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  1. ProducerLisa 🐝 Gallagher
    A Message from North Korea by a 24 Year old Girl
    A Message from North Korea by a 24 Year old GirlThis video speaks for itself.  What can we do to help? This is powerful and devastating. ...


    David B. Grinberg
    24/06/2017 #5 David B. Grinberg
    Lisa, thank you for sharing this a powerful and moving message from such a brave young woman about the perpetual string of atrocities and injustices which continue to plague the people of North Korea by a totalitarian regime run by an evil incarnate. The reckless disregard of the regime for the basic human and civil rights of the people is indeed alarming. Unfortunately, the USA's strategic military options are not good.
    If we attack the hermit nation by land, air and sea, their million man army will initially overwhelm the 20,000+ US troops protecting South Korea along the DMZ. The N. Korean military would send missiles into Soul which is very close to the border and is densely packed with millions of S. Korean citizens. Yes, the USA would ultimately prevail through sheer military might. But the toll of lives lost would be devastating. Thus, there appear to be no good options other than an internal coup to oust the ruthless regime and dispose of the despot. Let's hope and pray for the best.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    24/06/2017 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #3 First they'd be driven to the Tumen River. But when it came time to leave, Black was afraid they'd be too conspicuous in a car and insisted that they instead walk through the mountains to the crossing point, a seven-hour ordeal that permanently damaged the nerves in his toes.

    The video Brian- speculation on his behalf. He backed nothing up with fact. So, her story changed, she was a victim of horrible abuse. She was young and still is.

    I don't care, we all know that N. Korea is guilty of 100 of thousands of Human rights abuses, not to mention murder.

    Otto Warmbier, 22, who was arrested in North Korea while visiting as a tourist, had been described by doctors caring for him last week as having extensive brain damage that left him in a state of "unresponsive wakefulness." (For taking a poster off the wall??!!!) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-northkorea-detainee-idUSKBN19A2TW
    Brian McKenzie
    23/06/2017 #3 Brian McKenzie
    She works for a South Korean 'Freedom Think Tank" funded by .... wait for it....
    PS -- A compass doesn't fail to work. GPS - yes - compass - no. It only 'stops working' if it is crushed. Magnets, Science.
    Facts over Feels.
    Brian McKenzie
    23/06/2017 #2 Brian McKenzie
    Pandering, petulant Wag the Dog
    Here we fkn go again
    Brian McKenzie
    23/06/2017 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Not this shit again. EVERY time these globalist f*cks trot out a crying girl on cam, they launch a new little war. Lousy Elitist, blood thirsty miscreants. Look for war in the zone before the Olympics. Nice going. 8?/
  2. Veronica Ochoa

    Veronica Ochoa

    #ALEXANDRA BELL #MIKE BROWN #POLITICAL ART #RESIST #NYLON #counternarrative #responsiblejournalism #bias #racism #copywriting #editorsnote
    Veronica Ochoa
    This Public Art Project Makes A Powerful Statement About "Fake News"
    www.nylon.com We talk with artist Alexandra...
  3. Veronica Ochoa

    Veronica Ochoa

    #syria #AbdAlkaderHabak This photo will define this war. It will be like the #napalmgirl of the #vietnamwar and so many other brave photographs of horrible international wars and of dehumanizing violence. I just came back from hiking and I read this article. I am reminded of this passage from the Qu'ran "And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace," Surah:25: verse 63
    Veronica Ochoa
    www.elmundo.es Se llama Abd Alkader Habak y trabaja como reportero gráfico en Alepo, la mayor ciudad de Siria, escenario este sábado de un atentado contra un convoy de evacuados que dejó más de...
  4. Veronica Ochoa

    Veronica Ochoa

    #mansplaining101 #whiteprivilege #thefutureisfemale Very proud of my native Minnesotan female congressional representatives for refusing to sign a law or pass a law which would inhibit political dissent. Rena Moran you walk the walk and talk the talk. #renamoran
    Veronica Ochoa
    Minnesota Legislator Who Called Out White Male Colleagues Won't Apologize | The Huffington Post
    www.huffingtonpost.com "I’m really tired of watching women of color, in particular, being ignored," said state Rep. Melissa...
  5. Veronica Ochoa

    Veronica Ochoa

    #PlannedParenthood #mybodymyrights #handsoffmyvagina #handsoffmyuterus #stopregulatingwomensbodies

    For those not aware in the US right now, handguns are LESS regulated than women's reproductive organs, bodies and reproductive rights.

