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  1. ProducerRoger Hilleboe

    Roger Hilleboe

    TransformationWhat makes a house a home besides a heap of money?In my neighborhood, South Tucson, USA, 78% Latino and poor, it can be any combination of kids and flora, to steel barred doors and windows, and/or severe fences enclosing vicious dogs.I shot the...
  2. Nathalie Phillips
    Read the comments to this article... THAT is where the story truly is!

    It truly hurts my little blood pumping organ that humans have to suffer this way... in the so-called first world... in 2017... Surely, capitalism has failed western society in the very worst of ways... to think that a few people (maybe even ONE!!!) can provide a fix and will not even have to build a sweat or feel the expense... #BrokenHearted :/
    Nathalie Phillips
    Abandoned mobile homes plague North Carolina
    www.indyweek.com Legislation in the works while cleanup stymies local...
  3. ProducerBradley Pallister
    70% of fire victims suffocate.
    70% of fire victims suffocate.If you think that five breaths are all it takes to lose consciousness, you won’t be surprised to learn that between 50-80% of victims in a fire suffocate. Thick smoke can lead to disorientation and make it difficult to breathe, while the heat can...


    sheo kumar prasad srivastva
    28/11/2016 #1 sheo kumar prasad srivastva
    I agree Pallister, direct burn is very less in comparison to suffocation. the insight is useful to avoid fire related deaths.