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Fractals Forever

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Remember that you must at all costs remain self-similar..I call it virtual synchronicity or a fractal alignment (I'm not the only one).
  1. ProducerPaul Walters

    Paul Walters

                                                       Freewheeling !!!
    Freewheeling !!!Before I launch into this piece I should perhaps fill readers in with a few details on how management works in our household.Management here ย rises each day 5.30am and I watch through slitted eyes, feigning sleep as she ponders whether to a) don her...


    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    19/01/2017 #12 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Paul Walters I'm only pausing from my fits of laughter to comment that ..You have surely made my day. I love your upper management. You are indeed hilarious๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Paul Walters
    18/01/2017 #11 Paul Walters
    #10 @Sarah Elkins Thanks for that. I seriously have to get to Montana it looks simply gorgeous and if I do happen to get there you could take me skiing , gentle slopes please and all downhill if you wouldnt mind. Thanks for stopping by and please remember the article was full of hyperbole ... I do exercise...I mean I did get up this morning !
    Sarah Elkins
    18/01/2017 #10 Sarah Elkins
    That's my kind of ride, @Paul Walters! And I could have used something like that on Sunday, instead of the downhill skiing I did. Not at all the same thing, not at all relaxing. My leg workout a few days before set me up for disaster on Sunday. I had to step after every couple of turns to lean forward and stop my thighs from burning. So. Much. Pain. It took two of those runs before my legs loosened up and I was able to enjoy myself. Of course, at least I wasn't trying to ski uphill!
    Elisabeth Lenahan
    18/01/2017 #9 Anonymous
    Kevin Pashuk
    17/01/2017 #8 Kevin Pashuk
    Thoroughly enjoyable read Paul.. I must commend you on your negotiation skills that let you stay home whilst the senior management goes out to exercise.

    As for the bike ride? My wife and I did a similar thing in Hawaii... 30 km of coasting. Almost as good as the other type of 'bike' riding I do... which involves a motor and leather jacket.
    Renรฉe  ๐Ÿ Cormier
    17/01/2017 #7 Renรฉe ๐Ÿ Cormier
    Usually peddling downhill means that at some point you must peddle up. I guess Management had that all figured out. Lucky you!
    Dean Owen
    17/01/2017 #6 Dean Owen
    Glad you weren't fired! Did you get a bonus for completing the task?
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #5 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #4 I'll be watching for you! ;-)
    Paul Walters
    17/01/2017 #4 Paul Walters
    #2 Thanks @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher brushing up on my French
    Paul Walters
    17/01/2017 #3 Paul Walters
    #2 Thanks Pascal methinks management here did several MBA degrees
    Pascal Derrien
    17/01/2017 #2 Pascal Derrien
    that's the best management article I have read in a long long time @Paul Walters :-)
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #1 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Ah, how I enjoyed this story @Paul Walters! Kudo's to management, she sounds extremely fit... I could take lessons from her but 5am is too early for me? The coffee beans, uhm, no thanks on this end either! Wait a sec, if you peddled downhill to get to your destination, didn't you have to peddle uphill to get back? Glad you had a good time and never rule out the Tour De France! :))
  2. Phil Friedman

    Phil Friedman

    I spent a number of years on LinkedIn trying to dissuade its management from undermining the position of independent writers on the platform โ€” and never once received a response. When I raise a serious question about beBee on beBee, often its CEO or Chairman answers. Try it, you'll like it. Phil Friedman


    Susan Rooks
    18/01/2017 #5 Susan Rooks
    I never expected LI management to respond to any of our requests, and they didn't. But I am truly gratified to have Javier, Matt, or John answer any questions that I have had.
    Preston Vander Ven
    18/01/2017 #4 Preston Vander Ven
    Agreed 100%
    Andrew ๐Ÿ Goldman
    18/01/2017 #3 Andrew ๐Ÿ Goldman
    It's really awesome!
  3. Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    R.O.A.R โ€“ Capacity to Choose
    donnaluisawordslayer.wordpress.com Reblogged on...
  4. Joanna Hofman

    Joanna Hofman

    My beautiful Finland :)
    Joanna Hofman
    All About Lapland on Twitter
    twitter.com โ€œLook at these incredible auroras! They danced so fast I've never seen anything like that! Last night #Rovaniemi #Lapland #Finland...
  5. ProducerSandra Smith

    Sandra Smith

    The verdict is in... beBee beats LinkedIn for content sharing
    The verdict is in... beBee beats LinkedIn for content sharingIf you follow me, you will know that back in April I posted a piece on beBee titled 'LinkedIn, We have a problem.' It showed the stark contrast between page views and post engagements between LinkedIn, where I'd been publishing for over a year. And...


    Paul Robin McNulty
    18/01/2017 #49 Paul Robin McNulty
    #47 Thank you Fatima very nice of you cheers Paul.
    Robert Booker
    18/01/2017 #48 Robert Booker
    This is so true. I have pointed this out to many who are following me on Linkedln. They don't answer. I have been posting to Linkedln and beBee and get feedback on beBee and nothing on Linkedln. It seems to me, Linkedln is more about getting people to follow you than it is about information.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    18/01/2017 #47 ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    #43 @Paul Robin McNulty Welcome to beBeeland Have a lovely time going to our hives.
    If you have time please visit the WhybeBee hive to know more or just ask ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Start buzzing
    Teresa Gezze
    18/01/2017 #46 Teresa Gezze
    Awesome, @Sandra Smith. This recap is incredible. Amazing job!
    Paul Robin McNulty
    18/01/2017 #45 Paul Robin McNulty
    Thank you very much Mohammed.#44
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    18/01/2017 #44 Mohammed A. Jawad
    #43 @Paul Robin McNulty Welcome to the buzzing, exciting world of beBee!
    Paul Robin McNulty
    18/01/2017 #43 Paul Robin McNulty
    Interesting article this is my first day on beBee and you have made me feel like I made the right decision to join I had thought about LinkedIn but not any more thank you cheers Paul.
    Sandra Smith
    18/01/2017 #42 Sandra Smith
    #39 thank you Lisa. It really does mean a lot to me. I am going to read your article now....
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #41 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I forgot you provided a link above to your article. I have read it and commented. Well done!
    David B. Grinberg
    17/01/2017 #40 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz, Sandra. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head yet again.
    Put simply, when it comes to blogging and personal branding:
    beBee = fostering user engagement and a satisfying user experience.
    LI = intentionally trampling user engagement and a frustrating user experience.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #39 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    This is one reason I moved to beBee about a year ago @Sandra Smith. I had engagement on LI but it was dropping due to changes they were making, thanks to their algorithms, many of us were not receiving notifications of those we followed and read regularly. I also find the climate on beBee more conducive and supportive. Also, it's articles like this that benefit from the many hives because people actually see them, re-read the buzzes and repost, hence more views, comments/engagement. Nice to have you here! By the way, we share something in common, I have written about Mental Illness too because I'd like to see the stigma end one day. Have you repurposed your article above to beBee? If you haven't, I would love to read it here. Thanks!
    paul wayne
    17/01/2017 #38 paul wayne
    Great Article / Post Sandra and completely agree with some of your comments LinkedIn has changed so much over the last 12/18 Months I have not seen any changes on there platform if anything all I see are problems and faults which never get dealt with from there lack of decent customer services .

