. Technically it’s the hydrological mountainous divide that stretches from the Bering Strait at the top of Alaska to the Strait of Magellan at the southern...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    21/02/2017 #13 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #12 The option isn't available yet to edit. I do believe that will be coming when they roll out upgrades and other new tools.
    Jim Taggart
    21/02/2017 #12 Jim Taggart
    #10 Do you know how to edit a post?
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    20/02/2017 #11 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #5 Great points @Todd Jones and I agree, I feel our electoral system is outdated and flawed. Others may disagree but that's how I see it. A lot of re-districting has been done over time as well which has changed the number of electoral votes a district has. I won't be surprised to see him impeached, there are many investigations going on and those of us that have paid attention, we know he's made many contradictory statements and shall I say, lies?

    I've seen people joining many on a bipartisan level, this is a good thing. The beast woke our country up!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    20/02/2017 #10 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #9 I wondered, because I kept thinking of Elon Musk and thought well.. maybe there's another Elon lol
    Jim Taggart
    20/02/2017 #9 Jim Taggart
    #4 Thanks Lisa for your comments and perspective. Check out Todd's excellent points, and my response to him.

    I spelt Stephen Elop's name wrong (I must have been fantasizing about my tech hero Elon Musk). I'm trying to figure out how to edit my post.
    Jim Taggart
    20/02/2017 #8 Jim Taggart
    #5 Very well expressed, Todd. As your northern neighbour I, too, hope that out of the chaos will eventually come a healthier electoral and political system in the US. Unfortunately, all perspective seems to have been lost with the media and the intelligentsia, and that includes my own country. On a different but related topic, Canada is now reacting to waves of refugees (many from Somalia) who are entering Canada in Manitoba (via North Dakota and Minnesota) and Quebec (via NY State). These are folks who are either in the refugee process in the US or are illegal immigrants. With the freezing temps, luckily no one has died. But it's causing a lot of concern here since: a) border control is not equipped for this, b) small communities (eg, Emerson, Manitoba) are desperately trying to help these people, and c) Canada is still trying to help settle the 40,000 Syrian refugees who recently arrived and who went through a rigid vetting process. In other words, hand picked. No one knows what is yet to come under the Trump administration.
    Jim Taggart
    20/02/2017 #7 Jim Taggart
    #6 Much appreciated, Don. And thanks for sharing my post.
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    20/02/2017 #6 Don 🐝 Kerr
    @Jim Taggart "Steamrolling people, insulting them and attempting to punish will get you nowhere." While I generally agree, if you're part of a group that views itself as downtrodden, ignored, misunderstood, and disadvantaged the type of bullying undertaken by President Cheeto will have appeal because his steamrolling is targeted on 'the others', not our group. Well considered piece here Jim. Thanks. Will share.
    Todd Jones
    20/02/2017 #5 Todd Jones
    You nailed it Jim. Although calling it a divide does not do justice to the scope of the chasm that separates folks in our country right now. Also, let's not forget that Trump ascended to office not on a wave of popular vote, but rather on a quirk of our flawed electoral system.

    Here's the thing. I didn't vote for Trump, yet I still cling to hope that his election will eventually bring positive change to our country. Not through anything that remotely resembles leadership, nor through his policy rhetoric or ridiculous tweets or bizarre Cabinet appointments. But hopefully, eventually, through his impeachment, or at least his loss of the next election. Remember, through conflict comes balance. If nothing else, Trump's antagonistic agenda is sowing the seeds for a healthy dose of balance when it ultimately fails.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    20/02/2017 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Jim Taggart, this is a great piece, media worthy! Mr. Trump played on the fears of people more than unifying even during his campaign. I have paid attention to Trump and his business affairs per se for years and, I've never had respect for this man. As a businessman, he had many failures and blamed those failures on others. He's never been a man to take responsibility for his own actions or lack thereof. Trump is a one man show and feels he is superior (and smarter) than anyone he surrounds himself with. The notion that he does not want to surround himself with and take the advice of someone who has more knowledge in many area's of Government than he has is a sign of a weak leader, a person who has low self-esteem. I love that you used the letter from Elon as an example of what a good leader does. He's become more divisive since he won the election instead of trying to unite our country. To make claims that our entire media organization is 'false or fake news and the enemy,' is abhorring. No Politician has a love fest with the Media but to threaten them is a very dangerous game this man is playing. He's pandering to his base and seems to have no plans to work on behalf of the entire nation now. That is what is so frustrating and scares many. Once a person becomes the President of the USA, that person represents all of us, not just those who voted for him. Calling Islam, "Radical Islam," is no different than another Country calling Christianity, "Radical Christianity or Christians." I'm not a partisan (have become more of one since the mid 2000's thanks to politics become much more partisan) and my only hope is that those on Capitol hill will set a new tone because they are the people who can affect change. Will they? Time will tell!
    Jim Taggart
    20/02/2017 #3 Jim Taggart
    #2 Thanks Chas. I agree with you on the Putin comparison. Indeed, I've read a lot about the Reagan-Gorbachev era and the Russian leader was, and still is, a big contrast to Trump.
    Olga Lawson
    19/02/2017 #1 Olga Lawson
    Thank you, Jim for the healing insight on the way American people do feel right now. There is a view that Mr Trump is Mr Gorbachov of The USA. The type of leader who gives an official drive or green light to the proceces which were already in the society. I am quite comfortable with such comparison. This is the type of a Person the country deserves at some stages of its development. The US is a strong country, nothing to be afraid of, even its own President. It is another challenge. Enjoy the moment!
  22. Producerpaul wayne

