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A group for freelance designers of logo design, web design, graphic design and more.
  1. FahmeenaOdetta Moore
    Designing a #tshirt that costs $10...

    #fahmeenaodetta #design #DownMemoryLane

    FahmeenaOdetta Moore
    STATUS: About to continue working on the first assignment for my new course.....
    plus.google.com STATUS: About to continue working on the first assignment for my new course... Blog: http://qualresearchdesignmoorefo1.blogspot.com/2017/01/starting-new... - FahmeenaOdetta Moore -...
  2. John Ward

    John Ward

    Does anyone here use a Mac Computer? I found a superb utility with 5 star ratings from all major computer mags. Check it out and "freshen Up" your Mac :-)
    Detox My Mac™ | Clean Up and Speed Up Your Mac!
  3. Elly Brian Karos
    Let's do this. Elly Brian Karos
  4. Sebastian Breidecker
    Sebastian Breidecker
    All Eye Want Graphic Design
  5. ProducerLyon Brave

    Lyon Brave

    VOLUME 1: COOL ARTWORK BY LYON BRAVE I like to just throw paint like Jackson Pollock.Oil on canvasI've always liked the thinker pose.I actually collaged two drawings together. This is mostly colored pencil. This is Christina Aguliera. I was very proud of this one. You wouldn't believe...


    Roy Daggs
    07/01/2017 #1 Roy Daggs
    Fucking genius. Paint my basement l. I will give you 500. Where you @lyonbrave
  6. ProducerJavier 🐝 beBee
    Building a Successful Personal Brand
    Building a Successful Personal BrandSell Yourself: Tips to Creating a Powerful Personal Brand Personal brands are important to everyone. Personal brands are not only for the entrepreneur that owns their own business. It is the secret sauce that can make you stand out of a stack...


    🐝 Fatima Williams
    02/02/2017 #63 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Excellent tips to create a Powerful Personal Brand. Thank you @Javier 🐝 beBee :)
    Jeet Sarkar
    30/01/2017 #62 Jeet Sarkar
    great share sir @Javier 🐝 beBee! thank you.
    Tony Anstatt
    28/01/2017 #61 Tony Anstatt
    A detailed breakdown of many of the key parts of both building your identity & taking that to the market. Most of us have worked on both separately, beBee guides us through the next stages!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    10/01/2017 #60 Javier 🐝 beBee
    beBee includes all the necessary features to create, showcase and share people's personal brands including a professional profile, professional networking, a publishing platform, affinity groups (both personal and professional), live video capability, interactive job postings, advanced communication tools, and a multi-network content-sharing tool
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    09/01/2017 #59 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Personal branding is becoming a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business; get that dream job; or take their career to the next level
    Robin Barton
    31/12/2016 #57 Robin Barton
    Good read and ideas! Thanks!
    @Javier 🐝 beBee Are many valuable tips. I'll see how to get the most out of them. Thanks Javier.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    30/12/2016 #55 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Some extremely helpful information Javier
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    30/12/2016 #54 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #47 Aleta, my daughter worked her way through college at Starbucks so I was there often and I didn't know about the mermaid for 3 yrs. I just may win the obtuse prize. 😁
    Sara Jacobovici
    27/12/2016 #53 Sara Jacobovici
    I just came across your buzz now @Javier 🐝 beBee and I'm glad I did. First because it is a great resource, thank you! Second because I am reading it at exactly the right time! Looking forward to sharing the results of your advice in the New Year. Happy New Year to you Javier and to all the beBee teams!! Wishing you all continued success!!
    Andrew Gaffney
    23/12/2016 #50 Andrew Gaffney
    Good Advice
    Wayne Yoshida
    22/12/2016 #49 Wayne Yoshida
    Excellent lesson, @Javier 🐝 beBee. I like Tip 8 about sharing knowledge since it not only demonstrates expertise, it makes you think about things in different ways, as students learn and then question what you are teaching. Makes the teacher think. And, the best thing that can happen: When the student learns and questions enough to become a teacher.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    22/12/2016 #48 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #45 It's funny you bring up Starbucks, a few years ago a study showed that when a starbucks popped up all the mom and pop coffee places saw an increase in business as a result.

