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Hardware Networking

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Hive dedicated to Hardware Networking. Share tips, news, employment or contact with other people from Information Technology Industry.
  1. ProducerPamela Sun

    Pamela Sun

    The Application Delivery Network Load Balancer Market Supercharge Your Network
    The Application Delivery Network Load Balancer Market Supercharge Your NetworkYour company’s network is indispensible, whether it serves internal operations or external customers and prospects. Everyone’s livelihood depends on a reliable and secured network, so could it make good business sense to change your network?To...
  2. ProducerNicole Chardenet
    Ghost of a Machine
    Ghost of a MachineIt was the damndest thing he'd ever seen in his many years of I.T. Or not, as the case may be.A friend of mine we'll call Peter - after Bill Murray's character in Ghostbusters - was working for a large Canadian financial institution in the early...
  3. Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

    I need lots of help. My lap top computer is on it's last legs. I want to buy a 2 in 1. Please tell me your ideas of what to get. I will bee eternally grateful regardz Louise
    Louise Smith
    10 best 2-in-1 laptops 2016: top hybrid laptops reviewed
    www.techradar.com TechRadar's top-ranking 2-in-1 laptop...


    Louise Smith
    01/05/2016 #4 Louise Smith
    #3 Ola Sor @Ivan Campos I will try that - thankyou !
    Ivan Campos
    01/05/2016 #3 Ivan Campos
    Ola Sor Louise Smith, muito obrigado pela á Atenção, Gostaria muito de ajuda-lo, na da sugestão escolha de seu Portátiles, mas não tenho aprofundamentos Técnicos para perturbar a-lo, sugiro Que, junto busque como Colmeias de Tecnología essa Informação, Porque, Creio Que Terao TODO apoio técnico, párrafo aquisição hacer mesmo.Desculpe não-me-lo ajuda Poder quesito finura.
    Ivan Campos
    01/05/2016 #2 Ivan Campos
    Mr. Ola Louise Smith, muito obrigado pela to atenção, muito gostaria ajuda-lo, na sugestão da escolha of seu Lap tops, mas não tenho-technical aprofundamentos to faze him, sugiro that look Colmeias as ESSA technology along informação, because creio that all technical apoio Terao, for aquisição do mesmo.Desculpe-me ajuda-lo não nesse power quesito.
    Louise Smith
    01/05/2016 #1 Louise Smith
    Hi @Ivan Campos do you know anything about 2 in1 s? regardz Louise
  4. Michelle Lee

    Michelle Lee

    Like many other small businesses, DHR, The Doc-Box® Company" had humble beginnings. A custom home builder saw the need for an economical, yet durable way to post plans and permits. So in his garage in 1988, he invented The Doc-Box® and created New Path Capital (he's retired, and now DHR Industries,Inc), a product and a company built with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Over the years, DHR has grown to offer a complete line of all-weather information posting products, but we've never gotten too big to forget where we came from!
    It's our daily goal to provide affordable products without sacrificing quality. Every day we ask ourselves, "Are we doing the best we can for our customers?"
    It's our hope that all your needs are being met when purchasing any of our products. However, we gladly welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have for us. Please give us a call -- to place an order, or tell us how we're doing. Toll Free 800-223-5897 www.docbox.com
    Michelle Lee
  5. saurabh srivastava
    good morning all saurabh srivastava