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Humans, Nature and Creativity

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This hive is for buzzes that re-create the connections between people and nature - nature and people.
Why Humans? The word humans is derived from humous - from the earth, hence, this hive and the connection between humans and nature.
Why Creativity? Because nature is one big creation, humans are born to create, and creativity is the number one capability to create our future now.

We are experiencing a new renaissance, where people are realizing, who we are being, what we believe, and how we act has profound effects on the whole system in which we live. I hope that the more we see, imagine and experience our inter-connections with each other and nature, the more we collectively uncover new ways to create our workplaces and society that continually expand the ways we foster care of the whole system.
  1. ProducerNir Eyal

    Nir Eyal

    Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices
    Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life ChoicesYou walk into your first yoga class. You’re a little insecure about your weight and how your yoga clothes cling to your body revealing every flaw. You’re nervous about making a fool of yourself. Your eyes instantly zoom onto the fit...


    Harvey Lloyd
    19/10/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    Great read, very informative
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    19/10/2017 #2 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    This is great @Nir Eyal, you allow the reader to dig deep within. It's always good to look at ourselves from different perspectives.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    19/10/2017 #1 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    I like this post @Nir Eyal. It's refreshing and unique and presents good ideas about how we look at ourselves and how we believe we are perceived by others.
  2. ProducerHarvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd

    Today I Met Hopeless
    Today I Met HopelessImage credit http://www.incourage.me/2013/07/love-in-the-dark.htmlFrom my desk i see students who run away from class.  This incident was really no different than other’s, but a compelling force that said i should get involved.  You see my domain is...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    19/10/2017 #31 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #21 Ian, never have truer words spoken: "I have learned that the most effective that we can be is empathic, sensitive and genuinely receptive listeners. And out of this authentic human space and connection arises the appropriate response – most effectively, turning the light on the assets rather than on the liabilities, as you clearly described. But sometimes it doesn’t even need a response – the authentic listener is all that was required". That last sentence especially. Being authentic, no agenda, no labels, no taking control because the listener is under the misguided assumption that they are better, smarter, more stable. We all have our issues, we all have our own experiences, each and everyone one of us is as unique as snowflakes
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/10/2017 #30 Cyndi wilkins
    You gave 'hopeless' the time of day @Harvey Lloyd...Somewhere along the line that in and of itself has shifted the trajectory of her thoughts...Being listened to, perhaps for the first time, can only make one hopeful. Lovely story;-)
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    18/10/2017 #29 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    You conveyed a very important message @Harvey Lloyd through this buzz. Spend more time with our youth. We need to draw out the hopelessness and it should be like the dirty clothes that we take off when we know they are dirty and need washing. Once its washed the hopelessness is washed away. The dirt that sticks on us is external forced onto us like a sticky grease. Everytime I'm hopeless or anyone is hopeless I only ask them one question what is that you can do to bring a smile on another person's face and if its a positive reply I'm lucky. I Tell them that smile is the hope we need. So Let's Go get some smiles. Thank You for what you do Harvey.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #26 Harvey Lloyd
    #25 @Charlene Norman thanks for the encouragement and i do not normally dwell upon the weaknesses of myself in this opposition. Today was a deep sight i don't usually see. Hopelessness by choice is what it is, but with children it's not choice but rather neglect.

    Our vision statement includes "one degree", we can't fix the world but in one student, if we can alter the course by "one degree" we can change a future outcome. Maybe today i was able to change the course by one degree.

    Thanks again and am looking forward to the newsletter. Good luck with those endeavours:)
    Charlene Norman
    18/10/2017 #25 Charlene Norman
    @Harvey Lloyd Without a doubt, this is one of the finest pieces I have read on here in a very long time. Do not despair on what you might think are all your negatives. Please, instead, rejoice on the light you have shone today. It shines oh so bright. Thank you for this.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #24 Harvey Lloyd
    #23 The river is the constant, your paddle in the water is your choice.
    Ian Weinberg
    18/10/2017 #23 Ian Weinberg
    #22 What else is life, other than work in progress?
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #22 Harvey Lloyd
    #21 @Ian Weinberg i can only imagine your stories. Mine do paint a human condition of many emotions as the author of the listener. My early years in this institution we call education i brought my construction mentality and that went over like a fart in church. So i was relegated to the rear office. Probably best i deal with humanity rather straightforward. I find the source of issues and reclamate or install enough fear so that the issue doesn't arise again.

    Again my soft spot is children. It started with great teachers who taught me about non-verbal students. I never looked at that disability the same. Now i can see past behaviours to the hopelessness handed out by adults onto unsuspecting children. You have brought me into a very strong sense of understanding of the narrative and its many components, leverages and dynamics.

    I don't believe some parents understand the clay in which they hold. It's a narrative being written by them. When i hear the parents a burning fire starts, i typically need to leave on some non sober occasions i engaged. I embarrassed my family.

    Thank you for your continued efforts in reinflating the human condition in so many. It's a job whereby the full gambit of emotions are felt, before, during and after the encounter. Somehow though i feel as though i have moved forward just a bit in finding humanity.
    Ian Weinberg
    18/10/2017 #21 Ian Weinberg
    I have counselled-coached over many years. There have been some heartening successes and many failures. I have learned that the most effective that we can be is empathic, sensitive and genuinely receptive listeners. And out of this authentic human space and connection arises the appropriate response – most effectively, turning the light on the assets rather than on the liabilities, as you clearly described. But sometimes it doesn’t even need a response – the authentic listener is all that was required. Last week I counselled a young woman with the most tragic and horrendous life narrative that I have ever encountered. She hugged and thanked me after a gruelling two hours, just for listening to her. I told her that she was the hero – for surviving and transcending the evil around her. I spent the next hour alone and in awe of this inspiring and incredible human being who was in fact a teacher and not a client. This is my tribute to all humans who, against all odds, prevail and transcend. Thanks @Harvey Lloyd for sharing and reminding us of our humanness.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #20 Harvey Lloyd
    #18 Thanks for your words of encouragement @Mohammed A. Jawad and yes we can find humanity within ourselves if we only seek.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #19 Harvey Lloyd
    #15 @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee sometimes we just need an ear and a heart that can hear. I am sure the gentlemen found peace in the moment you brought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. Its not always easy being human but it sure is fulfilling as we share our journeys.
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    18/10/2017 #18 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ah, the great goodness is by giving good guidelines! @Harvey Lloyd thanks for this inspiring post.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #17 Harvey Lloyd
    #16 Thank you for your comment and offer of support, @Joanne Gardocki. If only the need was money. I am good at making. The one thing i can't make is time. These kids need time in an environment where they can feel safe and understood. They are so busy trying to survive within an adult world they have been thrust into and don't understand.

    I don't write about these things as they get me stirred and that usually recalls the rebel without a cause aspects of my youth. Cannot explain today it just seems that the little girl needed someone just to believe in her, if even for a moment.

    I will look at the link and see if it offers us any strategies of success in our classrooms. I will let you know if decide to move forward with anything. Thanks again.
    Joanne Gardocki
    18/10/2017 #16 Joanne Gardocki
    #9 Beautifully said, @Pamela 🐝 Williams, "It's why I always taught my daughter to never 'define' herself because it created limits in a world of possibilities." The gift of strengthening the light of another young flame is priceless. It reverberates across time and space whether we realize it or not. Thank you, @Harvey Lloyd, for sharing a personal story; a dilemma that could be difficult to fix. You took the heros first step. Thank you.

    Our thoughts and words matter. Our calling is to those right in front of us; particularly those who may be without a voice. May I suggest Project Happiness https://projecthappiness.com/, perhaps the message may help the entire school. Richard Gere, Stephen Spielberg and the Dalai Lama were involved in producing the movie. The materials are structured by age/grade and give small doable steps for giving hope to "hopeless". If you like it, I'll fund the book and movie for the school.
    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    18/10/2017 #15 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    If only each one of us took the time... Yesterday, I nestled the head of a young man in the crook of my shoulder--hugging him mightily as his fear subsided. He was having a panic attack. He was not a client--just some young man I knew knocking on my door. I yanked him inside and crushed him in my grip--assuring him everything would be alright. He slowly recovered his boundaries, moving away and we began to talk about possible triggers and ways to escape them. By the time over an hour had passed, we were talking about ways to gently move towards a future. He was calm and focused. Here's hoping he remains so today.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #14 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #8 we hopefully spread the kind of leadership you advocate for @Harvey Lloyd. I wish we would always remember our role as genuine leaders as outlined in your thorough buzz. Keep writing my friend.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #13 Harvey Lloyd
    #5 Thanks @Javier 🐝 beBee appreciate your support and thoughts.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #12 Harvey Lloyd
    #7 Thanks for dropping by @Joel Anderson appreciate your comment and enjoy your posts.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #11 Harvey Lloyd
    #9 Thanks and yes i was a rebel without a cause during my youth today, i would be emotionally disturbed, ADHD and mild depression with psychotic features. Rebels without a cause just needed a little leather against the hind parts and we found the cause of the pain. Today they get pills and huge bills.

