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A Human Resources generalist, manager, or director plays a wide variety of roles in organizations. Depending on the size of the organization, these HR jobs may have overlapping responsibilities. In larger organizations, the HR generalist, manager, and director have clearly defined, separated roles in HR management.
  1. Producerharish daniel

    harish daniel

     ? Intelligence
    ? IntelligenceWhich intelligence is required to become a leader, EQ vs IQmy view is people who are having People with high EQ usually make great leaders and team players because of their ability to understand, empathize, and connect with the people around...
  2. ProducerMichael Schneider
    I Spoke to an Expert. He Said This Is What's Holding Millennials Back
    I Spoke to an Expert. He Said This Is What's Holding Millennials BackLast year, I had the pleasure of meeting Chip Espinoza when he gave a keynote speech at Welltower, where I work. Espinoza is the Academic Director of Organizational Psychology at Concordia University, a consultant for major corporations, including...


    Adam Weedy
    20/01/2017 #2 Adam Weedy
    I applaud the trend among Millennials to quit jobs that aren't working for them. They are at their peak in terms of mobility; while I think it's painful for corporations - I do believe it will drive change.
    Mohammed Sultan
    20/01/2017 #1 Mohammed Sultan
    Millennials look at companies as the paths of their thoughts and when these thoughts are blocked ,not addressed or expressed the relationship reach a premature end.Many young talents,so,quit their jobs either because they don't have enough patience or energy to bend with the trend of conformity inside many companies or because their pockets ,time and hearts are filled because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    In General,considering millennials as loyal assets in their companies is a welfare and a fantasy that go beyond the logic of today's business reality and the well- established economic theories.Thank you @Michael Schneider and welcome on beBee.
  3. George Touryliov
    Recruitment is a prime candidate for automation through AI and machine learning, but what does this mean for human recruiters?
    George Touryliov
    Does the Rise of AI Mean the End for Recruiters?
    theundercoverrecruiter.com How will smarter machines affect the HR industry? Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the field and future of human recruitment forever. Recruitment...
  4. George Touryliov
    One of the biggest HR trends of the year is the rise of recruitment marketing. So what exactly is it, how does it help you attract qualified candidates, and how should you measure whether it’s working for you? Ideal presents this handy how-to guide on recruitment marketing for innovative recruiters.
    George Touryliov
    Recruitment Marketing: A How-To Guide For Innovative Recruiters
    www.business2community.com One of the biggest HR trends of the year is the rise of recruitment marketing. So what exactly is it, how does it help you attract qualified candidates, and how should you measure whether it’s...
  5. David B. Grinberg
    Do YOU or your employer have any workforce diversity goals or novel approaches for 2017?
    David B. Grinberg
    2017 Goals: Diversity - by Deborah Levine - AMERICAN DIVERSITY REPORT
    americandiversityreport.com As we begin 2017, the results of the U.S. presidential election are rippling through the national consciousness. Not surprisingly, there is much discussion on the fate of diversity advocacy in the community and in business. The economics of diverse...
  6. Walter Smith

    Walter Smith

    Executive Thinking Skills
    Walter Smith
  7. ProducerSandra Smith

    Sandra Smith

    Dealing with Mental Illness at Work
    Dealing with Mental Illness at WorkI read this piece via The Telegraph yesterday, and it struck a chord. A number of my family members suffer from bipolar disorder, and I lost my cousin Sarah to it last year. I was diagnosed with "Mood disorder - Not otherwise specified" some years...


