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  1. ProducerRichelle Futch

    Richelle Futch

    Learning Entrepreneur Skills Empowers Teen Girls
    Learning Entrepreneur Skills Empowers Teen GirlsBest Journals published an article in 2014 titled “Life skills for women empowerment” where they discussed four dimensions of empowerment.Power WithinPower toPower OverPower WithPower within is described as individual changes in confidence and...


    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    18/12/2016 #3 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    #2 Great and beautiful mission @Richelle Futch!! Wish you the best luck in the world... 😍😘
    Richelle Futch
    18/12/2016 #2 Richelle Futch
    #1 @Mamen Delgado Thank you for your kind words! My mission is to work with high school aged boys and girls to get them started early in the entrepreneur life.
    Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    18/12/2016 #1 Mamen 🐝 Delgado
    Love everything you explain in this Producer @Richelle Futch! Adolescence is a beautiful stage of life, but hard and disorientating as well. And both, boys and girls, need all kind of tools and help to grow through it as best as they can.
    Thanks for this consciousness call about it. 😍
  2. Om Parkash Pragani
    Couple of weeks back when I was eager to participate in interfatih and religious harmony. organized at Karachi by one of our partners where leaders from different religions, faiths have been invited to share their views for a peaceful humanity.

    I was surprised to know that each faith and religion was praising only the way their religion and faith defines how to reach the heaven and avoid fire of hell. while the topic mentioned on banner lagged behind and none of them touched even dared to raise how we can interactively develop the peace through mutual learnins of different religions and faith collecting on same page.

    Even though being a social and religious researcher I have gone through books of various faiths and religions and found very fruitful paths which can be utilized to promote the peace and harmony in a balanced religious environment.

    The major step needs is only to explore ourselves within inside to find right direction and shake the hands with each other without caste, class, status, faith and religious discrimination to move forward.
    Om Parkash Pragani
  3. ProducerOm Parkash Pragani
    Drinking water and Thar women
    Drinking water and Thar womenThar Desert, the 9th largest subtropical desert of the world, is spread over an area of some 200,000 square kilometres between India and Pakistan. On the Indian side it is called the Rajhistan or the Great Indian Desert, while in Pakistan it is...
  4. Om Parkash Pragani
    Infront of statue of love that taken thousands of souls only to be exposed on earth. I lodged my complaint...............do you????? Om Parkash Pragani
  5. Om Parkash Pragani
    An illusion you will be amazed to see and experience this. Om Parkash Pragani
  6. Om Parkash Pragani
    Hurricane Matthew is expected to make landfall on Florida's east coast tonight as a Category 4 storm with winds as high as 145 mph. Some 1.5 million people have already been evacuated from coastal areas of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Om Parkash Pragani
  7. Om Parkash Pragani
    At the opening of the Parliament on 30 September, Zambia's President Edgar Chagwa Lungu committed his government to meaningfully engage with children in the development of policy and any processes impacting their well-being.

    "...This means that they will be active participants (with a valuable voice and opinion) in the decision-making processes of the country, including participating in policy direction", the President said in his speech.
    Om Parkash Pragani
  8. ProducerOm Parkash Pragani
    Child Labour in Thar Desert  (A source of income or an exploitation of child’s right)
    Child Labour in Thar Desert (A source of income or an exploitation of child’s right)Since the Poverty and Child labour are directly proportionate with each other. The existence of both in Pakistan is a persistent, omnipresent and slight ignorant phenomenon at its existing tangible scale. Children particularly of Thar Desert may...