    #merica #7inchesforplannedparenhood So, glad to see a list of A-lister musicians putting forth their own music to support all womyn. #plannedparenthood #intersectionalfeminist
    Veronica Ochoa
    7-inches for Planned Parenthood
    thecreativeindependent.com Brandon Stosuy, TCI Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for 7-Inches For Planned Parenthood, provides context on the the project’s genesis and collaborative...
  6. ProducerMohammed A. Jawad
    The Value of a Hug
    The Value of a HugA refugee’s hug* The world looks on as the United States of America appears to be in self destruction mode. One day it was a world leader of hope, justice, truth, liberty and many positives. The next it was everything we have been taught to dislike...


    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    04/02/2017 #10 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    Thank You @Donna-Luisa Eversley for tagging me in, I wonder how I had missed on this post

    I agree with you, on taking stand for the Right.

    Your poem is so warming and heart touching.
    For me its simple no religon supports violance and those who support it belong to no religion.
    We all the Children of the almighty and we need to be treated with equality.

    Sending you Hugs my friend 😘😇
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    03/02/2017 #8 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Me toooo Hugs you @Donna-Luisa Eversley Donna Girl :)
    Cyndi wilkins
    03/02/2017 #7 Cyndi wilkins
    Unfortunately, what the current president of our USA does not understand is that the remedy to terrorism is not hostility toward the already hostile...It's like taking a stick and whacking mindlessly at a BEES nest...(Pardon the pun)...This is no laughing matter for any of us...especially those of us who despise the very thought of enduring the next four years with a schoolyard bully pushing the vulnerable to the ground and expecting everyone to cheer...The ones that do are the fearful...and no border wall will ever be high enough to "repeal and replace" genuine understanding;-) This is a beautiful poem @Donna-Luisa Eversley...It gives me hope for humanity;-)
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    02/02/2017 #5 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    From my personal experience, the world's premier hugs are in Brazil. Get working in Brazil, spend about 3 years and on returning everything will be fine. Escalation when it is a deliberate political strategy can't work when people are too busy focused on hugs.
    Pascal Derrien
    01/02/2017 #4 Pascal Derrien
    Hugs are useful to help un-manufacturing hate :-)
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    01/02/2017 #3 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    #2 @Mohammed A. Jawad wow thank you for sharing such a real and apt poem . Wealth is temporary as is our lives. I ish everyone reads your comment. Thank you
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    01/02/2017 #2 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ah, where stands the worth of this little globe, our world, in the vastness of the whole Universe. And the true master of this whole, expansive Universe is the Almighty Lord, and we humans, in this world, are just helpless, weak with temporal stay. Yet, with little power and dusty wealth, how man becomes prodigal, egoistic, arrogant, and marches forth to conquer the world and make others under oppression. Here's, one of my poems, I wish to post here:


    In the business of living—

    how well are men compounded

    Nothing best, yet brief reflections

    of mingled realities and distress

    With an overflow of chronicles sad

    there’s an imprint of misery

    Let some gracious celestial powers descend

    to check the beggared lives and

    move the blameworthy souls.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    01/02/2017 #1 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    This post has generated 1.9m views in a couple as a repost, and decided to publish on beBee to ensure the message is easily accessible! Peace & love
  7. ProducerPamela 🐝 Williams
    Where Have You Been?
    Where Have You Been? Over the last couple of weeks I have heard that question in my head. I’m not hearing voices but my sometimes overactive imagination could hear my fellow Bees asking me why my presence on beBee has been infrequent of late. It had nothing...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    19/06/2017 #58 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #57 Hi Martin, yes it's been months, I could make excuses but quite frankly, it's all been a head journey. If I can thank the buffoon in DC for one thing it's that it has opened my eyes, made me question my own life. I'm actually doing very very well but thank you for checking in!
    Martin Wright
    14/06/2017 #57 Martin Wright
    Pamela, its been months , where have ypu been and are ypu alright?
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    27/02/2017 #56 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    #55 Thank you for your update to my question.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    27/02/2017 #55 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #54 Preston, I understand your confusion. It was originally supposed to be a march about women's issues, but with the political roller coaster that is occurring and the numerous policy issues that were dividing the country the women's march became much much more. In our own march the name was officially changed to the Human Rights, Justice, & Equality March. The originators of the march in DC followed this same train of thought as I understand from the speech one of the organizers gave. It's because all these issues are women's issues. LGBT rights are women's issues, equality, immigration, justice; they are all women's issues, so they came together. I'm sorry those in St Louis had disagreements because it was supposed to be inclusive and tolerant; that was the whole point. Otherwise there wouldn't have been men marching right beside us! Fathers carrying their young daughters on their shoulders with signs that read; I march for my little girl. Or Christian mother's marching beside their gay sons and daughters with signs that read; equality includes everyone or God loves my gay son too (yes I saw these signs). It was a moving day Preston and one I will never forget.
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    27/02/2017 #54 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    I think it was the same weekend in St. Louis that there was a women march. I was working at an Autoshow. There were a lot of supporters and I was very happy for everyone marching and peacefully using their First Amendment Rights. What I didn't like was at the women march in St. Louis was there was no common theme. Even on the Metro Train, even though women were wearing the same shirts, they were all marching for different causes. One group next to me was pro-life trying to support Trump, one group of women was talking about equal rights but wouldn't speak on which rights of women needed to be solved, the next group was only their to try to bring back Hillary, a fourth group was marching for Men who want to act like women to have the rights of women, then I saw another group protesting the national security issues. I watch about ten minutes of the women getting together, yet their was a lot are disagreement among the groups. Certain women said they other women where not allowed to be at this march. So, What was the main theme of this march?
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    31/01/2017 #53 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Thought-provoking post @Pamela 🐝 Williams. Here's one of my poems...enjoy it!

    Worldly Disputes

    By the uses of faith and reason
    let men judge their plain folly
    There’s nothing in worldly disputes
    but flaws of untruth, precepts of idiocy
    And, more trouble in the periods of existence
    that pays regard to mistaken subjects
    Lo! its an outbreak of idle deeds
    which oft shadows common sense.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    31/01/2017 #52 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I'm working on organizing, not "I"
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    31/01/2017 #51 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    This needs more traffic, one of the most important topics affecting not only the US but the globe right now. I working on organizing. My daughter in law is attending a March in Denver this week for Muslims.
    Suzanne Dwillies-Khan, Pharmacist and Musician
    29/01/2017 #50 Suzanne Dwillies-Khan, Pharmacist and Musician
    Thank-you for sharing and posting :)
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    29/01/2017 #49 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #48 Thank you for the kind compliment Franci and for reading my post.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    29/01/2017 #48 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Well written piece and thank you for voicing your opinions, Pam. I am glad you are feeling better.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    29/01/2017 #47 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #43 Oops, accidentally deleted my reply:

    What is coming out is that the efforts to put him into the wh began in prior to 2010, and then Congress became GOP dominant. They used the media and the Tea Party to feed into the people's frustrations and turn it into irrational anger. You hear this negativity every day for 6 years and it seeps into your pores. They laid their groundwork well and that is why he felt confident in making that statement, even though I think it shook a few people in the party.
    The thing about such a campaign is they know it will be easy to punch holes in that dam and that is the reason for the drastic measures they are taking now, and the campaign to clamp down on the media. If they can turn this country into a military state quickly then we may see the largest 'democracy' fall. I don't think they were counting on The Resistance and so they are getting careless...They made a huge mistake; that the American people would stay gullible. They are losing support daily and the pressure is being put on the rest of the party. If they don't get the 'control' they are aiming for by mid-term elections they know they will have lost the war...It will be the next 22 months that will speak volumes. IMHO
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    29/01/2017 #45 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #44 And/or mid-term elections and we clean out Congress!
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    29/01/2017 #44 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Only 207 more weeks to go - unless their is an impeachment or an insurrection.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    29/01/2017 #43 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #6 Trump did not just slip through he boasted vocally that he was slipping through. One of his campaign boasts was that if he had shot someone in the street, his supporters would still vote for him. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/gop-primaries/266809-trump-i-could-shoot-people-in-streets-and-not-lose-support
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    29/01/2017 #42 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #29 @Pamela 🐝 Williams - that is a crucial topic for discussion. The knee-jerk, bullying sentiment that 'if you don't love the US as it is right now, you are a communist' that aims to silence clear, rational discussions by making someone feel "wrong".

    That specific tendency - the extreme polarization of any idea or opinion - is exactly part of the malaise that has changed us from a country of messy, flawed, but essential tolerance to one of intolerance in around 3 or 4 decades.

    The communism trope is simply deployed to stop someone from continuing the initial point they were making.

    We need clarity so profoundly right now. That is the way forward.
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    29/01/2017 #41 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    #35 I wish it worked that way after they become leaders. But I've not seen such a leader for the people in my life so far 🤐🙁😟😟😟

    @Pamela 🐝 Williams That's lovely to know about Greensboro I feel more closer to them now and I wish you guys all the best. Praying for the best 😘
    Jared 🐝 Wiese ➡ I sell YOU. Fast!
    29/01/2017 #38 Jared 🐝 Wiese ➡ I sell YOU. Fast!
    "I've realized that our community is a global community". Perhaps it's more than just our community...
  8. ProducerPascal Derrien

    Pascal Derrien

    Human One Point O
    Human One Point O Have you heard about the Mars One Project `` Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars by April 2023? The first crew of four astronauts emigrate to their new planet from Earth, a journey that takes seven months. A new team will...


    Pascal Derrien
    02/02/2017 #29 Pascal Derrien
    #28 thanks @Neil Smith indeed indeed ....... :-(
    Neil Smith
    02/02/2017 #28 Neil Smith
    #23 In fact Pascal I would say that "common sense" is a long way from being all that common.
    Aleta Curry
    29/01/2017 #27 Aleta Curry
    #26 I see the system stripped out my HTML and that last sentence didn't make a great deal of sense. It's supposed to have a < / rant >, but you all get the idea!
    Pascal Derrien
    29/01/2017 #26 Pascal Derrien
    #25 thanks @Aleta Curry :-) what else can I say now :-)
    Aleta Curry
    29/01/2017 #25 Aleta Curry
    What an eerily-evocative photograph!

    See, just reading the opening paragraph, there I was all ready to start with my 'stop with the cosmic gaseous emission pollution and leave people who are bigger and badder than we are alone ain't you people ever heard of The Borg?' spiel. But this isn't about that. before it's begun! :D

    Thanks for another thought-provoking piece, @Pascal Derrien.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    28/01/2017 #24 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #22 The Martian's would welcome us because we will arrive with solutions to overcome their global warming issue, it is the Venusian's that they are dead scared of. They did not even try to explore Earth or Mars before global warming turned Venus into a brimstone planet. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/06/-venus-and-mars-hold-priceless-climate-change-warnings-for-earth-todays-most-popular.html

    Alas the Martians are no more, so Mars is simply the planetary equivalent of early settlement Australia, we can place all the personal branding people that Douglas N. Adams once designed the B-Ark for. This time we will keep the prisoners though as prison workers.