    Thanks for your comments and again children don't ask to be here but they are. As adults if we brought'em we need to take the responsibility to give the best chance at success. WIthout labels.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    18/10/2017 #10 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    A very thought provoking post @Harvey Lloyd
  3. ProducerNeto Montana

    Neto Montana

    The flame
    The flameThe flame that moves us is wanting, an irreducible will, a relentless will, wanting moved by dreams and fantasies, waking up, that warms the heart of the cold chill of the coldness of the night, brings the hope of a new beginning at the most...


    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    Wow 😮. Engaging
    Nathaniel Schooler 🛩 Brand Marketer
    17/10/2017 #4 Nathaniel Schooler 🛩 Brand Marketer
    Beautifully put Neto! Thanks for sharing @Javier 🐝 beBee
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    17/10/2017 #2 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    Amazing expression.

    I reread it through like Jim morrison in the Ghost Song.

    Then re read it again to an original tune.
    Joanne Gardocki
    17/10/2017 #1 Joanne Gardocki
    Beautiful and compelling, @Neto Montana. Thank you.
  4. ProducerGreg Rolfe

    Greg Rolfe

    I failed to be content, will you?
    I failed to be content, will you?Paul makes a statement that is often quoted but rarely understood. I have learned to be content. This vastly underrated phrase is at the very heart of the discord in our lives. We are not content. We are not able to enjoy where we are in life. ...


    Harvey Lloyd
    18/10/2017 #1 Harvey Lloyd
    This concept was tough one and yes it took a learned habit. Great post and timely
  5. ProducerAli 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    You must have experienced one of those scenarios
    You must have experienced one of those scenariosThe complexity of our lives in increasing because of the increased duality or ambivalence that we suffer constantly from. I am sure we have all experienced one of the following scenarios in which you found your feelings and thoughts are in...


    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    19/10/2017 #79 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #78 Very true @Yolanda Ávila Márquez. However; antifragility is more than resilience. It is coming out of a stressful situation stronger than before. Like carbon under stress yields diamonds so we are expected to be antifragile. This is a subject of huge interest and I hope to cover it soon.
    Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    19/10/2017 #78 Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    #74 Of course.
    One of the most wonderful capacities of the human being is resilience.

    Have you read Viktor Emil Frankl? Man's Search for Meaning

    ''Man can preserve a vestige of spiritual freedom, of mental independence, even in the terrible circumstances of psychic and physical tension''
    ''Man can be snatched from everything but one thing: the last of human freedoms - the choice of personal attitude before a set of circumstances - to decide his own way''

    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #77 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #76 great and do give this idea a try. It shall be nice to see how both of us @Cyndi wilkins tackles the same topic differently
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/10/2017 #76 Cyndi wilkins
    #67 Within difficulty lies opportunity;-) I will keep an eye out for your next buzz sir...I could use the added inspiration myself as these last several months have been very challenging...
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #75 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Dears @Joanne Gardocki and @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee I would love to hear your voices on these discussions
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #74 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #73 absolutely I agree with you @Yolanda Ávila Márquez. Yes, we agree. Being positive and acting in a positive way is far better than paralyzing self with ugly memories of cowardly acts. It requires solid determination, but it can be done.
    Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    18/10/2017 #73 Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    #70 I understand you.
    I have read more similar cases. I agree that doing something to help others who have gone through the same situation is positive but provided that at the same time you have healed the wound inside.

    This model of Yoga, for example, has a support group for women who have been raped.
    She helps them because she was also raped. I think it's wonderful and ... healer.

    Basically you and I agree Ali:
    we must think and act, not stay paralyzed and look for creative solutions that take us out of the paralyzing situations.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    18/10/2017 #72 Tausif Mundrawala
    #46 Thanks my friend, @Lisa Vanderburg for directing my attention towards this wonderful buzz.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #71 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #68 brilliant comment dear @Tausif Mundrawala. You wrote "I have learnt that whatever we desire it comes with a price and requires us to work on it diligently". In thermodynamics we know you don't get anything for nothing. You derived this reality by yourself. You are smsrt my friend.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #70 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #69 Dear @Yolanda Ávila Márquez- I read the story of the girl. She didn't remove her problem, but lesssned its intensity by helping others. She vented out part of frustration this way. The positive side is that she designed the sports shoe. She re-challened her frustration and this was a way of dealing of a problem rather than allowing the problem to ruin her. She was self-motivated to do that.
    Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    18/10/2017 #69 Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    My dear Ali ....
    this time I disagree with your opinion , just a little ;)

    ''So is the case of the raped girl. In one incident a raped girl started a new brand of sports shoes in which she donated a certain percentage of her profits to help girls who suffered from rape. Solving the problem of others puts our feelings and thoughts in harmony''

    I think doing that alleviates the pain but does not eliminate it. It is a way to divert or channel attention. For me, it is valid only if at the same time you are healing in yourself what happened. You have to find peace within yourself.

    Ghandi said:
    "Happiness is achieved when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony." I agree with him.

    All our attention must be focused on living our life with consistency.

    Tausif Mundrawala
    18/10/2017 #68 Tausif Mundrawala
    However disharmonious our situation might be, it's incumbent on us to act in tandem with what our heart says and lies. Whenever I felt low in life I have seen myself inching towards the calling of my heart and wherever I taught my forte lies. I have learnt that whatever we desire it comes with a price and requires us to work on it diligently. We should blink once but we shouldn't leave sight of the path chosen by us and by our Almighty. He gives signs. He would put us in difficulties which would make us strongest than before. We have to heed to his call and suggestions. If someone is meant to be a writer or a poet he/she would always be enchanted with that subject.

    Thanks for this wonderful buzz, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee Awaiting your reply.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #67 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #66 Your comment dear @Cyndi wilkins has just inspired me with the idea for my next buzz. The theme of it is as we face hardships in life it is our best times to find creative and simple solutions. Welcome to challenges because they make us thrive, Thank you Cyndi.
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/10/2017 #66 Cyndi wilkins
    #65 Salt of the Earth he was...and showering you with his love from above...The greatest gift that one can give while in the flesh is to leave this world having made it a better place...I would say your father did that...Tenfold;-)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #65 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #64 You really increased my awareness of the role my father> Thank you and I am truly moved by your comment.
    When my father passed away in 2005 we only found out that he was sponsoring more than ten orphaned students by paying their university fees. He didn't only scarified for his family, but also for the needy and deprived people.
    My father was a renowned writer. He co-authored one book in English.
    The early history of the Gulf Arabs / Ahmad Anani and Ken Whittingham.
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/10/2017 #64 Cyndi wilkins
    "The pain was great, but still his beliefs helped him contain the pain."