    They are more expensive where the smaller place are cheaper.

    Twist that around for Walmart and every where Walmart goes in the mom and pop places take a big hit because Walmart is cheaper.

    One of the reasons that beBee will flourish is because it is free to the user. It offers a place to fill the need for acceptance where you don't have to join a special club or be excluded from any part of what beBee offers due to cash.

    It's the including aspect of beBee that will have this site see continued growth for long time.
    Aleta Curry
    22/12/2016 #47 Aleta Curry
    #46 No arguments on that one. Do you know, @Javier 🐝 beBee, that despite people going on and on about of what paramount importance logos are, I never knew they had a mermaid until I read it in an article not too long ago? I must be the least visual, most advertising-resistant person on the planet. I'm a Madson Avenue nightmare!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    22/12/2016 #46 Javier 🐝 beBee
    #45 @Aleta Curry I agree , I don't like Starbucks coffee, but their success is unquestionable
    Aleta Curry
    22/12/2016 #45 Aleta Curry
    #25 Interesting juxtaposition, Max🐝 J. Carter, mega social media sites and shopping malls.
    I don't think the personal website (and I include small to medium business sites) will be totally killed off, however. Recall that there was a backlash against chain stores running little shops out of business, with people making a conscious effort to eschew the chains and patronise the Mom-and-Pop shop. I visit the mall when I must, not merely when I can.

    Despite the proliferation of fast food chains, independent restaurants are still flourishing.

    And chains haven't killed off cafes by a long shot. Starbucks coffee is comparatively expensive, delivered in paper cups, and it sucks. And we love cafe culture: we appreciate the quiet, the personal service and homemade goodies. And also Starbucks coffee sucks. And mediocre sandwiches cost a couple of hundred dollars. And besides that, their coffee sucks.

    I do think that we're going to see a shift in how personal sites are used; it's already happening. As Deb 🐝 Helfrich says, her site is minimalist and contains specific information. My experience is similar: if someone wants to know the when where and why of my next event, they're not going to track me down on beBee, no, they're going to type [name of fair] into the Google box and be taken to the dedicated website. Ditto when they want specific antiques information.
    An older person is going to turn to the classifieds in the newspaper or an antiques magazine. (Or, believe it or not, look me up in the Yellow Pages. It still happens.)

    Yet, mega sites-cum-publishing platforms will increasingly be the place I choose to publish all types of essay, because for the foreseeable future, that's where I get the highest dissemination of works proving my expertise and genius. ( Go beBee: rah, rah, RAH!)

    Okay, you're right, I don't know what my point is either. I'm just making observations.

    And have I mentioned that Starbucks coffee sucks?
    Aleta Curry
    22/12/2016 #43 Aleta Curry
    #27 I don't think we'd have it any other way, Max. I mean really, who just wants a bunch of mindless yes men?
  7. ProducerKaren Possessky

    Karen Possessky

    Let there bee honey
    Let there bee honeyToday is my first day on BeBee. I look forward to getting acclimated and networking. My pets have their own hive...
  8. Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    Cosas humanizadas... Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
  9. ProducerbeBee in English
    Free Online Photo Editors That Might Come in Handy
    Free Online Photo Editors That Might Come in HandyWhen you quickly have to edit a picture but don’t have a Photoshop license, online editors might come in handy. These are easy-to-use tools and most features won’t cost you a dime. We’re giving you the pros and cons of three editors so you can...
  10. Markzware Software
    #InDesign users, this FREE utility from Markzware, #IDUtil just got a 4 out of 4 rating and you can get it too:
    InDesign Magazine 4 out of 4 ID Util Review
    InDesign Magazine 4 out of 4 ID Util Review InDesign Magazine 4 out of 4 ID Util Review! Markzware ID Util, a free InDesign utility to preview, export and package INDD layouts. ID Util download -...
  11. Markzware Software
    We are almost to 1,00 subs! #Subscribe today to our #YouTube channel: -------- #graphicdesign #prepress #print #DTP #publishing
    Markzware Software
    www.youtube.com MarkzwareTV is brought to you by Markzware, the leading software developer of desktop search, data conversion, preflight and file recovery applications and...
  12. ProducerAlicia Medina

