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  1. ProducerRuth Gawthorpe

    Ruth Gawthorpe

    Shift your mindset.  Home working works!
    Shift your mindset. Home working works!Businesses need to shift their mindset to gain the competitive advantage that a home working strategy enables. As far back as 2011, Microsoft surveyed more than 4,000 workers in financial services, manufacturing, professional services and...
  2. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    Is Professionalism a Soft Skill? A Hi-Tech Perspective
    Is Professionalism a Soft Skill? A Hi-Tech Perspective“Soft Skills, or the ability to manage soft issues, is a challenge for modern leaders to master”  - Aly Moreno As I wrote last week, I am in the process of interviewing senior leaders, founders and “C” suite executives in the Hi-Tech sector to...


    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    22/07/2017 #1 Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Great job 👍👍🐝🐝🐝🐝
  3. ProducerKimberley Smith

    Kimberley Smith

    Superhero Mind Equals Superhero Performance - How You Can Look To Comics For Hiring Inspiration
    Superhero Mind Equals Superhero Performance - How You Can Look To Comics For Hiring InspirationI'm sure you've all heard the age-old proverb "fake it til you make it", right? If (somehow) you haven't, it's all about putting your mind over matter and faking confidence until you start to believe it. In light of Comic Con: International taking...


    Kimberley Smith
    21/07/2017 #4 Kimberley Smith
    #3 Thank you very much Wayne - I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I think we all love comics at least a bit so it's nice to apply to real life.
    Wayne White
    21/07/2017 #3 Wayne White
    Hello and thank you, I can relate because since childhood I have collected comics and yes there is a fine line between comic/fantasy and reality if that's what you want to call it. Good versus evil, the little guy taking on "the Man....", and so on. This article made my passion come alive and made me feel young once again, so with this, I say "thank you...." and have a great day.
    Kimberley Smith
    21/07/2017 #2 Kimberley Smith
    #1 Thank you very much Jan!
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    21/07/2017 #1 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    sharing this !!!
  4. ProducerAli 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Fingerprint of Change
    Fingerprint of ChangeIt is customary for the attendees of conferences to report to their respective organizations on the activities of the conferences they attended. This time I am kind of a journalist reporting to the beBee community on the conference that I...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/07/2017 #26 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #24 - again dear @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee- you are spot on. I am writing now a buzz on why KPIs sometimes are irrelevant and cause us to have tunnelling effect. I voiced similar thoughts to yours on the conference. Kodak focused on great KPIs and advanced rapidly, but only to get blind to the emerging opportunities and threats of the then emerging electronic camera. We have built many paradigms based on KPIs such as the balanced scorecard. That is fine, but then I need to understand that how could KPIs work with complex systems and their unpredictability as you explained wonderfully in your comment. Apparently, we lose our senses sometimes by following trends and without enough consideration of their limitations.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/07/2017 #25 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #23 An amazing comment with its high quality dear @Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee. You are right as we have abandoned many of our good practices and replaced them with less functional ones. Your examples reflect your deep understanding and practicing of solid self-organizing activities. When we adopt approaches that force the tablet in our throats and expect great results then we shall be fooling ourselves. People shall be more engaged if they work on things they like and are attracted to them. You explained this perfectly well.
    Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/07/2017 #24 Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    On your conversation re KPI's - I remember earlier in my career we focussed on clearly identifying the outcomes we wanted to achieve. Once again this fine for known tangible activities. I want to plan to fly to London. I know my outcome and I plan the actions to get there. But the outcome of the trip is less known. I may have a vision for wanting to meet with people and have inspiring conversations that lead me to make better choices in the world. Or I may envision meeting like minded people who have a problem and I can help them solve that problem with my experience and expertise. How I go about the meeting, interacting, conversing, understanding, with these people is less predictable. There are so many unknowns. there are so many things that may emerge that I have to work out how in the moment using my resilience and wit in the moment. I may have a KPI that states I bring back "x" amount of business. If I focus on that specifically, perhaps I miss some other opportunity. I think we forget that we develop these things to help us achieve something and they are guides. We try to make them black and white and set them in concrete. The world is just not like that. The more complex, the more resilient we need to be, which means discarding tools that no longer work for us and creating new ones. And doing that again and again.
    Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    23/07/2017 #23 Deb🐝 Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee graet to hear your report from your conference. It sounds like it was organised using a methodology like "Open Space" - I have facilitated many events using this method and it has its' foundation on self-organising systems. I think many organisations could use this method internally and it would free up much energy inside an organisation. Many people complain about all the meetings they have to attend. With Open Space organisation you would choose to go the ones that are relevant for you - you would also share responsibility for making the meeting work - and be freed up to host different types of exchanges. As I have been around for awhile it was methods like Open Space, Conversation Cafe, The Art of Hosting, Search, Circle Dialogue processes that emerged and made a big difference to the conversations people had many years ago. It seems like everything there is a cycle, and now many of these methods are either no longer used or have faded into the background again. So I was delighted to hear of your conference being organised like this. there are so many valuables methods for organising people in more meaningful ways it is a shame they are not used more.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    21/07/2017 #22 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #20 dear @Steve Brady- your comment is enough to reflect many realities. I agree with your super thinking and suggestion of turning our thinking inside out. This is the way to find new awareness of reality. Sometimes opportunity presents itself for us to become aware of reality. Accidentally only yesterday a new hashtag captured the interest of Jordanians and I shall share this example in my next buzz. I thank you for you= time to share your lovely comment
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    21/07/2017 #21 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #20 ;dear @Steve Brady- your c[mment is enough to reflect many realities. I agee with your super thinking and suggestion of turning our thinking inside out. This is the way to find new awareness of reality. S[metimes opportunity presents itsel for us to become aware of rea)ity. In cidentally only yesterday a new hashtag captured the interest of Jordanians and I shall share this example inmy next buzz. I thank you for you= time to share your lovely comment
    Steve Brady
    21/07/2017 #20 Steve Brady
    Dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, thank you for sharing this with us. Your comment that CSR needs an "inverting of thinking" approach resonated with me. May I suggest it may even need turning inside out, being shaken, and possibly tossed around the room also! I want to also mention @Deb 🐝 Helfrich's comment. Her insight: "KPIs and CSRs both have this worldwide blindspot built right in unless companies really examine the framework both initiatives provide. It saves time to have a shared list of key performance indicators in reviewing certain slices of employees work. But there is a real danger that only things that fit in the previously determined framework will be noticed" is profoundly important. Research of any kind is limited by the nature of the "tools" we bring to the task. Our consciousness or awareness of what really matters needs to be moulded, not just by cultural norms, but rather also by what many are realizing deep within their hearts. Human resources (gee I dislike that term!) can be seen as commodities or as vital contributors to the hive that every company can be.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #19 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #18 My dear @Cyndi wilkins- I am truly thrilled that you noticed the parallism with hives. I am so happy that you did. Yes, hives on beBee are a form of self-organizing with the possibility of pollinating each other. It is pollinating and NOT pollinating. You made my day.
    Cyndi wilkins
    20/07/2017 #18 Cyndi wilkins
    This is a perfect example of understanding the 'uniqueness' of each human being and the value they bring to an organization...Be it complex Corporate functionality or simply pollinating 'the hives' with valuable insights to perhaps assist those in areas of struggle to strengthen the 'hive' or business as a whole.

