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  1. Taction SoftwareLLC
    Taction has helped one of the Top 100 USA based billing companies in automating the data exchange processes with multiple Labs increasing their revenue against manual data submit. Taction designed and developed number of customized HL7 secured channels using Mirth Connect. Mirth Connect is a cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports. It automated the billing submission process with labs like Hill Country, FTOX, USAM, GENO, CADIRA, SERO etc
    Taction SoftwareLLC
    Case Study: HL7 Development & HL7 Integration using Mirth Connect
    www.tactionsoftware.com Customized HL7 secured channels using Mirth Connect & automated the billing submission process, hl7 integration using mirth connect, Case...