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  1. ProducerMark LeBusque Human Manager & Purposeful Provocateur
    Are You A Robot Manager? Take The Test
    Are You A Robot Manager? Take The Test There are no rules here - we are trying to accomplish something - Thomas EdisonI have been having some fun with the participants in my Human Manager program in an exercise that is based upon understanding ones Management style. The exercise involves...


    Brian McKenzie
    24/04/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    I usually prefer to work independently - or in direct competition (as many sales positions are) with civilian platforms. For my liking - your leadership and ethic should be up to par with what I have experienced and done in the military. You lead by professional example - push the back, while still making sure you are in the LEAD - always the care and success of the team is more important that personal glory: ALWAYS. As of yet - I have not met that once in the civilian world. PS - I don't play well with the PC / Soft squishy emoti / Purple Penguin types.