    I love the parallel you have created here @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee....in reference to this platform...with all bees contributing their unique expertise to each of the hives of their interest, we are building a sustainable platform for those looking for a voice where they may have otherwise been squelched into silence;-)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #17 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #16 Thank you so much for your compliment. I say that the conference was well-prepared and the environment was very supportive. The engagement of participants was beyond expectation. Yes, and I wonder who dared to coin the term headhunter. Coining a term reflects on the person who coined it. What if he had opted for bees for our hive? You know this is a rather unspoken value of beBe- the hives are the attraction and attention of talents.
    Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    20/07/2017 #16 Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    Clearly you were an excellent choice for a speaker at the 'Fingerprint of Change' Conference, Ali. And it sounds as if you enjoyed your time presenting at it; with an audience who, no doubt, appreciated your invaluable input. I also appreciated Joanne Gardocki's comment regarding people being treated as talent. In fact, today companies have individuals called 'Talent Attraction Strategists'; hopefully finally eliminating the ugly word 'headhunter'. Now if only company presidents and ceo's remembered that good talent is how and why a company grows and prospers. And, yes, as Sara Jacobovici suggests - you should add 'journalist' to your curriculum vitae!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #15 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #9 I do all the participants of the conference would read your comment @Joanne Gardocki. The issue of "HR is evolving from personnel function to talent management" was a prominent topic during the presentations and discussions. Yes, I am personally very glad by your observation spotlighting this hugely relevant issue.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #14 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #7 I of KPIs are truly important @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. Unfortunately the eyes of Is can be blind and lead us astray if not carefully chosen. They are Is that aren't.
    They are Key indicators, but are not for the locks we have on the doors.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #13 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #4 Thank you for sharing the buzz dear @Sara Jacobovici. You too brought a smile in my heart. I am becoming a "mobile" journalist.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #12 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #5 @Deb 🐝 Helfrich- I always enjoy the depth of your comments. You mentioned indirectly the butterfly effect of a smile and how t could be a great motivator for employees and beyond the capability of any KPI.
    I am referring to your comment in my next buzz. The idea of the buzz is that we tend to divide organization as simple, complicated, complex, chaotic and unknown. Yes, the work of some organizations might be simple, but the human employees (not robots) are complex bodies). That said the question then becomes how simple is a simple organization? I find the idea of self-organizing organizations is also extensible from self-organizing teams. Your smiling comment brought a butterfly effect on my and is urging me to write on this topic.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #11 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #3 hank you so much for your supporting comment @Sara Jacobovici. Yes, the organizers did a superb job. A conference need quality speaker, engaged audience and 'Sustaining" environment. The conference achieved all. Thank you for your trust in me.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    20/07/2017 #10 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #2 Thank you dear @Debasish Majumder. I am so busy today as well. It is early morning and I have a litle time to respond to you and all the great commenters. I appreciate your sharing. I noticed a poem b you and hopefully soon will read.
    Joanne Gardocki
    20/07/2017 #9 Joanne Gardocki
    What a wonderful hopeful message, @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, thank you for the buzz report. I can't fully describe the sense of relief when I read HR is evolving from personnel function to talent management. It is degrading for people to be handled as widgets that fit anywhere and then disposed of with the same algorithm as excess stock. Understanding that people bring talent and value is so important to cultivating, growing and engaging that talent within the company for a better bottom line.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    20/07/2017 #7 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    KPI's work depending on the "i" and that initial indicator is whether the "i" of an intelligent person fashioned them or the"i" of irresponsible. KPI's that fail invariably have little thinking behind them and are instituted like a best practice rather than as a smart practice. KPI's should follow evidence based thinking and that is not always the case, given the circumstances that lead to KPI's failing in their purpose.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    19/07/2017 #6 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    KPI's work depending on the "i" and that initial indicator is whether the "i" of an intelligent person fashioned them or the"i" of an idiot. So you know well that I do not think much of personal branding, but I also think very little of the practice that has institutionalized itself in corporations we call "Human Resources". If human resources were actually "human" then why do organizations have corporate social responsibility initiatives? CSR between the cheeks of marketing and human resources.