    That my friend @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee is the will to survive...and that is why your father lived another forty years after the fact...His concern for his families well-being should he not survive himself was the driving force behind his choice to soldier through excruciating pain to secure their future...even if he sacrificed his...That is the highest expression of love...and the measure of an amazing man...You are blessed to have had such a wonderful role model;-)
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #63 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #62 I agree fully with your splendid comment @Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris. Either we find a creative solutions, or we find a way to lessen the conflict. It is not always easy to find a total solution. I mentioned same idea in my previous comment. But it all starts from congruence with oneself. Beautifully expressed Zacharias.
    Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    18/10/2017 #62 Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris
    I love the complex system example (double pendulum case) as an analogy. At the end of the day, it's all about congruence with oneself. Not easy to find creative solutions always, but definitely possible. Thanks for the great post...
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/10/2017 #61 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #60 Do you know dear @Lisa Vanderburg that my father memorized The Learners' Dictionary in full. At his time very few people spoke English in my country. This helped my father do thirteen jobs simultaneously. He worked as translator, Part-time English teacher and preparing pitches documents to big construction companies, among other jobs. If I claim that he didn't influence my life I would be lying.
    There is a catchy phrase in your comment. "Suffering can take a good person and either make them exceptional or destroy them". Absolutely spot on. It is a thin line that can bifurcate us into two different paths. This is a buzz on its own.
    Your comment reminds me to invite my friend Dr. @Vincenzo De Florio to the discussions here. Antifragility is to become stronger when experiencing a hard going in life. Not only suffering can take us in two different paths, but it can even make us stronger than we were before the suffering. This is a huge idea for the workshop that Vincenzo is organizing. Pain and Antifragility. It is more than resilience because resilience takes us to the same condition and position we were at before we suffered. Antifragility makes us better and stronger.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    18/10/2017 #60 Lisa Vanderburg
    #59 Your father's journey leaves me reeling; that determination takes such great passion to overcome, especially as the odds were so stacked against him. I can see where you get your steel from @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee View more
    #59 Your father's journey leaves me reeling; that determination takes such great passion to overcome, especially as the odds were so stacked against him. I can see where you get your steel from @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee!
    Suffering can take a good person and either make them exceptional or destroy them. Such is the fine line we tread....at some point, our choice will define us. Thank you for sharing your father's story, my friend! Close
  6. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    A May day fright or flight
    A May day fright or flightSome of us are driven to pushing the envelop either out of curiosity or out of the need to live on the edge, or both. I suspect that I would fall into the subgroup of ADHD’s characterized by the need for increased environmental stimulation. Now...


    Jerry Fletcher
    17/10/2017 #22 Jerry Fletcher
    Doc, As we age it is easier to step away from the craziness of youth. But the adrenaline still flows when we think about those adventures close to the edge.
    Ken Boddie
    15/10/2017 #21 Ken Boddie
    #11 That makes two of us, Ian.
    Lyon Brave
    14/10/2017 #19 Lyon Brave
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #18 Ian Weinberg
    #17 I wanted to be many things @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    14/10/2017 #17 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Wow a seat edging one from your adventures vault @Ian Weinberg What were you thinking I thought you wanted to a doctor Ahhh you did :)
    Cyndi wilkins
    14/10/2017 #16 Cyndi wilkins
    #8 I'm with her!!! Silly boys;-) Although I have to admit...it took me quite some time settle down after having a child...When I 'misbehaved' I always got the "What the hell were you thinking?!?!" speech the morning after....followed by, "You're a mother now...so act like one." Shamed into submission:-(
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #15 Ian Weinberg
    #14 Thanks @Gert Scholtz
    Gert Scholtz
    14/10/2017 #14 Gert Scholtz
    @Ian Weinberg A swashbuckling ride Doc! Next time, take me with you when you go for a “spin” in an airplane. I crashed down with a microglider once and think I should up the ante on skyfalls. Good story Ian, and may I say happy that you lived to tell it – and have a coffee with me from time to time.
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #13 Ian Weinberg
    #2 Thanks @Harvey Lloyd one of the spectators would have written it up. I believe it was spectacular to watch!!
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #12 Ian Weinberg
    #4 Yep, I'm done with that stuff now. I just put my feet up and drink beer !
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #11 Ian Weinberg
    #5 Thanks @Ken Boddie It's interesting that as I've 'matured' I've lost the edge. I don't think I'd have the nerve to go up in that thing again!
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #10 Ian Weinberg
    #6 Thanks @Donna Wood A little ragged now - Mow I rather just watch others doing these things on TV
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #9 Ian Weinberg
    #1 Thanks @Pascal Derrien
    Ian Weinberg
    14/10/2017 #8 Ian Weinberg
    #7 I was @Cyndi wilkins And I never heard the end of it. To this day ...
    Cyndi wilkins
    14/10/2017 #7 Cyndi wilkins
    Okay...I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you were not married at this time @Ian Weinberg...Because if I was your wife...I would have killed you after a stunt like that! Adrenaline junkie...now I know why you're a brain surgeon;-)
    Donna Wood
    14/10/2017 #6 Donna Wood
    Some edge of your seat reading, @Ian Weinberg!!! The world is grateful for two things: first you lived to tell the tale; and second that people who push envelope exist. Necessity indeed is the mother of all invention. It the exhilaration we feel while pushing the envelope that truly makes us feel alive!!!
    Ken Boddie
    14/10/2017 #5 Ken Boddie
    They say that the sweetest success, Ian, comes after boundaries have been moved further away than we originally thought possible, or, even better, when the batsman repeatedly hits a six over them. Personally, I'm one of those boring people who identify hazards, and carry out a risk assessment after evaluating the probability of occurrence and the associated consequential damage. I then suggest appropriate factors of safety be set in place, so that the great majority of users or practitioners can work within a safe environment. But without people like you, Ian, we never really find out what is possible beyond the boundaries or how conservative we may or may not have been in setting them. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." 🤔
    Paul Walters
    14/10/2017 #4 Paul Walters
    @Ian Weinberg . dont push that envelope tpp far my old mate..I still want to read a lot more of your stuff!!
    Harvey Lloyd
    14/10/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    I think we all cand relate😥
    Harvey Lloyd
    14/10/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    Dam I almost soiled my depends great story and morals. Be what it be. Glad you made it though

    Who would have wrote the story🤔
  7. ProducerLisa Vanderburg

    Lisa Vanderburg

    DILEMMADilemma. It’s a delicious word; one I keep repeating. I find myself rolling it ‘round my mouth until my tongue splits like a serpent. Why is that? It’s a two-tined word.'1520s, from Late Latin dilemma, from Greek dilemma "double proposition," a...


    Lisa Vanderburg
    01/10/2017 #78 Lisa Vanderburg
    @Cyndi wilkins...I also find children to be wonderful! https://www.bebee.com/producer/@lisa-vanderburg/introspection
    You brought up kids..... :)
    Lisa Vanderburg
    01/10/2017 #77 Lisa Vanderburg
    Wow...thanks for the multiple shares, @CityVP 🐝 Manjit - such a love!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    01/10/2017 #76 Lisa Vanderburg
    #73 Personally, I find the whole idea of children-to- adolescence v. social media terrifying. There is no doubt in my mind that the internet is too wonderful and will therefore lead to our demise. Children can be sufficiently awful without it!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    01/10/2017 #75 Lisa Vanderburg
    #74 Darn tootin' @CityVP 🐝 Manjit! If I could reiterate your whole comment, I would, but 'Being called out is not a form of bullying but a signal that there is no relationship.' Never a truer statement for mature adults! I agree that the age of reaching maturity is a huge band; seems to me that is particularly so in the first world, where the disparity between mature '21-year olds' appears enormous....could be I'm just getting old.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    01/10/2017 #74 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #73 Even though coming of age is meant to be a right of passage, it is also an assumption that this is when the teenage brain matures into the adult brain. Sometimes the difference between 19 and 25 can be night and day, so there is no magic 21 for any of us. There are ways of mitigating reckless behaviour but there are so many factors and variables that mean we need to understand a child in the context of their given experiences and development. I would not be surprised to learn of people whose actual coming of age was 37 !!!

    At the same time a very upright and mature individual can have a moment of extreme childishness because after all, we are only human and having an adult brain does not necessarily confer adult behaviour. Maturity is as rational as irrationality and whether it is brutal girls, macho boys or soccer moms, I think we all have moments in our lives which are not our finer moments. What we don't want in those moments is someone to become the action replay booth. It is uncomfortable to have someone replay our actions when we know that those actions were not ones where we were at our best.

