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  1. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Nuggets of Wisdom/ Part 2
    Nuggets of Wisdom/ Part 2Writing a buzz of value is a challenge. More challenging is writing a buzz that would invite for illuminating comments. I have been fortunate to have so many valuable comments on my buzzes that are worthy of lasting quality. I extract some...


    Ali Anani
    05/03/2017 #50 Ali Anani
    #49 Dear @Deb馃悵 Lange- the quotes are the juice of the brainy commentators and all I did was to collect the juice in one bottle. There is no need for preservants for the quotes such as yours shall not deteriorate with time.
    Deb馃悵 Lange
    05/03/2017 #49 Deb馃悵 Lange
    Dear @Ali Anani what a wonderful tribute to all the honey bees! 馃悵 I feel richer for sensing you on the other side of the world! Xx
    Ali Anani
    05/03/2017 #48 Ali Anani
    #47 I am honored by your contributions dear @Jeet Sarkar
    Jeet Sarkar
    05/03/2017 #47 Jeet Sarkar
    Thank you very much sir @Ali Anani ! I think I am privileged! Its an honor . Thank you.
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    05/03/2017 #46 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    And I blush easily LOL. Thanks @Ali Anani :))
    Ali Anani
    05/03/2017 #45 Ali Anani
    #44 -your words are like water for a very thirsty person my friend @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher. It is not surprising at all that I included you because you have an exceptional wisdom.
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    05/03/2017 #44 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Dear @Ali Anani, you weaved these comments together like a story within itself. I can't imagine the thought and time you put into this. I enjoyed reading each comment and thank you for including me, my friend!
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #43 Ali Anani
    Ken responded again as follows:
    Thank you for gracious comments. Please feel free to re-post this as you would like. My greatest hope is that we can break through in time to re-ignite hope in others; that we see a rise of individuals willing to risk all to inspire disenchanted generations. We need to place before them a powerful purpose dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people. Inspiration coupled with a powerful purpose can make a dramatic difference in the lives of others when we consider the needs of others greater than our own.
    I add a request here that Ken would join beBee. I request @Javier 馃悵 beBee to send him an invitation. We need more great thinkers on beBee and Ken two comments speak a lot about his high quality.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #42 Ali Anani
    I responded to Ken as follows:
    If I have a wish it is that you also post this comment on the original post so that more people would enjoy it. You proved your inspiration and being not selfish in writing this heart-capturing message. It is not only a comment. It is a message to awaken us. I love the fact that even though your aren't quoted in the post; yet you wrote the most amazing and message. This shows you aren't selfish and that your call for leaders not to be selfish because if they are they wouldn't inspire others. If you are unable to share this comment on the original post then if you wouldn't mind I would do it with credit to you. I can't thank you enough.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #41 Ali Anani
    Ken Turner(LION)
    A great list Ali! Thank you! One of the rare words in the vocabulary of today's world is inspiration. Very few people see it as a laudable goal to inspire others to reach greater heights. For someone to inspire others means to be willing to self sacrifice for something greater than themselves. For the sake of the generations that follow, it is my thought that we need to break a vicious cycle of cynicism that has infested societies like a predatory virus. The light of hope must not be allowed to go out. Great leadership involves stepping up to inspire others to be better than their perceived limitations for a greater self sacrificial but powerful purpose of improving the quality of life for all people because we are connected beyond the digital connections that are presently in the spotlight. This means the radical, counter-cultural attitude of considering others greater than ourselves. Inspire people to explore, grow and innovate with a higher motivation than self-entitlement. The generations deserve at least this. Your list was an inspiration to me.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #40 Ali Anani
    I want to share with readers here the exchange of comments between @Ken Turner (Lion) and myself on this shared buzz on linkedin. I feel the comments of Ken adds a great depth to the discussions here. It is with his approval that I am copying and pasting the comments here hoping that Ken would join beBee as a great thinker.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #39 Ali Anani
    #37 The honor is equally mine to include your great quote @Steve Brady
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #38 Ali Anani
    #36 Absolutely @Steve Brady as I experience the wealth of learning I got myself by exchanging ideas with people of your quality.
    Steve Brady
    04/03/2017 #37 Steve Brady
    #6 I feel honoured to be included. Thank you @Ali Anani!
    Steve Brady
    04/03/2017 #36 Steve Brady
    Dear @Ali Anani, thank you for this anthology of expressive comments. Reading your buzz reminds me of the immense value that lies in the pool of wisdom that exists in life-long learners.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #35 Ali Anani
    #34 I am moved by your appreciation dear @Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman. This motivates me to continue with this effort and hooping to add a great quote by you in the next buzz.
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    04/03/2017 #34 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    This is a stellar effort, on your part @Ali Anani, and a 5 Star buzz. Excellent selection of expressions.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #33 Ali Anani
    #30 I am very happy the buzz meets your satisfaction dear @siraj shaik. I am encouraged to continue with this effort.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #32 Ali Anani
    #29 As your words echo your sentiments and wonderful attitudes dear @Sara Jacobovici
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #31 Ali Anani
    #28 Thank you dear @馃悵 Fatima Williams- your words are drops of honey and I am energized by them. I can't thank you enough.
  2. Raquel 馃悵 Amor贸s
    Y t煤? 驴Pr谩cticas el Silencio?
    Raquel 馃悵 Amor贸s
    C贸mo funciona la mente en absoluto silencio
    hipertextual.com El silencio es oro. Entre otras cosas, podr铆a relajar m谩s que la "m煤sica relajante" e incluso hacer a las personas m谩s...


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    02/03/2017 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    This is why I consider privacy to be so sacred. Silence is a part of my privacy and this article is so good it would be great to have an English version of it.

    The key part that I have great affinity is this:

    "Es decir, tal vez nuestra reacci贸n se debe a que como nuestro cerebro est谩 siendo bombardeado constantemente por la banda sonora del mundo exterior"

    This indeed is the key to silence which is to recognize that "our brain is being bombarded constantly by the soundtrack of the outside world"

    It is also central to my own personal learning journey and it is silence which provides the room for learning more deeply.
  3. ProducerJim Murray

    Jim Murray

    The Vocal Instrument And How To Fine Tune Yours
    The Vocal Instrument And How To Fine Tune YoursThis is the second post that was inspired, in great part, by Bruce Springsteen鈥檚 brilliant biography, Born To Run, which I read over a protracted period of time in the downstairs bathroom, because that鈥檚 where the hardcovers get read.The other...


    Todd Jones
    03/03/2017 #16 Todd Jones
    Outstanding post, Jim. I, as I am sure many others as well, find tremendous value in your "lessons from the voice of experience" blogs. Thanks for sharing.
    Gerald Hecht
    03/03/2017 #15 Gerald Hecht
    #13 @Jim Murray Yes, he clearly has delved as deeply as he can --and articulated the experience with all the energy he can tap into
    Gerald Hecht
    03/03/2017 #14 Gerald Hecht
    #8 @Jim Murray That is an goal...I think much more work needs to be done because of the tendency of people to cdrtddod --jjgubli ; not to mention fhjfvvrra.
    Jim Murray
    03/03/2017 #13 Jim Murray
    #12 Thanks @Claire 馃悵 Cardwell. What I was really surprised was how frightfully honest he was about his own mental health. He's been battling depression all of his adult life. It's not your typical musician's bio. I'm reading Robbie Robertson's bio now and it's all about the band experience, or at least it is so far.
    Claire 馃悵 Cardwell
    03/03/2017 #12 Claire 馃悵 Cardwell
    Really enjoyed this article @Jim Murray! I've shared it. Bruce Springsteen's book is definitely one I will look out for. His humbleness despite his meteoric success is amazing. I also loved madness first method later!
    Gerald Hecht
    02/03/2017 #11 Gerald Hecht
    #9 @Shelley Brown this may be of some use...(most likely not) though:
    Gerald Hecht
    02/03/2017 #10 Gerald Hecht
    #4 @Jim Murray yeah; it's kind of like "a plan"...it has to have certain requisite "mechanics"; FIRST we do "A", then we do "B", and then we do "C".
    Optionally, one can add a: "Then we just sit back and watch the ____roll in --ohhh yeeeah.馃暥
    Shelley Brown
    02/03/2017 #9 Shelley Brown
    I don't think I get how beBee works. I thought I posted a comment earlier. Ok, wellhead it goes again. I love your list of what it all boils down to. I am honored to be featured in your story. It really must come naturally for me. I never thought of myself as a writer and didn't start writing until 4 years ago. I don't even have a method so it must just be madness. Thanks JJ
    Jim Murray
    02/03/2017 #8 Jim Murray
    #7 @Gerald Hecht. the thing I love about you is how you have raised the art of obtuse commentary to an art form.
    rtyui gvhss fioyhdw.
    Gerald Hecht
    01/03/2017 #7 Gerald Hecht
    @Jim Murray I erred --I remember now; I was complaining about not getting an "A+" in my high school tying class even though I was the fastest typist; I think that was really just tired of hearing me bitch about it and so he just looked me dead in the eye, and with no hesitation whatsoever said:

    "hgfddfh ffb hytt dfggg; gggrehdm --dsxvbhjf."