    So enough of the blind alleys that the opening paragraph can take me down and here I do not want to open up, because my disdain for PB, HR and PR should not preclude me from acknowledging efforts of meeting organizers to create more dynamic and better functioning meetings. Unfortunately the blurb in the conference does contains the same maddening mentality of "HR trying to get a seat at the table" (which is the C-Suite). So let me pretend that none of that matters - then I can focus on the tactical bits of the conference and there I am always happy to see event organizers make it easier and smarter to collaborate.

    This is the hardest buzz I have had to get through because my stomach tightens - not due to a bowl of talent but due to the bowels of HR groupthink and of course that invariably brings me back to the "i" of KPI. Apologies but this HR rattles me a lot.
  5. Marty Weitzman

    Marty Weitzman

    Marty Weitzman
    In Choosing a Job, Focus on the Fun | Executive Resume Writer
    bit.ly If you don't like your job, you aren't alone. In fact, two out of three working Americans do not feel engaged at work, according to a Gallup...
  6. Marty Weitzman

    Marty Weitzman

    Marty Weitzman
    What You Really Need to Apply for a Job - and What You Don't | Executive Resume Writer
    bit.ly How many times have you found your perfect job — and then decided there was just no way you could apply because you didn't meet every one of the...
  7. ProducerJim 🐝 Cody

    Jim 🐝 Cody

    Self-Directed Work Teams Are More Productive
    Self-Directed Work Teams Are More ProductiveA self-directed work team (SDWT) is a group of people, usually employees in a company, who combine different skills and talents to work without the usual managerial supervision toward a common purpose or goal. Typically, an SDWT has somewhere...