    I spent lot of time on there platform with building dedicated group networks for Marketing purposes but looks like there rules and regulations are different depending on who you are . Since they made few changes on the LinkedIn pulse I use to get views of 5,000 - 10,000 per article and now lucky if 100 people even view it .
    Sandra Smith
    17/01/2017 #37 Sandra Smith
    thank you so much to everyone who has supported me here on beBee and commented on this and other posts.
    Sandra Smith
    17/01/2017 #36 Sandra Smith
    #27 the way it should be. social media reflects the real world, not an artificial one created by a few dudes in the valley.
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    17/01/2017 #35 Mohammed A. Jawad
    beBee breathes with the brilliant buzzing of bees!
    ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    17/01/2017 #34 ๐Ÿ Fatima Williams
    #31 Agree with you @Mohammed Sultan The power lies in the hands of the readers. Great share @Sandra Smith Keep buzzing #beBeesforever
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    17/01/2017 #33 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Sandra Smith...The proof is in the numbers.. Consistently posts are read, shared and promoted by others...All in the life of a bee...๐Ÿ˜Š
    Larry Boyer
    17/01/2017 #32 Larry Boyer
    Thanks for sharing your experiences @Sandra Smith. As a data guy I find it interesting to compare beBee with the other social platforms. From my personal experience I see there are different flavors of writing and information shared on beBee and LinkedIn. On my posts, which are more business/IT oriented I get a lot higher engagement on LinkedIn, more views on beBee, but more people liking, commenting and sharing on LinkedIn. Of course it's also not a fair comparison as my LinkedIn network is orders of magnitude bigger. What it does suggest to me is that different types of people are attracted to each platform, at least at this point, and that it underscores the need to find and build your audience on each. By emphasize a full 3-D personal branding approach no doubt beBee will catch up and surpass the other social networks.
    Mohammed Sultan
    17/01/2017 #31 Mohammed Sultan
    @Sandra Smith.After your final analysis ,one is reminded of what people used to say about thoughts and feelings and why they are being in love with beBee.When you are, you will know you are.You will recognize that the feeling is here.It's the same with the platform strategy ;when it's good ,you will know it's good ,you will recognize that the feeling and the more satisfying depth of understanding is here.What makes beBee platform unique is that it enable readers to manipulate their own perception,behavior and attitude,and even uncover their "core interests" which they were unaware of or unable to articulate at Linked in .
    Donald Grandy
    17/01/2017 #30 Donald Grandy
    Thanks @Sandra Smith for this excellent post. I share your frustration with LinkedIn. If "Happy Birthday" ,"Happy Anniversary" or Congrats on the new job/position are important to you, then rock on. Not what I would call engagement. The only positive I can see is the B$$$ the principles hauled in when they sold to MS. Share your frustration on articles posted on LinkedIn. Love your post. I work full time in Mental Illness. "beBee On"
  6. ProducerDon ๐Ÿ Kerr
    Getting my wheels spinning
    Getting my wheels spinningFor members of the Car Hive - I don't have a Morgan. I would like to have one but that's not what this is about.Anyone who writes - professionally or as an enthusiastic hobbyist - will have experienced the occasional moment when the words disappear....


    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    19/01/2017 #9 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr..Hate to admit it but if I get one of the older models of a Jaguar, think I can be a happier princess๐Ÿ˜‰... Love your post...
    Dean Owen
    18/01/2017 #8 Dean Owen
    I think many of us have been down that road. For me it's the configurator on the Maserati website where you can select down to the stitching on the seat. I do love the Morgan's and was tempted a few years to sell off organ parts to by the totally impractical three wheeler. But living the last 18 years in countries where cars cost 3 times the price in the US usually means I settle for a Japanese car. I do love the frivolous pursuits of colour coding and rim selecting on car configurators. Who knew that such a frivolous pursuit would result in a gem of an article....
    Paul Walters
    18/01/2017 #7 Paul Walters
    @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr Ok, I'm all heart ....I'll buy you that Morgan. Please collect and ship from Bali
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #6 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    @Phil Friedman @Kevin Pashuk @Pascal Derrien Getting the motors running takes a bit more effort. See what I can come up with. thanks for stopping by gents.
    Pascal Derrien
    17/01/2017 #5 Pascal Derrien
    My first car was 2CV my grandfather gave it to my dad who passed it on to me, heating was crap and a lot of fresh air engulfing in the brain in winter keeping creative juice fresh and crispy ..... :-0
    Kevin Pashuk
    17/01/2017 #4 Kevin Pashuk
    A great way to get the creative juices flowing... now if you could only design the car, then 3D print a wee version of it...

