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Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS

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Consultoría de RRHH :: Especializados en la Selección, Desarrollo Profesional y Talento a nivel nacional
  1. ProducerMadlen Aram CPC, MBA
    Under One Roof, a Consulting Platform That Helps Professionals Grow & Clients Trust - Handonweb.com
    Under One Roof, a Consulting Platform That Helps Professionals Grow & Clients Trust - Handonweb.comWe are launching an online marketplace to empower business and well-being where clients interact with professionals in real-time. If you believe in our concept presented on handonweb.com, I’d like to invite you to join our growing...
  2. ProducerEvelyn Kloetzer

    Evelyn Kloetzer

    Are you expecting too much from others?
    Are you expecting too much from others?Can´t deny to have had heard this a one or two (or more ) occasions, in different contexts like friendships, working and personal relationships etc. In my experience, usually people who are not willing to stand up to your expectations will tell you...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    01/06/2016 #6 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #4 @Brian McKenzie, I like your term 'sunshine friends.' I was once told a good friend is not only there during your hard times (some enjoy to appear like saints) but they are there for you and happy for your during your best of times too. I have let go of many friends over the years because they proved to be self serving. Life is a great teacher :))
    Elizabeth Harris
    31/05/2016 #5 Elizabeth Harris
    I agree with Laurent regarding our attitude, it is everything since it is how we take on with life's obstacles. I think that expecting something specific from someone is a way of judging and we should know that everyone shows emotions in a different way.
    Brian McKenzie
    31/05/2016 #4 Brian McKenzie
    "Sunshine Friends" - they are only around when the times are bright, or they want something. Lose it all, and they will disappear: quickly. The 2007 Economic Crisis was a great awakening for me on the many lies I was living and surrounded by - never again, never more.
    Laurent Boscherini
    31/05/2016 #3 Anonymous
    Thank you Evelyn Kloetzer for sharing your relevant questionning. All of us have expectations in our lives, as a natural behavior and a mental need. The question is much more what we want out of life and who we want to become to increase our resilience to be ourselves. One of the keys to happiness can be a tight management of our inner expectations, to and from people and circumstances. We are living in the present, and nothing else, and everything depends on our attitude.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    31/05/2016 #2 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I think we all have expectations even if we arent acutely aware of them. Ive learned with age if I don't express my disappointment then i only have myself to blame and this helps me to let go. I used to have a friend tell me every time I would suggest we get together, she'd say, let me check my calendar. Then I would hear , all booked for the next 6 months, lets try then! I wasn't the only person she did this too and needless to say i dont try to make plans with h er anymore. Im not bitter and we are still friendly with each other but not close in friendship. I'd like to think I'm learning to choose my friends much more wisely now. Life is always a learning curve. At least you were aware that her friendship was not woth the wait :))
    Keith Amoss PhD
    31/05/2016 #1 Keith Amoss PhD
    Well if it helps you in any way Evelyn then please know that this is a common situation. It's evident socially and in the workplace. Friends can come and go - we know that. But in a business setting people do not return calls, answer emails or show up when arranged. Apply for a job - you probably will not get a letter if unsuccessful. Leave a message on a phone to your utility company - you probably won't hear back from them (unless you owe them money). However, bottom line, I don't think that most people are deliberately rude. It's just that they have so many conflicting demands on their time that systems are in place which no longer allow for good manners and the usual niceties of life. The good thing is , you are not like that are you?
  3. ProducerMarki Kranthi

    Marki Kranthi

    What Makes an Employee Leave his Job?
    What Makes an Employee Leave his Job?What is it that an employee wants from his employer? Is it just salary? Increment? Bonus? The sincere answer is respect, motivation, challenge, and trust in his capabilities from his superiors and the management. Whenever the employee gets...


    Marki Kranthi
    17/06/2016 #2 Marki Kranthi
    #1 Agreed!
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    15/05/2016 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    When a keen employee works hard, and at the end when the company fails to praise or reward his intelligent performance, then that’s far more hurtful to employee’s morale. You can’t afford to lose your talented employees by ignoring them. Conclusively, here's a simple dictum to bosses is enough: When your employees perform, reward them, with incentives! And when they outperform others and go beyond expectations, then why not treat them as star performers of your company?
  4. ProducerLaurie Carson

    Laurie Carson

    3 Creativity Exercises for the Educated
    3 Creativity Exercises for the EducatedIt's that time again to recap some of last month's Corporate Creativity session.  The topic was the Knowledge Advantage: Thriving in Green Pastures.  You can view the full slide pack on Prezi.Knowledge the awareness or understanding of "truths"...
  5. ProducerLaurie Carson

    Laurie Carson

    For Everyone: Know Your Value
    For Everyone: Know Your ValueHowdy Ho Ho Ho.  This is Part 2 of a review of Mika Brzezinski's book, Knowing Your Value, and notes of interest for end users.  Part 1 can be seen here.Sticky Note 12: Visible AccomplishmentsThe people who agree to do the hard, invisible labor are...
  6. Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
    Cursos gratis online para este mes!! http://trabajarporelmundo.org/listado-de-cursos-gratis-para-este-mes/ Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
  7. Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
    Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
    Málaga se convierte en foco de atracción de multinacionales tecnológicas
    www.diariosur.es El director del Parque Tecnológico, Felipe Romera, resume el momento dulce que vive el recinto de esta manera: «Lo que durante tantos años intentamos que ocurriera por fin está pasando». A lo que se refiere es a la llegada de multinacionales...
  8. Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
    HRCS Language

    Nuestra experiencia de más de 10 años en el desarrollo de procesos de selección, no hace más que constatar el reto que muchos de los profesionales tienen con los idiomas a la hora de acceder o promocionar en sus organizaciones

    Como especialistas en selección, hemos detectado estas carencias y como especialistas también en formación hemos desarrollado una nueva metodología para dar una solución simple, sencilla y práctica a este hándicap .

    Por ello hemos ampliado nuestras instalaciones y hemos abierto un aula formativa donde vamos a seguir 3 líneas de actuación.

    Un espacio que quiere romper con las barreras que pueda imponer un aula y acercar el idioma a quien lo necesita a través de metodologías innovadora y prácticas.
    Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
  9. Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS
    Somos la consultora elegida por CIKLUM para formar su equipo de trabajo en su nueva oficina de Málaga. Aquí os dejo unas fotillos de la inauguración de esta misma mañana. No está nada mal, no? Emoticono grin Qué os parece??? Y ya sabéis, si queréis participar en sus procesos de selección, entrad en https://www.hrcs.es/ofertas/empleo Human Resources Consulting Services - HRCS