    Jim 🐝 Cody
    14/07/2017 #14 Jim 🐝 Cody
    #10 Many thanks for the kind comment. I wa taught by top notch leaders in the field. Perseverance was my own initiative. 😊
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    14/07/2017 #13 Jim 🐝 Cody
    #9 @ Simone Louise Many thanks, for your kind comments. Yes it takes a lot of work and time. Training is a key element. 🤙🤙 Have a great day as well.
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    14/07/2017 #12 Jim 🐝 Cody
    #7 Lisa thanks for commenting and sharing. SDWT is a total company cultural changes. Paradigms must be shifting. Fortunately I had a great manager who proceeded in spite of HR’s request to do so.
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    14/07/2017 #11 Jim 🐝 Cody
    #6 Many thanks for your comments. Yes it’s very hard but most rewarding. The biggest obstacle is middle management because their jobs can be eliminated.
    mohammed khalaf
    14/07/2017 #10 mohammed khalaf
    I admire Jim for his skill is self-taught and for his perseverance
    Simone Luise Hardt
    14/07/2017 #9 Simone Luise Hardt
    hi Jim :) great article ! and it´s true, it takes a lot of work ;) but in the end, it´ll pay off ;) Have a lovely day today :*
    Jordan Sands
    14/07/2017 #8 Jordan Sands
    Brilliant ! I use SDWT ideology when I am talking to organisations/ companies in my team building work shops. The feedback is excellent and it works well when implemented correctly.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    14/07/2017 #7 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I had to copy my comment and go to your profile @Jim 🐝 Cody to find this buzz again. It wouldn't post and then I lost the page so here it is :))
    When I worked at the hospital in Respiratory Therapy, a good team was vital. We had to respond to many traumas and without a good team, the patient may have suffered. I can only draw from my time in the hospital because I've never worked in a Corporate setting. I did work in a small office with 8 people and I have to say, our boss (not a leader) created an environment that caused half the office to be on pins and needles, not to mention cranky. A good leader fell under #2 on your list in particular for me when I worked at the hospital, he didn't even have to work at producing employee trust... he led by example, he was admired and well liked which rubbed off on all of us. He was also a patient and understanding man. My boss in the office environment was a good example of everything a bad leader is.
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    13/07/2017 #6 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    @Jim 🐝 Cody Your #6 is most important for my personality. Over and over throughout my life, I have always been a guru and it has work. Yet, I have learned that it doesn't work in a team. Team usually already have a system in place. So the question for me usually was, "I am willing to learn or change to benefit from this team or keep working alone?" Sometimes it was harder then seemed. I would join a team, and keep doing something my why and have to realize that it didn't work until I came to my senses and say to myself, "okay, I am ready to learn this."
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    13/07/2017 #5 Jim 🐝 Cody
    #4 @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Self-Directed is probably the most appropriate because they are almost never self-organized. They are usually started by management and trained on how to work together especially concerning managing budget.
    I just wish more companies would use this in their organizations however; upper and middle management is unwilling to empower the employees for fear of losing control. When using these methods companies can eliminate some layers of management and this is their greatest fear.
    Many thanks, for your comment.
    Buzz on!
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    13/07/2017 #4 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    The findings you report on the productivity of self-directed teams re impressive @Jim 🐝 Cody and shows that self-directed teams are the way to go. I apply the same in my office. I have very stable working staff who work with growing understanding and respect.
    I wonder why we coin so many different names for same things. I believe self-directed teams, self-organized teams and bioteams mean the same thing, unless I am unaware of some "secrets"
    Lance  🐝 Scoular
    13/07/2017 #3 Lance 🐝 Scoular
    #1 👥ed 🐝🐝🐤🐳🔥🚲
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    13/07/2017 #2 Jim 🐝 Cody
    @David B. Grinberg Many thanks,
    David B. Grinberg
    12/07/2017 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Nice blogging buzz, Jim. It's all about teamwork, that's how worker bees collectively build hives. No one does it alone. Keep buzzing, my dear friend!
    cc: @Javier 🐝 beBee @John White, MBA @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher @Lance 🐝 Scoular @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven @Larry Boyer, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
  8. ProducerSanford Kulkin

    Sanford Kulkin

    The Importance of House Rules and Safety Measures for Foster Children
    The Importance of House Rules and Safety Measures for Foster ChildrenOne thing I have learned over the years as a foster parent is that I must be flexible. To be sure, I never know when a child will arrive or leave my home, as there is often very little notice in either regard. In the past few months, I have seen...


    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    11/07/2017 #1 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    Very nice Buzz, and kudos to you and your wife for your efforts.
  9. Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP
    free book download day!
    free book download day!


    John White, MBA
    09/07/2017 #5 John White, MBA
    #4 @Barbara Henslee, "wordie" comments indicate passion. Clearly, you have passion about this topic and you should share more of your stories in a blog post or two. I'm sure @Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP wouldn't mind if you quoted her and referenced her book!
    Barbara Henslee
    09/07/2017 #4 Barbara Henslee
    As I watch your video, I find myself nodding in agreement to so much of what you say. If I could click on the relevant icon 5 times, I would.

    I work for a Fortune 100 company supporting the highest echelon of the company. I see this close up and on both sides. Our executive leadership hears about employees who feel invisible and try very hard to remedy that.

    Last year, my organization initiated an emerging leaders event whereby we brought 10 young and up and coming/top talent from around the world to our headquarters. We held three days of activities for them ranging from 1:1 meetings with the most senior leaders; group presentations from senior leaders sharing their stories; group network and dinners to name a few. We also offered the "California" experience for these people, some of which had never left their country before.

    The event was phenomenally successful. I was lucky to be the one to arrange everything, soup to nuts. One of the things that pleasantly surprised me was how super excited they got with the gift bags I gave them. Books were an item in the books. You are spot on about how people look differently about a book given as a gift.

    These folks went home on a puffy white cloud. They were so excited, so ready to pass along their learnings and experiences to their teams at home.

    Really, what I've written here doesn't explain how well it was received. But, I have to say.....that our little event went over SO well, that HR is implementing the exact type of event corporate wide.