    I wonder if he still has that wonderful sense of humor; the kind that provides perspective!
    Gerald Hecht
    01/03/2017 #6 Gerald Hecht
    @Jim Murray I think I understand what you are saying here --much like my old "Steel Mill" friend once told me: " don't worry so much about how many words/minute..."
    Joyce Bowen
    01/03/2017 #5 Joyce Bowen
    "8. Read a lot. Because believe it or not that鈥檚 where most of your inspiration will come from" Not only inspiration, but skill. I studied best-selling authors diligently. Finally--a few things rubbed off. I hope it continues. Keep writing--don't give up, and as @Jim Murray says, "Don't quit!!!"
    Jim Murray
    01/03/2017 #4 Jim Murray
    #3 Thanks @Harvey Lloyd. The intention here is just to get people to think a little more and realize every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.
    Harvey Lloyd
    01/03/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    This was good, you are encouraging me to add the Springsteen book to the list. I wanted to focus on the word intent or intentions. In our youth we don't really concern ourselves with intentions at any depth, we just act and move forward. Maybe by design or genetics. We develop the skills and confidence when intentions are not a high priority. The older we get, intentions become more important and specifically to writing and reading.

    Writing, it's a great inhibitor for me to insure my writing says what i mean, my intentions. In reading i find it takes several passes with a writer before i can see their intentions.

    Both part 1 and Part 2 were good reads an i learned a few things. Keep up the good intentions.
    Martina Baxter
    01/03/2017 #2 Martina Baxter
    Pascal Derrien
    01/03/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    Madness first method later I like that :-)
  4. ProducerLaci McDowell

    Laci McDowell

    Why People Are Attracted To the Authentic "You"
    Why People Are Attracted To the Authentic "You"You, of all people, should intimately know the authentic 鈥測ou.鈥澛燗nd it would follow that the authentic 鈥測ou鈥 is the 鈥測ou鈥 who faces the firing squad of life.聽Unfortunately, consistent authenticity in our daily interactions and self-expressions is...


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    27/02/2017 #14 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #13 Dear Laci I am not too invested in my own analysis, but how I get to live it, because in this world, living it is the tough execution and broadcasting is the easy challenge.

    So now you may see why do I utilize "CityVP Manjit"? It is because I came to the realization that I will not live my life based on the perceptions of people and that decision has a great cost to it - because the very rejection I then face is not creating and idealized and branded perception, perfectly manicured for professional image. Manjit is my name, CityVP a reality of branding.

    This is for sure the road less traveled and the least advisable. Now here authenticity has a price attached to it because doors will automatically close to me but in the last few years I have remained steadfast to my way of being as they have closed, but in this is also the idea that LESS IS MORE. In that idea are new doors and they will emerge ahead a couple of years from now.

    The road less traveled here is worth the pain and worth the privacy for as long as I keep hold of it and perhaps that with increasing technological immersion and invasive nature of digital tools is a value increasingly in peril as sustainable. We seem to consider at great lengths the relationship between brand and authenticity and hardly ever touch upon the relationship between privacy and authenticity and the implications that is imposed upon our networked relationship in the latter.

    My thanks to you Laci, in kind.
    Laci McDowell
    27/02/2017 #13 Laci McDowell
    #12 @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit I agree that trying to "create" authenticity would be like adding a shiny outer layer to the still underlying problem. Thanks so much for your analysis, connection, and share!
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    26/02/2017 #12 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Today I experience the projection of authenticity to be as mind-numbing as the projection of personal brand, for both are still stage-craft, the world of the actor and not the human. In economic realities we get stripped down very quickly as to what human really is and what we are left with that is human is further narrowed by psychology and biology.

    In reality in being authentic online is a terrible idea, for the simple reason that we are talking in terms of attraction and what social rules are we following when attraction is what we base our existence on - and then attracting what?

    There is a great liberating power in being able to be living one's own compass while holding the contradictions which make authenticity absolutely real. Authenticity as a judgement is guesswork, has a lived thing it is pointless describing it because the moment we do, it isn't authentic - we are now adding definition to something that now is a lived experience in a past context.

    Only we know our individual state of authenticity and if we try to fool ourselves our body chemistry might help us fool us but there is long-term consequence being absolutely authentic and many a forgotten innovator has been crucified for being authentic - why, an entire religion was formed from that very authenticity - so we are left in a position where we know we live lives that constantly miss the mark - and then what is authentic needs to be understood, because not all things authentic are necessarily good.

    Authentic evil finds its way carving into human history far more than authentic heart has - that is the reality which the entire book of human history provides massive evidence for.

    For sure the way the words are laid out in this particular buzz, it does have an attractive quality though it is no longer about those who can describe bullshizen, but an intuitive sense we have which the spirit we listen to has authentic qualities. Ultimately it is up to me ensure my own education is
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    26/02/2017 #11 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Hi Laci, delighted to receive your connection on beBee. So the first thing I want to do tonight is to warmly welcome you to beBee. Right now my family is calling me downstairs to watch a movie with them, so I will get back to this post on Sunday morning. Good to see you here, I will add my thoughts here tomorrow.

    Laci McDowell
    24/02/2017 #10 Laci McDowell
    #9 I completely agree, @Robert Cormack. I don't know that women suffer the most either. I definitely think it is a very integrated part of our culture, men and women. Societal expectations can be gender-specific, but just because they differ, doesn't mean they don't exist just the same. Thanks for your thoughts! I appreciate them. I will check out your post.
    Robert Cormack
    24/02/2017 #9 Robert Cormack
    Good post @Laci McDowell. It's interesting how we crave authenticity. We applaud the underdogs in movies, the ones ready to fight the status quo, yet in our real lives, we quiver and quake. Political correctness rules. We hate the idea of being inappropriate. We all contribute to it, we're all guilty and, you're right, it's a shame. I'm not sure woman are suffering the most, Laci. This was certainly true years ago, but the women I know are far more self-assured, possibly because they're much more self-supporting. Men, on the other hand, are falling back, throwing up their hands, saying, "I can't win!" It would be nice if we could be more authentic. Sometimes it's easier being a writer, sometimes it's harder because even our publishers want us to "tow the line." I cover a lot more about this in my post: "Do We Really Need Sensitivity Readers?" Good job, anyway. Great post.
    Javier 馃悵 beBee
    24/02/2017 #8 Javier 馃悵 beBee
    #7 I am totally a huggy person. !
    Laci McDowell
    24/02/2017 #7 Laci McDowell
    #3 Thanks for reading, @Jim Murray. And I agree. Perhaps living it is the only way to actually recognize and appreciate it. And if anyone is keeping score, I am totally a huggy person.
    Brian McKenzie
    24/02/2017 #4 Brian McKenzie
    #2 @Jim Murray I am not a huggy person. Never have been, never aspire to be
    Jim Murray
    24/02/2017 #3 Jim Murray
    Thanks @ Laci. Appreciate the shout out and despite what Grumpy @Brian McKenzie feels, I agree with you. And I also agree that there is a lot of truth out there, you just have to look for it, and on the other side of the coin, you have to live it.
    Jim Murray
    24/02/2017 #2 Jim Murray
    #1 Somebody needs a hug.
    Brian McKenzie
    24/02/2017 #1 Brian McKenzie
    were it true - I would be wildly popular. Take a look, Ask around - I am not. People don't want the Truth. They want the same bullsh*t they have been fed for generations in a new package - maybe with sprinkles on top and a happy rainbow card to go with it. I have always been my authentic self - and it has cost me along the way - in too many instances to count - but for me - those losses were but exits to greater freedom - a step further out of the web of lies. The TRUTH will set you free - namely because nobody will ever pay you to tell it. Everybody loves the train wreck - until you park it on their front lawn.
  5. ProducerLiesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    Brave. Bonding. Through Acceptance And Genuine Listening.
    Brave. Bonding. Through Acceptance And Genuine Listening. There are many paths to follow. In life. It is an illusion to think that there is only one choice. The right one. Nature is all about abundance. Infinite possibilities. Behind the walls of perfection there is hidden fear. Let us not be blind and be...