    Alicia Medina

    La Gente Anda Diciendo: Branding
    La Gente Anda Diciendo: BrandingMucho se ha dicho de la famosa palabra "branding", pero al parecer esta curiosa idea todavía no logra aterrizar su importancia nuestro ámbitos locales comerciales e industriales. ¿Qué es eso? ¿Se puede comer? ¿Cómo me ayuda hacer más dinero? ¿Vale...
  13. Manuel Fernandez
    Working 80 Hours a Week is Not Actually What Leads to Success.
    Manuel Fernandez
    Working 80 Hours a Week is Not Actually What Leads to Success
    www.entrepreneur.com If you're always working 10-hour days, somebody needs to explain 'diminishing returns' to...


    James O'Connell
    10/10/2016 #1 James O'Connell
    Thanks for this, I do struggle finding the balance but kinda the opposite way, I beat myself up after a week where errands, kids school stuff & unexpected demands take more that expected time, like last week and then I hit into the next week under self inflicted pressure BUT not this week (' ' ,)
  14. ProducerTodd Lombardo

    Todd Lombardo

    THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This Week
    THINK: The Four Ideas That Matter in Digital Media This WeekYour 60-second read for 10/4: TV ads are...decreasing?; Why Facebook is winning; I heart AI and Westworld; plus more. This is what matters this week in digital media.1/Some broadcasters are airing fewer (!) commercials.You aren’t dreaming. Maybe...


    Todd Lombardo
    05/10/2016 #6 Todd Lombardo
    #5 @James O'Connell you have a great perspective! Thanks for reading. Yes I agree, it's weird and crazy to see tech fantasy become reality. Drones, Siri...where are we headed next? A question for the ages.
    James O'Connell
    05/10/2016 #5 James O'Connell
    Nice one @Todd Lombardo, it's a very interesting sphere for sure. You gotta give it to Facebook, while not firsts at many things they are very quick to adapt. I keep falling out with them and then they improve on the reason why i fell out in first place. Its kinds scary but nice to feel that they actually respond to data & feedback.
    I've heard stuff about Google taking over Twitter which would be an interesting add to Google. AI is another interesting field, I also read somewhere how there are plans a foot to bring together a council of sorts for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to manage the realm and prevent Terminator(the movie) like world. To be honest these points are just stuff I've scanned as yet and haven't fully read into.
    I love tech media world, its kinds weird seeing stuff we explored in uni back in 1998 actually being in place and looking very likely to go where everyone in the know back then said it would! Thats like 18 years..crazy..and all of a sudden the Terminator movies seem less sci fi! Nice article man (' ' ,)
    Todd Lombardo
    05/10/2016 #4 Todd Lombardo
    #1 @David B. Grinberg I'm so glad we're connecting over this. Westworld pilot was amazing! There are 20 story threads, I can't wait to see where they go. Thank you for being such an avid supporter of my posts!
    Todd Lombardo
    05/10/2016 #3 Todd Lombardo
    #2 Paul Waters I too am an ex ad guy, I know what you mean and the answer is no, never :) . Thank you so much for reading and beyond thrilled you like my posts. I'm committed to publishing every Tuesday, god willing I have ideas...and wifi!
    Paul Walters
    05/10/2016 #2 Paul Walters
    @Todd Lombardo As an " ex ad guy" ( is there ever such a thing?) I really liked this piece which led me to trawl back through some of your earlier postings. Thanks, I will from here on have something to start my day each day down here in the tropics!!
    David B. Grinberg
    04/10/2016 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Thanks for another informative and timely buzz @Todd Lombardo. As a huge fan of the breakthrough TV series "Lost" I was thrilled to learn that "Lost" creator JJ Abrams was a producer for "Westworld." I watched the pilot twice and would really recommend this new HBO show (Sunday nights) to anyone interested in AI, robotics, transhumanism, as well as all amateur futurists. This show is based on the book and adapted movie of the same name by phenomenal author Michael Creighton -- he actually attended my high school in NY, albeit before me. This is one of the those TV shows that really makes you pay close attention, think about what's happening, ponder the future as potential lessons learned. Plus, what a great cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Eav Rachel Wood and more. Could you tell I'm excited about this show?
    cc: @Flávio Rodrigues Vieira @Aurorasa Sima @Milos Djukic @Irene Hackett @Yogesh Sukal @Nick Mlatchkov
  15. James O'Connell

