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HP Printer has gained the number one position among all another printer because of its loyal client and mind blogging features. But being popular doesn’t mean it is way from technical and performance hiccups. Users of HP printer faces some complications that require attention from the professional to get it solved. You can avail their assistance by reaching HP Printer Customer Support which is accessible 24 hours a day.

How to install HP Printer driver on Mac

You want to connect your brand new HP printer with Mac but don’t know how to do it. Then this blog will help you in solving all your concern, you just need to follow some quick steps in order to install the driver on Mac:

Ø First, acquire the Mac printer driver either from the CD or by downloading it. You can check manufactures website for the driver

Ø Connect the printer with your Mac and turn it on

Ø If you have downloaded the file, locate where it is available. And if the CD is available then copy the files in the location where you want to save the software

Ø Double click on the .dmg file and run the installer

Ø Follow the instruction given at the time of installation.

Ø Once the installation is done then just reboot the system

Ø Now go to the System Preferences in the Mac and then click on ‘Print and Fax’

Ø Select the name of your printer from the list of Printer Setup Utility

Ø And then enter add and now you are ready to print from your Mac device too

While executing these steps users may find some difficulty which at times will annoy them. But that is the best time to approach certified customer care via HP Printer Customer Support Number where you will get an answer of your every question. The technicians will first understand the problem and then they will deliver the solution as soon as possible. The solution provided by them are effective and feasible and are easy to perform also. Customer satisfaction and timely resolution of the technical glitches are the top priority for the support team.

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