    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    22/02/2017 #10 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    sweet comments, grateful to read you found a soothing recipe in my article, I feel honored @Laura Mikolaitis, thank you.
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    22/02/2017 #9 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    #7 you are most welcome @Sara Jacobovici, your comments are wise and lovely.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    22/02/2017 #8 Laura Mikolaitis
    Beautifully crafted post @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc. Your words paint such an inviting canvas. The world is ours to explore, when and if we choose to do so. We can find the treasures when we open our mind to them. The moments are always there should we choose to seize them - capture each fragment to make it whole. You evoke such emotion with your words, and I needed a soothing journey today. Thank you for providing that by sharing your art with us.
    Sara Jacobovici
    22/02/2017 #7 Sara Jacobovici
    I enjoyed your buzz @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.. I felt drawn into it and found myself "in the flow". You write, "We are all unfolding our own valuable story." So true. It never cease to amaze me when I hear individual stories. I am always left in awe. Thanks for a wise and beautiful buzz.
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    22/02/2017 #6 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    #5 You are right @Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman listening is key to learning, thank you for your comments!
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    22/02/2017 #5 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    Well written and uplifting buzz, Liesbeth. Listening is key to learning.
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    22/02/2017 #4 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    #3 thank you highly appreciate your view @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit, well said.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    22/02/2017 #3 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Deeper listening is one of the essential challenges of the 21st Century. This is actually good news, it means room for great learning and personal transformation. This is not about overwhelming our senses with escalating our sensory input, but the buzz accords with my own life - start this essential challenge where we live in our own home. Another very well written buzz.
  6. Walter Smith

    Walter Smith

    https://affectivelearningwiki.atlassian.net/wiki/x/V4Aw Walter Smith


    Joyce Bowen
    20/02/2017 #1 Joyce Bowen
    So very true
  7. Walter Smith

    Walter Smith

    The Self Management Compass https://affectivelearningwiki.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ALS/Training+Resources Walter Smith


    Walter Smith
    21/02/2017 #12 Walter Smith
    #11 Thank you. I look forward to your comments.
    Sara Jacobovici
    21/02/2017 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    Thank you to @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit for bringing my attention to your post @Walter Smith. I look forward to reading your article. It starts off with concepts very near and dear to my heart. Will follow up as soon as possible. Welcome to beBee!
    Walter Smith
    20/02/2017 #10 Walter Smith
    Thanks Manjit, I will follow Ali and Sara#9
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    20/02/2017 #9 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #7 This is why you will find a great affinity with @Ali Anani and @Sara Jacobovici and once they see your thinking and your approach to the scientific method, I know they will be fascinated by what it is you are developing and it will be interesting to see this evolve as a new triad. I envision it having a very powerful effect if it does so evolve and/or emerge in resulting fusion of relationships. I see in this three brilliant minds with a high potential of affinity.
    Walter Smith
    20/02/2017 #7 Walter Smith
    Manjit, Optologics is categorization metrics. We need to categorize or generalize to understand the bigger picture. My idea is to find standard categories for the production and use of knowledge that we can all agree on. Then we can see knowledge scientifically rather than phenomenologically. #5
    馃悵 Fatima Williams
    20/02/2017 #6 馃悵 Fatima Williams
    #5 Engaging thinking isn't that the greatest gift bestowed to a human being.. Each of one you is unique and I'm glad to just know some amazing people here to learn and grow :) Have a lovely day both of you.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    20/02/2017 #5 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #2 Yes, Walter is an interesting mind with unique perspectives and he can abstract and conceptualize but at the most basic level he engages in thinking, naturally I appreciate a mind like that.

    None of this for me is about enjoyment, it is about appreciation. What Walter does is in some ways parallel with what I do but Walter has his own unique DNA - he deals much more deeply with the ontological and explores infinitely more with physics.

    I noticed Walter when he checked my profile today, and then of course Fatima you tagged me. What is important for me about Walter Smith is to recognize Walter Smith as Walter Smith and not on the basis of similarities.

    We learn most from people who are different from us - and even if I might use the word compass and Walter uses compass or I may use spectrum and Walter may use the term, appreciation does not come through categorization but observation. I certainly do appreciate Walter Smith for being Walter Smith. We are both an N of 1 and what matters is the N of 7 Billion and the appreciation in that.
    Walter Smith
    19/02/2017 #4 Walter Smith
    #2 Thank you for the link.
    Walter Smith
    19/02/2017 #3 Walter Smith
    Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated#1
    馃悵 Fatima Williams
    19/02/2017 #2 馃悵 Fatima Williams
    @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit Some familiar topics discussed here I'm sure you'll enjoy this more than I did Learning from it.
    馃悵 Fatima Williams
    19/02/2017 #1 馃悵 Fatima Williams
    First off @Walter Smith I am following you
    Welcoming you to beBeeland 馃悵馃

    And love this post on Optologics.
    So simple and yet effective explanation that self-management is true intelligence. Yes we are responsible for the way we let others influence us. That's why I learnt not to blame situations or people but look at my mistakes as a learning journey.

    As you say "Common sense is not what we believe, but what we can all agree on"
    What the current education system doesn't allow an individual to use common sense or even to think. The set frame work is like a sheep of herd led in one direction. I enjoyed reading this alot and Happy to meet you here on BeBee 馃
  8. ProducerLuiza Barbosa da Silva
    FORMA脟脙O DE PROFESSORES NA ESCOLA INCLUSIVA COM CRIAN脟AS AUTISTAScrian莽a com autismo em sala individual聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 projeto apresentado por crian莽a autista em sala regular Palavras-chave: Inclus茫o; Forma莽茫o do professor; Autismo. ...


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    20/02/2017 #11 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #10 Obrigado
    Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    20/02/2017 #10 Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    #9 Bons estudos.E obrigada pelos textos sugeridos!
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    19/02/2017 #9 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #8 I hope this Portuguese translation is good - Eu gostei de aprender com voc锚
    Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    19/02/2017 #8 Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    #7 oi, amanh茫 leio com calma,mas isso 茅 um arigo do meu trabalho de conclusao de Curso, meu trabalho tem 3 capitulos, conceito de inclus茫o e integra莽茫o, Forma莽茫o do professor e Autismo.Coloquei aqui pras pessoas refletirem sobre.Meu trabalho li livros com tradu莽茫o em portugues meu trabalho deu 40 paginas.grata pelo teu coment谩rio.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    19/02/2017 #7 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    At the most basic level I did not initially have an idea of what autism was. As I learned about it, I did so accidentally because I was interested in knowing more about the gut-brain relationship and it is here I discovered that autism was one of those dysfunctions that require whole body understanding and not just to study what parts of the body autism was studied. I will follow up with the TEACCH resource https://www.teacch.com/resources

    Also there is a new club member called Alex who joined our Toastmasters group, and I had even less knowledge of Asbergers Syndrome, never mind that this Syndrome was at the high functioning end of autism. Here Luiza mentioning difficulty in communication, socialization and imagination was an additional helpful frame for me.