    James O'Connell

    While there is a sense of 'Freedom' in freelancing it's not always as straight forward as one might think. Personal development and learning is ongoing and consumes many billable hours.
    When freelancing, you're not just working doing design or whatever it is, you're also doing sales, marketing, accounts, admin, research & making '#love' with Google among other stuff (' ' .)
    James O'Connell
    The 5 Required Courses You'd Take if You Majored in Freelancing
    contently.net Colleges may not offer freelancing majors, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough to fill up four years and $200,000 of...
  16. ProducerJesper Christiansen
    Stop ceaselessly talking about making mistakes...
    Stop ceaselessly talking about making mistakes...…and start learning the better (and faster) way nowInstead of focusing on mistakes, you have to pay attention to where you want to go, and what is helping you in that direction.I am currently, with great enthusiasm, reading my colleague Paul Z....


    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    15/09/2016 #3 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    A mistake is only a mistake if you learn nothing from it and repeat it. Experience is what we call a long series of unrepeated mistakes. Call it kaizen if you like.
    Steven Brooks
    15/09/2016 #2 Steven Brooks
    Welcome to beBee @Jesper Christiansen! Great post on how focusing on successes brings success.
    Steven Brooks
    15/09/2016 #1 Steven Brooks
    A friend and mentor of mine who is successful in real estate echos the same thing here - focus on what brings success and you will be successful. And there are plenty of examples of success - in others that are doing the same kinds of things you want to do - that you can learn from.
  17. beBee in English
    Do you have any skills that could help you get hired? 💼 Don’t just stick to the traditional resume, let users know what services you can offer as a freelancer and get new job opportunities on beBee! 😉
    beBee in English
    How to Offer Services as a Freelancer on beBee | hiveBlog by beBee
    blog.bebee.com Did you know that you can post your services as a freelancer on beBee? Find out all you all about it in this new edition of beBee...


    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    02/09/2016 #3 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #2 Info Courtesy of the beBee team...editorial to remind us that it is easy to keep work flowing within the hives just my value add-on. There is just so much talent buzzing around beBee why not start here?
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    02/09/2016 #2 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    This is good information @Deb 🐝 Helfrich. Thank you for sharing.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    02/09/2016 #1 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    Do you search for freelance help from worker bees around the hives? Perhaps beBee should be your first stop to find a person who offers the services you might need!
  18. Producerabhishek pareek

    abhishek pareek

    Creative Resume design by me
    Creative Resume design by me#magazinereusme #time...
  19. Sammy Chan

    Sammy Chan

    Simple Start Up Logo I did for an Electrical Company. Keeping it simple Sammy Chan
  20. ProducerEkaterina Novoseltseva
    Vibrant & bold colors trend in 2016
    Vibrant & bold colors trend in 2016With a hard use of smaller devices, such as tablets and smartphones, it’s become essential to make sure your design can be seen. And one of the ways is going bold.Designers change colors quite often based on trends and time periods, this is...
  21. ProducerEkaterina Novoseltseva
    User flow. Design is not just how it looks, but how it works.
    User flow. Design is not just how it looks, but how it works.Every UX designer knows that user flow is one of the key parts of a design process. Also, it is a major factor affecting your conversions.What is user flow exactly? It is a path a user follows through your website or mobile app to complete a task,...