    Jim Cody 🐝
    18/01/2017 #15 Jim Cody 🐝
    #14 The stigma will not lessen until our governments and medical communities cover mental illnesses in equal par with other illnesses.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    17/01/2017 #14 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Hi @Sandra Smith, I agree, the stigma needs to end. I don't see it ending anytime soon because of the lack of awareness, education and quite frankly many people still do see Mental Illness as a weakness, not a real illness. I have written a lot about Anxiety Disorder and the stigmas attached, including the workplace too. Maybe if more of us keep writing, supporting each other's writing, one day the voices will grow louder and together, we can all affect change. Thanks for sharing this!
    Mike Rana
    17/01/2017 #13 Mike Rana
    If Americans weren't such a sue-happy culture, and lawmakers had the spine to not consider writing "nanny laws," things might be score better in the US of A. We do love our bubble wrap.#12
    Harvey Lloyd
    17/01/2017 #12 Harvey Lloyd
    #10 I would say that you have cornered the issues in a single sentence. I believe lawyers get a bum wrap to some degree, as humans tend to think because they have been wronged according to their philosophy they can seek $ain. Then add in the topping of costs and insurance companies, the gain exists due to cost to litigate. A vicious cycle of precedents.
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #11 Sandra Smith
    #10 Lawyers are pretty much a barrier to everything... ;-)
    Mike Rana
    16/01/2017 #10 Mike Rana
    One of the barriers in the workplace to dealing with mental illness is lawyers.
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #9 Sandra Smith
    #8 Absolutely Harvey, and not at all
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/01/2017 #8 Harvey Lloyd
    #7 I hope you did not read into the comment the lack of need but rather the stirring issues on each side of the equation. It is an issue that requires input, insight and action. More importantly i sense that society is moving forward and the need for all to engage exists. This introduces a deeper challenge of mankind.
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #7 Sandra Smith
    #5 Thank you, @Harvey. Exactly right - you cannot show favouritism at work. But you can foster an environment where it is not seen as favouritism - because there is a genuine need for that person's accommodations. For example, at Symbian, a senior-staffer had a syndrome that made her very tired during the day. So she was allowed to have a couch in her office to rest on. No-one begrudged her because it was explained why she needed it. Of course, having a room with a day bed that anyone can use may be a more fair and diplomatic way to tackle the problem, if practical...
    Sandra Smith
    16/01/2017 #6 Sandra Smith
    #3 Thank you, @sara!
    Harvey Lloyd
    16/01/2017 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    @Sandra Smith a compelling post. Having lead many people within the construction industry and now in the education industry, I am recognizing this as a growing concern. We work with folks at a very personal level to help them achieve job satisfaction.

    We have recognized that this is the best way to address the minor/major issues that are brought on by an individuals perceptions of themselves. I will have to say though, leadership has to have a very strong personal conviction to address this in the workplace. Although some of the returns on investment are great the fall out within the larger group can be costly.

    Giving an individual special consideration due to mental illness can be seen as favoritism to others who are experiencing temporary bad judgement. Leaders must balance the support of one by the perceptions of others within the workforce. This is not a cop out statement but rather an understanding that the issues of mental illness are growing and the leadership will require a different perspective. But so will co-workers.
    Sara Jacobovici
    16/01/2017 #4 Sara Jacobovici
    @Sandra Smith writes: "Open, honest environment needed.
    This is why I am writing my piece too. Employers need to start working to create an open environment. Where mental illness is identified, discussed and supported. Not pushed under the carpet and stigmatised. Otherwise they will end up losing talent, and that talent may end up losing themselves."
    Sara Jacobovici
    16/01/2017 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    Bravo @Sandra Smith! One of the best posts on mental illness and the workplace I have read. Well written and articulated. Wishing you all the success!
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    16/01/2017 #2 Don 🐝 Kerr
    @Sandra Smith "Employers need to start working to create an open environment. Where mental illness is identified, discussed and supported. Not pushed under the carpet and stigmatised. Otherwise they will end up losing talent, and that talent may end up losing themselves." Wouldn't that be brilliant? One can only hope. Will share and thanks for this.
    Pascal Derrien
    16/01/2017 #1 Pascal Derrien
    I had somebody diagnosed with Bipolar disorder reporting to me and I fully relate to the ''genius'' episodes and surge of creativity, as a manager it does require a bit of adjustment but he was by far the sharpest contributor in the team :-)
  8. ProducerBen Pinto

    Ben Pinto

    CAN DO - turn your hiring practices into perfection
    CAN DO - turn your hiring practices into perfectionTo all Start-up Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Managers of Main Street sized organizations,If you were to identify the author of SUCCESSFUL HIRING, An Easy-to-Follow Method, without reference to gender, the author’s first five initials would aptly...