    With this buzz the first thing I wanted to find out is what the Declaration of Salamanca so this was my first object of study :

    Declaration of Salmanca

    Salamanca Statement

    I browsed this 1994 statement and it is written in absolute clear language, and I saw Luiza note the National Education-Law 9.394 / 96, so governments do have some framework for social inclusion, but here I am learning to what degree. Luiza and one other bee referenced the work of Lev Vygotsky http://www.childdevelopmentmedia.com/articles/play-the-work-of-lev-vygotsky/ I need to find the time to study Vygotsky even if it is just at my beginner level. I like the conclusion "inclusion is a challenge to be overcome" I learned a lot in this buzz. Thank You.
    Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    26/07/2016 #6 Luiza Barbosa da Silva
    Oi, Patr铆cia! Eu tamb茅m penso que as escolas e professores devam est谩 preparados para atender todas suas crian莽as atendendo suas dificuldades. Que bom que voc锚 gostou!
    Patr铆cia Rocha
    26/07/2016 #1 Patr铆cia Rocha
    脫timo artigo Luiza! Gostei do enfoque da inclus茫o para as crian莽as com autismo. Eu, particularmente, sou a favor dessa pr谩tica num sentido mais amplo, abarcando tamb茅m crian莽as com problemas com sindrome de down e de movimenta莽茫o. Entendo que cada caso possui sua especificidade, mas penso que os professores e a escola devem estar preparados para integrar todo tipo de crian莽a dentro do ambiente educativo! Parab茅ns novamente pelo texto!
  9. ProducerCityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    The Poppy Project
    The Poppy ProjectIf you want it all you cannot be distracted by the illusion you have created. Only when your mind is silent you can see clear enough to enjoy your life and forget about your desires. Your desires are irrelevantMars ArgoThe internet麓s Top Illuminati...


  10. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    It Just Feels Good To Be Happy
    It Just Feels Good To Be Happy Follow @titanicsinclair on Twitter and Instagram. Download music at...


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    19/02/2017 #14 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #13 In this clip Andy Kaufman whose wrestling women act and goading the audience was designed chaos, he is talking to a reporter called Vince McMahon. McMahon now plays the act of the boss of the WWE along with a fake family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKSy1LQwt0I View more
    #13 In this clip Andy Kaufman whose wrestling women act and goading the audience was designed chaos, he is talking to a reporter called Vince McMahon. McMahon now plays the act of the boss of the WWE along with a fake family. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKSy1LQwt0I

    What Kaufman showed is how people can be influenced by people that are designed to be the villain. The conditioning of people was the joke whether it is a person people like or as WWE now shows, millions made on creating pretend villains in a show that Kaufman himself created by claiming himself the Womens Wrestling Champion of the World.

    Now to get into the joke here, remove the layer of the jibing, cajoling and inciting and understand that in case of Kaufman all of this is highly orchestrated and he knows what he is doing. This Atlantic article begins to peel away the performance of Kaufman - yet instead of people realizing this conditioning, the same conditioning is today used by that reporter called Vince McMahon to create a multi-billion dollar industry of combining near-vaudeville performance with traditional wrestling. Jerry Lawler an actual wrestler was always on in the joke - so WWE was born.

    Atlantic Article on Kaufman

    It is not everyday that German philosophical terms are used to describe what people view as a comedian, but once we understand that Kaufman was operating at the level of philosophy it shows an altogether different side - the only one that actually helps in understanding the genius of Kaufman.

    On Kaufman and Existential Psychology
    http://www.renfusa.com/2012/07/on-kaufman-and-existential-psychology.html Close
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #12 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #11 In terms of art you will love Susan Sontag http://www.quotehd.com/imagequotes/authors4/susan-sontag-quote-interpretation-is-the-revenge-of-the-intellect-upon.jpg

    The important thing here for me is not deletion but the meaning of deletion in the millennial world.

    Deletion is one of the things I find about fascinating about this generation and deletion has expressed itself in the world of technology and that is why I am equally fascinated with snapchat, which I know @Javier 馃悵 beBee and more so @Juan Imaz - but their fascination with snapchat is in terms of the startup itself and is marketing rather than art focused.

    The problem I find with millennials is that have also been taught by technology to follow - so now you have these two contradictory forces at play - deletion and following. That to me is absolutely fascinating because I love contradictory forces - the best learning of all !!! Close
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #10 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #8 I find Guppy personally interesting - that is where my nose immediately takes me to peer inside the whole Mars thing. This is where the attention is drawn inward at themselves rather than what is happening externally - removing the coating of love you and see what it is I am able to see underneath all that


    It is original - that much got my antenna up for this and works at so many new levels into my dissection of personal brand and its effects - and that is my own discovery - and anything that moves that is a nice buzz.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #9 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #5 I can see where it fits now - I found an accommodation for this questioning of pop culture in GRAY

    Took out Instruction Design and replaced it with

    GRAY now equals

    That is where this media now fits in my learning journey.
    It is indeed a hypnotic and symbiotic relationship, I am glad you featured this as a buzz. Thanks
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #6 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #2 If only Andy Kaufman was still alive - Nothing will ever beat reading the Great Gatsby to an audience all night long
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAbuVM5oVV4 View more
    #2 If only Andy Kaufman was still alive - Nothing will ever beat reading the Great Gatsby to an audience all night long

    Remember Kaufman was the genius that noted the audience which still has not noted itself, which led to the rise of Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment, which we never associate with Kaufman.

    What people follow is what people follow, I don't speak for followers - people are free to follow what they want, there is enough for me to chew on in Buy a T-Shirt and Delete Your Facebook, that is keeping my funny-bone occupied and my body most assuredly amused.

    Let me now meditate on the tweet :

    If someone wants a million followers they need a personal brand. This is the unfinished legacy of Andy Kaufman. The true genius generation isn't the millennial generation, it is the generation they give rise to. Close
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #3 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    OMG!!! it gets better and better

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbS-dKD4c9I View more
    OMG!!! it gets better and better


    It gets going from 1 minute 30 seconds onwards.

    OK now where the heck do I put this stuff on my learning journey? Note quite yellow enough and not quite cyan enough - OK me thinks it is more Cyan-enough worthy. Close
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    15/02/2017 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you Aurorasa for finding this.

    This allowed me to find Titanic Sinclair's video on Buy this T-Shirt
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IljiusuBGYo View more
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you Aurorasa for finding this.

    This allowed me to find Titanic Sinclair's video on Buy this T-Shirt

    With spiritual guru thingies I prefer Alanis Morissette Eight Easy Steps

    but with Titantic Sinclair's Buy this T-Shirt - man' even if I write 20 more things about the superficial side of personal branding - he says so well in under 2 minutes


    Now I think I have to write a little more about Pee-BS (Personal Brand Superficiality) - not to be confused with PBS, a channel for people who don't want to watch superficial commercial television.

    THANK YOU - this is deeper than just wryly hilarious. To deep for the superficial.馃槃 Close
  11. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Supplementary material to Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope book
    New Learning: Elements of a Science of Education,
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    New Learning 聽|聽 New Learning
    newlearningonline.com A knowledge community, international conference, scholarly journal, and book...
  12. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    It turns out what I began with is not what I finished - this is actually a tribute to an educator I learned about today and where I nearly did not. His name is Richard DuFour and died Wednesday 8th February 2017.

    This is the kind of thing I like, since my first reaction to this post at https://www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6236678536422318080 was why would someone use a quote without much meaningful substance - but then after I had found a church link to provide some substance, I noticed the words "Rest in Peace" hidden at the top in small-print, and that was good because when I followed with a search for who DuFour was, I found several video's by Richard DuFour and I realized that this was a very good educator, who also believed in "learning by doing". I am glad I had the patience today to notice that and in turn learn that indeed an excellent educator had passed away.
    Steps to PLC Heaven
    Steps to PLC Heaven Rick DuFour discusses the 7 steps along the journey to PLC...
  13. Blaine Little

    Blaine Little

    "A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult."

    ~The Holy Bible - Proverbs 12:16


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    12/02/2017 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    The great thing about proverbs is that they change in meaning with our personal growth. There is an avalanche of annoyance being showered in our world today and more so than in prior decades, so viewing annoyance through the lens of prudence becomes a part of that journey of my personal growth.

    A proverb for me is reduced to the level of a slogan or a quote or a phrase when it is not lived. There is a relationship in practice here that makes proverbs timeless gems of the human condition and it is our development maturity which polishes our rough diamond hearts. This is the way I learn from a proverb.
  14. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Seth's Blog: Long-term strategy: Don't be a jerk
    sethgodin.typepad.com In the moment, when you have power, no matter how momentarily, how will you choose to act? Jerk comes from the idea of pulling hard on the reins, suddenly and without care. Horses don't like it and neither, it...


