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Enterprise Architecture

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  1. ProducerIgor Topalov

    Igor Topalov

    Human being is ultimate measure of all things and substances
    Human being is ultimate measure of all things and substances‘Organizational Anatomy’ by Oleg Konovalov ISBN-13: 978-1443888851 / ISBN-10: 1443888850 Quite lately this book jumped to my attention due to several reasons, one of which – is quite unexpected and not often used metaphor that has been...
  2. Peter Murchland

    Peter Murchland

    Just joined beBee as activity in LinkedIn EAN is dropping and harder to find popular discussions. Will be interested to see how beBee works and whether it is a good environment for engaging discussions about EA, particularly where the activity is focussed on architecting the enterprise, and not just architecting IT.
    Peter Murchland
    Enterprise architecture - plain and simple
    www.linkedin.com What is enterprise architecture? It is a description of the architecture of an enterprise, either its current architecture, a transition architecture or its intended architecture. It is really...
  3. Pedro Solorzano

    Pedro Solorzano

    Hi archi mates... I was thinking if for this app I am more an Architect / Technician or a Director / Executive. Its a profound question, but I think that every enterprise architect should have a director level empowerment to drive the huge changes that the companies usually need... What do you think? Pedro Solorzano


    Peter Murchland
    31/03/2016 #1 Peter Murchland
    Yes, it seems strange to have to include a photo or a link!