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A financial analyst, securities analyst, research analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst, or rating analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external or internal financial clients as a core part of the job.
  1. ProducerYann Rousselot-Pailley
    La donnée c'est l'or d'aujourd'hui
    La donnée c'est l'or d'aujourd'huiL’information est la véritable matière première des organisations humaines. Quelqu’en soit sa forme, une organisation humaine est avant tout un "biotope" dans lequel circule des informations et dans lequel sont produites des données, c'est à dire...


    Lauriane Pelet
    22/08/2016 #3 Lauriane Pelet
    C'est un buzz très intéressant, les idées développées que vous développez me paraissent pertinentes, la donnée est en effet devenue l'or d'aujourd'hui!
    Morgane Ferragut
    22/08/2016 #2 Morgane Ferragut
    Vos articles sont intéressants, l'information et son partage sont indispensables à nos sociétés, le flux doit toujours être plus rapide avec plus d'information, c'est un peu la guerre aux données, celui qui réussira a avoir l'info en premier, la traitée et la diffusée parfois au détriment de sa pertinence
    Kevin Roblin
    22/08/2016 #1 Kevin Roblin
    Excellent article, la production le stockage et le traitement de l'information sont des éléments importants à prendre en compte, comme vous le montrez l'information a besoin d'être stockée mais aussi diffusée! Avoir de l'information exclusive est devenu un but, un objectif pour qui souhaite produire l'information
  2. ProducerKatrina Chua

    Katrina Chua

    Telemarketing for Financial Leads: Don’t Sound too Technical
    Telemarketing for Financial Leads: Don’t Sound too TechnicalLanguage is no doubt central to the highly lucrative financial services sector. As buyers demand for better solutions in tasks such as payroll management and business accounting, there is an increasing need for sellers to initiate effective...
  3. ProducerJeffrey Strickland
    Marketing & Big Data: The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Redux)
    Marketing & Big Data: The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Redux)The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.          —Sherlock Holmes [1] Big Data is here, has been for some time, and will probably be here for some time to come. In the article, I’ll tackle...


    CityVP Manjit
    13/08/2016 #2 CityVP Manjit
    I have a penchant for talking about 21st Century thinking and analytics for me is a great example of this, so I really welcome the quality of these buzz's because it is so much easier and even fashionable to talk about social media or leadership or even happiness, when the nitty gritty of everyday processes are being informed by the very thinking elucidated here. It might be popular to say correlation is not causation but to really understand that saying is another matter entirely. I am bit by bit gaining a better handled how to think analytically and statistically through each buzz I read from Jeffrey Strickland.
    John White, MBA
    13/08/2016 #1 John White, MBA
    @Jeffrey Strickland: You've covered a topic that is highly relevant for me. Thank you very much for a great read.
  4. ProducerJeffrey Strickland
    What Do Predictive Analytics Consultants Do? - Part 1
    What Do Predictive Analytics Consultants Do? - Part 1I am often asked about the kinds of Analytics I perform as a consultant to address the questions my clients pose. The “real question” behind this is: What kind of Analytics do I get to engage in? The focus of this article is on what kinds of things...


    Lada Prkic
    13/08/2016 #6 Lada Prkic
    Very detailed and clear explanation, @Jeffrey Strickland. Have you experience with applications of big data and predictive analytics in the construction industry, e.g. some large construction project?
    Michael Angelo Icarus Yusufidis
    12/08/2016 #5 Michael Angelo Icarus Yusufidis
    Predictive analytics is our future.
    David Grinberg
    12/08/2016 #4 David Grinberg
    Nice buzz @Jeffrey Strickland. I shared in the "Scientists and Research" hive (18k bees), as I thought they would find it of interest. You're one smart guy, Jeff, not to mention a good writer! I hope to read more buzz from you on beBee.
    Lisa Gallagher
    11/08/2016 #3 Lisa Gallagher
    I'm not an analytics person but I'm sure many will find value in this great article by @Jeffrey Strickland
    Cyril Philip
    11/08/2016 #1 Anonymous
    Very nicely explained Jeffrey.


    Economists and Finance
    Economists and Finance
    Economists and Finance Official Economics and Finance hive on beBee. Connect with people in your field and exchange information, knowledge and professional
  6. ProducerJeffrey Strickland
    What Predictive Analytics Consultants Do, Part I
    What Predictive Analytics Consultants Do, Part IIt has been several months since part 3, so I will rehash a little here. The series started when I was asked about the kinds of Analytics I perform as a consultant to address the questions my clients pose. The “real question” behind this is: What...
  7. ProducerJeffrey Strickland
    Analytics: not just another Buzzword
    Analytics: not just another BuzzwordThis article first appeared on bicorner.com. Fear not,  there are absolutely no mathematical formulas contained herein. Mathematically, that is wrtten where x are mathematical symbols, W is all words in the post and M is all maths. Who...