    Being called out is not a form of bullying but a signal that there is no relationship. If we have a relationship, we protect and nurture relationships, but whether it is a teenage brain not wired for sensitivities or insensitive moron who has the relationship of a pile of pigswill, there is a point where we become mindful of a relationship and feedback. As we evolve as human beings, we hopefully will also evolve in our ability to create quality relationships. Not political correctness or being woke, but the recognition that we will fail more than we succeed in developing quality relationships that are limited also by our scope.
    Cyndi wilkins
    01/10/2017 #73 Cyndi wilkins
    #72 Well...I was only twelve at the time;-) I've learned a lot about letting boys be boys since then... Still applies when they are men;-) I'll tell you what though, guys are a hell of lot easier on each other than we lil' bitches at that age...My daughter is in middle school now and these girls are brutal...posting inappropriate photos and bad mouthing classmates online to humiliate them to their peers...THAT is the kind of stuff that worries me more than anything...Children do not have the mental maturity at this age to discern and think for themselves when being bullied...and too often these things lead to horrible tragedies...This is where we should ALL be focusing more of our attention...What kind of example are we setting for our children?
    Lisa Vanderburg
    30/09/2017 #72 Lisa Vanderburg
    #70 #69 It's good to know it's not just me (quasi-human) that can mess up.... ;)
    Cyndi wilkins
    30/09/2017 #71 Cyndi wilkins
    #70 I guess I'd rather be a dolphin than a seal...especially after watching that video;-)
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    30/09/2017 #70 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #69 There are certain characteristics of animal kingdom ritual that human beings still have kinship and machismo is just one element in the bag of ego that convinces some that they are being men of reason, when the reality would only be known if we got David Attenborough to narrate in the distance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQI5KUfM2xc

    "The male seals begin to taunt each other and this exposes the weakest of the herd, but in the distance something unusual has occurred, a single dolphin (with a sizeable brain) tries to come to the aid of the weakest seal and the seals do not appreciate the interaction of this species. The dolphin immediately retreats realizing it has made life more rather than easier for the weakest in the seal herd"

    It is not so much lessons learned for me as observing life the way David Attenborough would look at it - pull back and watch the show and then try to figure out what brews behind the behaviour.
    Cyndi wilkins
    30/09/2017 #69 Cyndi wilkins
    "It pays to recognize the context and let those who enjoy that tougher playground have their space."

    I love this comment @CityVP 🐝 Manjit because it reminds me of a memory in sixth grade when I really had a thing for this boy in my class...We were really good friends and I liked having the attention of a 'boy' friend;-) Then one afternoon I happened upon an incident on the playground where my friend was being pushed around and taunted by a group of others boys...Naturally I felt the need to come to the defense of my friend...much to his disapproval at my butting in on a 'guy thing.'

    Unfortunately, I only succeeded in embarrassing him and he never spoke to me again...Lesson learned.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    30/09/2017 #68 Lisa Vanderburg
    #67 Amen, brother @CityVP 🐝 Manjit - thank you so much for your thoughtful and witty comments! I agree; I like diversity...would be a very dull play without it. And I love your understanding of 'batty-boys' & catty girls :) It's refreshing to jump in each other's sand-pits and get a bit gritty, just leave the mace, arrows and shiv out, or there will be tears before bedtime! :)
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    30/09/2017 #67 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Social media is not as well developed as our living room media, and so there is no Viewers Discretion warnings on social media buzzes. I love diversity and as much as I am often piggy in the middle and am cool with the mainstream, I like being a witness to the edges and the extremes - because that encompasses diversity.

    When the batty boys start batting, I recognize where they play and the critical level of discourse that ensues. That is far different from the immoral troll who is a diaper sized kid trying to get off on yanking people's chain. So social media when it is best has different sandpits to play in, and it is not just about providing room for the voice of the batty boys, it is also room for the fighting cats. I see more cat-fights in the offline world than I do online but this is not about bullying, but the extremes of human expression - and what I find most intriguing is when a batty boy considers critical thought as an argument when it is between batty boys and we consider it a cat-fight when it is women exchanging vociferous argument.

    Other than the odd weirdo or troll, one should not be playing rugby in a tennis match, nor tennis in a rugby match. If the conversation is a political or cerebral sport then it pays to recognize the context and let those who enjoy that tougher playground have their space. Why engage in a conversation where historical precedent shows that there is a higher degree of getting our noses out of joint. At the same time, the same regard for context should be held by batty boys and fighting-cats.

    If a space has a civil context and the conversation is nuanced and very deep, having a grunge band opinion cutting through is simply someone who is out of touch. Morality and ethics has a higher plain than online conversation, and a higher bar on ethics and morality does not place a ban or censure on the lowest common denominator. My first goal is to welcome diversity.
    Lisa Vanderburg
    30/09/2017 #66 Lisa Vanderburg
    Welcome @JosephDavid Thomas! Posting a buzz here is a bit of a challenge....for me, anyhoo! Can't keep my headers the same size :) You're right though, how dilemma could also be easily translated to 'double-speak'.
    Thanks Ambassador and dear friend @Deb 🐝 Helfrich!
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    30/09/2017 #65 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #64 Hey there, @JosephDavid Thomas. Being brand new, you misinterpreted who shared the article with who authored it.

    Easy mistake to make while scrolling the feed the first time.

    Distribution on beBee isn't algorithmically controlled, but rather all about the human level shares.

    So the sharer's picture shows above the author's.

    No harm, no foul, we are all friends around here! And love to chat.
    JosephDavid Thomas
    29/09/2017 #64 JosephDavid Thomas
    Fascinating article by Franci Eugenia Hoffman on the etymology of "split tongue," which I would relate to the phrase, "speaking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time."
    Lisa Vanderburg
    29/09/2017 #63 Lisa Vanderburg
    #62 YOUR smile, sugar...mine's more of a grimace :)
    Cyndi wilkins
    29/09/2017 #62 Cyndi wilkins
    #54 " Take into account those authors that take a reasonable statement that does not align with their post/buzz, and use it to pulverize the commenter."

    Agreed...So down regulate the emotion...Anger begets anger...so choose the opposing energy of gratitude instead by responding to such behavior peacefully...That in and of itself is empowering to YOU...the RESPONDER...Nothing is more disarming than a smile...Sure...they may shoot you in the head for it, but you'll go down smiling;-)

    Okay, I'll shut up now and let 'da boys' talk!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    29/09/2017 #61 Lisa Vanderburg
    #60 lol....why did'ja have to go all straight-forward with me @Chas ✌️ Wyatt :)
    Lisa Vanderburg
    29/09/2017 #59 Lisa Vanderburg
    #56 You are my muse too, dear @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee - thank you!
    Lisa Vanderburg
    29/09/2017 #58 Lisa Vanderburg
    @Juan Imaz, @Chas ✌️ Wyatt, @Tausif Mundrawala, @Jordan Sands
    This is an equal opportunity examination :)
  8. Phil Friedman

    Phil Friedman

    Phil Friedman and the Port Royal Group have reactivated their HURRICAN HELP CENTER to aid yacht and boat owners in the wake of Hurricane Irma. We have 30 years experience and can usually facilitate timely resolutions. In the U.S. and the Caribbean. Call or text 1.954.224.2145. Or email info@portroyalgroup.com Please share and tweet this notice to get the message out. Thanks. Phil Friedman


    Phil Friedman
    15/09/2017 #5 Phil Friedman
    FYI, @Brigette Hyacinth. Hope all is good with you and yours.
    Phil Friedman
    14/09/2017 #4 Phil Friedman
    #3 Thank you, Lori. My best to you -- and to your friends. This will be a tough one to bounce back from ...
    Lori Mullins-Johnson
    14/09/2017 #3 Lori Mullins-Johnson
    I shared on Facebook with some people from St. Thomas, much devastation there.
    Phil Friedman
    14/09/2017 #2 Phil Friedman
    #1Thank you, Franci. Cheers!
  9. ProducerRandall Burns

    Randall Burns

    “Holy Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat Hot Peppers!-This Year’s Harvest”
    “Holy Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat Hot Peppers!-This Year’s Harvest”I’ve been growing my own hot peppers for a few years now and usually yield enough that once dried last me through the winter until the following year’s crop. I always grow Habaneros, Scotch Bonnets, Ghost, and Jalapenos, last year I added Burning...