    Ekaterina Novoseltseva
    21/07/2016 #4 Ekaterina Novoseltseva
    #1 Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback!
    Ekaterina Novoseltseva
    21/07/2016 #3 Ekaterina Novoseltseva
    #2 Thank you for your words!
    Sara Jacobovici
    20/07/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Thank you @Ekaterina Novoseltseva for this very informative post. It is a very good and practical resource.
    Elizabeth Harris
    20/07/2016 #1 Elizabeth Harris
    Design is something that people still think that has to do only with aesthetics, I am sure that with articles like this one that is going to chance some time soon. Thank you @Ekaterina Novoseltseva
  22. ProducerWill Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)
    Organize Your Undies & Sundries While Traveling with the TUO from Origami Unicorn
    Organize Your Undies & Sundries While Traveling with the TUO from Origami UnicornHey everyone, if you're looking for a better way to pack small articles of clothing like undergarments when traveling, then you may like the TUO.  You can read more about it...


    Will Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)
    20/07/2016 #5 Will Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)
    #4 You're welcome Britney! :)
    Britney Thompson
    19/07/2016 #4 Britney Thompson
    I love how they thought on both men and women but kept the same design, I'll def check out Origami Unicorn's page to buy mine. Thank you guys @Will Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)!
    Will Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)
    19/07/2016 #3 Will Fly for Food (JB & Renée Macatulad)
    Very handy indeed! Thanks Cat and Cepee! :)
    Cepee Tabibian
    18/07/2016 #2 Cepee Tabibian
    This is what I need!
    NO one
    18/07/2016 #1 NO one
    This is amazing! I love it and I want one!! so handy
  23. ProducerLucy Norton

    Lucy Norton

    Interior Decorating Tips to Try
    Interior Decorating Tips to TryIf you’re like most homeowners, you don’t feel qualified to do any serious interior decorating. You’ve contented yourself to just having an average-looking interior since you don’t want to spend the money for a professional interior designer. But...


    Carolina Codromaz
    12/09/2016 #8 Anonymous
    #7 Thank @CityVP 🐝 Manjit, excellent view.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    05/09/2016 #7 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    A belated welcome to you Lucy ! I have a great affinity for designers and architects. That is why I recognize people like @Carolina Codromaz from Argentina and whether one is involved in artistic interior design or urban design or architecture, it is a form of design thinking that is important to the 21st Century, especially if this thinking is enhancing the living space of our century, especially in the way people like Jan Gehl http://joss.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/journal/index.php/joss/article/viewFile/104/pdf or the inventivenss and style of Bjarke Ingels https://www.ted.com/talks/bjarke_ingels_hedonistic_sustainability is what moves me. The one thing Lucy I would like seeing you do is to create a separate hive for Interior Designers. You already participate in hives about design, which showcases what you do, but design thinking today is an important mindset as articulated by the Stanford Design School http://dschool.stanford.edu/our-point-of-view/ I find that once one embraces design thinking (which is what actually links all design professions together, even if the work conducted is fundamentally different), then we elevate our thinking together, even for non-designers like me. Again welcome Lucy to beBee.
    Lucy Norton
    25/07/2016 #6 Lucy Norton
    #5 You're welcome @Javier Camara-Rica. Thank you for the warm welcome here in beBee :)
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    21/07/2016 #5 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Thank you for sharing it ! welcome to beBee !
    Lucy Norton
    21/07/2016 #4 Lucy Norton
    Thank you @NO one! :) I will keep posting buzz like this. So glad you liked it.
    Lucy Norton
    21/07/2016 #3 Lucy Norton
    Thank you @@Luizia Patrício
    Luizia Patrício
    14/07/2016 #2 Luizia Patrício
    Very good!
    NO one
    14/07/2016 #1 NO one
    These are so great tips! The first thing that I focus on when I look for a new home (I move a lot) is good natural light, but the key is also the location of the space the light comes from. Thank you for sharing this buzz with us @Lucy Norton
  24. ProducerPaula Gardner

    Paula Gardner

    What It’s Really Like to Freelance
    What It’s Really Like to FreelanceI always have a small percentage of my career coaching clients who have the dream of going freelance. Whether it’s about getting away from the 9-5, or just the lure of a more independent lifestyle, the freelance dream is calling to them.  As I have...


