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  1. ProducerIra Friedman

    Ira Friedman

    Is That the Job You Want?
    Is That the Job You Want? It is amazing the diversity of jobs we have had and will perform. Some of us strive for that position always. Others wind up there by happenstance. For some, it is because they don’t have alternatives.Even as a high school kid, I took some jobs...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    24/07/2016 #11 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Jam packed with employee stories from many angles, and what really strikes me is the honor you still have for your beloved father. He had core values, I suspect he was a man of God, and he followed the Code of Honor. I never waitressed, but my first formal job (aside from picking garlic in Gilroy, California with the migrant farm workers) was at McDonalds. Much like a university education, I learned principles that I later applied to the Los Angeles County Jail Ward for the 'fresh' arrested and 'scraped off the streets." You have all the key points here. The only other point I would like to gently add is that one needs to pick up the 'culture' of the environment. If the patients in the Jail Ward could hold me hostage and cause a full-blown 'lockdown' of that 15 cm steel door, hey, I need to shoe them who is boss. At first, I thought the LAPD were rather brutal at clobbering a convict to the floor, but I quickly learned that the same person I was feeling empathy for knew he was HIV Positive and was on PCP (elephant tranquilizer) and wanted to bite off our hands. So your story on the hand-that-almost-got-amputated, it resonates. Gave me flashbacks for a moment there. Fantastic writing - You Should Write a Book!
    Selim Yeniçeri
    06/07/2016 #10 Selim Yeniçeri
    I loved this article!

    Read this, people! You will "love" it!
    Selim Yeniçeri
    06/07/2016 #9 Selim Yeniçeri
    I loved this article!
    Jason Attar
    05/07/2016 #8 Jason Attar
    Well said on lessons learned!
    And Management, please remember that your staff is a reflection of your abilities. Like a sport(s) team, the players maybe in perfect shape and the best of the best however if the coach provides a poor playbook and expects his players to compensate for his/ her incompetence... ...well we all know the outcome.
    Ira Friedman
    05/07/2016 #7 Ira Friedman
    Vincent, Thank you. Ira
    Vincent Andrew
    01/07/2016 #6 Vincent Andrew
    "Don't look down on manual labourers." This is definitely true. In my experience they are your good plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and the like. Great article @Ira Friedman!
    mohammed khalaf
    01/07/2016 #5 mohammed khalaf
    sent you following#4
    Ira Friedman
    30/06/2016 #4 Ira Friedman
    #1 - Mohamed - You are welcome.
    Ira Friedman
    30/06/2016 #3 Ira Friedman
    #2 - Mohammed - Good advice.
    mohammed khalaf
    22/06/2016 #2 mohammed khalaf
    If you show that you like the way the company works, your boss and your boss's bosses will be happier to make you an important part of it. Also, get to know your co workers. If you seek to understand your co workers, you may avoid potential disagreements.
    Mohamed Amroussi
    22/06/2016 #1 Mohamed Amroussi
    Nice motivational article , thank you Ira Friedman
  2. ProducerMargaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 4th of July, 2016
    WEEKEND ROUNDUP: 4th of July, 2016by Dr Margaret Aranda 4th of July WEEKEND ROUNDUP: PIONEER GROUP  :"You Should Write a Book!"  Have you 'Googled' yourself lately? Do it soon, as you're about to grow! Note #of impressions, #of images, and #of pages you occupy. Then you see what...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    23/07/2016 #10 Mohammed A. Jawad
    @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD Great contributions that inspire others to share your content. :)
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    11/07/2016 #9 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #3 @Paul Walters: No worries, as I'll be posting personal articles to my hive, Dr Margaret Aranda: Notes, Short Stories...some thing like that. I just made it exactly for you! Woo~ Hoo!
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    05/07/2016 #8 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: ✔️1. What is your Author Blog? http://www.drmargaretaranda.blogspot.com ; ✔️2. What is your Amazon site? http://www.amazon.com/Dr.-Margaret-Aranda/e/B00IJIALVI ; ✔️3. What is your Goodreads site? https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/47427772-dr-margaret-aranda ; ✔️4. What is your FaceBook site? https://www.facebook.com/DrAuthor/ ~ Everyone, go to each of these "HOMEWORK" posts and support one another! This is a Team Effort, for both "Accomplished-Author-Beez" and "Author-Wanna-Beez!" Be a DOER & then Give Yourself a : ‼️ BAM ‼️
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    05/07/2016 #7 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #2 @Ali Anani: "It is only fitting that the student should learn from her teacher, and then give the credit back to him, lovely as he is." ~ Dr Margaret Aranda, on Ali Anani, Ph.D.
    Ali Anani
    05/07/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    I wrote a buzz in response to this lovely buzz and titled "Ideas Transferring"
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    05/07/2016 #5 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    This is great, Margaret! I mostly write for others, but that will be changing soon, I'll bookmark this for action a little later
    debasish majumder
    05/07/2016 #4 debasish majumder
    lovely post @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD! thank you very much for sharing it.
    Paul Walters
    05/07/2016 #3 Paul Walters
    Hi @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD Wow this is a wonderful thing you do !!! I and perhaps others would like to hear your story as with a CV like yours there has to be BIG story !!
    Ali Anani
    05/07/2016 #2 Ali Anani
    You showed me the glint of light on the broken glass. Thank you @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    I like the swing between marketing and creativity- something to ponder on
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    05/07/2016 #1 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Please note: I don't mind if we actually 'don't Share' for just a week or so, to give me time to 'catch up' before it goes to other Hives. Brain injury, you know. Please be patient with me. Thanks! 🍯