    Randall Burns
    16/09/2017 #32 Randall Burns
    #31 You have a lovely weekend as well @Savvy Raj Great to hear from you
    Savvy Raj
    16/09/2017 #31 Savvy Raj
    Amazing harvest and amazing learnings ...Thank you @Randall Burns for introducing and sharing information so many varieties of peppers. Great pics too. Have a lovely weekend 🌞
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    12/09/2017 #30 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #26 Oh your baddd Paul but bad in a fun way!!
    Wayne Yoshida
    11/09/2017 #29 Wayne Yoshida
    Milk and chocolate will cool things down if the pepper is too hot. I think it's the fat that does that. So, what happens when we have Jalapeno ice cream?
    Randall Burns
    11/09/2017 #28 Randall Burns
    #26 LMAO!!!! You'll have to post pics @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian, of both the peppers and your Mother-in-laws face
    Randall Burns
    11/09/2017 #27 Randall Burns
    #22 Oh Boy! @Wayne Yoshida, yup, even on the "mild side" the capsaicin oil is still strong, will stick to your skin and definitely agitate any "sensitive" areas. In the Caribbean we always had Aloe Vera plants around and that is something that will help soothe to a degree, but gloves are definitely the best approach.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    11/09/2017 #26 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    I showed this post to my brother-in-law, the spicy food freak. He's planting Peter Peppers next year simply to freak out our mutual mother-in-law. I can't wait to see her face.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    11/09/2017 #25 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #19 OMG LMAO . . . The Peter Pepper should never be used as its appearance may suggest. Ask @Wayne Yoshida why not wearing gloves when working with peppers is a bad idea.
    Wayne Yoshida
    11/09/2017 #24 Wayne Yoshida
    I wonder if @Brigette Hyacinth has peppers in her garden?
    Wayne Yoshida
    11/09/2017 #23 Wayne Yoshida
    #9 Yes @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian - I feel the same way about BBQ, Hawaiian and Japanese restaurants.
    Wayne Yoshida
    11/09/2017 #22 Wayne Yoshida
    Excellent timing on this, @Randall Burns -- a co-worker and I discussed peppers just last week, when I made some Armadillo Eggs with some mild Anaheim chilies and some salsa with some Hatch chile peppers. I thought they were on the mild side, so I didn't prep with gloves on. But then I had to use the bathroom. Arg.

    I saved the seeds, I may plant some in my back yard.

    Thanks for the tip on the taste test. I thought there was a rule for peppers -- if they are pointed, they are "hot" - if they are round, they are mild. But I find this is not the case.
    Nicole Chardenet
    11/09/2017 #21 Nicole Chardenet
    I'm a jalapenos chick myself. Just put some in my scrambled eggs this morning! I've got a friend who prefers his food nuclear-level, though...
    Randall Burns
    11/09/2017 #20 Randall Burns
    #19 Thanks @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher , Funny, I just knew that you were going to laugh at that one aspect :-)
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    11/09/2017 #19 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Carolina Reaper- "WTF, OMG call 9-1-1" I'd probably be dead before they arrived. I'm a green/red/yellow pepper kind of gal with a hint of Jalapeno on occasion. The Peter Pepper, well I bet that has many uses? ;-) I laughed when I saw that, never hear of or saw a Peter Pepper, I can see where they got their name ha ha. Nice garden @Randall Burns!
    Randall Burns
    10/09/2017 #18 Randall Burns
    #17 LMAO! @Paul Walters I would be disappointed if you didn't take the opportunity to cast a few puns my way, especially with this post. Thanks for the feedback Buddy.
    Paul Walters
    10/09/2017 #17 Paul Walters
    @Randall Burns I was hoping to void the unintended puns bur this was a hot buzz spiced with a few fiery ideas and plenty of sizzling information...thank you
    Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    09/09/2017 #15 Yolanda Ávila Márquez
    Wow ....A really complete buzz.
    I only use chili to make guacamole and very carefully!
    I really do not tolerate the spicy taste but I like to add some white pepper to my meals when cooking.
    By the way, autumn is the season of spicy taste (pungent) according to traditional Chinese medicine.

    Best regards.
    Dominique 🐝 Petersen
    09/09/2017 #14 Dominique 🐝 Petersen
    Fabulous post!
    Randall Burns
    09/09/2017 #13 Randall Burns
    #9 Absolutely @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian applied chemistry and this is a vocation that we NEVER stop learning about. Agreed with disappointing experiences while dining out most of the time.
  10. Moi Kliniger

    Moi Kliniger

    "The Worship of Nature"

    The harp at Nature's advent strung
    Has never ceased to play;
    The song the stars of morning sung
    Has never died away.

    And prayer is made, and praise is given,
    By all things near and far;
    The ocean looketh up to heaven,
    And mirrors every star.

    Its waves are kneeling on the strand,
    As kneels the human knee,
    Their white locks bowing to the sand,
    The priesthood of the sea!

    They pour their glittering treasures forth,
    Their gifts of pearl they bring,
    And all the listening hills of earth
    Take up the song they sing.

    The green earth sends its incense up
    From many a mountain shrine;
    From folded leaf and dewy cup
    She pours her sacred wine.

    The mists above the morning rills
    Rise white as wings of prayer;
    The altar-curtains of the hills
    Are sunset's purple air.

    The winds with hymns of praise are loud,
    Or low with sobs of pain, --
    The thunder-organ of the cloud,
    The dropping tears of rain.

    With drooping head and branches crossed
    The twilight forest grieves,
    Or speaks with tongues of Pentecost
    From all its sunlit leaves.

    The blue sky is the temple's arch,
    Its transept earth and air,
    The music of its starry march
    The chorus of a prayer.

    So Nature keeps the reverent frame
    With which her years began,
    And all her signs and voices shame
    The prayerless heart of man.

    by John Greenleaf Whittier
    Moi Kliniger
  11. ProducerRandall Burns

    Randall Burns

    “Political Correctness” in a Professional Kitchen
    “Political Correctness” in a Professional KitchenWarning/Disclaimer; This article is NOT Politically Correct, (by today’s standards), there is very colorful language, off-color humor, and general teasing across a broad spectrum so if you’re a S.N.A.G., (Sensitive New Age Guy), a...


    Randall Burns
    08/08/2017 #38 Randall Burns
    #37 Thank You @Paul Walters actually no PC in any kitchen as far as I know. :-)
    Paul Walters
    08/08/2017 #37 Paul Walters
    @Randall Burns Nice one chef ...no PC in your kitchen I trust!!
    Randall Burns
    07/08/2017 #36 Randall Burns
    #35 LMAO! @Aaron 🐝 Skogen I'll come chop onions in your kitchen anytime!
    Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    07/08/2017 #35 Aaron 🐝 Skogen
    @Randall Burns, I'll come chop onions in your kitchen anytime. Word of warning though, if you ask me chop the all-purpose flour, I might respond with a volley from the salad shooter, and remind that other newb grunt that the fillet knife is the one with the 90 degree edge cut off at 45 degrees. . .
    Randall Burns
    06/08/2017 #34 Randall Burns
    #33 Actually @Ken Boddie the little bits aren't too bad but the big chunks are difficult and they're not just a "little bit hard" but very hard. I did actually make a real "Chocolate Moose" once, it was a chocolate sculpture for a Game buffet, I'll have to see if I can find pictures...
    Ken Boddie
    06/08/2017 #33 Ken Boddie
    Highly offensive and hence, eye-wateringly, belly-achingly hilarious, Randy. But, since we're on the subject of what happens in the kitchen, when Canadian chefs make chocolate mousse, aren't the antlers a little bit hard to digest?
    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    05/08/2017 #31 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    Oh did I ever need this today. A breath of fresh farts to be sure. Colorful, cogent, and relative. Thanks for the hahas.
    Randall Burns
    05/08/2017 #30 Randall Burns
    HaHa! @Nicole Chardenet Thanks for the feedback and stories.
    Nicole Chardenet
    05/08/2017 #29 Nicole Chardenet
    Politically incorrect commentary, Part Deux...

    One night after work we brought beer into the office and the boss told a hilarious story about his brother-in-law who would take ANY dare and once accepted a dare to stick his ding-dong in an electric fan (yes, it was on at the time :) ) Apparently it ended in a highly bruised wee-wee and a huge amount of laughter from the staff. (Said BIL showed up a few months later and everyone went, "Hey, we know who you are! You're the guy who stuck his dick in a fan!" He was ready to kill our boss. :)

    Oh yeah, the guys always got me to sing happy birthday to them in a Marilyn Monroe voice (it got to be A Thing after the first time) and once I did it over the office PA system. Oh, and we had a running joke about a senior network engineer being a pedophile (he wasn't, but that didn't stop us from saying it all the time, not even after he became our boss).

    So, we were probably just as bad as you cocky cooks and shameful chefs, maybe even worse!

    You can take the American out of America but you can never take America out of the American.

