Sarah (Sally) McCabe
2/6/2016 · 3 min read · +500 · 3
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How To Find A PenPal in 30 Years or Less

How To Find A PenPal in 30 Years or Less

Most that choose careers in healthcare know going in or learn very quickly that there will be patients that are not easily forgotten at the end of the shift.  They go home with them and sometimes, like an uninvited house guest, they hang around way...

Laurent Boscherini

Laurent Boscherini

Thank you Sarah (Sally) McCabe for sharing your insightful and moving story. Welcome on board as another ultra-shine Queenbee !

Laura Mikolaitis

Laura Mikolaitis

Sarah (Sally) McCabe, this is a beautifully moving story. I'm so glad that you shared it with us. You brought tears to my eyes. It really goes to show how much a simple act of kindness can mean to one person; without us even realizing it at the time. I love that you sent this gentleman a card, and it is great to think that the art of actually writing a letter or a card is not lost. I still pen them from time to time to certain people, and it is something that i hope I never lose sight of. Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story.



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