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HealthCare Ethics: Invisible Illnesses - beBee

HealthCare Ethics: Invisible Illnesses

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Ethical considerations abound in healthcare. This encompasses clinical care, research and healthcare administration. Strict guidelines, Policies and Procedures are mainstays of the backbone structure that defines roles and behaviors, problems and solutions.

This Hive is dedicated to talk about these considerations. The range of topics is unlimited and Dr Margaret Aranda is charged with leading a series of discussions in systematic order to address issues before the people of the world, not just English-speaking or American populations. The focus is world-wide.

All documents posted to this Hive must be approved by Dr Aranda prior to posting in this Hive. If no permission is granted beforehand, the document is subject to retrieval and removal. Persons submitting a post will have discussed it in length with Dr Aranda first. Medical students, postgraduate researchers, ethicists and humanitarians are encouraged to participate.

Medical Disclaimer: No article is meant to provide medical advice, treatment or cure. You must be seen in person by a health care professional to be properly examined.

In this light, if an American doctor sees you in her office, she must touch you with her hands before billing your medical insurance. The patient:physician relationship is established and maintained by the physical exam and the laying on of hands, after you have given permission to be touched.