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    Matt Jude

    devops developer flops? ∴ develop ops
    devops developer flops? ∴ develop opsDisclaimer: The following post is a finely tuned market reach experiment to test my competencies in BI predictions. Please DO NOT digest the below pseudo-technical digest as IT gospel. Research and Observations will be posted using Power BI,...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    06/08/2016 #2 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    @Robert Bell: wt... H.... I.....must come back after pondering. No. Forget ThAt. I'm whisked away at this grand-infitesimal, AWESOME-thunk indescribable UN-PostIT Note to Get Off My Butt -afterdoing HIIT-crunches, squats-a-squander, drinking NOT hose water (wthell WE turned out JUsT FiNE, right/push-button/microwave society, right? -agree with ME, LIKE me, +1 ME, while I take a SELF-ie to show my Poodle-EEE who eats leftovers (purely pesticide-Free Monsanto quality-that-killed-all-the-BeeZ) so we save money / bitcoins / PayPal / so the government/robots/eyecameraspies/BIG SAM doesn't SEE/SEOs/ROIs/ or Conversions either)....Oh My! Can I please (who says THAT anymore?) click my Ruby Shoes (boy, Shirley Temple sure missed out on that actress part - but isn't it better that she was a WHO Ambassador for children? "Who Cares? Who is SHirlEY TeMPlE?) three times (too much time, gotta go, brb, ttyl, bfn, bye, I said BYE.. I love you too..ok ttyl. bfn. ttyTOMORROW, ok? let me GO!) and just go home ... to my grandparents, because my parents died and I'm an orphan and no one in the world remembers THAT part? I don't want To TalK aBouT tHE WeAThEr!! I wanna talk about sex, having babies, dying when and how I want, no machines making their noises and wavelengths look "alive" when I'm not! Do children even LiSTeN to their parents anymore? Don't they KnoW to be blessed to have a "REAL" Mom and Dad? LIke, all biological and everything? Like Adam and Eve? I better shut the hell up. You should write fractal poems and stories. !BAM! ~ "I shoulda had a V--8!" No. ...."Just give me a Calgon Bath...and ........TaKe mE ...a W A yYYY!" Gotta "Share" with @debasish majumder, @Anees Zaidi, @Ali Anani.