    B-Ark - Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #23 Pascal Derrien
    #20 that would make sense @Donna-Luisa Eversley but common sense is a devalued currency at the moment :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #22 Pascal Derrien
    #21 thanks @CityVP 🐝 Manjit history is full of those examples indeed, a few good individuals always give hope and light but is it enough to warrant us a mandate to disturb the martians :-)
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    28/01/2017 #21 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Human beings in jam jars - that is actually where civilization is in terms of how evolved it really is. The good news is that we are still evolving, the bad news is that it is not fast enough. The most amazing people are those who invited refugee's into their own homes - but that is the road lesser traveled. We only know where we are on this issue, when the territory is our own home. Empathy at our own individual door step has a different face than when a government takes responsibility for it. Remember Bablyon was in Iraq and the Rastafarians keep singing about the fate of Bablyon as a allegory for the United States. Empires rise, empires fall. We don't need to go to Mars, for the way humanity is proceeding, it seems they want Earth to look like Mars.
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    28/01/2017 #20 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Maybe humans need to figure out how to live together on earth before taking a self destructive journey elsewhere. Hmm... Good mental stimulation @Pascal Derrien
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    28/01/2017 #19 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #12 Well said Pascal! I hope our Congress grows a set, they are going to need to stand up in a bipartisan manner to this Prez.
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #17 Pascal Derrien
    #3 Indeed @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador the comment was right on the button , thank you for saying so. :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #16 Pascal Derrien
    #4 @Max🐝 J. Carter Europe is not homogeneous in its views and obviously culture that makes it difficult and exciting at the same time :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #15 Pascal Derrien
    #5 thanks @Dean Owen I am trying to park (if feasible) the political aspect and focus on the people aspect of the mass exodus, on Germany and o her countries I think we enough boats to rescue most from this morale titanic fiasco :-(
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #14 Pascal Derrien
    #6 @Ken Boddie , Bob knew a few things, I think we know them too but we aren't learning :-(
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #13 Pascal Derrien
    #7 exactly @Chas ✌️ Wyatt what an interesting paradox I thought too :-)
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #12 Pascal Derrien
    #8 the new US admin will be tested very soon beyond the bravado when reality will impose it self on the policy makers, isolationism will need nowhere @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Pascal Derrien
    28/01/2017 #11 Pascal Derrien
    #10 @Aurorasa Sima, Germany has shown leadership and humanity at a time of great crisis, now they getting the flack from the populists and Pediga but it was the right thing to do in my opinion they set the bar for the other countries
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    28/01/2017 #9 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I forget to add the link from where I drew the info/stats in my comment below: http://time.com/4116619/syrian-refugees-screening-process/
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    28/01/2017 #8 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    This *Was* the US policy for refugees- Among those who pass background checks, a small percentage are referred for overseas resettlement based on criteria designed to determine the most vulnerable cases. This group may include survivors of torture, victims of sexual violence, targets of political persecution, the medically needy, families with multiple children and a female head of household. How long does the whole process take?
    Eighteen to 24 months on average.
    So even after the torture, rape and more it still takes up to 2 yrs for the process to be completed. Now, we have a new Prez who just put a halt on helping those who will probably die if they don't get refuge in another country.
    If there is a God, it would be 'one world,' not 'Countries' that are defined by borders, distance and Men.
  9. José Ramón 🐝 López
    Good afternoon from #Aleppo I'm reading to forget the war. José Ramón 🐝 López


    Mauricio Castro Navarrete
    01/12/2016 #1 Mauricio Castro Navarrete
    God bless all the children in Aleppo. My absolute admiration for all of them.
  10. ProducerDr. Allen Brown

    Dr. Allen Brown

    What are Human Rights
    What are Human RightsAt the conclusion of our last broadcast on Grassroots Talks Radio show I was moved by one our co-host Selim as we talked about the topic of betrayal. While it started of focusing on relationships the discussion turned to being betrayed by the boss...


