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  1. ProducerMuch Bites

    Much Bites

    What a Trip Back to England Revealed about Life in Spain
    What a Trip Back to England Revealed about Life in SpainArticle written as an update for the readers of the blog, MuchBitesWhen you move abroad, to embrace the expat life in all its glory, the last thing you should be doing is yoyo-ing between your country and the new country. All your efforts must be...


    Cepee Tabibian
    26/10/2016 #1 Cepee Tabibian
    @Much Bites thank you for your wonderful post! I feel ya! So very excited to go home for the holidays, for me the U.S., I love Spain to death, but there is no place like home. The food, the people, the options, the mix of people and cultures. Looking forward to the next post. :)
  2. Sharon Chen

    Sharon Chen

    Fireball Cider ‪#‎DelishPlan‬
    Sharon Chen
    Fireball Cider - DelishPlan
    www.delishplan.com Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas when it’s 82 degrees out here in Florida. I seriously intended to go swimming because of that. Actually, I went but decided to drop the idea after dipping my feet into the water three times. After all,...
  3. Giles Mitchell

    Giles Mitchell

    What do you think is THE BEST food and drink in the world?

    Try and make our taste buds salivate :)

    ( The photo is one of my favourite breakfasts - banana pancakes!)
    Giles Mitchell