    I fully agree that driving a minivan (or grocery getter) requires surrender of your man badge. We have owned them but I would only get behind the wheel under duress... I'm pretty easy going, but there are some lines I don't like crossing.
    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #3 Phil Friedman
    Don, this is a great piece... and a great idea. Build a car on the manufacturer's site... then print it all out. Hold it. Caress it. Kind of one's own virtual reality. I'm in for getting our wheels spinning. Now, what do you suggest for getting our motors running? Cheers!
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #2 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    #1 Why thanks for that encouragement from S.A.
    Gert Scholtz
    17/01/2017 #1 Gert Scholtz
    @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr You've spun the wheels and laid the tracks for the road to words! Love this inventive post Don.
  7. ProducerGabriel Bazzolo

    Gabriel Bazzolo

    Lily Robotics: the creators of the failed drone for selfies Lily Camera have been sued by a US prosecutor's office for disseminating misleading content.
    Lily Robotics: the creators of the failed drone for selfies Lily Camera have been sued by a US prosecutor's office for disseminating misleading content.A lawsuit filed against the California Supreme Court by the San Francisco district attorney's office details that Lily Robotics would have carried out illegal practices as it may have misleadingly disseminated content in the promotional videos...
  8. Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    Seems like a good time to look in the rearview mirror and revisit what was by far my most visited and remarked-upon post. Many of you will have missed my interview with a Bee for whom I have all the time in the world and someone I hope will remain an active supporter of beBee. Meet @Aurorasa Sima
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    The person or the persona? A revealing portrait of Aurorasa Sima - the person.
    www.bebee.com Don Kerr: First, on my part, a confession. As a writer, a sometimes interviewer, and someone always interested in exploring the space that...
  9. Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa
    Jan Barbosa Marries Content Marketing and PR cc @David B. Grinberg @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman @Mamen ๐Ÿ Delgado @Jordan Barta @John Barton @Milos Djukic @Gary Farmer @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa
    Influencer Interview Series: Jan Barbosa Marries Content Marketing
    www.callboxinc.com Here we are picking up where we left off, with yet another brilliant and well-liked influencer, brand ambassador, and thought leader, Jan...


    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    18/01/2017 #10 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    This is my absolute favorite bit, @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa

    "Also, donโ€™t ever forget the power of relationships. When you help your peers to be found, you are also helping yourself to be found. Building your social media squad beats going at it solo anytime!"
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/01/2017 #9 Sara Jacobovici
    Great interview @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa. Your answers offered information, insights and practical suggestions.Beside the learning, I also enjoyed the read..
    Mamen ๐Ÿ Delgado
    18/01/2017 #8 Mamen ๐Ÿ Delgado
    You are so incredible @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa... Love your energy!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Emily๐Ÿ Bee
    18/01/2017 #7 Emily๐Ÿ Bee
    Rock on! Can't wait to read this @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa!!! You star you! :-D
    Jordan Barta
    18/01/2017 #6 Jordan Barta
    This dude (@Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa) Is the man! Keep doing by things dude. I love it
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    18/01/2017 #5 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Great interview @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa, thank you for tagging me!
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    17/01/2017 #3 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    Excellent interview, @Jan ๐Ÿ Barbosa. You are a very impressive bee - an asset to beBee.
    Chad Carroll
    17/01/2017 #2 Chad Carroll
    I really liked the entire paragraph surrounding "PR brings awareness to your content." Excellent analogy. Excellent interview.
    David B. Grinberg
    17/01/2017 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Kudos on the interview, Jan, nicely done! And let's not forget about beBee Live Buzz when discussing live video streaming. Keep buzzing, my friend...
  10. Jim Murray

    Jim Murray

    As of today, we official only own one house, in St Catharines Ontario. Our Toronto house sale cleared last night, So we're now expat Torontonians, one hour away by car but literally in a whole other world in many respects. This has been a huge adventure.. I have ordered my new business cards and will soon be out making connections and getting to know more about my new home town. No regrets. No fears. Jim Murray


    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #4 Gerald Hecht
    Umm @Jim Murray --one word of caution; "Coywolves"
    Laura Mikolaitis
    17/01/2017 #3 Laura Mikolaitis
    Congratulations, @Jim Murray! Wishing you much happiness and new adventures in your new home.
    Kevin Pashuk
    17/01/2017 #2 Kevin Pashuk
    Nice to turn the page and change your status from 'moving' to 'moved'.

    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #1 Phil Friedman
    I migliori auguri e buona fortuna.
    Los mejores deseos y buena suerte
  11. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Events, Media and Universities - beBee
    Events, Media and Universities - beBeeWork & fun come together !RNE5 - Manuel Castro - Kilรณmetros de radioUniversidad Europea de MadrideShow en MadridJuan Pablo Colmenarejo - Cadena COPE - La linternaIESE Business SchoolbeBee en Cadena COPEPresentaciรณn de beBee Publishing...


    Irene Rodriguez Escolar
    18/01/2017 #5 Irene Rodriguez Escolar
    Me EN CAN TA ยฟdonde estรก escrito que se necesite corbata y camisa abotonada hasta la nuez, para dar importancia a la imagen de empresa? DESMONTANDO ESTEREOTIPOS, si seรฑor.
    Itziar Ruiz Lรณpez
    17/01/2017 #4 Itziar Ruiz Lรณpez
    #2 En cuanto pueda me hago unas nuevas fotitos :)
    Marta Carretero Garcia
    17/01/2017 #3 Marta Carretero Garcia
    Imparables! y lo que nos queda!! vamooooss!
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    17/01/2017 #2 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    ยก @Itziar Ruiz Lรณpez creo que serรญa bueno actualizar el equipo !
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    17/01/2017 #1 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    @Virginia Silveira @Marta Carretero Garcia @Teresa Gezze @Josรฉ Jordรกn de Urrรญes @Sergio Martรญnez recopilaciรณn de material por si lo necesitรกis.
  12. Donnie Maynard Christianson
    I recently had some images approved on Adobe Stock. There are a lot of talented photographers and designers here on beBee - I encourage you to submit your images if selling stock is something that interests you!
    Donnie Maynard Christianson
    Donnie photos, images, assets
    stock.adobe.com Download Donnie photos, images and assets from Adobe...
  13. Michele Williams
    "The corporate governance heads at seven of the 10 largest institutional investors in stocks are now women, according to data compiled by The New York Times. Those investors oversee $14 trillion in assets."
    Michele Williams
    A Rare Corner of Finance Where Women Dominate
    nyti.ms Women hold the top positions in corporate governance at many of the biggest mutual funds and pension funds โ€” deciding which way to vote on the directors of a company...