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    24/07/2016 #13 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #9 #10 Great wisdom to know that the value and extent of education for your child(ren) rests on you, the parent. It is so simple to say, yet it screams from the school bells that have now turned into buzzers and gongs.
    Selim Yeniçeri
    05/07/2016 #12 Selim Yeniçeri
    #9 #10 One of my mentors had said once "You talk too much. You have too ears, but one mouth. God tells you to speak once, listen twice." I took these words to the heart, and became a lifelong learner. You're right, William. I wish parents would be so sensitive about this. Unfortunately, most of them leave the education of their kids to the schools.
    Dr. Allen Brown
    05/07/2016 #10 Anonymous
    #9 we are in agreement.
    William VanDorin
    05/07/2016 #9 William VanDorin
    #6 If only more parents had the same attitude and mental attributes this would be a very different world.. Once the thirst for knowledge is introduced, you will spend the rest of your life drinking parched from the cup. It only takes the right spark like my friend Selim.
    Selim Yeniçeri
    05/07/2016 #6 Selim Yeniçeri
    #5 One of the most common lies in my country is that "people have been uneducated and made ignorant." Education is "one of the" government's responsibilities, but "main responsibility" of the individuals. I grew up in the same country, and people call me "The Walking Library," because nobody stopped me from reading, searching, exploring, and learning. My son goes to school, but as his father, it's me who is responsible for his education foremost, not his teachers. And if those teachers are somehow wrong about something, I would emphasize it, too! When I was teaching English classes, my students (and they were adults, not kids or teens) would ask me "Can we talk English as good as you do?" I would always come up with the same answer: "If you don't want to learn, nobody can teach you. If you do, you will learn despite me!"
    William VanDorin
    03/07/2016 #5 William VanDorin
    #3 I wish I were wrong in most sincerity, but do not feel this is the nature of the majority. I truly believe we are being manipulated by our leadership creating divisive issues in race, sex and religion to name a few. Unfortunately the skills to do so are well honed and most good people do not anticipate treachery. There is simply no greater villain than those who would divide us in hatred and mistrust. We really can not blame our leadership or media, as they would have no power if we failed to follow. There is a better way, we must simply step off the path and hate no more.
    Dr. Allen Brown
    03/07/2016 #4 Anonymous
    #3 William, Unfortunately you are correct. I believe that if we just role over and take it we would be just as guilty as those who denie us. As a wise man once said. I would rather die for something rather than live for nothing. Thank you for sharing your views.
    William VanDorin
    02/07/2016 #3 William VanDorin
    Human rights is the fair, ethical and humane treatment of individuals regardless of sex, religion or race. It is a myth of course. An ideal we aspire to as a culture, but as a species we do not act upon. The proportion of our resources devoted to destruction and hatred demonstrates this truth all to clearly..
    Dale Masters
    02/07/2016 #2 Dale Masters
    @Dr. Allen Brown Sadly enough, our God-given rights are being flushed down the toilet as an excuse for keeping us safe. Meanwhile, police departments are being given weapons that, Constitutionally, they never should have had in the first place. Because no one is taught how to think critically, the public still swallows the 9/11 lie, despite experts like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Pilots for 9/11 Truth having a plethora of evidence that the whole story around 9/11 was fabricated. We live in a country that is rapidly taking on the aspects of the State that Orwell mentioned in "1984". Books are being removed from library shelves (for example) that were written during WWII...because (I suspect) they challenge some of the most basic ideas about Hitler's actions vis-a-vis Poland among other things, like Hitler's peace treaty with Great Britain . When all the books of that era are finally gone, and the people who fought in the War are dead, the State is free to rewrite history to its liking. This is but one example of the evil being perpetrated against the American people and the rest of the world.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    02/07/2016 #1 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Powerful message in the video @Dr. Allen Brown! I hope more people see this.
  11. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez

    This 17 year old kid, and an Irish Citizen, is for the last three years in a one meter by one meter cell in an Egyptian prison. and in a legal limbo. He was arrested while taking refuge in a Mosque while accompanying a group of teens to watch a protest. His sitesrs were freed but he remains in prison.
    Francisco Lopez
    Ibrahim Hawala’s Story
    www.linkedin.com It was the summer of 2013; A summer for one 17-year-old boy named Ibrahim Hawala that could easily be called the summer of hell. Ibrahim is an Irish citizen by birth, both his parents are...
  12. ProducerBrian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Social Justice 'Equality'
    Social Justice 'Equality'That word equality is in quotes because it is another vacant idea that is great for stirring up a herd of prattle cattle without respect to numbers, facts, critical examination or reality; and instead relies only upon low information Pavlovian...