    paul wayne

    Trump’s Consequential Economic Agenda
    Trump’s Consequential Economic AgendaWritten by Avik S. A. Roy, This article is part of special inauguration series by Dūcō experts on major global issues in the Trump Administration.The relatively older voters who sent Donald Trump to electoral victory spent their formative years in...


    Claire L Cardwell
    27/01/2017 #1 Claire L Cardwell
    Interesting times lie ahead @paul wayne - I wonder what all the 'mandarins' behind the scenes will be doing whilst the Trump puppet show is in full swing.....
  23. ProducerJim Taggart

    Jim Taggart

    Canada’s Biggest Nightmare: The Impending Water Wars
    Canada’s Biggest Nightmare: The Impending Water WarsRising sea levels, the consequence of human-inspired carbon output into the atmosphere, is an extremely urgent problem. However, it’s largely perceived as a global problem of longer-term consequence, and one that society is largely discounting to...


    Jim Taggart
    23/01/2017 #4 Jim Taggart
    #1 Thanks Donna-Luisa. Canada's a huge country. Plan lots of time to visit a few areas.
    Jim Taggart
    23/01/2017 #3 Jim Taggart
    #2 Thanks, Todd, for adding your thoughts and insights. This is a sleeper issue that will explode at some point. When that happens is the big question.
    Todd Jones
    22/01/2017 #2 Todd Jones
    Great post Jim. It is estimated that the average person in the US uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water per day. Multiply this times 320 million people, and 32 billion gallons A DAY get flushed, showered and sprayed down the drain. And this does not take into account the strain of industrial processes. Hydrocarbon consumption pales in comparison.

    Humans lived for thousands of years without fuel oil. We can only live for about five days without water. Some very astute investors, including those that accurately predicted the collapse of the housing and credit markets back in 2008 are now investing heavily in water rights, water processing equipment manufacturers, and water utilities. In my humble opinion, water shortages are a looming catastrophe that will indeed make the Keystone controversy look silly.
  24. Maureen O'Connell
    The Chinese trade data shows a great improvement as the value of both imports and exports increased in US dollar terms. A good thing, not only for its economy but the global demand as a whole.
    Maureen O'Connell
    China just gave the clearest signal yet that its economy is bouncing back
    www.businessinsider.com If there was any doubt the Chinese economy is humming again, it’s surely been dispelled...
  25. ProducerDean Carson

    Dean Carson

    DCarsonCPA on Hive
    DCarsonCPA on Hive For the Hive Community a Quick Introduction to DCarsonCPA in context to Value. The Core of Value in the Economy and Financials is built upon principals of Teamwork, Exceptional Teamwork from Our view to the World Built from the Grounds of Freedom...


    Dean Carson
    15/12/2016 #1 Dean Carson
    Long Introductions aside www.dcarsoncpa.com is here to help on accounting, tax, advisory, analysis, growth strategy, risk management, project management, business analysis, economic research, business plans, regulatory cost-benefit projects and the lines to help optimize allocation of resources across entities with finance, cost accounting and optimization skills regardless of entity size. Additionally we support Individuals and Families and the interconnected knowledge of the economy is our asset in support to diverse needs generally always reverting to some cross roads of financials, legal and technology needs on entity level to teamwork. The value we believe in is constant learning, development and growth to define, analyze, and meet optimal lines of performance for improvements where the knowledge potential of Eco Systems can be leveraged to help on improvements. #CFO #PM #BA #Fintech #EdTech #innovation and adherence to the framework of context to the value at work in the Economy and Financials. We can help on your needs Today through Cross Functional Analysis built upon Financial and Technology points of needs o project support.
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