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  1. ProducerJosé Miguel Flavián Erlac
    Sainsbury's and consumer needs.
    Sainsbury's and consumer needs.Good ideas in Sainsbury's, replacing the usual end of aisle offers for a range dedicated to a consumer need.They did the same last Christmas and they were happy with the results. So they are back with new...
  2. ProducerJosé Miguel Flavián Erlac
    Balance by Sainsbury's
    Balance by Sainsbury'sThe new range of Sainsbury's Private Label for healthy...
  3. ProducerJosé Miguel Flavián Erlac
    Good messages from The Co-op
    Good messages from The Co-op They are doing good campaigns at the moment, focusing on how they help communities around their stores.Part of the money the members spend in buying Private Label products on their shops goes for charities. Good driver for their loyalty...