    Michele Williams
    17/01/2017 #7 Michele Williams
    #6 Thanks for sharing this, @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman!
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    17/01/2017 #6 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    This is most interesting, @Michele Williams, and thank you for the tag. I'm glad to see well-deserving women in top positions. I agree with, @Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador, and I am also looking forward to the day when it is common to see women in top positions.
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/01/2017 #5 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    I agree 100% with you Michele Williams, lets keep pushing. RE: "thanks for your enthusiasm. I also care deeply about gender equity and am looking forward to the day when no one writes about the number of women in a field or on a board because it so common to see them there. Thanks for sharing @Milos Djukic#4
    Michele Williams
    17/01/2017 #4 Michele Williams
    #3 @Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador, thanks for your enthusiasm. I also care deeply about gender equity and am looking forward to the day when no one writes about the number of women in a field or on a board because it so common to see them there. Thanks for sharing @Milos Djukic.
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/01/2017 #3 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    PS: Lets: Get more Women Directors on Boards!
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    17/01/2017 #2 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Great post @Michele Williams, thx for sharing @Milos Djukic. I love top see more women in all fields of management, something I have been doing over the past 25 years & will continue. Best regards, Bill Stankiewicz, SavannahSupplyChain.com , PS: I LOVE beBee.com , ok to post with CNN too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Liesbeth ๐Ÿ Leysen, MSc. beBee Ambassador
    bees, wish you lots of SUN-SHINE!
    I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW ~ JOHNNY NASH I make videos to bring honour to the music, the artiste, and Our Creator..none of this is about me.. I made this video as somewhat of a photo journal giving...
  15. ProducerMarcel Wilson

    Marcel Wilson

    Communicate better - it's all about the horizon
    Communicate better - it's all about the horizonCommunication, communication, communication - it's a mantra that most leaders know. It suggests that in all areas of leadership, communication should be present. Many leaders who follow the 'communication X 3' mantra, believe that simply repeating...
  16. Phil Friedman

    Phil Friedman

    For more than fifteen years, he warmed our hearts.
    Boppy Boy in Potato Chips and Dreidels
    Boppy Boy in Potato Chips and Dreidels Our little man is gone now, but will never be...


    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #8 Phil Friedman
    #5 Yes, Milos, I think you are right. To live too long is, perhaps, to lose the joy of life. And surely that is not what they are about. My best to you.
    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #7 Phil Friedman
    #4 Thank you, David. The empathy of those who know the pain well is of great comfort. I believe that the pain of loss is the price we pay for the years of joy. My best to you.
    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #6 Phil Friedman
    #3 Thank you, Lisa, for saying so. Only those who "live with dogs" can comprehend fully the sense of loss. My best to you in your own struggles.
    Milos Djukic
    17/01/2017 #5 Anonymous
    @Phil Friedman, Boppy Boy was No-Muzak dog for sure. They live too short. Perhaps this is the reason why they are bringing so much joy.
    David B. Grinberg
    17/01/2017 #4 David B. Grinberg
    @Phil Friedman As a life-long dog lover, I'm very sorry for your loss. I grew up with a wonderful Golden Retriever named Lucky who could not be replaced. May they both rest in peace up in doggie heaven.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #3 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    From one person owned by her aging dog to another, I'm very sorry for your loss Phil.
    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #2 Phil Friedman
    #1 Thank you, Aurorasa, that's very kind of you. Best.
    Aurorasa Sima
    17/01/2017 #1 Aurorasa Sima
    Iยดm glad he had a nice last day and did not suffer.

    Thank you for sharing, Phil, I lit a candle for Boppy Boy.
  17. ProducerPaul "Pablo" Croubalian
    How to Not Piss People Off: Great Power is Great Risk
    How to Not Piss People Off: Great Power is Great Risk With Great Power comes Great ResponsibilityVoltaire, not Spiderman's Uncle BenThat's right, Voltaire said that, or close enough. Uncle Ben paraphrased it for Spiderman. Not that Uncle Ben wasn't a great man.ย He was.ย He raised a Millenial with...


    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    17/01/2017 #18 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #17 Thanks, @Preston Vander Ven Feel free to try it yourself too. ;)
    Preston Vander Ven
    17/01/2017 #17 Preston Vander Ven
    Packed full of great info. I had to share it on Twitter. I hope my followers take advantage of this.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    16/01/2017 #16 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #15 You seem fine to me, Jared.
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    16/01/2017 #15 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    #11 I am usually below 100. They other day I got excited on one of my accounts and had 108 :). I still need to review all of this to make sure doing it right...
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    16/01/2017 #14 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #8 I just got a live chat from @Lynda Spiegel: BTW - I see from my Jetpack anayltics that a lot more traffic to my site is coming from Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    16/01/2017 #13 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #8 @Sandra Smith, I've had good luck with my beBee tweets, they have driven others on twitter to ask more about it and join.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    16/01/2017 #12 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #10 Some of us are new to this and still learning as we go. :))
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    16/01/2017 #11 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #6 I have been doing that but only when I'm going to stored tweets. I'm glad you added the randomizer @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian.

    I'm still going to play it a bit more safe and schedule each tweet apart from the other. And, I will add less.

    I had quite a few going out each day. @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese, how many do you schedule per day? Appreciate Paul!!
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #10 Sandra Smith
    #9 True, Paul - I guess I need to find a middle ground... I found the scheduling of tweets caused more hassle than helped - but agree. If you put more thought into *HOW* you are scheduling and *WHAT* you are scheduling - it does work. It just requires a bit more thought up front, which some people don't seem to get. Hence your article...
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    16/01/2017 #9 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #8 What can I say, Sandra, Yes, you are missing out. Tweets do drive engagement. . . but only if done right.