    I look forward to reading your book. So sorry this comment is so wordy. Ha.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    09/07/2017 #3 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you @Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP It's amazing that your sharing so much from your book. It's on my must read so heading to download it now 🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Gloria 🐝 🐾 💫 ☕ (Glo) Ochoa
    09/07/2017 #2 Anonymous
    I love to review! I am on it! and you look AWESOME!!!! Thank you for the free book! You are so right! ! Cant wait to read your book!
  10. ProducerSandra Smith

    Sandra Smith

    How A Cup of Coffee Cost Me A Job
    How A Cup of Coffee Cost Me A JobA few weeks ago, I went for an interview with a coffee company. Not just any old coffee company, but one which - according to their website - supplied really, really great coffee to businesses and organisations. I knew from the moment I got to their...


    Sandra Smith
    23/07/2017 #27 Sandra Smith
    #26 Thanks, Bill :) That made me smile :-)
    Bill Doerr
    23/07/2017 #26 Bill Doerr
    Sandra, I like your style. Your follow-up behavior, while technically perfect, was wasted on this guy. But I applaud you for good practices in the face of a bad performance. I like to think this wasn't your loss as much as his. Cheers!
    Kevin Henneborn
    08/07/2017 #25 Kevin Henneborn
    I think the founder wanted you to enjoy his coffee as the product by itself, followed by a 'wow' moment response. However, I do understand what you are saying about his mood. This is an opportunity to derail his funk into a great mood.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    08/07/2017 #24 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #16 I have to say @Jim Murray that thought went through my head too! Toss it at him, tell him where he could stick the cup, or better yet; tell him the marketing on the website is fraudulent because his coffee sucks! hahaha...that would have really peeved him off.
    stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    08/07/2017 #23 stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    #21 Lol ! Sorry that you are sorry, mystery of nature game me a pair of chromosoms at the begining of my conception, so now i have to deal with it. As a man i Gave birth, lietrally to 3 of my 5 kids, i was there...intense moments....refering to guve birth in my earlier comment i forget to mention the scientific concept of conception well explained and documented in an Historiy Cable channel....should you google it and watch it on YouTube, it is a pretty amazing aventure from the inside.
    Sandra Smith
    08/07/2017 #22 Sandra Smith
    #18 Exactly, Praveen. I'm sure we're both likeable people but for whatever reason didn't jive on that day...it was in the middle of a heat wave, so that probably didn't help
    Sandra Smith
    08/07/2017 #21 Sandra Smith
    #12 Sorry Stephan, but as a man, you dont get to compare anything to giving birth jk 😂 i like the dating analogy though... the stars do have to be aligned, and it's nice when you feel you've found the right job, for the right pay, in the right place... will keep u guys posted 😊
    Sandra Smith
    08/07/2017 #20 Sandra Smith
    #13 Ha ha, Pamela, you do know almost instantly sometimes, dont you? Something to do with the feeling you get when you walk in, is there a lot of energy, do people smile at you, or completely ignore you, how does the interviewer greet you, etc. Glad you didnt get the job with the layoff co... ive taken jobs like that despite my gut instinct and lived to regret it... So def a lucky escape! Thanks for reading :)
    Sandra Smith
    08/07/2017 #19 Sandra Smith
    #15 I know, i should have said "stung momentarily" (in the Uk sense of the word)... like when someone swipes right on your profile on Tinder. Just kidding, I'm not on Tinder...It was kind of like a bad date though....Thanks for reading :)
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    08/07/2017 #18 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Sometimes, a lot can not happen over a cup of coffee ;) But I have the feeling that even if it wasn't instant coffee, you guys took an instant dislike to each other. :) And that is hard to overcome if there are no other members in the interview panel Sandra. All the best for your continued quest!
    Sandra Smith
    08/07/2017 #17 Sandra Smith
    #16 Me? Toss coffee? Never...
    Jim Murray
    08/07/2017 #16 Jim Murray
    Hi Sandra...Actually after reading this. I have to disagree with your headline. The cup of coffee didn't cost you the job. The fact that you didn't want the job, which was obvious from the get go, did. It was a pleasant read, but I kept waiting for you to toss the coffee at the guy or something. :)
    Phil Friedman
    08/07/2017 #15 Phil Friedman
    Jul 8, 2017 4:06:52 AM

    Sandra, I've generally come to expect hard insight and no-nonsense examinations of the situation from you. But this time, I gotta ask....
    Don't you find it just a little ironic that you say, " I write back thanking him again for his time. But the rejection still stings..."?

    You label him a boor -- come on now, don't deny it -- for not asking how you liked your coffee. And you denigrated the rather primitive "start-up" office premises. And you say you didn't really want the job.

    So why the "sting"? Was it that you would have preferred to have him offer you the job so that YOU could turn him down?