    Aurorasa Sima
    22/01/2017 #5 Aurorasa Sima
    #4 It´s good to be on our team and have you on my team, Ben.
    Ben Pinto
    22/01/2017 #4 Ben Pinto
    Yes, including you! #1
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #3 Aurorasa Sima
    #2 I´ve seen the tag, Ben, and will read your article as soon as I can. My apologies that I have not done so yet. It´s a bit crazy right now, will cool down after the 19th
    Ben Pinto
    15/01/2017 #2 Ben Pinto
    Thank you Aurorasa - i love suprising people. The above was applied to 6 strategic locations. Right now i have, three articles ago on LI a piece on Martin Luther King, Jr. As his actual birthday is today and if uou like the article I would like it to get around more. It was number 1 and nunber 2 on LI pulse for short periods. I've had articles on pulse before but never ranking all that high. Thank uou for your support.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/01/2017 #1 Aurorasa Sima
    You support people and things you believe in. I love that about you.
  9. Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider
    You Just Hired Someone and They're Not Productive Yet. Here's Why
    www.inc.com The key to new employee productivity is participation. Addressing these concerns during onboarding can build their...
  10. Laurika Doherty

    Laurika Doherty

    A decluttered life can result in a decluttered mind! #declutter #healthy2017 #wellness #yourbestself
    Laurika Doherty
    The Benefits of Minimalism: 7 Reasons to Declutter Your Life
    bit.ly Sometimes less is more. Decluttering can dramatically improve your life. Here are 7 ways you'll benefit from a minimalist...
  11. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Smell of Disengagement
    The Smell of DisengagementThe couple got engaged and then disengaged- what happened? The employee got so engaged in work and then got disengaged? What happened? The people got engaged in an environmental issue and then disengaged? What happened? The investors got...


    Ali Anani
    18/01/2017 #38 Ali Anani
    #37 Your linkage of engagement to happiness is prolific dear @Donna-Luisa Eversley. It is a buzz on its own. I am so glad to read your comment and it merits wider exposure. I do wish if you would expand it into a buzz. I thank you also sharing the buzz.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    18/01/2017 #37 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @Ali Anani this is a topic which needs more engagement overall in most aspects of life. To be engaged with the people and the job at work can make an individual very productive and quite happy. This is important because the feeling of happiness should transcend most feelings, as it opens the door to gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and it increases the value of the job. Why does this matter... it should if one desires an environment of loyalty, focus and growth. Harmony. Just some thoughts as I read. Quite a very important post for pondering. Thank you
    Ali Anani
    12/01/2017 #36 Ali Anani
    #34 I do appreciate your feedback @Zacharias Voulgaris
    Ali Anani
    12/01/2017 #35 Ali Anani
    #33 I am glad that I tagged you dear @Sara Jacobovici for you expanded wonderfully on the comment of dear @Amina Alami
    Zacharias Voulgaris 🐝
    12/01/2017 #34 Zacharias Voulgaris 🐝
    Very insightful and to the point! Thank you for sharing
    Sara Jacobovici
    12/01/2017 #33 Sara Jacobovici
    #31 Thank you to @Ali Anani for bringing your comment to my attention @Amina Alami. It is great to see the same words being viewed from a different perspective. I find our perspective of the value of newer or older employees, their degree of freshness in relation to their engagement very important. For me it brings up the complexity of the sense of smell experienced from the view of the "ventilation" system of the environment. If newer employees come in with a fresh smell only to be prevented from "blossoming" (referring to Dr. Ali's next buzz The Butterfly Effect of Passion) in a well ventilated environment, they may temporarily engage and will either leave their current environment or become older employees still engaged in spite of losing their fresh smell. They adapted to the environment producing the same low quality smell, rather than either leaving to preserve their freshness or contributing to the environment by breathing fresh air into it. Thank you Dr. Ali and Amina for the opportunity to engage in this dynamic discussion.
    Ali Anani
    11/01/2017 #32 Ali Anani
    #31 Thank you dear @Amina Alami for writing a profound comment. If you would read the comment of @Sara Jacobovici then she also offered her explanation of same paragraph. Fresh employees may disengage easily. This is a paradox of its own because freshness means to me they are still fragrant and yet they ae the first to disengage. You make me think deeper. Thank you
    Amina Alami
    11/01/2017 #31 Amina Alami
    This article is astounding Ali Anani! You so beautifully stated," this was a refreshing smell of disengagement. What a paradox!" In my humble opinion, the young and fresh employees may disengage easily, even if they smell right, when their company doesn't practice leadership development programs and mentoring to keep them fully engaged. On the other hand, the wrinkled employees, even if they may not smell so right, they could still be fully engaged if they finally found their fulfilling job.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/01/2017 #30 Harvey Lloyd
    #21 Yes, the mentoring word is what we speak. Expectations are designed and built by many aspects of our life. We all need that feeling of confidence and in most cases with our next generation that confidence has set up expectations that are unrealistic. I can say this was the case for myself and the many i have discussed employment with at our firm.