    To each his/her own
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #8 Sandra Smith
    Paul, I used to TweetJukebox, now SocialJukebox.... The problem is, although Twitter allowed scheduled repeat Tweets at first, they eventually banned the practice so TweetJukebox had to as well.... As you say, people will abuse it even if they don't realise it's abuse....

    At first, I thought this tool would help generate engagement and mean I / my company was always top of mind. I'm now much more of the opinion that scheduled Tweets don't drive engagement - AT. ALL.

    Twitter is about the hear and now. The "micro moment" (to steal Google's marketing departments phrase). Thusly, I think if you are doing anything other than sharing in the micro-moment, you are not actually using the platform as it's meant to be used.

    I do share my articles on Twitter... but only once. Am I missing out potential SEO / Social media juice? Quite possibly. But I think the risk of spamming is too great to do anything other than this.

    If I miss some eyeballs, so be it. Hopefully they will see my next article instead.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    16/01/2017 #7 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #4 You certainly aren't alone in that respect, Max. Twitter's seeming simplicity belies its true complexity. It has no peers as a promotion platform. Toss in IFTTT or Zappier scripts that scan for specific hashtags you tweet, and it becomes a social media server cross -posting to any platform with a good API (FB, FB pages, LI, Tumblr, Pinterest)
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    16/01/2017 #6 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #5 Exactly, Lisa. If you schedule 5 tweets right now, each to fire every 6 hours, in six hours, 5 tweets will pop up at the same time and every 6 hours after that. That cause two issues. 1 - Google indexes tweets. Those 5 will count as one (sort of). 2 - They all pop up at the same time on timelines in spammy bunches.

    Since we are creatures of habit, if you always schedule tweets at say, 09:00 the simultaneous tweets could really pile up.

    The easy fix is to mix up your intervals. Some at 360, some at 400, some at 300 etc, AND schedule shorter durations. It's so easy to re-schedule that you don't need to go waaay out. The farther out you schedule, the harder it is to control. After I hit "Send" I'll go change the default to 7 days.

    Another easier fix is to use either the Daily or Weekly Frequency methods. They will mix things up.

    Or, for shares, use the store and schedule in one shot method on the EZ Shortcuts page. It will tweet 28 times every 6 hours and adds a randomizer to the start time. I may add the randomizer to the Minute Interval method

    I've taken to only scheduling 7-10 days at a time. There's a button on the Daily Tweets pages to add tweets randomly from your inventory if ever you run low.

    Your token issues are more likely a case of a troll you have than too much tweeting. Stay under 100 tweets a day.

    I don't think beBee promo tweets are a problem unless that's all that swings by and they pile up. @myTweetPack only tweets promo tweets and RTs from members and has no problems.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    16/01/2017 #5 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I have been a great test subject for this considering I've had my twitter tokens removed 3 or 4 times now. However, I always use the auto schedule, so my tweets go out every 6 hours. I thnk we found today I may have been tweeting too many tweets even though the time interval was ok? Also, you told me that the tweets should have variety? So, by that... meaning I should not be tweeting everything beBee marketing eg? I'm trying so hard to follow all the twitter rules but they sure can be confusing. If I schedule say 5 tweets on the app within minutes of each other even though they are all from different users and I'm using "Minute by minute" with the default settings ( I change nothing) can that cause a red flag to go up? I always use the default, so my tweets are going out every 6 hours. This last round, I did have a one tweet that was double scheduled by accident. I hope my questions make sense? I don't want to get nixed again. Keep an eye on my account if you don't mind! Thanks for this @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    16/01/2017 #4 Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    This was great for me Paul. I barely pay attention to Twitter and your buzzes on the subject have been quite educational and have inspired me to look at Twitter closer to see how I might be able to use it better and do so with some wise guidance from an Alpha Wolf.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    15/01/2017 #3 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #2 Yup, and myTweetpack.com covers all those bases. We even take hashtags a step farther. We allow for hashtags to be rotated so you can use as many as make sense. They won't all be on every tweet instance. We cycle through them. We can also cycle through @mentions if you want to.

    I've used as many as 28 hashtags.

    That ability also allows us to cross post to other platforms via IFTTT (or zappier, your choice) scripts. I use #in, #fb, #fbp,#tum, #pin.

    We also build your follow-me-on-twitter link for you (sue it in email signatures, or your site, in blog posts, on your grocery lists, wherever),

    Building Click-to-Tweet links with Images for blog posts was the first function we had.

    I can add to your list: Have a description that actually says something about you. Enough with the Khalil Gibran quotes already.

    I'm okay with #11, ask for retweets, but not to the detriment of a clickable headline. In other words, Ok if you can spare the room. Since we rotate hashtags, we clear up some space. On a similar subject, "pls follow me" is begging and does not work.

    #5 is seriously tough to do.

    I don't believe Twitter is well-suited for engagement. It's far too busy and noisy. My feed zips along at 3-5000 tweets an hour. The odds of my seeing a single tweet are minuscule.

    DMs are not much better. Most meaningful ones get lost in the clutter of "thanks for following me." I get about 100 a day. Now you know why myTweetPack.com doesn't have any such auto-DM option. I actually started working on a "delete those annoying DMs" function before I got sidetracked.

    I mean, sure, engage when and if you can but I guarantee you will miss 80-90% of attempts to communicate on Twitter.
    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    15/01/2017 #2 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Hello @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian, another well written post here & I agree with you " Pissing potential customers off is never a good idea. "

    Paul, I have found that to build a large Twitter audience you need to: Here are my top 14:
    1-Post great content.

    2-Write a professional bio.

    3-Use hashtags.

    4-Place a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram logo on your blog.

    5-Engage with others on the social platforms, be real.

    6-Make sure your content is shareable.