    Having read some of your writings, I would have expected that once you decided the circumstances were not for you, you would have closed the door and walked away, never to think again of the jerk or his mediocre coffee.

    Just tweaking you a bit. :-)
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    08/07/2017 #13 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Couldn't help smiling...I know some real coffee snobs! I don't like most of the stuff you buy in the grocery, in fact the one in the 'red' bucket (if you're from the US you know the brand) gives me horrible jitters. I'm spoiled, there is one certain grind from Starbucks that I buy (I stock up when it's on sale) but I blame that on my daughter, she worked there for 3 years and we got a free pound of beans every week.
    I hate interviews, especially with someone like you describe. My last one went really well though I did feel like I was in an interrogation (me and 4 very strong minded men who knew their stuff!) and after 5 months I'm still enjoying the people and the work.
    When interviews are bad you'll know it in the first 5 minutes, sometimes sooner. I interviewed with a large clothing manufacturer (I'd give the name but everyone knows this company...all over the globe)and it was horrible. I was interviewed by a millennial and in her offhand way reminded me I wasn't a millennial in every other sentence. The offices were an ocean of dark gray ugly cubicles and walking down the endless aisles to the conference room I felt like I could suffocate in that building. The atmosphere was strange... I expected zombies to step out at any second.
    Surprise, surprise, extensive layoffs were announced just a few months later. Sometimes the greatest blessings are unanswered prayers :-) or not getting the job.
    I'm glad you had a positive interview...too many bad ones can be depressing
    stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    08/07/2017 #12 stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    #11 As far as my experience recalls, Hiring is a selection process, an elimination game, like war...no rules...only noise and much a do about nothing. Getting a job is almost a miracle like birth, we symetrically made our ways towards each other.
    At the end of the day, it is the recruiters' money. His calls, if he fails recruiting the right one, he lost his full year after six months, no productivity ahead.
    Sandra Smith
    07/07/2017 #11 Sandra Smith
    #10 Thanks, Stephan. Part of me thinks it was a case of a "bad day" maybe on both sides. But then, you are right - I would never dream of not asking someone how they take their drink. Not that I'm the most empathetic person, but it's just second nature. I wonder if it was some type of "snowflake test" that Kyle Reyes over on the Lumpy Kingdom keeps banging on about.... In other words, if someone asks for milk, they aren't going to work out because they're demanding. Sounds far fetched, but I watched a Youtube the other day of a podcast - the guys were saying they won't hire someone who doesn't tidy up after themselves after an interview, because it's usually a reflection of sloppy work later on. He claims to have observed this after thousands of interviews and several years... Not sure how I feel about it, but I'm going to make sure I offer to tidy from now on, just in case... ;)
    stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    07/07/2017 #10 stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador
    Great one, coffee is social usually. Now the story shows that the company guys had no empathy...so, not a big loss..they will never get satisfied by their choices...great time through the coffee steam to recognize the external signs of a company...high probability of a toxic culture. The good side of the coin? That experience gave birth to a great story teller!
    Sandra Smith
    07/07/2017 #9 Sandra Smith
    #4 Sorry, "Sara" not "Sarah" (I had a cousin, Sarah, so I always default to that spelling ;-)
    Sandra Smith
    07/07/2017 #8 Sandra Smith
    #4 You're right, Sarah. I guess I am internalizing the difference between interviewing at 25 and interviewing at nearly 40. I should stop. And interestingly, I had a lovely 90 minute interview with a WOMAN COO yesterday. What a different experience that was - much more a conversation, less an "interview." I'm still not sure it was the job for me but will keep you all posted....Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it :)
    Sandra Smith
    07/07/2017 #7 Sandra Smith
    #3 Thanks, David. This is why I posted, to get a different perspective - as it's hard to examine one's own behavior sometimes and think, "actually, I could have handled that differently..." and maybe got a different result. Or not. The reason I didn't wait outside was because it was the hottest day of the year, I had just dropped my son to a nursery, and walked the rest of the way so was hot and flustered when I came in.You're right, that was enough to affect my demeanor and I should have found a loo and cooled down, something I'd normally do... but the building was very confusing and I'd not received any directions from the company as to how to find them. Still, lesson learned ;-) I'll be blogging some more on this topic, don't worry ;-)
  11. ProducerJavier 🐝 beBee
    Great Examples of Things You Can Do on beBee Producer
    Great Examples of Things You Can Do on beBee ProducerRemember you can share your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ . beBee loves all the big ones :-)Image by  Jim Murray1.- Writing a storyThe Making of a Triathlete Lisa 🐝 GallagherDear Mom, Gone but Not Forgotten by Lisa 🐝...