    Could we make the statement, expectations developed on poor understanding will always produce poor engagement.

    @Jared 🐝 Wiese you have interpreted my comments and extended the discussion into new realms. My conspiracy theory might be that we are placing a large portion of our hiring expectation on education. Given this we now assume "soft skills" are present. We judge our newer generations with this in mind.

    I'm not a ridged fan but none the less a fan of Maslow's hierarchy. Soft skills allow us to self actualize through experience. We cant gain experience unless someone engages us and our expectations will never shift. The individual experiencing this will struggle through out their career and many other areas.

    Just a few minutes a day, or changing how we interface with others could increase another's opportunity for success. But in the end each individual has to choose their path. So as you say they need to be released.
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #29 Ali Anani
    #23 You have a reason to ask dear@debasish majumder- but would the artist be happy with his work if soon it tumbles down or breaks into pieces?
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #28 Ali Anani
    #22 What to say except that your comment is deep and spot on dear @Mohammed Sultan. In few words you explained a lot. Thank you
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #27 Ali Anani
    #21 I hope @Harvey Lloyd would read your comment @Jared 🐝 Wiese. I love the idea of engagement vs expectation.
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #26 Ali Anani
    #20 Upper management not adhering well- you really summarized the concept of the buzz remarkably well @Jared 🐝 Wiese
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #25 Ali Anani
    #19 @Sara Jacobovici- you hit the nail on its head by writing "The glue has to permeate the surface while it is still wet before it will take hold; it needs time to make itself felt". Your comment is truly the synopsis of the buzz. Your comprehension is again very impressive.
    Ali Anani
    10/01/2017 #24 Ali Anani
    #18 Yes and you read my mind @Sara Jacobovici. I expected you to comment on this paradox being "The Queen of Paradoxes". I am still pondering on your explanations of it.
    debasish majumder
    10/01/2017 #23 debasish majumder
    lovely insight sir @Ali Anani! but, i am bit confused, how far an artist bothered about glue, when he is only focused on his creative inclination? will it be sensible to be bothered about glue, instead of being absorbed with his creative frame of mind? besides, i believe, quality lies with his creation, not with mere ostentation with its eye catching form. content is the soul of his creation, not the mere form only. it is equal to the metaphor, that we must judge from one tree to judge about the entire forest and its beauty and attractive quality is the only determining factor to gauge the potentialities of its distinctive dispensation, for which it eventually make sometimes epoch making presentation! however, intriguing post indeed sir. enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
    Mohammed Sultan
    10/01/2017 #22 Mohammed Sultan
    One of our main tasks is not to build a single charismatic leader with a smell of fragrance,but to build a whole organization around its own fragrance.
    The beauty of the organizations with enduring smell begins when they build internal and external organizational streams that will never dry,going up and down and in all directions causing no wrinkles.
    Jared 🐝 Wiese
    10/01/2017 #21 Jared 🐝 Wiese
    #12 Harvey, I think I see what you mean - even from a big business perspective ;)
    I have mentored and trained many college grads and new hires. Interesting ties to this discussion.

    Some are there for a paycheck (expectation) while others want to fit in and move up (engagement).
    Some you can tell something once and they not only do it but run with it and expand on it. Others, eventually don't "fit in" and are fired.