    7-Re-share other people's content that is desirable.

    8-Reach out to Top influencers.

    9- Use relevant keywords in your bio so you rank in Twitter search. Donโ€™t forget to include your city or region name to attract local users.

    10- Use relevant hashtags in your posts. Tweets with hashtags get at least 2x more engagement, and will help you attract new followers who are searching for those keywords.

    11- Ask for retweets. Tweets that include โ€œPlease retweetโ€ in their text get 4x more retweets.

    12- Find people you know by uploading your email contacts to Twitter. They are likely to follow you back, especially since they know you in real life.

    13- Include images with your tweets. Research suggests that tweets with images receive 18%-20% more engagement than those without.

    14- Promote your Twitter account on all your marketing materials. This includes your business cards, letterheads, brochures, signs and of course, your website.

    Now make it happen, start today.


    Savannah Supply Chain Guy
    Pascal Derrien
    15/01/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    Doc Tweetty in action :-)
  18. John White, MBA

    John White, MBA

    New on The Huffington Post. @Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich is mentioned and @Ben Walker is quoted.
    John White, MBA
    The 8 Personal Branding Steps I Took To Go From Feeling Like a Failure To Career Enlightenment | The Huffington Post
    www.huffingtonpost.com Before I invested in my personal brand, I was in a field I no longer liked and working for a company that didn't listen to a single one of my ideas,...


    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    17/01/2017 #1 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    "Be prepared to work hard and donโ€™t give up easily." This is really the key, @John White, MBA.

    I am honored to be mentioned. I love to help people see that commenting 'professionally' is an astute way to build relationships, an online network, and a personal brand. But it does take more work than scrolling quickly while clicking like, heart, or relevant.... It is important to try to add to the conversation and if you add value, people WILL notice.
  19. ProducerRenรฉe  ๐Ÿ Cormier
    Mastering the Art of Business Transition
    Mastering the Art of Business TransitionThis is an excerpt from my free downloadable E-booklet, Mastering the Art of Business Transition. Please feel free to share. I believe in eliminating barriers to knowledge, so there is no requirement to provide an email address or identify yourself...


    Renรฉe  ๐Ÿ Cormier
    17/01/2017 #7 Renรฉe ๐Ÿ Cormier
    Thank you for sharing, @Milos Djukic!
    Renรฉe  ๐Ÿ Cormier
    17/01/2017 #6 Renรฉe ๐Ÿ Cormier
    #5 Thanks, @Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman. Thanks for sharing, as well.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    17/01/2017 #5 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    Good advice, @Renรฉe ๐Ÿ Cormier. I worked for a company that changed their strategy so frequently, it would make your head spin. Their seesaw resulted in wasted travel, wasted hiring/firing practices (they would add 12 employees and have to lay them off within the next 6 months). Poorly thought out strategies can be very costly and wasteful.
    Jim Cody ๐Ÿ
    17/01/2017 #4 Jim Cody ๐Ÿ
    It's very unfortunate that companies are happy with status quo, I.e. If it ain't broke don't fix it, just pass it on to the consumer.
    I worked in manufacturing for 40+ years most of those were in management and waste and inadequatices at every level. Most are easy to recognize but management is blinded by the ๐Ÿ’ต dollar signs. Thank you for this informative buzz.
    Renรฉe  ๐Ÿ Cormier
    16/01/2017 #3 Renรฉe ๐Ÿ Cormier
    #2 That's what I'm here for! LOL
    David B. Grinberg
    16/01/2017 #2 David B. Grinberg
    #1 Kudos, Renee, on this exciting e-booklet. And free, too! Many thanks for sharing your business expertise for which bees can benefit.
  20. ProducerLarry Boyer

    Larry Boyer

    Martin Luther King, Jr. Schooled Us On How To Transform Ourselves With A Vision Statement
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Schooled Us On How To Transform Ourselves With A Vision Statementโ€œI have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. . . .ย I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a...


    Maria Oslara
    17/01/2017 #2 Maria Oslara
    Very good,, thanks
    Alissa Translations
    17/01/2017 #1 Alissa Translations
    Martin Luther King's speech was the shot that was heard around the world! (To borrow the phrase from the "shot" that initiated the American Revolution)
  21. Flavio ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต Souza ๐Ÿ
    Flavio ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต Souza ๐Ÿ
    How crazy is that? For $8,000, a startup will fill your veins with the blood of young people.
    grendz.com By the way, with no proven benefits. To Jesse Karmazin, blood is a drug. His startup, a Monterey, California-based company called Ambrosia, is currently enrolling people in the first US clinical trial designed to find out what happens when the veins...


    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #1 Gerald Hecht
    Well, kids do say the darnedest things
  22. ProducerJulie Sullivan

    Julie Sullivan

    Broken: When the struggle feels a little too real.
    Broken: When the struggle feels a little too real.I work very hard at being positive. I surround myself with positive quotes, I have a spiritual life, I have a vested interest in myself and in making the world a better place. I try to do all the right things, read the right things, do the right...


    Todd Jones
    17/01/2017 #13 Todd Jones
    Julie, I cope with the occasional bout of the blues by trying to recognize and remember that nine times out of ten, it's not so much what is going on out in the world, but what's going on in my brain. My perceptions. I tell myself repeatedly, "This too shall pass."