    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    26/02/2017 #11 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    So sad and, unfortunately more common than most think.
    Om Parkash Pragani
    06/10/2016 #10 Om Parkash Pragani
    #9 Yeah government by the social and media pressure come up and strategically taken some steps to bring underprivileged communities out of their grievances but the situation is worst since decades and need more sustainable initiatives to cope with it. However; various NGOs/INGOs accessed to these communities and provided different livelihood and craft development programs to generate enough income for survival. We still wish and hope to get more opportunities by state to enhance the livestock and agricultural trends as these communities mostly depends on livestock and rain based agriculture.
    Netta Virtanen
    06/10/2016 #9 Netta Virtanen
    @Om Parkash Pragani Great buzz, it's great to understand how a society has come to depending on child labour and what strategies there are in preventing and stopping the dependance of child labour. I do hope that the government truly takes stronger steps towards creating better ways in which families can cope without needing to have their children work to get by. I've seen how in India micro financing facilities, better education and aid have helped certain communities. I hope that this will be the case in Thar Desert as well. Looking forward to reading your next buzz!
    Om Parkash Pragani
    06/10/2016 #8 Om Parkash Pragani
    #4 Law doesn't allow such practices but a corrupt bureaucratic setup and policy makers never access vulnerable and deprived areas to provide the justice at grass root level.
    Om Parkash Pragani
    06/10/2016 #7 Om Parkash Pragani
    @Mohammad Azam Khan its very true that 2 years back Thar desert has portrait very worst situation of drought and deaths occurred particularly of children, despite the fact that Thar desert has been witnessed of severe and alternate droughts since the decades but no any long term sustainable mechanism was devised by province as well as district government. Lots of NGOs and INGOs are implementing diversified interventions but such interventions can not be alternate of state. Even though after highlighting the issues by media some sudden changes were observed in bureaucracy setup and active and like minded officers were deputed to get opinions from local media, elected representatives, communities, NGOs and other line agencies. This practice was continued for couple of months and paper policy was devised however; some visible changes were found in context of development of roads, hospitals, hiring of doctors for far flung areas, later on media and community stepped back and government got silent..........................................Waiting for another drought or emergency to wake them up for next step.
    Mohammad Azam Khan
    05/10/2016 #6 Mohammad Azam Khan
    Thanks @Aurorasa Sima for the tag. Great buzz @Om Parkash Pragani. Slavery in its variety of shapes is a known and widespread practice all over. Having said that, the situation at Thar at Sindh province of Pakistan is one of the worst in the region. Two/three years ago there was a drought there and people were dying from it and for all the awareness and advocacy the government bureaucracy managed to wipe it under the metaphorical carpet. Nauseously, I was at a leading bureaucrats office at Peshawar when they were relating to it as non existent despite wide and known evidence, a doctor who had been sent over by the bureaucracy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to validate was vouching that there's nothing wrong their - I refuted them with evidence and berrated them. Slavery in agriculture and brick kilns is a known and wide practice. The government bureaucracy is responsible for managing, leading and directing all affairs across Pakistan and if they let it show then they'll have to work and that's something they are not good at and don't want to do honestly and would rather enjoy their fearful authority, networks and perks and make illicit monies. It's a sad sad story and has a tremendous potential for improvement and alleviation and eradication. Lastly I'd like to add that even the renowned NGOs are in cahoots with them.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #3 Does the law just ignore these families who push their children into labor? That's so sad.
    Om Parkash Pragani
    05/10/2016 #3 Om Parkash Pragani
    Its all because of their families who take debt from landlords and could not pay back, they push their children to pay on behalf of them and children were pushed in carpet weaving looms for a life end.
    Jianlan Li
    05/10/2016 #2 Jianlan Li
    wow, so great child, hehe, my cute nephews are also so great.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/10/2016 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    This is so sad. Children who don't even know what it's truly like to grow up as a 'child,' not to mention the conditions they take for granted because it's the only life they know. I pray that laws will crack down on child labor in Pakistan and other countries who still practice this. It seems very complex with regards to housing, medical and more- but this should never fall onto the backs of children. Sharing- I hope this goes viral.
  9. ProducerMargaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    MyNewBeeZ and NoBullieZ
    MyNewBeeZ and NoBullieZ/ by Dr Margaret Aranda /  There are so many exciting things being Shared on beBee! I think the most important thing that beBee brings forward to the table is its cross-pollination of people, ideas, intellect, acceptance, and a non-judgmental nature...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    31/08/2016 #56 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #55 You got it! I'm at DrMargaretAranda@yahoo.com btw!
    Salma Rodriguez
    26/08/2016 #55 Salma Rodriguez
    #54 My sweet, beloved @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD: I have tried sending you an e-mail, but I get an undeliverable message.I invite you to send me an e-mail to salmahialelah@yahoo.com! Please do!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    23/08/2016 #54 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #53 Oh thank you @Salma Rodriguez - open invitation! Email me at drmargaretarandamd@yahoo.com and I'll send you one e-book at a time. So you probably want to go in order and start out when I was brain-injured. Chapter One of No More Tears: A Physician-Turned Patient Inspires Recovery takes you to the door of heaven in my Near-Death Experience (NDE). So save it for a quiet time...and thank you.
    Salma Rodriguez
    21/08/2016 #53 Salma Rodriguez
    #51 @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD I do not mind leaving reviews for you =) Let me know whenever you'd like the review (need to read the book first, of course, or at least a summary). I would be delighted!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    21/08/2016 #52 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #29 Hey Ben, just wondering how you're doin' on Bully Patrol assignments. Are you still in Training Camp? Or are you always a super-Champ? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-) ((Hugs!))