    This is why, when I interview people, I put more "glue" on the soft skills: expectations ("So, what's the pay and when do I get YOUR job?!") and attitude ("Ask not what your [company] can do for you";), hunger and thirst, ability and desire to learn and contribute to the team.
    Jared 🐝 Wiese
    10/01/2017 #20 Jared 🐝 Wiese
    This resonates so well: "Wrinkles form when the top layer dries faster than the bottom layer or when top layer is applied on a contaminated surface. The top layer in organization is the upper management. If the upper management interest in the organization dries up then the glue that bonds the organization together."
    Great metaphors! I've seen so many upper management come in and - let's say - not adhere well. They are soon gone like the wind, with those who are more engaged and dedicated feeling the breeze.
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/01/2017 #19 Sara Jacobovici
    Part 2/2 Thank you @Ali Anani for bringing my attention to @Harvey Lloyd's comment and thank you Harvey for the mention. I will take a couple of lines from Dr. Ali's buzz to reflect on expectations and engagement. Dr. Ali writes, "Not all glues are the same [and painting] the "organization wagon" with low quality paint will lead to all sorts of problems..." You both touched on the "fit" or shared vision. If the leader, who is the glue, is best suited for a certain type of surface or purpose and the team members or staff are made up of other "stuff", it will not lead to engagement. The glue has to permeate the surface while it is still wet before it will take hold; it needs time to make itself felt. And the quality of the paint, or the investment in the company, whether time and/or effort, will determine the quality of the environment. Unfortunately, some leaders are "blind" to the impact they have on their environment and its influence on the rest of the people involved. If their focus is away from the results of the poor quality of engagement, they will only experience the outcome when things begin to "fall apart". As always, gentlemen, thank you for the opportunity to engage at this level of quality!
  12. Walter Smith

    Walter Smith

    Free Online Course in Optologics for a Limited Time https://affectivelearningwiki.atlassian.net/wiki/x/V4AwWalter Smith
  13. ProducerDavid Navarro López
    Sacred Cows: The CEO’s Bullies
    Sacred Cows: The CEO’s BulliesThe term of Sacred Cow is used in business to define a very particular kind of worker or partner which every CEO should be aware not to have on his/her organisation. Their behaviour uses to be above any rule no matter (and specifically) if it comes...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    09/01/2017 #11 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ah, how greediness sometimes disfigures human personality and degrades soul to sense the beauty of simplicity and sensibility!
    debasish majumder
    08/01/2017 #10 debasish majumder
    nice insight @David Navarro López! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
    David Navarro López
    08/01/2017 #8 Anonymous
    #5 Exactly. One way or another is going to end. Luckily for me, until now I could "swing" this kind of issues and did not get caught in the "middle of any war", but it is really sad to see many talented people who could bring high value being forced to leave those companies in the mean time.
    David Navarro López
    08/01/2017 #7 Anonymous
    #4 I agree entirely with you. As usual, I like to write about things I have encountered and experienced personally. Sacred cows are more likely to be found than one can think, and the bad they do to the company most of the times is bigger than the cost of getting rid of them.
    David Navarro López
    08/01/2017 #6 Anonymous
    #1 It might be they act like this because of being scared, but in business life, I have found this situation more than once, and in no case, the inception was due to fear. In most cases, they achieved this strong position due to an initial well-deserved trust of the management, by having outstanding results or by having skills which others could not have at the time. After that, they converted it to their own profit, feeling "being more boss than the real boss".
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    08/01/2017 #4 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    I want to make that rude sound "UGH"! I've encountered these sacred cows who manipulate not only people but the reporting of the company's condition. It will eventually right itself but at great cost to the company and it's people.
    Devesh Bhatt
    08/01/2017 #2 Devesh Bhatt
    I can relate.thanks
    Ali Anani
    08/01/2017 #1 Ali Anani
    @David Navarro López- great insights and I am amazed by this term Sacred Cow for two reasons"
    1- Sacred employees shall not behave the way they do if they were truly sacred, and
    I find it a better way to described sacred cows by Scared Cows. Just by shifting the position of a in scared to read scared. I believe they do what they do because they are scared to lose their status. They have concern for their status and nothing else.
  14. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    What’s That Knocking at the Door?
    What’s That Knocking at the Door?When I started writing this blog in 2014, my initial intent was to write about my journey as I started my own business as an Executive Coach. I had decided on the school I would attend for training, and had already completed some certifications...