    And if you don't like it, you can all go fuck yourselves :)
    Nicole Chardenet
    05/08/2017 #28 Nicole Chardenet
    I will have to try and post this comment in two parts because I keep getting a beBee message saying a message should be 1-2000 characters. I don't think mine is that long but maybe they count differently in Brazil :)

    Well that was SOME article, Randall! But don't hold back...how do you REALLY feel about political correctness??? LOL

    Living as I do in the heart of The P.C. Beast in Toronto, and being coming not only from the largely politically incorrect United States and the hideously, grievously, hopelessly politically incorrect IT industry (25 years now), I can laugh with you and pretty much agree with you and remember fondly one of the best jobs I ever had working for a small VAR (Value Added Reseller) of computers & networks in Hartford, CT.

    It was THE most politically incorrect office I've ever worked in. But, we were a really tight team who got along really well and no one was a tightass. The shit we used to say to each other...and pull. We flirted with each other, told horrible stories that would have given the HR department many, many Maalox moments had we had an HR department (or any Maalox), and then there were the silly jokes we played on each other. Like sending the President home to his Boston office with a Depends pad snuck into his hard drive box, which apparently he opened in front of a customer and then snorted, "Those guuuuys!!!" (Some of us guuuuuuys were women :) )

    to be continued...
    Martin Wright
    04/08/2017 #27 Martin Wright
    Made laughing out loud and made me rhink too. - you really must stop getting me into bad habits.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/08/2017 #26 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #25 I think @Nicole Chardenet would enjoy this!
    Randall Burns
    04/08/2017 #25 Randall Burns
    #23 LMAO!! @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, I guess I'll have to make you some "Cock-a-Leeky" soup sometime, (it's a "classic", Google it), It's delicious and I think that you might enjoy it. :-)
    Numo Quest
    04/08/2017 #24 Numo Quest
    Wow!!!! Hilarious. It's like people calling the 'Discrimination card' without them realizing they simply exist because of natural discrimination or those constant wave the 'Racist' flag, not understanding there is only ONE Race, 'Homo Sapiens', the world is getting more and more illiterate and ridiculous. Well Put Randal, many thanks. René C
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    04/08/2017 #23 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    OMG I couldn't stop laughing. I love your raw candor @Randall Burns. People use the F bomb more than they'd admit. As long as it not being used in a crude manner who cares?!! I once read an article this past year stating that people who use the F bomb during conversation tend to be of higher intelligence. I must have a pretty high IQ then - oh and you too LOL! People would be surprised how many Health Care Professionals that work with patients use the F bomb when away from the patients. Many off color jokes too because humor is necessary when you work in a profession that can have more down days than up and is very serious. I would imagine the stress of the kitchen could do the same on another level as you described quite well above.

    For the record, I've never eaten cock before... not to my knowledge and for those that just read this, get your head out of the gutter haha.
    Randall Burns
    04/08/2017 #22 Randall Burns
    #14 HaHa @xx xx I would have to say that is your prerogative to have your opinion, it is my choice as to whether I would allow you to have that much power over me to actually offend me. Kind of hard to have a debate, and be at a disadvantage, if I was that fickle. :-)
    Randall Burns
    04/08/2017 #21 Randall Burns
    #17 Anytime!@Melissa Hefferman :-)
    Randall Burns
    04/08/2017 #20 Randall Burns
    #16 LOL, Thanks @David B. Grinberg I don't mind if you mention President Trump, he's not my president. :-)
    Randall Burns
    04/08/2017 #19 Randall Burns
    #13 HaHa! @Phil Friedman Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Milos Djukic

    Milos Djukic

    Milos Djukic


    Sara Jacobovici
    21/07/2017 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    Great share @Chas ✌️ Wyatt! Thanks for the tag.
    Milos Djukic
    21/07/2017 #2 Anonymous
    #1 Thank you @Chas ✌️ Wyatt!
  13. Geoff Hudson-Searle
    Bees work for man, and yet they never bruise
    Their Master's flower, but leave it having done,
    As fair as ever and as fit to use;
    So both the flower doth stay and honey run.
    ~ George Herbert, The Church-Providence
    Geoff Hudson-Searle
  14. ProducerJohn Whitehead

    John Whitehead

    Hi-Tech Hiring: Where do Soft Skills Fit?
    Hi-Tech Hiring: Where do Soft Skills Fit?Last week I wrote about how the Hi-Tech industry is feeling the pinch from workers lacking basic soft skills. A recent article published in CIO Magazine (March 27, 2017) states, “Forget experience and hard skills -- tomorrow's best talent will...


    John Whitehead
    13/07/2017 #5 John Whitehead
    #1 Thanks Lyon for adding to the conversation
    John Whitehead
    13/07/2017 #4 John Whitehead
    #2 thanks Harvey. Apprecite your comments.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/07/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    #1 @Lyon Brave i suck at small talk, i am usually criticized for my discussions as being to deep or stuck in detail.

    I would submit though, soft skills give us the ability to find the story within the story.

    Myself, i dont believe their is such a thing as small talk. All talk is going somewhere. Soft skills allow us to be a part of someone else's talk journey. Not in content but in direction of what they are trying to achieve. Maybe small talk is achieveing a stronger bond within a friendship or establishing a competitive alighnment of knowledge. Soft skills gives us the ability to summarize the environment.

    You shouldn't have to use soft skills at this level with friends. But understanding another's motivation allows us to participate in small talk differently but effectively.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/07/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    Soft skills do seem to be a major focus within an economy where information has become the new currency. Unfortunately information that cant be delivered is no better than the 1964 Encyclopedia Britannica in the attic.

    Good read and thanks for the research, it was helpful.
    Lyon Brave
    10/07/2017 #1 Lyon Brave
    people tell me I'm brilliant but have no soft skills. I once had an employer tell me I was a brilliant lecturer but had poor personal relationships with my coworkers. I simply did not engage my coworkers in small talk because I was preparing for my lectures. I don't know. I'm not a small talk person. I'm a business talk person.
  15. Sara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    A must see and hear...to the end!
    Sara Jacobovici
    Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation | MasterClass
    www.masterclass.com The first and only online class with the legendary conservationist Dr. Jane...


    Sara Jacobovici
    18/06/2017 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Great to see that you had posted this @John Vaughan.
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/06/2017 #1 Sara Jacobovici
    A must see and hear...to the end!
  16. ProducerNeto Montana

    Neto Montana

    The room
    The roomI feel so safe in this room, so dark but with such clear ideas, here I am an invincible superman where there are no visible enemies or any threat of a world that seems chaotic at the same time simplified with all our reflections of issues and...


    Bakary sanneh
    16/06/2017 #3 Bakary sanneh
    Hello dear how are you doing over there
    Bakary sanneh
    16/06/2017 #2 Bakary sanneh
    Harvey Lloyd
    03/06/2017 #1 Harvey Lloyd
    This was great writing. I enjoyed.
  17. Lori Boxer

    Lori Boxer

    Have you ever experienced a bout of self-doubt?

    In a large corporation, there’s usually no time for self-doubt. Of course, there’s never a shortage of unknowns, trade-offs and risks, but as an executive you make the best call you can and go with it. You strategize, capitalize and turn the crank and, if it works, you keep doing it. If not, you come up with a different plan.

    When it’s your own small business or private practice, however, there’s a whole lot more of challenging your own comfort zone . . . AND taking risks with your family’s money! When you’re all alone in your own little office, there’s nowhere to hide from self-doubt, and that can be scary.

    Have you gone through a period of self-doubt in your business or career? Would be interested to read your comments on what that was, how you handle it and what, if anything, you learned from the experience.
    Lori Boxer


    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    01/06/2017 #4 Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    PS, I love ❤️ beBee and all the friends I continue to meet here👍👍👍🐝🐝🐝😊😊😊😊
    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    01/06/2017 #3 Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Lori Boxer ROCKS!!
    Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    01/06/2017 #2 Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador
    Thx Lori for this great post and to Harvey for sharing. Anything is possible in life is my short story here:

    Growing up in Chicago, my parents could not afford to send us to college and while in high school I started a job in a factory on 2nd shift full time 48 hr work week, and was trained as a die setter at Armstrong Chemcon, they made paint cans, rings, bottoms and tops. I had to work every Saturday because that's when new punches and dies were installed and machines were not running. I learned a lot about tin types, how to use micrometers , testing can lid pressure, trouble shooting Bliss Presses, rebuilds, oils to be used on cutting, running slitter machines, driving fork lifts, etc.