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    21/08/2016 #51 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #23 Yes, that styrofoam cup says so much, yes? Amen. And I'm making sure that I leave my mark, so that even from the start everyone remembers that things will never go dark. Never. Don't cry for me, please.....please know that I felt the No More Tears of heaven- hence my 1st book, No More Tears: A Physician Turned Patient Inspires Recovery. Happy to send any bee a free e-book as long as honey is left as an honest Review on Amazon/Goodreads. Ta-Da!
    Charles David Upchurch
    20/08/2016 #50 Charles David Upchurch
    Did you see that comment from Franci, Doc @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD? Perhaps the two of you could collaborate. Now THAT would be 'a honey of a thing'!
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    19/08/2016 #49 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    #47 Yes and thank you @Charles David Upchurch. The name of the hive is beBee'd Slang. https://www.bebee.com/group/bebee-d-slang
    mohammed khalaf
    19/08/2016 #48 mohammed khalaf
    Treat your guests with genuine care, anticipate their needs, shower them with generosity, go out of your way for them, respect them regardless and always celebrate them! True hospitality will crate "craving" fans of your restaurant who will never leave you, will bring their whole tribe with them and even stick with you and your business through thick and thin. thak you Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD to that artical
    Charles David Upchurch
    19/08/2016 #47 Charles David Upchurch
    #44 Doc, I believe @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman already started such a "bee wotds" hive. What is ithe name of that hive, Franci?
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    19/08/2016 #46 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #37 And thank you, dear @debasish majumder for writing me a sweet poem. . . many emotions packed aplenty - yes. You got it all right. WoW.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    19/08/2016 #45 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #36 And it sure does fit with all our fractal thinking that Dr @Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee started so long ago...after we spoke of The Meaning of Love... and now look? We have cracks in the glass, elephant tress, endogenous neurohomone tears, bees drinking beer, and all we could ever hear...but it won't ever end and it'll live on in the Hive, "Tears" that I started. Maybe we should all sit down one day on Skype and have a virtual beer with @Sara Jacobovici, as she so rightfully reminded us that the 'visuals' can also bring so many tears. Now, I'll have to do (1) MeBee Poem in New "beBee Dictionary' (lol) / (2) Wiping Tears sketch. All awesome! And...to get back to your point, yes. I have and I do like wiping tears. It is sooo in my nature. Learn something new every day. Thank you.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    19/08/2016 #44 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #35 You know, I looked back as I was skimming to catch up on comments from previous posts and I do keep on focusing (obsessing?) on beBee 'words' - and it's not just the Hives or the Jive or MyNewBeeZ ~ MeBee and BeeMee! I'm SO tempted to start a Hive on Bee Definitions... ok. I'll do it! This will be my starting poem, and I'll be sure to tag you in it, my fine Dr. ((hugs))!
    Ella de Jong
    19/08/2016 #43 Ella de Jong
    Dear @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD as a former Dutch Kindergarten teacher I love this so SO very much! I've truly felt that we as Kindergarten teachers were the most valuable teachers of the school: experiencing how to be "social and emotional safe" : what can you do for others and for yourself? If only in every following class the children could get the change to experience the same ...
    I feel so sad about: ... "For those who never went to school, we are sorry. For you're not even here. You're Invisible without a laptop, your fingers are calloused from the backdrop of sweat and mire from pulling wires or picking garlic in Gilroy. We'll never know you or have your input,.." I'm trying to think of ways to reach them. (Conducting an international Solution Focused training course for youth workers is a small start)
    I don't have much time to be on any social media platform (I can't reach 'those who never ..' by doing that!). But I'm so glad I've spotted you today (thank you Charles @Charles David Upchurch ! ) : it makes my mission more clear. THANKS!!
    Charles David Upchurch
    19/08/2016 #42 Charles David Upchurch
    Cool. Glad you are still alive, @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD! We've just started to get to know you, and the good words that you spread. The key to most of the good behavior that you rightfully request, to stop bees from hurting one another (which I believe to mostly be unintentional) is self-awareness. I'm working on my own buzz about that. I hope you will read and share it.
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    18/08/2016 #40 DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    #21 "Oh, Dilma, I'm so happy to see your smiles across all the miles! Don't you just love 'simple?'" I do @margaret aranda. I am mad about "the simple."
    And I also love get in touch with children. Your conclusions are pretty right! I may say I feel confortable with then. ...
    Thanks for your nice comments .. I may say that I fell blessed to have the oportunity of learning so much here at beBee.
    I've found people with knowldge in all kind of stuffs and their generosity to share with us. It is a pleasure to read their "buzzes". Like this one you've written.
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    18/08/2016 #39 DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    #30 Your comments dear friend @David Navarro López made me think how we can be so unique and so equal at the same time. I also had strong experiences with facing "the end" and I do agree with you. Tthose experiences revealed what is really matters in life and how stupid I am to foget then along the way. Thanks for sharing this important "reminds". I appreciated to read it more than one time.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    18/08/2016 #38 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #30 Your story is filled with glory, of the seen and unseen, the nature of 'just being.' Yes, you're a double-reminder that we sometimes need a 'Finder' or a 'Locator' to hone us in on true life in all its forms. So I get you. And many of the NewBeeZ I'm bringing in are miracles, too. Tragedies, triumphs, as @Leckey Harrison knows. We've both seen lots of Trauma, kids with too much drama, no one to look in their eyes and tell them to Just Reach the Skies! You may like my newest post, written for a girl I love the most, my daughter. Her birthday is coming up and I've sharing a silly poem book (@debasish majumder and @Ali Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee are sure to have a look): https://www.bebee.com/producer/@margaret-aranda/little-missy-two-shoes-likes-a-ladybug / it was for my daughter on her birthday so I'm resurrecting it from 10 years ago.
    debasish majumder
    18/08/2016 #37 debasish majumder
    How do we mop up belligerence with elan,
    when opulence alone poisoning a faculty in a nascent stage at a glance!
    Discriminating all with reprehensible cacophony,
    kudos to you for your sincere symphony
    putting Humanity before all
    Amazed by your warm clarion call!
    Great post madam Margaret Aranda! thank you very much for sharing the post.
    Anees Zaidi
    18/08/2016 #36 Anees Zaidi
    "I'm buzzin' around and I want to be clear