    Jared 🐝 Wiese
    09/01/2017 #8 Jared 🐝 Wiese
    Great points. As you say, "step up".
    I've heard it added: Show up. Be authentic. That ties nicely with @Sara Jacobovici's comment. Prepare, then focus on the work, and the rest takes care of itself.
    Adam Weedy
    09/01/2017 #7 Adam Weedy
    Very encouraging!
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/01/2017 #6 Sara Jacobovici
    As always @Ali Anani "reads" me perfectly. Thanks Dr. ali for bringin my attention to this great buzz. @John Whitehead, you present an experience most of us can relate to and certainly identify with in a narrative that makes it easy to hear. As Dr. Ali pointed out, I appreciate when you write, ""One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to expect the unexpected: be open to opportunities as they arise and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone". This can lead to what has worked for me to gratefully not have to experience the imposter syndrome anymore. First, I always find a way of asking as many questions beforehand regarding expectations; from the organizers or other team members. Then, in expecting the unexpected, my focus is on trying to imagine, where I will be, with who I will be and why I will be there; whether presenting, training, joining a new team , and so on. After all that, I go into the experience not focusing on me or others but on the work itself. With my focus on the work, I have shifted any attention from me or others to the content of the gathering. And since I wouldn't be doing what I was doing if I didn't have an interest or care enough about the work, immersing myself in the work beats any other place, comfort zone or not. Thanks for sharing your experiences and success story John.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    09/01/2017 #5 Laura Mikolaitis
    "So, be ready to step up and be uncomfortable at times because those are the opportunities for real growth. Be ready to open that door when it knocks." A great read by @John Whitehead.
    Laura Mikolaitis
    09/01/2017 #4 Laura Mikolaitis
    @John Whitehead, I love what you say here: "there is a reason you are here; someone thought you are the right person for this role. So do your best and be who you are. You know your stuff — be confident in that." Amen to that. It's something that we tend to forget and we do a disservice to ourselves when we do. Maybe it is due to outside forces or our own internal conflicts that can lead us down that road. But you are right. There is a reason. And likely, a steadfast one. So grab it by the reigns and go because you just never know. And if whatever it is doesn't work out, then perhaps it is leading you to the next thing that will. Growth doesn't come without challenges. We just have to be willing to accept them and learn from them - even if we don't understand the lesson at first. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading it.
    Ali Anani
    09/01/2017 #3 Ali Anani
    @John Whitehead- I enjoyed immensely reading your buzz and experiencing the imposter syndrome. I know the feeling and your buzz triggered some memories. I like some doubts for short times because they make me try to do better. However; if should the syndrome stay for prolonged times it could be very harmful.
    I am sure @Sara Jacobovici shall enjoy reading this buzz as you wrote "One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to expect the unexpected: be open to opportunities as they arise and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone". Only last week she wrote on the relationship of imagination and expecting the unexpected. Sharing
    Harvey Lloyd
    09/01/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    This was a good discussion about the "imposter syndrome", i have never heard it labeled. This is a concept that when traveling in uncharted areas of growth can become a battlefield of the mind.

    I am not sure we can avoid it. There seems to be a competitive communications style that feels it must challenge people in their growth. This would establish a narrative of constant seeking understanding in the area of your growth. Early in my small business journey i was lucky and had a few mentors who recognized my blind exploration and provided complimentary guidance.

    Great thoughts here and certainly is a worthy topic.
    David B. Grinberg
    07/01/2017 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Nice post, John. I would emphasize the many employees need to improve their "soft skills" in today's mobile, digital and virtual Information Age. This is especially true for Millennials and Gen Z, the biggest age demographics who also represents the next generation of leadership. It's good to know you are training people on "soft skills" -- as mastering these skills enhance interpersonal communication and customer service, among other things. Keep buzing in 2017, John!
  15. Joy Wilson

    Joy Wilson

    Accidental hero's. Who are these characters in your organisation?
    Joy Wilson
    An Accidental Hero - Spectrum Training Services
    www.spectrain.co.uk An Accidental Hero a story of leadership a scarecrow, a tin Man, a lion characters who underestimated...
  16. ProducerDean Da Costa

    Dean Da Costa

    Diversity Sourcing Part 2
    Diversity Sourcing Part 2We already looked at Women so now let's focus on Hispanic. Remember Diversity sourcing is a very special skill. You need to have knowledge of were to search or as I have said in my " Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers " post, you need...