    Stefan Musat
    26/01/2017 #6 Stefan Musat
    #5 Nice to met you too! :)
    Stefan Musat
    26/01/2017 #4 Stefan Musat
    Good advice from Seth Godin
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    23/01/2017 #3 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #2 Thinker does not have to mean extraordinary, because the idea of "know thyself' is not preordained or a chosen people, anyone can think either at the top of a hierarchy, or in the messy middle, or where the work is done. Sometimes the great work that is done isn't in the workplace, but in the home.

    Good people can think but apathy and ignorance can be effects of dumbing down a population. So I appreciate the thinker who makes a home as much as the great thinkers like Newton Minnow :

    Minnow in 1961 spoke about the "The Vast Wasteland"

    Newton Minnow implored his industry to take a higher road and view a bigger picture of media's responsibility to society, but the jerks who still dumb down the masses are simply producing an offspring that represents their strategy sperm. Here the media, economic, technical or political jerk produces the mass-jackass.

    A mother now has to deal with some jackass kids, but she manages to nurture them, protect them and develop them - even if she may be married to a jackass husband. Ultimately many kids grow up and become well functioning members of society, because there were millions of good mothers, even good fathers and good teachers - who were thinkers and who did their best not to produce or raise jackasses.

    Yet not even the best parenting can sometimes stop a bright kid from becoming narcissistic and who thus transform from a thinker into a jerk..
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    22/01/2017 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Excellent piece about restraint. When I look at this mindset and apply it online restraint then the immediate thing I think of is the description of the opposite of a jerk or a troll. That opposite must surely be a thinker as the antonym of jerk and a leader as the antonym of troll.

    Here is the litmus test I thought of after I read the Seth Godin piece. If we do not show restraint and either act as a jerk or the first thing that comes to our mind is to think of the jerks, then as the Bible says in Matthew 7:2 "For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you".

    When being a jerk is absolute here we find the troll - this is no longer simply about a failure in our restraint as a thinker, but a failure in our restraint as a human being. A thinker and a leader can still deal with the harshness of life, but they make it clear that they are talking about the process and not a person. Where there is the minority that is a troll or we see the jerk within us, we are no longer focusing on what does not work, but able to discern what does - and at that point we begin to move from mindset to strategy - because strategy is execution.
  15. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    In June 2015 the Globe and Mail featured an article by Peter Klein where he contests the widely used quote "Those who can do, those who can't do, teach". He asks us to think again and also offers others quotes from the same play that drew this infamous one. I must admit it is tempting to lazily repeat this kind of humbug about teaching and doing being at odds with each other, which does not help me one jot developing as a learner.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Those who can't do, teach? Think again
    www.theglobeandmail.com A student once taught me a lesson that transformed my career as a teacher and as a journalist: Question the way we do what we do, and improve...


    Vincent Andrew
    08/01/2017 #6 Vincent Andrew
    "We get comfortable in how things are done, and have always been done and those who do not have the chance to be challenged by curious, bold young minds are often relegated to doing things the same old way. Those who can't teach, just do 鈥 and that's a shame."
    Cannot agree more.
    Deb馃悵 Lange
    08/01/2017 #5 Deb馃悵 Lange
    #4 I look forward to finding out what you discover. It is a book to discover something new for yourself through my invitation to increase and expand what and how we notice, sense, feel, witness, experience in our lives in the moment. Enjoy
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    07/01/2017 #4 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #3 Good point Deb. We move further by standing on the shoulders of the great then we do if we think the 21st Century is about reinventing the wheel. There are 21st Century faculties which are entirely new which make some form of traditional teaching out of mode, but there are great minds who offered timeless thoughts. It is the reason I go to Toastmasters, not because it is a great organization, but its founder Ralph Smedley was a great educator - and I still have to delve into the three books he wrote to rekindle his desire as an educator and not simply because his specialty was the art of public speaking. Your point is well taken. This weekend I will also be going through your book, so I look forward to finally commenting and spreading the word on that.
    Deb馃悵 Lange
    07/01/2017 #3 Deb馃悵 Lange
    #2 Dear @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit I was very fortunate, my first studies were in teaching and I was privileged to learn with leading people who were then talking about Deschooling society, teaching as a Subversive activity, students who were not empty vessels, rather students who had existing knowledge and who needed guidance in learning how to learn. I can recommend some very great books written many years ago. Just because something is written a long time ago does not mean it is old methodology. these writers were leading edge at the time and it has taken a long time for education and teaching methods to be evolved from instructional, top-down methodologies. remember our first schools in the 18th Century were designed to teach compliance and order so people could become good factory workers. Times have changed we ned people who think for themselves and who can think collectively. We need wisdom.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    06/01/2017 #2 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #1 I think that there is a courage in teaching which isn't there in learning because the two are inextricably linked - it is when learning is decoupled from teaching that standing outside the fire.

    Teaching can also be decoupled from learning and then we have the talking head, the know it all, the dictator, the prima donna and that was essentially the age of broadcast.

    The profession of teaching is a doing and if we don't believe that then study a teaching course, especially one that teaches the skills of managing adult learning. The college I attend regularly has an adult education certificate https://caps.sheridancollege.ca/products/adult-education.aspx which I may enroll in some future year.

    Even if we study such a course, the way our world is being networked means that we may be learning yesterday's pedagogy - and the doing in teaching then is our innovative capacity to further multiply the coupled relationship that is teaching-learning.

    We do learn most when we teach, but that is not simply a sharing, it is a doing and there is much skill in that doing; as there is also a place for teaching which remains a physical space for that doing, which is considerably enhanced by virtual space as a diversity of teaching options.
    Deb馃悵 Lange
    06/01/2017 #1 Deb馃悵 Lange
    I have always thought if I want to learn something better, share it with others. As I explain what I have learnt I learn more from The questions and comments of others. So I believe if we all practised sharing and teaching with an intention of learning we would all get better at these things:
    being humble rather than arrogant;
    Being curious rather than thinking we know it all;
    Learning rather than memorising:
    Being a connector of ideas rather than a separator;
    Being able to build relationships rather than create distance and hierarchy .
    And these are only a few.
    I believe we need to look at our values and beliefs of teaching and educating . If we think teaching is all about knowing something and transmitting it to others we limit the learning for ourselves and others.
    If we believe teaching is about sharing what we have discovered to help others discover what is relevant and purposeful to them and to discover new knowledge our methods and practucrs will be different.
  16. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Alan Geller originally shared this link about Peter Ralston about honesty. I love the way he expresses himself.
    Peter Ralston: Talking on Honesty
    Peter Ralston: Talking on Honesty Peter Ralston founder of Cheng Hsin talks about Honesty as a skill and spiritual practice. He explores the possibility of using it as a tool for growth and...
  17. ProducerWayne Yoshida

    Wayne Yoshida

    Staying Relevant by Staying Curious
    Staying Relevant by Staying CuriousInsecta: Diptera: Stratiomyidae (soldier fly) larva Recently, Susan Rooks聽- the Grammar Goddess -- mentioned something about the fear of not remaining relevant. So, I decided this post would have something of value to folks.All of us should...


    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    23/12/2016 #11 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    Staying curious keeps our minds in motion. @Tony 馃悵 Rossi is spot on - never stop learning.
    Wayne Yoshida
    22/12/2016 #10 Wayne Yoshida
    #9 LOL @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian! But this is a good trait to have. As @Tony 馃悵 Rossi says, "Never stop learning"
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    22/12/2016 #9 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    I never make the same mistake twice. I'm far too busy inventing new mistakes to make.

    When we're kids, we ask, "Why?" about everything. We get it pushed out of us as we mature. Some of us are lucky enough to morph the question into, "Why not?"

    Some very, very few of us hang on to both questions.