    Phil Friedman
    08/07/2017 #42 Phil Friedman
    #34 Are you sure, @Kevin Pashuk, that the leaning out of someone's output mightnot be the result of typosuction?
    Lance  🐝 Scoular
    05/07/2017 #41 Lance 🐝 Scoular

    👥ed 🐝🐝🐤🐳🔥🚲
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/07/2017 #40 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #32 #39 I didn't know he left? I thought maybe he was away on business or vacation. Ok... plan, plan ;-) @Dean Owen, you are missed by many.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    05/07/2017 #39 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #32 @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher lets come up with a plan 😉🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Thinking caps on.
    Sandra Smith
    05/07/2017 #38 Sandra Smith
    Awesome, and inspiring...
    Frank Geisler
    05/07/2017 #37 Frank Geisler
    Interesting! I am unsure in which category my story would or should fall, any hints?

    Louise Smith
    05/07/2017 #36 Louise Smith
    #34 Similarly Kevin across Northern Australia in the Summer Wet Season people here go "Troppo"
    Louise Smith
    05/07/2017 #35 Louise Smith
    #25 The comparison is perhaps limited to an eruption - if the pressure cooker is not used properly it will explode.
    Once my Auntie who was learning to use one, ended up with her apricot jam on her kitchen ceiling !
    Kevin Pashuk
    05/07/2017 #34 Kevin Pashuk
    #31 At least it stays warm where you are Ken and your posts are spelled correctly... In Canada during winter, we seem to make more errors when creating a post. We call it Typothermia.
    Phil Friedman
    05/07/2017 #33 Phil Friedman
    Thank you, @Javier 🐝 beBee, for the multiple citations of my work published on beBee. I am both flattered and gratified. I was also, BTW, greatly heartened by your recent post on the reset of beBee's development strategy because the new track shows, I believe, great promise for future success by differentiating the platform as user-centric in a truly meaningful way. I have been one of beBees's vocal critics... because I am one of its biggest fans and a strong believer in its potential. Thanks again and cheers!
    Ken Boddie
    05/07/2017 #32 Ken Boddie
    #26 Not many true talents like @Dean Owen on beBee, Pak Paul. Perhaps @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher and @🐝 Fatima G. Williams can entice him back?
    Ken Boddie
    05/07/2017 #31 Ken Boddie
    #16 I bought my computer from Pandora's dad, @Kevin Pashuk. I never know what'll come out next.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/07/2017 #30 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #27 It's a good thing for that one @Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza 🐝 since I can't seem to write less than 2K words. I swear one day I will accomplish that one. Maybe @Susan 🐝 Rooks, the Grammar Goddess can help me with that?!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/07/2017 #29 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    wow, thanks for thinking of me and my writing @Javier 🐝 beBee. Many great links to great writers above. I love how you put, "by me," for your own articles! I find producer to be extremely conducive when it comes to writing a buzz! It's also very forgiving if you make an error, you can always go back and edit. Producer also formats very well.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    05/07/2017 #28 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Great buzz and excellent reasons to use Producer. There are numerous ways to use Producer for our benefit and the benefit of others. I can see new and innovative ideas increasing the growth of beBee every day.
    Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza 🐝
    05/07/2017 #27 Flavio 🇯🇵 Souza 🐝
    One more: Share a story that does not fit in a simple post (because of the length characters limitations of posts).
    Paul Walters
    04/07/2017 #26 Paul Walters
    #11 @Ken Boddie We have to entice @Dean Owen back on line,,, life seems incomplete without his wonderful prose
    Gert Scholtz
    04/07/2017 #24 Gert Scholtz
    @Javier 🐝 beBee BeBee Producer is an endlessly versatile blogging platform. It allows for very long form posts, to buzzes as short as 200 words. Images, video's and links can be embedded with ease, and best of all, whatever you publish always goes to all your followers. The type of posts and the range of topics is HUGE. Thank you for the mention and for the broad illustration of topics Javier!
    Jim 🐝 Cody
    04/07/2017 #22 Jim 🐝 Cody
    A great article and great examples on using Producer to it's full potential.
    David B. Grinberg
    04/07/2017 #21 David B. Grinberg
    Javier, you offer some excellent examples of what makes Producer so powerful -- that being the high quality and diverse range of content from bees who share their blogging buzz. Kudos to those mentioned.
    As someone who has been blogging for a while I can say unequivocally that Producer is the best publishing platform in the social media space. It's been my blogging home base ever since launching and has so many admirable and impressive writers. Thanks for making Producer such a high quality and user friendly tool for 🐝🐝bloggers🙏👏👏Vamos!!!
  12. Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP
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    About my new book Heather Younger talks about employee loyalty and her new...
  13. Kat Kohler Schwartz
    Use the power of your mind to create the life you want!
    Kat Kohler Schwartz
    Mind Power!
    taprootsofwisdom.wordpress.com “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” ~...
  14. ProducerHarley King

    Harley King

    Will Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Be a Disaster?
    Will Your Next PowerPoint Presentation Be a Disaster?Conventional wisdom holds that if you are going to give a presentation you should use PowerPoint. This is not true. Many of the best speeches are delivered without the use of PowerPoint. And some of the most boring presentations are presented using...