    David B. Grinberg
    07/01/2017 #2 David B. Grinberg
    Love this series, Dean. I thought you may enjoy a blog post I wrote here in June 2016 titled, "Why Workforce Diversity is Simply Good Business." I would appreciate your thoughts at your convenience, if and when possible.Thanks and keep buzzing!
    https://www.bebee.com/producer/@dbgrinberg/why-workforce-diversity-is-simply-good-business View more
    Love this series, Dean. I thought you may enjoy a blog post I wrote here in June 2016 titled, "Why Workforce Diversity is Simply Good Business." I would appreciate your thoughts at your convenience, if and when possible.Thanks and keep buzzing!
    Also, at the risk of being controversial, I would note that diversity includes white people too, as race is supposed to be "color blind" under the law (at least in USA -- emphasize "supposed to be"). Why? Because the demographics of the USA are rapidly changing with the combined number of minority groups outnumbering whites in nearly all big cities, the so-called "minority-majority." Moreover, as traditional diverse populations increase in number, whites continue to stagnate and decline -- especially white men. Just saying, it's a new world out there, or soon will be. Close
  17. Joy Wilson

    Joy Wilson

    Do your Tin Men need oiling, your lions have crippled courage, your scarecrows lack confidence? Lots of learning in leadership lessons from The wizard of oz:
    Joy Wilson
    Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz
    www.spectrain.co.uk Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz - More Training Wizardry from...
  18. ProducerJordan Barta

    Jordan Barta

    Repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care): Potential Business Implications
    Repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care): Potential Business ImplicationsPrior to the 2016 presidential race, small business owners ranked health care as their top election priority, according to a Paychex survey. Sentiments about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, were divided,...


    Brian McKenzie
    08/01/2017 #6 Brian McKenzie
    It doesn't need to be fully repealed to kill it. The PPACA legislation has an Achilles Heel to it. Sever that, and it will die a floundering and dramatic death while Congress, Senate, the Supreme Court and the I.R.S. get their act together. But the funeral pyre of burning the documents of that Law is on my Bucket List.
    Harvey Lloyd
    08/01/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    I heard one comment or proposal that really has me excited. The allowance of insurers to cross state lines. The law that has kept groups from forming across state lines and presenting themselves as a large group has been an expensive rule. It remains to be seen if the law will be repealed. Its come up in the past during election cycles but always faded into the background. Insurance companies have divided the country into small pieces and been allowed to artificially inflate prices by controlling group size. With small business and 50 or less employees being the majority, this is devastating. ACA made this even worst. 5% of our revenue is spent on healthcare in supporting a healthy life for our employees. This is only our portion of support. They pay an even heftier portion.

    The second major issue in healthcare is torts. While we blame doctors, insurance companies and lawyers it keeps us off this very salient issue. I understand the issues of weeding out poor performing doctors through torts, but this only makes healthcare go up for the masses. With all the education of science of humans we have today I would think we could come up with a better way to manage quality of care.

    ACA is merely a complex set of rules to meet goals that have nothing to do with making health care affordable. The goals were to increase medicaid/care coverage and avoid all the rules that help insurance companies and lawyers make money. Take care of the commerce issues across state lines and torts and we could spin the clock back over the next ten years to affordable healthcare.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    08/01/2017 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Good stuff @Jordan Barta, lots of info to be considered. Thanks for sharing. Even Obama admits the ACA is far from perfect and would need revisions, lets hope Congress gets it right and doesn't hurt Americans more.
  19. Michael Schneider
    Published my first article on Inc.com! Check it out here:
    Michael Schneider
    A Simple Equation to Create a Healthy Culture
    www.inc.com Culture is crafted, not built overnight. It is a by-product of the processes that we implement and the decisions we make or fail to...
  20. ProducerJennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Why Your Job Postings May Be Attracting the Wrong Candidates
    Why Your Job Postings May Be Attracting the Wrong CandidatesDespite the ever changing environment of recruitment, job postings still remain one of the top ways to get the message out that your company is hiring. However, more and more, employers are frustrated with the increasing number of unqualified...


