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All engineers welcom. Discuss about the latest inventions, designs, builds, maintenance topics, research and improvements on structures related to all machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. Find opportunities, industry professionals and share your thoughts.
  1. ProducerBhavik Limbani

    Bhavik Limbani

    Hacking Tools: Reverse Engineering
    Hacking Tools: Reverse EngineeringList of Reverse Engineering Tools  . Reverse Engineering refers to the know the duplication of the products through examination of how it's build or construct. It involved in how the products work and is there any products which copied the flow of...
  2. Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
    What is an Airport Runway?
    #aviation #infrastructures #civilengineering #faa #icao #iata

    Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
  3. Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
    What is an ATC?

    #airports #infrastructure #iata #faa #icao
    Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
    Air traffic control - Wikipedia
  4. Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
    What is a SAG Mill?
    Alejandro Muñoz Fonttz
  5. ProducerJonny Honest

    Jonny Honest

    Show your ideas in the best way possible with 3D Product Animation Services
    Show your ideas in the best way possible with 3D Product Animation ServicesResearch says that when you show people videos, they would be instantly attracted to your ideas. So, 3D product animation services of JMSD consultants help you create perfect 3D product animation videos and show the best aspects of your...
  6. ProducerJonny Honest

    Jonny Honest

    3D Architectural Visualization Help to advent of new technologies
    3D Architectural Visualization Help to advent of new technologiesWith the advent of new technologies, many industries have witnessed a revolution of sorts. With 3D architectural visualization, firms now enjoy showcasing their dreams in realistic three dimensions.3D Architectural Visualization Services can be...


  7. ProducerSteve Lewenhoff

    Steve Lewenhoff

    Taking Screwpiling to New Heights
    Taking Screwpiling to New HeightsNo other piling & ground anchoring system can compete with the speed, simplicity, cost effectiveness and predictable structural performance than that of Screwpile Australia's...
  8. Jonny Honest

    Jonny Honest

    We offer 3D #Furniture modeling services with creative and affordable way. Jonny Honest
  9. Laura Cortés Rodrigo
    We are looking for #tyre industry professionals: Compound, Mould and Tyre #engineers, Tyre Designer, Senior Project Manager and Technical Project Leader, based on #Enschede, The Netherlands. Find out more info!

    Laura Cortés Rodrigo
  10. ProducerJulie Dawn Harris
    The Metamorphosis of a B2B Lead
    The Metamorphosis of a B2B LeadGuy in Steve Erwin garb: The journey of a B2B lead through the sales pipeline is often compared with the life cycle of a caterpillar into a beautiful monarch butterfly. Let’s see the similarities in action. Here’s a full transcript of the...


    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    29/12/2016 #6 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    I like you using the metamorphosis. You’ve probably heard the story about a man who tried to help a butterfly out of its cocoon by slitting the cocoon open. The butterfly that emerged had small, unformed wings, and died soon after. It needed the struggle out of the cocoon to force the fluid into its wings to stretch and open them so that the butterfly could fly. By trying to shortcut the process, the man had instead doomed the creature.
    While it is instinctive to want to help (and we often do by giving unsolicited advice), sometimes we need to learn to wait and let the process unfold on its own. We can watch and be there should any help be required, yet not intervene when there is no real need to. My greatest mentors do this for me. I remember being in struggle, and asking one of them for help. He replied, "I am helping." I later realized that by him doing 'nothing at that moment' and making me solve the situation myself, I was able to learn the lesson I needed.
    Whoisvisiting .com
    19/12/2016 #4 Whoisvisiting .com
    Really useful Inforgraphic, thank you for sharing :)
    Aurélien Gohier
    14/12/2016 #3 Aurélien Gohier
    Excellent and creative article about #b2bmarketing #b2bleads
    Julie Dawn Harris
    07/10/2016 #2 Julie Dawn Harris
    #1 Thanks hilary bird for finding it useful.
    hilary bird
    06/10/2016 #1 hilary bird
    Nice infographic! Useful.
  11. ProducerAurélien Gohier
    « Can Engineers Sell? » by Olivier Rivière, Founder, OR Consulting
    « Can Engineers Sell? » by Olivier Rivière, Founder, OR ConsultingI was delighted to welcome on btobmarketingsales.com Olivier Riviere, Founder at OR Consulting, who I had the pleasure to meet a the BtoB Summit in France this summer. In the last 25 years Olivier has held positions in R, marketing and...
  12. Nikki Pilkington
    Nikki Pilkington
    Hivac adds capacity with heavy-duty XYZ machines
    www.mtdcnc.com Hastings-based Hivac Engineering is a well-established specialist in the manufacture of ultra-high vacuum chambers and equipment used in surface science, semi-conductor and synchrotron particle...
  13. Nikki Pilkington
    Nikki Pilkington
    MTDCNC.com new and used CNC machine tools, news, videos and deals
    www.mtdcnc.com MTDCNC.com promotes the all the UKs used and new CNC machine tools, cnc machines, lathes, machining centres and associated tooling. MTDCNC.com also delivers regular news, videos and educational articles written and filmed by...