    Thankfully, I have discovered that my brain is somewhat like an etch-a-sketch, and that a good nights sleep works wonders. Very often, it seems that the act of sitting up in the morning shakes the screen of my mind if not clean, at least considerably less vivid. I suppose this is one of the rewards of having been blessed with a limited intellect :)

    Most of all, I try really hard not to take myself nor my perceived problems too seriously.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #12 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Wow @Julie Sullivan, I feel like I was meant to read this tonight. I had a similar experience last night on Facebook. I went through my timeline and saw just a few things, then I broke down crying hysterically too. I called my daughter and told her I was going to deactivate my FB page because I could not take the toxicity on there anymore and wanted to warn her so she wouldn't wonder why she couldn't find me on there. I rarely allow myself to break down and cry in front of my kids but I did last night. She agreed it was the best thing to do and said she may do the same soon. After I deactivated my page I felt a sense of relief. I don't miss it. My daughter was so cute, she even sent me a positive quote and posted it on pinterest for me. After the rain, we can see rainbows and the sunshine. Thanks for sharing this!
    Julie Sullivan
    17/01/2017 #11 Julie Sullivan
    So I guess maybe a bit of backstory: I spent most of my younger years pretty much the opposite of positive. I've dealt with depression, anxiety and anger for a lot of my life: conscious re-framing is what I've trained myself to do. It's pretty
    much changed my world for the better. So much of your story and of the world is
    How you choose to tell it, and the way you choose to interpret that of others. But it's also totally a process. I really appreciate all the feedback!
    Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    17/01/2017 #10 Max๐Ÿ J. Carter
    Thank you @David B. Grinberg I do have a few thoughts on it.

    They have done studies that show that people who have a form of spirituality in their life deal with better than those who do not.

    They tend to outperform at work around those who do not have a form of spirituality in their life.

    In my study and experience as a Shaman we are not physical beings in need of a spiritual life, we are spiritual beings in learning how to be human. Science has been catching up and some even say that when you start in physics you become an atheist and after while you realize God does exist.

    Nikola Tesla said some of his ideas came from entities he was in contact with.

    Einstein even noted the importance of spirituality.

    Personally I find the song THE LIGHT by Disturbed does it for me these days..

    I am the Rock 'N' Roll Shaman and music is my main form of spiritual comfort as I connect soul to soul with the artists realizing that if every word is heard as an open prayer than every word we sing is as worship.

    That said I also respect any form of spiritually some one chooses for themselves as long as they are not asked to harm animals or humans in their spiritual practices.

    To sum up if you don't have a form of spirituality in life you do not deal with life as well as those who do and that is the result of several studies not my opinion.
    Robin Barton
    17/01/2017 #9 Robin Barton
    Thank you for the openness. I've been there many times so I totally understand, especially when we still have to be an adult! I find that being in nature helps me breathe, helps me think, and helps me heal. I also love to collect quotes and write them down in a small notebook. I use different colored pens and markers to make it creative. I doodle. I'll use stickers. Whatever catches my imagination. Creativity is calming, even snippets of it. When I need a pick me up, I pull the latest version of my notebook and read quotes. Just a few things I do. :)
    Aleta Curry
    17/01/2017 #8 Aleta Curry
    #4 I think I know what you're saying here Phil, and I would say something somewhat similar. I don't think it's so much an excess of positivism as it is looking at the world in completely the wrong way. Somehow our belief systems: our national myths, our religions, the ethics we were taught etc. all conspire to have us believe that if we do right, Life will be fine. Rather, I think we should say that Life does what it does, you have to be ready to deal with it.
    Brian McKenzie
    17/01/2017 #7 Brian McKenzie
    Gym, gun range, motorcycle. The "WORLD" is indifferent at best, murderous for routine. Children are avoidable. All jobs are temporary. How do I cope? Nothing I do matters, so I spend all my time doing whatever the f*ck I want.
    Aleta Curry
    17/01/2017 #6 Aleta Curry
    Among many fun things at beBee is the fact that we're always 'meeting' new people and, via them, discovering new ways to stretch our brains: reinforce what we knew to be right, learn something we didn't know, and occasionally change our minds about something.

    Julie, your post reminds me of how lucky I am. I can say this without feeling that I'm bragging because I had nothing to do with it; it's the result of the genetic lottery, and the luck of having my upbringing, by which I mean that a) I'm inherently an optimist, and b) as much as I might sometimes have castigated my parents for their mistakes in childrearing, I should bless them for having given me the basic tools to deal with what Life throws at me, and the ability to acquire tools I need and don't yet have.

    Interestingly, being a pollyanna doesn't mean that I never get down; when I crash I can crash hard. I don't tend to stay down for very long, however. I'm not a mental health professional so I can't definitively tell you why I'm the way I am (beyond what I've already suggested) but here are some of the things I do when overwhelmed:
    a) a small task - not the time to paint the house, but something little like sweeping the floor or washing the dishes b) go outside (or gaze out the window if the weather is inclement) it's amazing how good this is for me c) sing aloud - change songs if I find myself singing something depressing d) stop what I'm doing and distract myself completely if it's really bad, like put on a comedy DVD or something.
    Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    17/01/2017 #5 Franci๐ŸEugenia Hoffman
    Welcome to beBee, @Julie Sullivan. Cracks, breaks, and brokenness are what makes us real and helps us grow. "We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." - Maya Angelou
    Phil Friedman
    17/01/2017 #4 Phil Friedman
    Julie, I am personally wont to point out that cynicism is often the last refuge of an idealist. Sometimes an excess of positivism reduces one's ability to bend with the bad and the ugly in the world, and instead increases the chances that one will break. In other words, do not expect that love and a positive attitude will conquer all, and you might not be shattered when they do not. Nice post. A lot of common sense here. And I think a genuinely uplifting message. Cheers!
    David B. Grinberg
    17/01/2017 #3 David B. Grinberg
    Thanks for your profound and poignant post, Julie. I think many people turn to faith, religion and/or spirituality during very troubling times. Personally, I've always found the Psalms to be deeply comforting. Please note I'm a secular, albeit spiritual, person.
    cc: @Max๐Ÿ J. Carter any thoughts, Max?
    Julie Sullivan
    17/01/2017 #2 Julie Sullivan
    Thank you so much Kevin!
    Kevin Pashuk
    17/01/2017 #1 Kevin Pashuk
    Acknowledging the brokenness is always the first step toward healing. I enjoyed theis honest, transparent post.
  23. ProducerGerald Hecht

    Gerald Hecht

    I Just Bee Spreadinโ€™ a Little Sunshine.
    I Just Bee Spreadinโ€™ a Little Sunshine.You know your old friend gerry is pretty easygoing --indeed, those of you who know me have probably built complex neural circuitry around the gerry brand; a brand characterized by โ€œgood ole gerryโ€™s ability to take a joke". After all, life is all to...