    Brian McKenzie
    13/07/2016 #13 Brian McKenzie
    #12 Actually that twerk was for free - while I was waiting for the burgers to grill up and somewhere between the 3 & 4 spiked Kvas / Vodka drink.....no money was earned. Sorry IRS. viva la wage gap.
    Jim Murray
    13/07/2016 #12 Jim Murray
    You're much sexier than and Kardashian. Phil Friedman and I were chatting last night and wondered= if we were the only two guys left who prefer to not kiss some sort of ass in our posts. And here you are workin' the poll for dolla bills. Good post. Politicians are all full of crap. Except Bernie Sanders...he's like half full. I'm personally exhausted from all the electioneering going on other there. But it's like train wreck. It's awful, but you just can't look away. I'm going to go hide in my basement now cause it's Africa hot outside and it's still cool down there.
    Brian McKenzie
    15/06/2016 #11 Brian McKenzie
    no, HER data is consistent with my argument - that when you remove the hyperbole of Social Justice and look at specific industries and account with education levels, experience, and time in position - the difference between salaries is most often accounted for my the differentiation of overtime hours vs short shift hours and not a function of gender discrimination. There is no statistically viable wage gap. Data doesn't support it - Market performance doesn't show it. And if you READ my article, and WATCHED the videos - that is the argument I made throughout. Trot out those industries that Goldin is adamant about - and I will let math settle the issue; because that is what math does.
    Michele Williams
    15/06/2016 #10 Michele Williams
    #9 @Brian McKenzie. Thank you for the data. I agree with your point about pharmacy. In the statement that I quoted, Goldin was indeed praising pharmacy as one of the few industries with a linear relationship between pay and hours worked. This holds for men and women. She was explaining some of the technological advances that have made this possible. Your data are consistent with her arguments about pharmacy. Goldin's data also suggest that many industries do not have this linear relationship between hours worked and pay.
    Brian McKenzie
    14/06/2016 #9 Brian McKenzie
    #8 Women in pharmacy are 53% of the work force market sector according to 2011 census date, in the same sampling period women in the field received a median pay of 111,000 for the profession - 92% of the wage of men in the same sector - In an article from CNN Money - GOLDIN states "Women with children earn less largely because they work fewer hours, source citation: http://cnnmon.ie/237AcBr The article further highlights - "there is a small gap, but it can be almost entirely explained by some men working longer hours - - not discrimination." Economics is not Sociology - Sociology surely is not Economics. They are not interchangeable because of 'feels' - numbers, statistics, reporting quantifiers and market practice don't give credence to the rant.
    Michele Williams
    14/06/2016 #8 Michele Williams
    #5 As we consider women with and without children in the workplace, the question becomes one for sociologists. Why is work organized in a way that provides large differentials for more consecutive hours in the office and does it need to be that way? I met with Claudia Goldin last year, from that conversation and her AEA address, I believe that she discusses how some firms and occupations organize work to create a linear relationship between consecutive hours worked and pay, which benefits people who value flexibility (see the quote from Goldin below). I think it is best to let all bees view her speech, download her papers and decide for themselves. @Brian Mckenzie, we may have to agree to disagree.

