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Horizon 2020 - beBee

Horizon 2020

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his group is dedicate to European research, development and innovation; open innovation; and to building an active network of professionals who have an interested in Horizon 2020 the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Benefits of joining are, you can:

1) Establish connectivity with professionals internationally from industry, investors, government bodies and research bases who share an interest in research, innovation, R&D project financing, EU Funding, IPR management, knowledge transfer and science communication.

2) Stay informed of developments in Horizon 2020.

3) Raise questions and issues for open discussion and debates. This may for example be a specific question on the rules of FP7 and Horizon 2020 or even a open debate on a wider socio-economic issue relating to the adoption of new and emerging technologies.

4) Share insights, best practices and your experiences with others.

5) Find new R&D and technology partners and investors. Partner and investor search posts are welcomed. If you have a technology to offer or are seeking a new technological capability, you are welcomed to post.

6) Post and share news be that news about your company or other R&D and innovation related articles. Small high-tech companies, spinouts and start-ups are encouraged to promote their products and services.

7) Promote the publishable results of your research and innovation projects.