    Catalina Serrano
    01/06/2016 #8 Catalina Serrano
    #7 Now i'm following up all the buzzes, but I have to say that for me it's not easy analytics hehe, but I want to give it a try ;)
    Pamela L. Williams
    01/06/2016 #7 Pamela L. Williams
    #2 Just wait @Catalina Serrano, you'll come to understand Analytics like you would never imagine after following Jeffrey for a while. I do analytics in my own career but not even close to the complexity of Jeffrey's work
    . I learned so much from his sharing of knowledge.
    Pamela L. Williams
    01/06/2016 #6 Pamela L. Williams
    First @Jeffrey Strickland, let me say that I am so happy to see you here on beBee! This is a community I believe you will truly thrive and having someone who so aptly explains analytics, statistics, and all the other mathematical magic that you perform is the ultimate 'honey pot' Now for the post:
    "Analytics is best performed by people who do not have presuppositions about the problem or the data". This statement is along the lines of what I truly believe is extremely important for analytics that serve the purpose for which they are developed. I've crossed industries in my own career and have found that my NOT knowing a lot about the company or industry at the start served as an advantage. The work I did focused primarily on data analysis and the processes that created the data so the most important question I asked was Why? It always uncovered some unusual and sometimes scary answers. Thank you Jeffrey! Welcome, welcome!
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    01/06/2016 #5 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Thank you for your thorough and well written article on a complex subject. I feel I learned from this post. Sharing.
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    31/05/2016 #4 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Thank you for your thorough and well written article on a complex subject. I feel I learned from this port. Sharing.
    debasish majumder
    30/05/2016 #3 debasish majumder
    a complex subject being nicely and incisively dispensed. thank you very much sir Jeffery Strickland for sharing such wonderful post.
    Catalina Serrano
    30/05/2016 #2 Catalina Serrano
    For sure it's a very complex subject and it involves many different aspects. I learned a lot with your analytics tutorial!
    Charles Wilson
    30/05/2016 #1 Charles Wilson
    Really thorough article. Thanks for posting Jeffrey.
  8. ProducerAnders Liu-Lindberg
    Finance Specialists vs. Generalists
    Finance Specialists vs. GeneralistsBig Data, Data Scientists, Advanced Analytics etc. All buzzwords that companies are trying to turn into gold these days. The potential is certainly there but tapping into it is not easy especially if you think if you just start an advanced analytics...


    Anders Liu-Lindberg
    26/05/2016 #4 Anders Liu-Lindberg
    #3 Thanks for the comments Oliver! It is indeed in the collaboration between minds in Finance but even more so outside of Finance that value is created. If functions operate in silos companies are losing out on significant value creation.
    Oliver Moloney
    26/05/2016 #3 Oliver Moloney
    @Anders Liu-Lindberg, I thoroughly agree with your point regarding @Adam Moore's comment. Sometimes on a project we require that different perspective to help certain aspects come to fruition. I learned early on that engaging with people from different schools of thought, disciplines and proffesional backgrounds can offer shed light on the potenial of a project that I was perhaps not proffesionally geared up to consider. Really interesting article and and a wonderful introduction to your buzzes. I look forward to reading more!
    Anders Liu-Lindberg
    26/05/2016 #2 Anders Liu-Lindberg
    #1 Thanks for the comment Adam! I think the key is to find a way for someone to collaborate with that creative mind and make sure the insights (s)he develops can be applied in a business.
    Adam Moore
    26/05/2016 #1 Adam Moore
    I don't know if the same happens but when there's a creative mind the person is more likely better to work alone, since groups will limit the creativity. Science and finance I guess is not as free and creative but I hope I make sense on what I'm trying to point out.
  9. ProducerDonald Retreage

    Donald Retreage

    CFO Role Changing - Growing Challenges Demand it
    CFO Role Changing - Growing Challenges Demand itThe business world is well aware that the role of the CFO generally has broadened over the past decade. Beyond the core responsibilities of financial reporting, audit and compliance, planning, treasury, and capital structure, many CFOs are playing a...
  10. ProducerAnders Liu-Lindberg
    The “CAO” And The Analytics Analyst
    The “CAO” And The Analytics AnalystSome time ago Samuel Dergel, Executive Search Consultant and author of “Guide To CFO Success” posted a story proposing a new name added to the executive table – Chief Analytics Officer or CAO and stating that since Finance had not managed Big Data...
  11. ProducerAnders Liu-Lindberg
    How Finance Can Become An Analytics Powerhouse
    How Finance Can Become An Analytics PowerhouseThe Finance function is undergoing a rapid change like everything else in business. In order to maintain its relevance, not only as a stand-alone function but also as a part of the business it’s time for Finance to power up its analytical...