    GOLDIN: … My favorite example is pharmacy, in which there’s virtually no part-time penalty, in which there is very little ownership now in terms of independent pharmacies. …So, there have been changes in pharmacy that have led pharmacists to be better substitutes for each other — the use of highly standardized drugs, for example, less compounding, less individual, less need for a particular pharmacist to deal with you. Information technologies have been absolutely essential. When you go to the pharmacist, it could be any of the pharmacists working there who are intelligent and professional and can read the information about you. So some of what has happened that has been good for women comes from changes that I call organic, and they simply happen because of various technological advances that make each pharmacist a perfect puzzle piece for another pharmacist. And also, I mean, go to Silicon Valley and they don’t talk about family time, they talk about play time, and it’s work-life balance rather than just work-family balance.”
    Lori Boxer
    14/06/2016 #7 Lori Boxer
    One word: Bravo.
    Brian McKenzie
    14/06/2016 #5 Brian McKenzie
    #4 @Michele Williams Goldin agrees with Anne-Marie Slaughter; in that 'If you take women who don’t have care-giving obligations, they’re almost equal with men. It’s somewhere in the 95 percent range. But when women then have children, or again are caring for their own parents or other sick family members who need care, then they need to work differently.' She terms it "Temporal Flexibility". In that if you compare same and similar family status workers; between the genders - there is minimal statistical difference between pay, by her account 5% by BLS numbers 3% : It is when women leave the work force to have children, or reduce their hours to care for aging parents while the man increases his hours and accumulates overtime that the 'gap' appears.
    Damn Math. * source http://bit.ly/1Rs87RZ The answer - is if you want to be wealthy and get ahead in the labor force - don't get married, don't have kids - and trust me; the men of MGTOW are all too aware of that paradigm - it is why we are not getting married, and certainly not breeding mini-mes
    Michele Williams
    14/06/2016 #4 Michele Williams
    #2 @Brian Mckenzie I understand and share your frustration over the flawed statistical analysis of the gender pay gap that enflames people’s emotions. However, that does not change the fact that rigorous research in economics, research that controls for education, experience, age and industry, for instance, finds a persistent gender pay gap. The gap is smaller than the overall averages reported in the media, but significant and persistent across most industries. I would recommend the highly rigorous and respected work by two award-winning economists, Claudia Goldin, a chaired professor of economics at Harvard University and Francine Blau, a chaired professor of economics at Cornell University. The gender pay gap is not an issue for radical feminists alone; it is an issue for human beings, men and women, who care about a social structure that is unequal and want their daughters to be paid fairly.
    George Hull
    14/06/2016 #3 George Hull
    I agree with your point of view @Brian McKenzie radical feminists complain so much about wages or legal natters being unfair, but as you are going to write an article about it, I don't see any woman complaining about the rights they are awarded with when there's a divorce.
    Brian McKenzie
    14/06/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    I have had my fill of Social Justice Warrior shit - I am done with it. They will bring emotions and feels to an argument that requires math, statistics, economics and hard number analysis - they never survive the evidence; not once, not yet.
    Dean Owen
    14/06/2016 #1 Dean Owen
    I think I will watch this one from the sidelines! Should be interesting. Popcorn in the microwave!
  13. ProducerMohammed A. Jawad
    Hapless Destinies of Darling Daughters
    Hapless Destinies of Darling DaughtersIf one wishes to pen down the essence and worth of daughters, then much can be written. Indeed, there’s a popular dictum that says ‘birth of a daughter is both blessing and mercy’.Verily, there’s a unique merit in girl’s existence, and as she grows...


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    08/05/2016 #3 Mohammed A. Jawad
    #2 That's so painful to hear from you. Keep patience, and encourage your dear daughter to strengthen her spirit and be cheery. After hardship, there's always ease...
    Suzan Chamberlain
    08/05/2016 #2 Suzan Chamberlain
    I agree. My own precious daughter entered an oppressive marriage and was horribly mistreated by her husband and his parents. It happened right here in the US. It's a tragedy no matter what country you live in or what religion you belong to. She is lost to me and my heart breaks everyday. I miss her so much. In my eyes and heart she is and always will be my precious little girl.
    Juan Imaz
    08/05/2016 #1 Juan Imaz
    Thanks for writing and sharing!