    I consider myself lucky. I have 47 years of experience at being 10 years old. Just ask my wife.
    Tony 馃悵 Rossi
    22/12/2016 #8 Tony 馃悵 Rossi
    Never Stop Learning. :-)
    馃悵 Fatima Williams
    21/12/2016 #7 馃悵 Fatima Williams
    Continuous improvement and learning is the key to improve our skills and knowledge. Thank you @Wayne Yoshida this is excellent advice
    Susan Rooks
    21/12/2016 #6 Susan Rooks
    True, @Wayne Yoshida -- others can become less relevant too.
    Wayne Yoshida
    21/12/2016 #5 Wayne Yoshida
    #2 #3 Thank you @Susan Rooks for sparking this idea. But be careful - this applies to everyone, not "older folks" - just saying. . .
    Wayne Yoshida
    21/12/2016 #4 Wayne Yoshida
    #1 Thanks @David B. Grinberg - this is especially important in high technology fields, where things change constantly. Just like dinosaurs, we do not want to fail at adapting to changes and learning new things.
    Susan Rooks
    21/12/2016 #3 Susan Rooks
    Staying relevant is important to many of us older folks, and thanks for the reminders of how we can do that, @Wayne Yoshida!
    Susan Rooks
    21/12/2016 #2 Susan Rooks
    Thanks for the mention, @Wayne Yoshida! And a most excellent reminder of ways we CAN stay relevant as we age. I particuarly like the "I make mistakes all the time," because I keep thinking that I shouldn't! But of course, we all do. The best part is learning from them.
    David B. Grinberg
    21/12/2016 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Great advice, Wayne. Keeping buzzing!
  18. ProducerSusan Rooks

    Susan Rooks

    Thursday's Thought: 4.2 seconds or 4 minutes -- What Are YOU Missing?
    Thursday's Thought: 4.2 seconds or 4 minutes -- What Are YOU Missing?Before you read this, please watch the short video below. A fast-moving montage or a moment-by-moment experience: Which is more powerful?There is clearly energy in the incredibly fast-moving 4.2 seconds of scenes first shown above. I was pulled...


    Susan Rooks
    23/01/2017 #28 Susan Rooks
    Something I wrote a month or so ago -- do you rush through life, too?
    Susan Rooks
    23/01/2017 #27 Susan Rooks
    @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit, thanks so much for sharing my post here! I really appreciate it.
    Susan Rooks
    12/12/2016 #26 Susan Rooks
    #24 @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher, I actually would prefer something like that to living with anyone again. I've been single now for about 15 years, but there are certainly nice things about being paired up. I just also need my own space . . . no one argues with me about anything, which of course has both upsides and downsides. I rule. But I also goof. Hmmmm.
    Susan Rooks
    12/12/2016 #25 Susan Rooks
    #6 Thank you for that, @Praveen Raj Gullepalli!
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    12/12/2016 #24 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    #23 Oh... oh... I have a great idea, my husband and I can get matching small homes next door to each other! I could handle that haha! Or maybe he will let me get one just for me?? I don't think he could handle that one! ;-) I would LOVE it.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #23 Susan Rooks
    #22 Trust me, @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher, you would! It's really small (although there is a full basement, which helps!), but it has 15' ceilings, no walls (except for the bathroom), and a sun porch that is all windows, which overlook the bay. It's on the southwest side of the cottage, so yes -- the sunsets are amazing. I plan to be here for a looooooooong time!
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    11/12/2016 #22 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    #17 I think I could seriously handle living like that if I were alone! Ah, the sunsets must be amazing. I'm glad you're happy, thats what matters!
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #21 Susan Rooks
    #3 And thank you so much for letting me/us know you enjoyed it, @Angela Letona! I appreciate knowing that and also that you're sharing it with your connections.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #20 Susan Rooks
    #9 And to think it was a random FB post that I first saw, @Irene Hackett that led me to this! Yes, I love that vieo myself; it's a real hoot!

    And thank you for sharing the post to your connections! I hope they appreciate it as well.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #19 Susan Rooks
    #11 And @Don 馃悵 Kerr, thank YOU for those very kind words! I appreciate your continued contributions on my posts, and I certainly will appreciate your sharing any of them, especially this one. Especially at this time of year, but hopeful far beyond.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #18 Susan Rooks
    #8 As they say, @Joe Barbosa, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I like taking time to reflect on where I've been, where I am, and where I might still be going.

    Thanks for contributing to this conversation!
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #17 Susan Rooks
    #5 @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher, wasn't it, though? I couldn't believe how much work must have gone into it after I saw all the details. And it did make me laugh, which is always a good thing.

    Yes, some of my friends still are a bit frantic, but having purchased, renovated, and moved to my tiny 525 s.f. cottage on the Bay here in Massachusetts, I've relaxed a LOT. How much do I need, anyway? Very little. My wonderful dogs. Heat now that it's winter. A few friends to talk with, walk with, and hug. Seriously amazing sunsets. It's a long list, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

    Thanks for continuing your support for my posts; I really appreciate it.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #16 Susan Rooks
    #12 @Ken Boddie, as usual you're cracking me up! And yes, auto correct is a terror . . . and to your point in your other comment, I'm also much more careful now to "smell those roses" because at my age, I have a much shorter time in front of me than behind me. Pure fact. So I want to make sure I leave this existence happy that I LIVED.

    Thanks for your continued support and contributions to my posts.
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #15 Susan Rooks
    #14 Thanks so much, @Tony Rossi! I appreciate your comment and that you shared my post.
    Tony 馃悵 Rossi
    11/12/2016 #14 Tony 馃悵 Rossi
    Wow, @Susan Rooks - awesome find, and yes, an absolute perfect metaphor for every aspect of our lives. :-) The challenge is in the choice...
    Susan Rooks
    11/12/2016 #13 Susan Rooks
    Thank you so much, @Javier 馃悵 beBee, for sharing my post! I really appreciate that!
    Ken Boddie
    11/12/2016 #12 Ken Boddie
    In connection with my #4 below, it appears I am merely 'loosening' my senses rather than 'losing' them. There goes that autocorrect enema again. 馃槃
    Don 馃悵 Kerr
    10/12/2016 #11 Don 馃悵 Kerr
    @Susan Rooks one of the most insightful and inspiring posts written unveiling the benefits of facing adversity and living in the present moment. Thank you for sharing this gift with me. It was much needed and moving. Will share broadly.
    Jan 馃悵 Barbosa
    09/12/2016 #8 Jan 馃悵 Barbosa
    As of now technology is moving us to faster moving but impersonal world... We chat in our phones instead of speaking and sometimes have reduced the power of a Sentence into a single Emoji yet we always feel we lack time.... Not in
    Control of our destinies... Yes... after a few decades we understand that while thinking of the possibilities of the Future we lost the past.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    09/12/2016 #6 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    A million dollar question dear Susan! To keep up the pace...or pace things out...to rush along or pause to smell the roses...here's something that I have always found rejuvenating...haunting melody...lovely video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk_sAHh9s08
  19. CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    The Audacity of Media is written on LinkedIn, it is a play on the book "Audacity of Hope" by Barack Obama. It is my way of recording for my own personal posterity the events surrounding the US Elections. Brexit I did record, but this particular event is out there, this is the best way I could. From here I move on with my life - because whether I am here or at BeBee - the online space is my learning laboratory. Nothing more, nothing less. I can learn to whine or whine on about learning - finally realizing the learning organization is the future. For now I view BeBee as my primary learning organization.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    The Audacity of Media
    www.linkedin.com At the beginning of the rise of Obama, the great orator was acknowledged, here was a President that will make a mark on history. Turns out after eight years, the largest mark is still the colour...
  20. ProducerJuanma Romero

    Juanma Romero

    Vaya metedura de pata
    Vaya metedura de pataFoto de sevillartc.comBasta que lleves a帽os haciendo algo y creas que lo dominas, para que se produzca cualquier imprevisto y te des cuenta de que eso del dominio era pura ilusi贸n. Un ba帽o de humildad no viene nunca mal.Voy a contarte algo que me...