    That I'm not here to have a beer.

    I'm here to serve, to foster, and to put bandages on wet tears." Dear @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD you are more than a doctor. Wiping out others tears is the noblest task anyone may do.
  10. Amy L Thome

    Amy L Thome

    The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen
    The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized...
  11. Amy L Thome

    Amy L Thome

    Amy L Thome
    How VR Gaming will Wake Us Up to our Fake Worlds
    ieet.org “It has no relationship whatsoever to anything anchored in some kind of metaphysical superspace.  It’s just your cultural point of view […] Travel shows you the relativity of culture.” — Terence...
  12. Amy L Thome

    Amy L Thome

    Amy L Thome
    Hunter S. Thompson’s Extraordinary Letter on Finding Your Purpose
  13. ProducerAmy L Thome

    Amy L Thome

    Beautiful Disintegration ~
    Beautiful Disintegration ~"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open & the world is full of beauty. Today is such a day"~ Rumi Never in my life have I felt at home living in a house, a solid unmoving structure. Most girls grow up desiring a...


    Amy L Thome
    17/08/2016 #2 Amy L Thome
    #1 Thank you so much Maria for the kind words. Much appreciated!
    Maria Fafard
    16/08/2016 #1 Maria Fafard
    I deeply enjoyed reading about your journey and loved how eloquently and honestly you described you moving from a place of being conventionally successful to a place of being authentically, uniquely happy.
  14. ProducerBarbara Dean Franklin
    Why Me
    Why Mehttp://thebarbaradeanfranklinshow.com/why-me-god/...
  15. ProducerBarbara Dean Franklin
    THE DIRECTOR OF MY LIFEhttp://thebarbaradeanfranklinshow.com/director-of-my-life/ Live and speak in such a way that those who know you, but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know YOU. When I was young, I always wanted to be an actor. I thought that...
  16. ProducerBarbara Dean Franklin
    MiraclesMiracles happened all the time in the bible....well, Miracles are still happening today. WE must believe... ...


    Barbara Dean Franklin
    17/07/2016 #1 Barbara Dean Franklin
    Good Morning. I pray you see a miracle today
  17. ProducerBarbara Dean Franklin
    The Purpose of life.
    The Purpose of life.http://thebarbaradeanfranklinshow.com The Purpose of Life is to discover your gift (WoW!  This show is old but it’s  a POWERFUL reminder that GOD is still in control.  God has shown/showing me a lot since the airing of this show).   Jeremiah...