    Paul Walters
    24/06/2016 #7 Paul Walters
    Ah Paula, The freedom of freelancing !!! I embarked on this career five years ago after selling my ad agency with a staff of 50 plus. It was liberating and terrifying all at the same time but the benefits far outweigh the downside. I now live in Bali where time moves at a more agreeable pace and tap out pieces and books that I hope people read. However beware!!!! A terminal disease can creep up and getcha ! Sloth and procrastination, which at times embraces me in its clutches like a hungry python. ( actually it can be rather pleasant sometimes, having the life squeezed out of one when a deadline looms) Oh ,and one more thing, don't delegate to the cat, they will seldom listen and give not a toss about deadlines. Good Luck !
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    23/06/2016 #6 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    Freelancers and start-up entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. This year, I started offering an annual contract. I gave a break on fees in return for an annual commitment. I don't even charge extra for the occasional "emergency piece." Contract clients have priority on my time and pay less. Both they and I can budget more effectively. It's a win-win. "On-call clients" were disappointed when I had to refuse jobs both for the Facebook ChatBot and MS/LI announcements. I would rather refuse a job than miss a deadline.

    I haven't missed a deadline yet and have no intention of starting now.

    re: "Setting boundaries is a must. This means that family and friends need to “get” that you’re not 100% available," that applies to clients too. One drawback to the freelance lifestyle is that I'm always at work. Clients know they can usually reach me anytime between 07:00 and 23:00 GMT-5, weekends and holidays included. Surprisingly, no one abuses the privilege.
    Juan Imaz
    23/06/2016 #5 Juan Imaz
    by the way, welcome to beBee! @Paula Gardner
    Juan Imaz
    23/06/2016 #4 Juan Imaz
    Being a freelance in Spain, where you have lived, it is not very easy. We pay more taxes and have less advantages than many others. Now that we are in elections time everybody are making proposals but at the end of the day they do nothing...
    Catalina Serrano
    23/06/2016 #3 Catalina Serrano
    Good Producer @Paula Gardner! Freelancing has many good things but as you said, there are also downsides like the uncertainty about income and the need of adaption to the digital and continuous evolution as well as the organization of your time. Welcome to beBee and hope to read more of your content!
    Elizabeth Harris
    23/06/2016 #2 Elizabeth Harris
    Definitely to go for freelancing as a career doesn't mean that you are going to have lots of free time, but it does mean that you can manage it as you please since you are the only owner of it! Nice article to start with @Paula Gardner View more
    Definitely to go for freelancing as a career doesn't mean that you are going to have lots of free time, but it does mean that you can manage it as you please since you are the only owner of it! Nice article to start with @Paula Gardner welcome! Close
    Oliver Moloney
    23/06/2016 #1 Oliver Moloney
    Hello @Paula Gardner, congratulations on a great first production and welcome to beBee!
  25. ProducerCatalina Serrano
    Design Thinking :  Vision
    Design Thinking : VisionI continue to scratch my head a bit over what it is that "Design Thinking" means - although " solutions-oriented process " seems to be somewhere there in the mix.That can take various forms.  I'll be exploring them in a series of blogposts, each...


    John Vaughan
    23/06/2016 #3 John Vaughan
    #1 @David Brown : As noted in the article, I was not privy to the focus groups - or stakeholders. That disjunct has been a struggle in the UX arena for years. In the past I've often chuckled to note that - even though I'm the only member of the team with "user" in his title, I rarely have had direct access to actual users. "User centricity" is a mindset for the whole enterprise which is still evolving.
    Adam Moore
    23/06/2016 #2 Adam Moore
    Really interesting to read your notes on your past project work John @John Vaughan. What an interesting insight into technology design from before.
    David Brown
    23/06/2016 #1 David Brown
    @John Vaughan the value of the prototype I think deserves a little more lines, it is how a designer can grasp the impact of the final product os going to have. It is useful for much more than just to prove that the production was possible but also to research on run some tests with a focus group for example.
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