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financial advice for kids

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  1. ProducerJonny Delgagio

    Jonny Delgagio

    My Financial Journey
    My Financial JourneyI love finance. To me there is just something so interesting about the way our society views money. I also feel that there are billions of untapped opportunities that people do not realize are passing them by every single day. They often say that...
  2. ProducerJonny Delgagio

    Jonny Delgagio

    Teaching your kids finance
    Teaching your kids financeA lot of studies have come out recently showing that the number one factor when it comes to financial success is not how much someone makes or how rich their parents are - it's how well they understand financial basics. This can also be exemplified...


    Madeline Anderson-Balmer
    24/05/2016 #3 Madeline Anderson-Balmer
    Many parents are just plain uncomfortable talking to their kids about finances. Kids grow up learning very little, and then are expected to handle finances well. It's a tough expectation to meet.
    NO one
    24/05/2016 #2 NO one
    "THE power of saving" definitely we should teach this to people since they're kids. If I knew saving methods since then maybe today I would be in another situation or I would've faced less difficulties. Great share!
    Navinya Lee
    24/05/2016 #1 Navinya Lee
    Its funny you posted this, just as i finished ready a post called "10 Reasons You Should Never Own Stocks Again" lol you can read it here: http://bit.ly/22nLDVe