    The plant manager told me when I was there over 3+ years , forget going to college . Your our top mechanic and will have a job for life here. I did save my money and did go to and graduate from DePaul University in Chicago at 25 East Jackson Street, Chicago., I'll. When I gave my notice at the plant, management was upset but all the ladies running the machines took up a collection for me & gave me a little party, they said Bill follow your dreams , you will do well. So I say anything is possible, just remain positive & help people on your journey.

    Here to help you 24x7

    Thx for reading,

    Bill Stankiewicz
    Portfresh Logistics
    Email: bstankiewicz@portfreshlogistics.com
    Phone: 1-404-750-3200
    www.beBee.com Brand Ambassador
    Harvey Lloyd
    01/06/2017 #1 Harvey Lloyd
    The last fifteen minutes of the day, head on the pillow, good nights stated and its just you the pillow and soon slumber. This is that time when doubt can creep in or when sugar plumbs dance.

    Within leadership you always are looking into the fog of future outcomes. Doubt or healthy doubt is a good thing. It refines our thoughts, energy and shows us the path of least resistance.

    Our market is changing constantly. New ideas and budgets tend to redo the landscape every three years. Doubt coupled with courage to wade into the fog is the only answer we have.

    Doubt and avoidance is the key to failure.

    Great thoughts.
  18. Milos Djukic

    Milos Djukic

    Ref: arxiv.org/abs/1705.03318: Long-Range Correlations and Fractal Dynamics in C. Elegans: Changes with Aging and Stress
    Milos Djukic
    Humans and nematode worms show similar changes in behaviour as they age
    www.technologyreview.com Human physiology changes with age in the same way as the behavior of nematode worms. Understanding why could be a crucial clue for the science of...


    Sara Jacobovici
    21/05/2017 #4 Sara Jacobovici
    This is such a well written article. The information provided is fascinating and the potential of the research is very exciting. Thank you to @Milos Djukic for the share.
    Sara Jacobovici
    21/05/2017 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    Great share @Milos Djukic. This is such a well written article. The information provided is fascinating and the potential of the research is very exciting.
    Sara Jacobovici
    21/05/2017 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    #1 The next study is looking at patterns of humour ;-)
    Martin Wright
    21/05/2017 #1 Martin Wright
    you mean they grunt every time the wriggle
  19. ProducerHarvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd

    Our Slice
    Our SliceIn honor of @Randall Burns an ode to our slice of paradise.  The homestead showed up on our radar back in ‘98 with a phone call as i was traveling between projects.The spousal unit had been looking off and on for a few months for a riverplace we...


    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    22/05/2017 #31 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #28 Cherish it dear Harvey. Not everyone is that fortunate Sir:) Ants are fine just as long as they stay outta dem pants;)
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/05/2017 #30 Harvey Lloyd
    #26 Thanks and i believe you nailed the spot. It is truly a blessing of how our tale of life lead us to this place.
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/05/2017 #29 Harvey Lloyd
    #24 Ps. Thanks for the share.
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/05/2017 #28 Harvey Lloyd
    #25 Oh the views and the tranquility of the place is so enriching. Thanks for your stopping by and your comment.
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/05/2017 #27 Harvey Lloyd
    #24 The theory of enough has been far exceeded in our domicile. We are truly blessed to have found this hole in the wall location. Thanks for your comment and read.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    22/05/2017 #26 Tausif Mundrawala
    Very few are privileged in this world to reside near nature and you are one among them. Your story transported me to that place which I could imagine would be very beautiful. Now this buzz is worth sharing with slice of paradise because we are given the glimpse of it at the very beginning. Am glad that I read this buzz my friend,@Harvey Lloyd
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    22/05/2017 #25 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Lovely sight!'Happy you have such an idyllic retreat to call your own sweet paradise!
    Todd Jones
    22/05/2017 #24 Todd Jones
    Very nice, Harvey. If you are lucky enough to live on the water, you are lucky enough!
    Harvey Lloyd
    20/05/2017 #23 Harvey Lloyd
    #22 yea that's what the first round funding guys said on the business plan😳
    Randall Burns
    19/05/2017 #22 Randall Burns
    #17 Ummmm, @Harvey Lloyd, There's absolutely NO replacement for beer, accept it, embrace it...
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    18/05/2017 #21 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    The view is a die for to me. They say we don't get everything in a bundle. The ants were already there we have just moved into their space.
    Enjoy your paradise @Harvey Lloyd 🤗
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/05/2017 #20 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #16 I would be happy to have a view like you have @Harvey Lloyd. Please keep writing buzzes. We need your mind.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/05/2017 #19 Harvey Lloyd
    @🐝 Fatima G. Williams thanks for the share and the read.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/05/2017 #18 Harvey Lloyd
    #12 Thanks for the comment and the share. We are really blessed to have found the place.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/05/2017 #17 Harvey Lloyd
    #11 It is a paradise and we enjoy the days we can be on vacation at home. It's the Rappahannock River in Virginia located east of Tappahannock. Blue Crabs, Rockfish and flounder are the staples of the caught diet. My wife and son in law have created a crab cake to die for. They have ruined me, i can't buy one out anymore.

    We are thinking about creating the crab diet. A bushel of crabs for your meal and you have pick your own. You never over eat because you get tired. We haven't found a suitable replacement for the beer that doesn't blow the diet plan out the water. We will keep looking and testing though.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/05/2017 #16 Harvey Lloyd
    #14 Thanks for dropping a comment in the box @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee. Yea i am sure that a humble review of the ants ability to teach is in there somewhere, i just wish they had their own building and i don't have to share. It is amazing that we share a taste for the same cuisine though.

    The cronic question the spousal unit and i asked each other is where do you want wake up and drink your coffee? Given suburbias view and the picture above it was a no brainer.
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/05/2017 #15 Harvey Lloyd
    #13 Thanks for the tip @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian and stopping by. Its a great place to unwind and flush the day. I am afraid BeBee is it for me. I am the social media neanderthal. Twitter is the super highway that my club and knuckle dragging can't handle. BeBee has become a world for me to explore and i am quite satisfied with my experience and the great folks who post here. I enjoy your posts but they are so far over my head that i read with little understanding but enjoy your excitement and passion.
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/05/2017 #14 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    We can't get every thing. The view enriches the soul. ANts may be disturbing, but they are showing you the teamwork witha great efficiency. Thank you dear @Harvey Lloyd for sharing your experience.
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    18/05/2017 #13 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    I relaxed just from looking at the pictures.

    BTW: Right now, you have 13 comments and 14 relevants. Consider sharing this post to Twitter. Add buzz @beBee ( That's the word "buzz" + a space + @beBee ) the the end of the text window.

    BeBee will tweet-promote it for you. Powered by https://www.myTweetPack.com
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    17/05/2017 #12 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    Enjoy your beautiful slice of the world @Harvey Lloyd and good luck with your battle with the ants. Be sure to share more photos of your awesome view. :)
  20. Sara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    When two people of different backgrounds fell in love, they were discouraged by being asked, “A bird may love a fish but where would they build a home together?” (Joseph Stein) I'm glad the bird and the fish were not discouraged to find a way. See the results in this video. Thanks @Randall Burns for the link on your buzz,Tales from Paradise Pt. 4.
    Life - Flying Fish
    Life - Flying Fish


    Sara Jacobovici
    14/05/2017 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    #2 Thanks @Randall Burns.
    Randall Burns
    14/05/2017 #2 Randall Burns
    While there are many birds that are famous swimmers here's footage of a pair of Loons;

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsoquLyKkc0 View more
    While there are many birds that are famous swimmers here's footage of a pair of Loons;


    The Loon graces our Canadian 1$ coin, hence referred to as "A Loonie", a few years after the introduction of "The Loonie", Canada introduced the 2$ coin which is unofficially referred to as "The Toonie" Close
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    14/05/2017 #1 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    This is marvelous sharing @Sara Jacobovici. There is always a way. Just if we we are persistent in our efforts. A must share.
  21. Sara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    Two minutes of pure enjoyment.
    What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough -- BBC One [FULL HD]
    What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough -- BBC One [FULL HD] Originally uploaded by the BBC on Dec 7, 2011 on their youtube channel: youtube.com/bbc re uploaded for everyone thats not located in the UK and can't view...