    Harley King
    29/06/2017 #2 Harley King
    #1 Thanks for sharing, Michele.
    Michele Williams
    29/06/2017 #1 Michele Williams
    Do you use slides to pitch your company to investors and the media? Here are some guidelines that may help you land that angel investor you have been waiting for.
  15. ProducerMichael Schneider
    Google Employees Weighed in on What Makes a Highly Effective Manager. Technical Expertise Came in Dead Last
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  18. Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP
    Do you agree with this quote I pulled from my SOON to be released book? Snag a free chapter and preview here: www.customerfanatix.com/book Heather R. Younger, J.D., CCXP
  19. ProducerJohn Enright

    John Enright

    "You're FIRED!" (now give me your password)
    "You're FIRED!" (now give me your password)Losing an employee is not usually a good experience. If they leave voluntarily, you lose a valuable asset. If they have to be fired, you have the arduous task of the progressive discipline process and the final termination meeting. But there are...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    27/06/2017 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Yep...You got to be straight with disloyal employees when firing them!
  20. ProducerHarley King

    Harley King

    How To Write Powerful, Inspirational Speeches
    How To Write Powerful, Inspirational SpeechesWriting the speech is one of the more challenging and creative aspects of speaking. Purpose of the Speech The first step is to understand the audience. Who are they? What do you think they will want to know about your topic? What do you want them...


    Harley King
    10/07/2017 #4 Harley King
    #3 You are welcome, Sandra! Maybe you can put it to use in the future. Thanks for sharing.
    Sandra Smith
    10/07/2017 #3 Sandra Smith
    Harley, thank you for this - I wish I'd had it 6 months ago when I was tasked with writing a speech.... Sharing
    Harley King
    10/07/2017 #2 Harley King
    #1 Thanks for sharing this buzz.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    10/07/2017 #1 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Thanks for connecting Harley. Look forward to reading more your buzzes.
  21. ProducerHarley King

    Harley King

    Love the Work You Do — The Rewards Will Follow
    Love the Work You Do — The Rewards Will FollowMany writers and speakers today tell their audiences to do what they love and the money will come.  I come from a different perspective.  I believe we should learn to love the work we do — to find happiness where we are and the money will come.My...


    Harley King
    22/06/2017 #9 Harley King
    #8 Thanks, Gert. I was already following Jim since I knew him from LinkedIn. I am now following Cormack and Walters and have visited Sutton's website. I am new to beBee but have been on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook for years.
    Gert Scholtz
    22/06/2017 #8 Gert Scholtz
    #6 @Harley King With 45 years experience, I am sure you have vast experience on writing and on what the writer's life is about. For what it may be worth, I found this site of Joseph Sutton, and especially his history and experiences in writing quite interesting: http://joesutt.com/ You might also want to follow Robert Cormack, Paul Walters and Jim Murray here on beBee. Best Regards.
    Harley King
    22/06/2017 #7 Harley King
    #1 Thanks, Lyon, for responding. Road blocks often force us to change direction and sometimes we must find a better path. The thing is to stay focused on the goal.
    Harley King
    22/06/2017 #6 Harley King
    #3 Thanks, Gert. It's not that I gave up on the dream of writing, but my vision of what that dream should be. Sometimes how we imagine events to play out is not always the way they play out. I have spent more than 45 years writing but I had to let go of my vision of what a writer is.
    Harley King
    22/06/2017 #5 Harley King
    #4 Chas, thanks for sharing your perspective.
    Chas ✌️ Wyatt
    22/06/2017 #4 Chas ✌️ Wyatt
    I do not subscribe to this way of thinking any more than the advice of doing what you love and the money will follow. I have had many shitty jobs and would never want to adopt the mindset of loving them. By the same token- the money doesn't always follow doing what you love. "There's an alternative. There's always a third way, and it's not a combination of the other two ways. It's a different way." ~David Carradine.
    Gert Scholtz
    22/06/2017 #3 Gert Scholtz
    @Harley King That's an interesting and unique perspective Harley - that your dream may stand in the way of appreciating what you do have. Thanks for a fine post.
    Lyon Brave
    22/06/2017 #1 Lyon Brave
    What is really hard is when you hit a road block at the very beginning of your path or you got to climb a mountain or get attacked by a gang of wild billy goats.
  22. ProducerNatalia Susla

    Natalia Susla

    Social profiles in the hiring process: does your profile play a role?
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    Why do we work? Aside from the obvious.
    Why do we work? Aside from the obvious. The word synergy comes from the Greek word sin-ergo, meaning, to work together. It points to a mutually supportive atmosphere of trust, where individual elements work towards their own goals, and although the goals may be very different, because...
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