    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    03/01/2017 #7 Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Not sure I understand your comment Billy - thinking it was more of a tongue in cheek response - like you, yourself are an ideal candidate? #5
    Tatiana Lucia
    03/01/2017 #6 Tatiana Lucia
    Thanks for this post.
    David B. Grinberg
    03/01/2017 #4 David B. Grinberg
    Thanks for this good buzz, Jennifer. This is definitely helpful information for anyone in the HR/personnel field, or anyone else who must write a job description. Your excellent tips will definitely help folks to target and recruit the right candidates. I'm sharing this on three hives.
    I look forward to reading more buzz from you in 2017!
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    03/01/2017 #3 Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Thanks @Pamela 🐝 Williams sorry you had to experience that and that it is all too common. There can definitely be a disconnect with HR and Management as well as HR being pressured to hire quickly, so they have to rush through the process and end up with a stack of resumes that don't match what they are looking for. As you shared, its a waste of the candidates time and the employer. #2
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    03/01/2017 #2 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Great post Jennifer and hopefully every HR/recruiter in the U.S. will read it! :-). Okay, that's overstating but the most off-putting experience I had during my job search dealt with a job description that had nothing to do with what was needed. Three 80 mile commutes (one way) later a senior exec finally got it right and we both realized I did not have the skill set for the job. It wasn't totally the recruiter's fault, it was the original hiring manager (no longer with the company) who didn't understand her own project and so didn't understand who she needed. It was so frustrating, especially after I had turned down to other potential positions because it was a 'sure thing'. If I found fault at all with the recruiter it's that they didn't do their homework because it was obvious within 5 minutes with the exec that they needed a full-fledged Data Scientist. So here's a question; shouldn't Technical Recruiters have a basic knowledge of the tech industry? As soon as the exec said; "data encompassing millions of transactions a day", I knew exactly what they needed.
  21. ProducerTom Laine

    Tom Laine

    Stop Employer Branding, Start Employee Branding
    Stop Employer Branding, Start Employee BrandingAll kinds of organisations have been going crazy about employer branding the last few years. We've all seen the statistics and mantras - organisations need to build employer brand and make themselves more attractive to become the employer of choice...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    31/12/2016 #3 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    I started doing contract work to scope out bad employers. It's amazing how others seem to view contractors as inanimate objects and the things they'll say about not only the company but other employees. Politics are just part of a job, backstabbing, sabotaging, vendettas are another thing all together. If that is the culture a company has fostered or allowed to grow then I'll fulfill my contract and quietly move on...
    Mohammed Sultan
    31/12/2016 #1 Mohammed Sultan
    @ Tom Laine.First I agree that the reputation of any company is built on their employees personal brands.I wish that the HR would move toward integrating their active role with the org corp strategies to meet their increased need for talent ,and,also, consider strategic planning as a foundation of their planning efforts.To strengthen the employees personal brands people motivation should not be treated as a separate factor,but as a strategy translated into new selection criteria.On the other hand,most talent are very clear about what they do well and can apply their skills in a broad range of industries,and so can't depend on referrals or endorsements.They often consider them a rather high risk and passive forms of promoting their personal brands.
  22. ProducerEvelyn Kloetzer

    Evelyn Kloetzer

    Have you done the cheesy thing yet?
    Have you done the cheesy thing yet?A while ago I read Deidré Wallace article “Have You Thanked And Made A List Of All The People Who Have Taught You Great Lessons?” on Linkedin...
  23. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    How do you know you are being punked and phished in international dating......?
    "Good Evening(name)!!!How are you?(name)Do you feel good?What are you doing here?You like ukrainian girls,dont you?:)(name)
    I wanna tell you about one trait of character which called a good sense of humour you know yeaah?
    I think that for me a sense of humour is a very important thing.For me humor is indicator of intelligence and IQ. It doesn’t mean that you should joke every minute, but I want to know that you can do it any minute if you really want)
    Of course serious and succesful men its fundamental type of individual identity in this crazy world but a little of humour can be help to live easy and finally simple and pleasantly !

    Do you have a good sense of humour?(name)Do you like to watch comedian films,scenes with famous actors?I hope you do!
    What makes you laugh?May be some occasions in your life?Tell me some little funny moments!
    By the way I think that mostly women can’t joke, but they can evaluate joke…And they like men with a good sense of humour!
    Have a nice day,(name)Hope to hear from you soon!."

    Remember if you are spoofing the romance - put the proper bait in the water

    As bad as this is.... it is still better than most HR Departments ever manage with their ATS response emails.
    Brian McKenzie
  24. George Touryliov
    Global job site Indeed is taking a look back at some of the year’s key moments, and how they’ve impacted jobseeker behaviour around the world -
    George Touryliov
    2016: The Year in Job Search (Infographic)
    www.socialtalent.co As 2016 comes to an end, Indeed is taking a look back at some of the year's key moments, and how they've impacted jobseeker behaviour around the...
  25. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    Are you an Executive Coach?
    Are you an Executive Coach?If you are an Executive Coach or have an interest in Executive Coaching, check out the Executive Coach Hive on BeBee.Join the community and start sharing your ideas and stories! https://www.bebee.com/group/executive-coaching1Happy...
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