    Sara Jacobovici
    07/05/2017 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    #1 Pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it @Brook Massey.
    Brook Massey
    07/05/2017 #1 Brook Massey
    What a splendid video. I am a huge David Attenborough fan. I had not seen this one, though. Thanks.
  22. ProducerHarvey Lloyd

    Harvey Lloyd

    OMG, is it Serious, Maybe
    OMG, is it Serious, MaybeBig data and the use by marketing (or spin if you count politics) is fudging the line of concern and serious.  From healthcare,  national security and the deodorant we use, high emotion is now attached and would have you believe something is wrong...


    Jerry Fletcher
    27/04/2017 #14 Jerry Fletcher
    And so it goes.
    Harvey Lloyd
    27/04/2017 #13 Harvey Lloyd
    #10 I believe the effort to remove the emotion from the substance becomes laborious. I agree controlling our emotions in a sincere way that allows us to live is the point.
    Harvey Lloyd
    27/04/2017 #12 Harvey Lloyd
    #9 I think your thoughts a reflective of the post. By the time you scrape the emotional heap off of the banana split you are left with the napkin and no use for it. Thanks for the comment @🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    Harvey Lloyd
    27/04/2017 #11 Harvey Lloyd
    #8 well said. That should be a quote on a tee shirt
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    27/04/2017 #10 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    " I no longer assume something is “serious” because someone has attached a heap of emotions on top. The boy that cried wolf comes to mind". I agree and therefore welcome the lovely comment by @Sara Jacobovici View more
    " I no longer assume something is “serious” because someone has attached a heap of emotions on top. The boy that cried wolf comes to mind". I agree and therefore welcome the lovely comment by @Sara Jacobovici. However the question is how to regulate our emotions? In the stock market it is fear and greed emotions that are the two forces moving stock prices up and down. If I judge emotional decisions by their results then I go all the way in support of your buzz @Harvey Lloyd. Close
    🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    26/04/2017 #9 🐝 Fatima G. Williams
    I am also a little numb with the emotional vigor always attached to issues. Everything has an emotion attached to it and I'm really tired of it. Because emotions make me vulnerable and I dont like being vulnerable. I want to think clearly and would never want emotion to get in the way if it did I'm probably down a different route than I would like to be.
    Feeling emotional is different to deciding while experiencing that emotion. That's why I believe one can never understand how one feels even if one has been in the same place. Whoa I just got emotional I guess.
    Pascal Derrien
    26/04/2017 #8 Pascal Derrien
    Emotion is OK , prostitution of feelings is not :-)
    Harvey Lloyd
    26/04/2017 #7 Harvey Lloyd
    #6 I appreciate your straightforward approach, as i share some similar sentiments. Unfortunately these emotional methods of tying incongruent situations to our limbic system is working on the general population. Most of it is benign. Ok by a Subaru to bring your baby home from the hospital.

    The problem lies where we need to make lessor of two evil decisions. We can't do that with the limbic system.
    Brian McKenzie
    26/04/2017 #6 Brian McKenzie
    Facts over 'Feels' ~ everytime, doubly so in economics, insurance, healthcare, military intelligence and foreign policy.

    The only time I pander to emotions is when I am selling.
    Harvey Lloyd
    26/04/2017 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    #4 Yes i do believe we need to appeal to folks emotions but through their intellect and not the back door. Your point is good. I was being a little slapstick in thinking about commercials on tv and how Subaru is part of procreation and a family heirloom, along with nutrigenix pils i will have a six pack stomach and lots of dates.

    I believe in the end this fudges the real science and presentations of any subject. The clutter is obscuring the advantage.

    Thanks for the comment and stopping by @Jerry Fletcher
    Jerry Fletcher
    26/04/2017 #4 Jerry Fletcher
    I use emotion daily in presentations of advertising. I use the power of story when speaking. I consciously try to trigger that older part of the brain that generates response. That's expected. but what you're talking about Harvey is the unexpected, non-thinking kind of emotional approach to any subject. I agree that we are indeed parked tandem. the answer may simply be just to not engage.
    Harvey Lloyd
    26/04/2017 #3 Harvey Lloyd
    #2 I agree emotions are an integral part of who we are and how we express ourselves but salt is also a part of our existence. A little goes a long way. I see commercials and posts where it appears we can't get our point across without invoking emotion. Certainly in some cases the emotions are appropriate. Appealing to my good sense and me applying my emotions is the better way. Emotion matching never ends well.

    Thanks for stopping by i appreciate your time and comments.
    Gert Scholtz
    26/04/2017 #2 Gert Scholtz
    @Harvey Lloyd Perhaps more indirectly related to your post: I see emotions in terms of understanding and spurring action. To really understand something, emotions may get in the way of concentration and here I include positive and negative emotions. To spur action, positive emotions can help in getting to a first step, but often emotions fizzle and cannot sustain action. From there it becomes a cycle of discipline, action, and the positive emotion of being energized through the action itself. Sad emotion can detract from taking action and overt will and discipline is them required.
  23. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    Timeless Einstein
    Timeless EinsteinIt became apparent in my readings of Einstein over many years that he recognized that physicists and other scientists needed to be philosophers first and foremost. Philosophy created the passion for scientific exploration. Here then are some...


    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    25/04/2017 #12 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein
    Sara Jacobovici
    25/04/2017 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    I appreciate the tag @Ian Weinberg. Einstein was very human, but as close to "authentic" as only a handful of individuals I can name. And I refer to your definition of authentic: https://www.bebee.com/producer/@sara-jacobovici/a-stand-alone-comment-84917. I have this quote of his as the banner of my work when using the creative arts and metaphor in business: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
    Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    25/04/2017 #10 Devesh 🐝 Bhatt
    #9 i think Einstein called it an infantile disease, measles of mankind and Tagore called it a cruel epidemic of evil, when they met.
    Dean Owen
    25/04/2017 #9 Dean Owen
    I am still trying to verify if it was Einstein who said "Nationalism is the root of all evil"
    Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    25/04/2017 #8 Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Very well selected thought and their chronological order adds to the beauty of your selections @Ian Weinberg. No wonder PhD has the word philosophy. Very thoughtful buzz indeed.
    Gert Scholtz
    24/04/2017 #7 Gert Scholtz
    @Ian Weinberg Something I find interesting about Einstein is that apparently he struggled at school and received a low ranking academic post after obtaining mediocre university results and applying to a few universities. One of his many quotes: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. "
    Yogesh Sukal
    24/04/2017 #6 Yogesh Sukal
    In my last year blog "magic of singularity and it's analogy", mentioned timelessness as a analogical singularity.

    Both great scientist Einstein and his thoughts, theory are singularities which are timeless in theory and in the history. I am sure, you will like it.


    Thank you so much for the post @Ian Weinberg reminded me my old buzz.
    Bengt Hahlin
    24/04/2017 #5 Bengt Hahlin
    Hi Ian,

    Yes, there are many good and thoughtful quotes from Einstein. Here are two more:

    “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.”

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”
    Joyce 🐝 Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    24/04/2017 #4 Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    I have nothing profound to say. I'm sitting here chuckling. Einstein has always been one of my heroes. Everything he said delights me.
    Harvey Lloyd
    24/04/2017 #2 Harvey Lloyd
    All roads lead back to where you started, it just takes some longer to make the journey. Great thoughts @Ian Weinberg
  24. Franklin Coetzee
    Franklin Coetzee
    The disturbing reason some people turn red when they drink alcohol
    www.businessinsider.com People who turn red might want to reconsider...
  25. ProducerMichael Bellina

    Michael Bellina

    My Product is Better Than Yours
    My Product is Better Than YoursWhy, you ask? How do I know? Because I said so. Didn't you read my website? Don't you know that because I said it on my website, it's true. That, my friends, is the attitude of some when it comes to selling their services on the web.The truth of the...


    Nilesh Dubey
    18/04/2017 #3 Nilesh Dubey
    Nice article... good its same for my brand also. Really amazing same thought process between me and you regarding written article.
    Donna Wood
    18/04/2017 #2 Donna Wood
    Thank you for this morning kick-in-the-pants post! I really needed this today! I have been circling around my website for days. Thank you for re-aligning my focus on what is important! Have a great Tuesday!
    Harvey Lloyd
    18/04/2017 #1 Harvey Lloyd
    I sensed the humility the post calls for as an ingredient for success. If i were the customer would i trust me? The fallacy of the questions is immediately understood. Yet many marketing styled websites express the answer to the question. Good insights and thoughts.
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