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  1. ProducerKoen Vanderhoydonk
    3 reasons why #FinTech may decline in 2017
    3 reasons why #FinTech may decline in 2017Since many years, I enjoy working in the Financial Industry and future trends such as FinTech seemed obvious, until recently reflecting on possible trends for 2017. In my humble opinion FinTech is addressing a customer experience driven demand...
  2. ProducerKoen Vanderhoydonk
    What RegTech needs to survive!
    What RegTech needs to survive!RegTech has been described by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as 'the adoption of new technologies to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements'. The impact of RegTech is more profound in my opinion. The potential is huge to...
  3. Producerbruno cochard

    bruno cochard

    Regulatory agility
    Regulatory agilityRegulated industries such as finance or pharmaceutical are obligated to comply with regulations when developing a new product. As such, the requirements that the product team need to implement must include both the customer needs and the compliance...