    Juanma Romero
    29/12/2016 #8 Juanma Romero
    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Gracias a todos por comentar.
    Oscar Gomez Amento
    04/12/2016 #7 Oscar Gomez Amento
    Creo que a todos los que hacemos oratoria nos ha pasado algo...yo olvide el texto que debia poner en un atril y he tenido que improvisar e inventarme cosas....jajaja gajes del oficio.
    Maria Oslara
    04/12/2016 #6 Maria Oslara
    Me he reido un rato con la historia, lo siento. 馃榾 Gracias por compartir esa experiencia con nosotros. De todo se aprende.
    Jos茅 Ram贸n 鉁岎煆 L贸pez
    04/12/2016 #5 Jos茅 Ram贸n 鉁岎煆 L贸pez
    Gracias por compartir tu experiencia @Juanma Romero.
    Mamen 馃悵 Delgado
    04/12/2016 #4 Mamen 馃悵 Delgado
    No dejamos de aprender @Juanma Romero!! Gracias por compartir tu experiencia.
    Pedro馃悵 G贸mez
    04/12/2016 #3 Pedro馃悵 G贸mez
    Como bien dices, lo importante es que aprendiste la lecci贸n a pesar de tu experiencia y tu trayectoria...la humildad de reconocerlo dice mucho y bueno de ti. Un saludo.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    04/12/2016 #2 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    The great part of sharing wisdom about presenting is being aware of these things that we would never have considered otherwise. In Visihow a tip says "Excessive salt, oranges, lemons, grapes and pineapple are acidic and can dry out your throat" so that accords with the observation of salt is loctite to the throat. At the same time salt water gargling is mentioned in preparation tips other speakers have given online http://sayitwithpower.ca/power/protect-your-public-speaking-voice/

    Now the speaker in "Say it with Power" does state that he googled remedies for dry throat remedies, so the lesson here is to be wise about what it is we read, which makes personal anecdotes that much more interesting. In tips for singers, Kristina Seleshanko http://voicestudio.kristinaseleshanko.com/ThingsThatAffectYourVoice.htm provides a surprising tip to avoid excessive weightlifting because that can put a strain on one's vocal cords. Again the proof is in the practice and if practice includes rehearsal, the time to find out what does not work is in the learning lab rather than in front of a live audience.

    In the course of reading about self-help for vocal health I learned about the medical practice of Otolaryngology, it turns out that Otolaryngologists deal with disorders of the ear, nose and throat - so in google-world this PDF http://ent.vcu.edu/docs/selfhelp.pdf is something I am willing to give a higher trust rating.

    In the world of public speaking, humility is indeed a great teacher and so I value insights that accompany personal experience, as much as audiences value speakers who bring their personal experiences to add relevance to a delivered message.
    Javier 馃悵 beBee
    04/12/2016 #1 Javier 馃悵 beBee
    Vaya historia @Juanma Romero !
  21. ProducerXander Schofield
    The Why Behind Millennials Learning Through Hands-on Projects
    The Why Behind Millennials Learning Through Hands-on ProjectsThe millennial generation refers the newest group of people to enter the global workforce. People who were born between 1982 and 2000 belong to this generation. While some educators still cling to the traditional formal and intermittent talent...


    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    01/12/2016 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Xander, I do see this kind of pattern among the college students I work with. It is not the stereotype of the millennial that I focus on, but that there is a distinct difference in the worldview of this particular generation, and the newest generation has its own traits that come from their exposure to the world of mobile. I already see my grandson bottle fed on a smartphone - and these environmental and social differences do permeate into an overall generational worldview. I still look upon people as one-to-one because the best students I work with do break the mould - and they need to be respected for who they are, rather than as a "millennial" label.
  22. Juanma Romero

    Juanma Romero

    Este pasado lunes grabamos dos programazos de Emprende con @emprendeTVE @LuisOlivanTV @jromero_tv @slealm @EmprendeEuropa @RTVE_Com @slealm @Finnovaregio @begortega @crisalvap
    Podr谩s ver Emprende el jueves a las 16,00h en Canal 24 Horas de RTVE聽 y el s谩bado a las 7,30h en La 1 de RTVE, y Emprende Digital el viernes a las 22,00h y domingo 14,30h en Canal 24 Horas de RTVE.
    隆Os espero!
    Juanma Romero


    Juanma Romero
    01/12/2016 #2 Juanma Romero
    #1 Thank you @CityVP 馃悵 Manjit.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    30/11/2016 #1 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    I read through an English bio from Startup Ol茅 here :

    From this it led me to think about the difference between charisma and personal magnetism. I have previously considered them to be the same thing.

    I took a look at an overview of Charisma from businessballs.com
    http://www.businessballs.com/charisma.htm and to my surprise charisma was discussed at much more finite level than I had considered http://www.businessballs.com/charisma.htm

    The idea of gravitas is something I did come across and this is via an English presenter who wrote a book about that and this is Carolyn Goyder http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/10679066/Anyone-can-speak-with-gravitas.html and she has impressed me a lot.

    I also took a look at personal magnetism as it is described by the Art of Maniless website http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/07/12/5-ways-to-build-your-personal-magnetism/

    So plenty for me to think about. Glad to have made a beBee connection with you Juanma and I look forward to translating future posts from you. My main purpose online is to use it for my own personal learning and development.
  23. ProducerSusan Rooks

    Susan Rooks

    Tuesday Tricksters, Leave -- Lesson
    Tuesday Tricksters, Leave -- LessonIt's (Its) time (thyme) again for Tuesday Tricksters! It's a quick peek (peak/pique) at some (sum) words that sound the same but (butt/butte) are not (knot/naught) the same! They have different meanings and different spellings.Smart writers remember...


    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    01/12/2016 #10 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    #9 haha @Susan Rooks, I just re-read my comment and my sentence wasn't structured properly. It was supposed to read, "I always type Neice wrong." I usually type Niece. Ok, why isn't grammarly telling me I typed it wrong? It underlined grammarly because I didn't capitalize the word. Now, I'm confused.. neice or niece? And I have been known to type "I have an an apple I need to eat, " well not really the apple part LOL! Occasionally I get things right. I almost missed the typo you shared ;-)
    Susan Rooks
    30/11/2016 #9 Susan Rooks
    #8 @Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher, I cannot for the life of me type occassionally right -- oh, snap. There I go again! To me, it looks fine with either two c's or two s's. And there's no spellcheck here to help me. Ocassionally? Occasionally? Yeah, the second one, I think.
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    30/11/2016 #8 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Great one's @Susan Rooks! I don't get those confused but one that comes to mind and I know better... I mix up effect and affect if I'm typing too fast. And, I know this has nothing to do with your post but one word I ALWAYS type wrong, Neice! I swear I'm dyslexic at times.
    Susan Rooks
    30/11/2016 #6 Susan Rooks
    #3 It's my pleasure, @Elizabeth Bailey!
    Susan Rooks
    30/11/2016 #5 Susan Rooks
    #4 Thanks for letting me know that, @David B. Grinberg! I cannot figure out how to see exactly who has shared my posts unless they tell me. And I do like to say thanks, but if I don't know who . . . how? Anyway, thanks for your continued support, here and on LI!
    David B. Grinberg
    30/11/2016 #4 David B. Grinberg
    Exemplary advice, as always, Susan. I have shared on three hives. Keep buzzing!
    Elizabeth Bailey
    29/11/2016 #3 Elizabeth Bailey
    Such great words and good reminders @Susan Rooks thank you for sharing.
    Susan Rooks
    29/11/2016 #2 Susan Rooks
    #1 Neither was I, @Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman! And I can't imagine ever using them, except maybe in a crossword puzzle. But since they do exist, definitions and all, I felt I should include them.
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    29/11/2016 #1 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    There are a couple of these that I am not familiar, Susan - lieve and levin. Thank you for sharing.
  24. ProducerCamille Mari

    Camille Mari

    Softwares for writing (review)
    Softwares for writing (review)There is a lot of writing softwares, and I tried a few, so I'm sharing my experiences and thoughts about them. Maybe you know a few more not on the list, or maybe you know all of them.聽This post is more focus on people writing with Word/Open office...


    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #15 Camille Mari
    #14 You're welcome. Ommwriter is simple to use and will get it very fast (maybe it could be a great start). Scrivener has more features. I hope you find the time to do what you like.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    27/11/2016 #14 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Great! As I mentioned in a later buzz of yours - all of this software is blue ocean to me. Downside is that this requires me to make some time to study all of this and the irony of this is that I must reduce professional work time in order to increase personal learn time - where learning is a flow rather than a sacrifice. In the New Year I look forward to see how I accommodate this exploration.
    Camille Mari
    26/11/2016 #13 Camille Mari
    #4 Thanks for the shares :)
    Camille Mari
    26/11/2016 #12 Camille Mari
    #6 You're welcome, Ommwriter is very nice and cheap. :)
    Camille Mari
    26/11/2016 #11 Camille Mari
    #8 I understand what you mean :)
    Camille Mari
    26/11/2016 #10 Camille Mari
    #5 I never used it but I'm sure you can. The best would be to ask to the Software support if it works with.
    Emily馃悵 Bee
    26/11/2016 #9 Emily馃悵 Bee
    Interesting and useful, thank you for buzzing.
    Ben Pinto
    26/11/2016 #8 Ben Pinto
    Very useful. Thank you. There seems to be a higher percentage of writers here on beBee in the English speaking version per capita of general membership in the same area, versus other languages. Wow that was a sentence I should try to edit. LOL
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    26/11/2016 #7 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Interesting info. Thanks.
    Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    26/11/2016 #6 Lisa 馃悵 Gallagher
    Thanks @Camille Mari, I love what you share, it will always benefit someone for sure! Ommwriter looks interesting, may check it out!
    Erroll -EL- Warner
    26/11/2016 #5 Erroll -EL- Warner
    What's the importance of Naturally Speaking word recognition software? Can Naturally Speaking be used to write novels also?
    David B. Grinberg
    26/11/2016 #4 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz, Camille. I've shared on three hives for writers, publishers and bloggers. Keep up the buzz!
    Camille Mari
    25/11/2016 #2 Camille Mari
    #1 You're welcome. :)
  25. ProducerCamille Mari

    Camille Mari

    The writer in me
    The writer in me Today's reflectionI never saw myself as a writer.聽I mean, I write stuff but am I a writer ? I suppose. Writing in English is a huge challenge for me (I'll blog about that someday), but I'm writing every single day in order to improve my writing...


