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  1. Bill Stankiewicz
    2015 was a safer year in Sapa
    Sapa’s 2015 EHS performance has improved greatly over 2014 with many areas reaching benchmark levels for the business.The main areas of improvement have come from increased leadership focus and employee engagement in EHS activities.

    Safety performance

    “Doing” and not just “listening” has been the key messages along with “taking care for oneself, fellow workers and the environment”.

    There were no fatalities in 2015. The number of recordable injuries to Sapa employees and directly supervised contractors was 132 for the year which is 93 fewer injuries than in 2014. Lost time injuries have also reduced to 52 which is 46 less than last year. This reduction in serious injuries has taken Sapa’s 2015 total recordable rate (TRR) to 2.98 (5.02 in 2014) and lost work day rate (LWDR) to 1.17 (2.19 in 2014).

    All business areas have improved considerably over 2014 levels and have achieved the lowest recordable rates ever by the Sapa Group, which is an excellent achievement.

    At the end of 2015, 74% of Sapa locations had worked 12 consecutive months without a lost workday and 50% without a total recordable injury.

    There were 10 recordable injuries to independent contractors in the year. Independent contractor incidents are treated in the same way as Sapa employees and directly managed contractors.

    There has been considerable focus on the potential severity of recordable injuries and each injury is rated due to its actual or potential severity. High potential injury free events are also reported each month and receive the same amount of attention as a recordable case. The amount of high potential incidents is of concern and remains a clear focus for improvement.
    Bill Stankiewicz
  2. Bill Stankiewicz


    Bill Stankiewicz
    12/06/2016 #1 Bill Stankiewicz
    Thank you @Javier beBee & @Pamela L. Williams for the support here. Have a great Sunday my friends!!
  3. Bill Stankiewicz
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  5. Lurdes Ramos

    Lurdes Ramos

    HACCP is nothing more, nothing less than a SYSTEM for WELL DONE ! Lurdes Ramos