    Gerald Hecht
    18/01/2017 #27 Gerald Hecht
    #26 @Randy Keho yeah,just like Morrison...and they both did that little parlor trick of holding their hand over a candle; and one of them took my "Spring's a Comin' " display...I bet it was Morrison; he never did like that whole "Dionysus thing".
    Randy Keho
    18/01/2017 #26 Randy Keho
    #25 It's an undenialbe act of domestic terrorism, which leads me to believe that there's still a team of Richard Nixon's sloppily trained burglars running amuck.
    You know G. Gordon Liddy staged his own death, right?
    Gerald Hecht
    18/01/2017 #25 Gerald Hecht
    #23 @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr I'm gonna mosey on over there; oh...and regarding the "mind meld thingie"...it's actually rather pedestrian...some may even say "off the grid provincial --boring!"
    Gerald Hecht
    18/01/2017 #24 Gerald Hecht
    #21 @Gert Scholtz Intrestengly, this is the company vehicle that I received when I left my position at the consulate and joined the special psychology operations unit at the bureau.

    From the outside it appears to a harmless relic from the Haight...of course once (if) one successfully opens the armored hood and /or composite "windows"...
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #23 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    #20 @Gerald Hecht Uh huh. Thanks Clete. (This will make sense when you read my response on @Kevin Pashuk's Hip to be Square post. Or it won't. I think I really am getting into a mind meld with my crazy Cajun pharmacologist.)
    Chad Carroll
    17/01/2017 #22 Chad Carroll
    One word....Booby Traps. Wait. That's two words.
    Gert Scholtz
    17/01/2017 #21 Gert Scholtz
    @Gerald Hecht Ignoring the theft for a minute - if ever there was a "Hecht-mobile" the van in the picture is one.
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #20 Gerald Hecht
    #19 @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr It is, but, I miscalculated the postage (it's a big cheque obviously)...so I'm assuming it will be returned...but I'll have it back in the mail ASAP.
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #19 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    #18 @Gerald Hecht No problem. My invoice is in the mail as I am sure will be your cheque.
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #18 Gerald Hecht
    #17 @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr The display has been restored; I was almost going to offer a (yawn)...excuse me....a superficial "WHOA!"...your method was scientifically sound, and your geolocation coordinate calculations were dead balls on accurate.
    Neither of us would expect anything less (yawn), man...I'm sorry..I think I need more coffee. Nice work.
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #17 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    @Gerald Hecht I was gonna say that I can empathize but thought better of heading down that rabbit hole again. Lord knows what I might discover. Now, if I use my certified and universally recognized skills as a telekinetic counsellor, I will now search the galaxy for the miscreants and by my qualified abilities to move objects from a remote location restore your decorations. OK. I did it. Go check the porch. There back. Right? RIGHT? NO. Clearly there is something wrong with your vision 'cause this always works. I can prove it. Sorta, kinda, maybe.
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #16 Gerald Hecht
    #15 @Don ๐Ÿ Kerr I know ; it's terrifying; these misanthropic maniacs are packing serious tweet.
    Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    17/01/2017 #15 Don ๐Ÿ Kerr
    Dear Brother @Gerald Hecht Dude! This is a travesty. I suspect a vast right-wing conspiracy to rid the planet of reminders of a more innocent time when chipmunks roamed freely and squirrels could hide their nuts without fear of violation. I feel your pain.
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #14 Gerald Hecht
    I thought I'd dust this antiquity off and put it back on display; must have been years ago
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #13 Gerald Hecht
    #11 @Brian McKenzie I thought of that possibility...in fact, just now I spotted one on my (now barren) balcony, got out my compound bow, and the arrows just bounced off of his "pelt"...then I saw the transponder in his "tail" start flashing! Before I could put the bow down and grab him, he took flight...vertical vector (like a Harrier jet or a chopper), climbed to an altitude of about 2500 ft., and accelerated to an impossible speed in a banking climb...
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #12 Gerald Hecht
    #10 @Paul Walters naturally...
    Brian McKenzie
    17/01/2017 #11 Brian McKenzie
    Infidel Squirrels
    Paul Walters
    17/01/2017 #10 Paul Walters
    #9 @Gerald Hecht I take it then you do the loaves and fishes thing as well?
    Gerald Hecht
    17/01/2017 #9 Gerald Hecht
    #8 @Paul Walters I try to provide a wholesome breakfast to as many people as I can...selflessly abandoning the egocentric madness of "my timezone"!
    Paul Walters
    17/01/2017 #8 Paul Walters
    @Gerald Hecht as always a great way to start my day...thank you !
  24. ProducerBill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    BILL STANKIEWICZ, SAVANNAH BUSINESS MEETINGs 1-16-2017 & FOOD SAFETY TIPSBILL STANKIEWICZ's TOP PICKs for week of Jan 16-22 2017Where YOU need to be !_ Mon Jan 16 ย 10AM ย  ย  ย The Martin Luther King Annual Parade_ Wed Jan 18 ย 7AM ย  ย  ย  ย The CFO Chief Financial Officers Council of Sav Breakfast_ Wedย Jan 18 ย 1130AM ย Sav Area...


    Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    16/01/2017 #1 Bill Stankiewicz, ๐Ÿ Brand Ambassador
    Good Morning To all Bee's !!! regards, Bill Stankiewicz
  25. Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    How to Build a Personal Brand from Nothing
    #AskGaryVee Episode 34: How to Build a Personal Brand from Nothing
    #AskGaryVee Episode 34: How to Build a Personal Brand from Nothing #QOTD: Are you a Vayniac or part of the VaynerNation? What's the difference? #TIMESTAMPS 00:35 - Can I add curated content to my own content? if yes, whatโ€™s...


    Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    16/01/2017 #3 Matt ๐Ÿ Sweetwood
    #2 Yes, keep quite and listen and learn.and work!
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    16/01/2017 #2 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    min 11:23
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