    Pamela 馃悵 Williams
    04/12/2016 #22 Pamela 馃悵 Williams
    Camille, you sound like a writer! In fact you sound like me, questioning everything. I can't imagine using an unfamiliar language so you are one better than I. Just keep writing, if only for yourself, but I hope you'll share your work here on beBee.
    Camille Mari
    28/11/2016 #21 Camille Mari
    #19 #20 Thank you Gloria. Ren茅e, regarding what you wrote. Sometimes you only write for you too and you can't share it.
    Ren茅e  馃悵 Cormier
    28/11/2016 #20 Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier
    Keep writing, Camille. I came to your post looking for inspiration. I started to write a post about my sister who committed suicide, and deleted the whole thing because it was too depressing and too personal. Sometimes that's the writing process. We start, hate it, start again, look for inspiration, write something else, edit, post it, etc. It is highly commendable that you try to write in English. I used to teach English as a Second Language and I can tell you that writing is the most difficult skill to acquire. You're doing great. Good for you!
    Gloria 馃悵 馃惥 馃挮 鈽 Ochoa
    28/11/2016 #19 Anonymous
    Love this...I know a writer that did his first 2 books in word, Im going to send him this info...and I have a writer in me, trying to get out...the paper cuts my inner writer are giving me are starting to get my attention! LOL Thanks for the post Camille !
    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #18 Camille Mari
    #17 I made a blog post on bebee about different writing softwares, maybe you can find what you are looking for. https://www.bebee.com/producer/@camille-mari/softwares-for-writing-review & thanks for the share.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    27/11/2016 #17 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    #15 I have done very little writing with a pen and paper - so whatever I write is simply a flow of my thinking at the time I write. My interest is the mediums on either side of how I engage my own thinking. On the one hand I actually want to get back to writing by hand but that demands a time consuming physical reality, but I also want to explore what dimension technologies add, because the very use of technologies changes how we relate to writing. In this regard it is fascinating about both sides of writing with pen and writing with an app. That is the personal awareness that has opened up to me here which adds to what I call my gray wisdom.
    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #16 Camille Mari
    #14 I agree. Thank you for your comment Ken. I don't write with labels and rules, as a principe I write for myself, and then If I can I try to share. :)
    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #15 Camille Mari
    #13 I'm speaking about writing softwares to edit what you write of course, a pen and paper work pretty good too. :)
    Ken Boddie
    27/11/2016 #14 Ken Boddie
    My advice, for what it's worth, Camille, is to forget labels and rules and get the words out there. Mix it up and experiment. Find who you are and not what the world thinks. There are those who write but shouldn't and there are those who don't but should. If you can and should, then your passion will tell you and will remind you repeatedly.
    CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    27/11/2016 #13 CityVP 馃悵 Manjit
    Until I read this, I never considered writing software as a necessary thing. I always assumed that if one develops a natural flow for writing that this is a sufficient baseline. The chief reason I have ignored this developing market for writing technologies is that I have not considered entering the realm of professional writing. Having looked at one review site http://authorunlimited.com/best-writing-software/ at Author Unlimited, I can see how technology helps industrialize a writer. I can see how it helps the technical construct of writing a novel, never mind the stupendous motivation/dedication/sacrifice required to write a book.

    "Flow" is still the principle reason I write but not as a writer but as a learner. Learner here becomes a euphemism for explorer or wanderer and that leads to this experience called flow, which is simply engaging an experience for the experience of it, rather than engage in effort that has some other goal orientated end. The question this buzz posed in my head is how I would do things differently if I was driven by a professional end-point.

    I am far from making writing a professional contribution but it is still an option for me. It is not necessary for me to brand myself as anything including the word "writer" - but at some point I want to begin exploring these writing technologies simply out of curiousity. It is interesting that one writing technology is called "Hemingway" but the writer Hemingway's principle technology seemed to be alcohol and raw emotion - his brilliance was that he was born a literary genius - I have no illusion that using Hemingway technology can turn anyone into a Hemingway (author). It is however a whole new marketing meme to explore.
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    27/11/2016 #12 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Well all sounds like a good start! Simply, keep unfolding ideas and jotting words randomly. And, with ease and peace, it's so simple to pen down stories. Good wishes ahead!
    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #11 Camille Mari
    #6 Thank you Franci.
    Camille Mari
    27/11/2016 #10 Camille Mari
    #9 Thank you, Phil :)
    Phil Friedman
    27/11/2016 #9 Phil Friedman
    #6 Camille and Franci -

    Camille, I have written a fair amount, both for pay and for self-satisfaction -- yet never felt fully comfortable calling myself a "writer". To my mind, I am a bundle of ideas and thoughts seeking expression, whereas, rightly or wrongly, I see a writer as a bundle of expression seeking ideas to write about.

    I would not place too much emphasis on "writing" software, as that would be to confuse the tools with the artisan. I've never, for example, known a set of chisels and a group of saws to be able, in the hands of a mechanical dolt, to produce a fine cabinet. Yet, I have seen the crudest of tools, in the hands of a true craftsman, produce beautiful cabinetry.

    Before writing comes thinking. I believe the fact that you read a lot and enjoy the writing of others is a big step toward being a writer -- if that is truly what you want to be.

    Franci, thank you for the call-out and for your very kind words. My best to both of you. And cheers!
    Chas 鉁岋笍 Wyatt
    27/11/2016 #8 Chas 鉁岋笍 Wyatt
    @Camille Mari, "I may sound like a crazy person but anyway, I'm a bit of a writer and a bit crazy too."~ You are definitely a writer. ;-)
    Chas 鉁岋笍 Wyatt
    27/11/2016 #7 Chas 鉁岋笍 Wyatt
    #3 @Dean Owen, I would like to know more about iBooks Author; what can you tell me? Thanks.
    Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    27/11/2016 #6 Franci馃悵Eugenia Hoffman
    I use Microsoft Word. I鈥檝e used it for years and feel confident in the way it functions.

    I don鈥檛 consider myself a writer like @Pascal Derrien, @Dean Owen, @Jim Murray, @Phil Friedman @Ren茅e 馃悵 Cormier @Donna-Luisa Eversley and many of the others that have that special gift of communication. I think of myself as a producer, an entertainer, and a promoter.

    The thing is what I write comes from the heart and if I make a difference, then I have accomplished my mission.

    So don't give up and keep writing and take time to read some of the work from those I mentioned. You will learn from the best. 馃槈
    27/11/2016 #5 RONALD FAIR
    #3 I use WriteWay. then double check with Ginger. They are very easy to use.
    Camille Mari
    24/11/2016 #4 Camille Mari
    @Pascal Derrien if you write, you are a writer ! Thank you for your comment. @Dean Owen I'll write something then, but feel free to pm me, my favorite it's Scrivener, but Ommwriter can be nice too (it's distraction free).
    Dean Owen
    24/11/2016 #3 Dean Owen
    I'd be interested in knowing about the different software. I use Word because I don't know any better. It seems fine, but I might be missing out on something. I am using iBooks Author for a novel I am writing. Your English writing seems perfectly fine and a lot better than my French, which, as a Brit, we study for 10 years of so.
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