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Ideas Metamorphosis

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The purpose of this hive is pollination of ideas and practices and to accommodate all pollination of value. beBees role is to encourage pollination to be a real "colony of Value".
  1. ProducerElla de Jong

    Ella de Jong

    Troubled youngsters need your "simple" help!
    Troubled youngsters need your "simple" help!We all know them: kids with a troubled mind or with a troubled heart and we know kids who seem to like to máke trouble...There are so many troubled children, teens and youngsters. It's almost unbelievable how many times 'normal people' are of great...
  2. ProducerElla de Jong

    Ella de Jong

    The little helper inside you ...
    The little helper inside you ...Can you imagine a world loaded with people who know how to help others? Not only doctors and dentists but also therapists, counsellors and psychiaters?Wouldn't that be great? No matter where you live, no matter what your physical or mental condition...
  3. ProducerIan Weinberg

    Ian Weinberg

    Time to transcend the Flat Earth Society
    Time to transcend the Flat Earth SocietyLet me share a revelationary moment with you – your five senses convey only a very small part of the prevailing spectrum of reality. Yes it’s true that we’ve invented ingenious machines that broaden that perception, but the design of those...


    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    11/12/2016 #3 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    @Ian Weinberg, I LOVED BOB THE BLOB. The whole concept of experience imprinting and thus changing the mini-Bobs, the whole idea of ever changing quanta the moves from physicality to energy space was fabulous reading and so aligns in how I see life, energy. As I read this I thought of a recent video live buzz by @Andrew 🐝 Goldman; where he reference the law of energy conservation; "The law of Conservation of Energy states that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed." In other words, the total amount of energy in the universe never changes, although it may change from one form to another". The imprinting of experiences would lend towards an explanation of how that energy changes form.
    Fascinating, absolutely fascinating discussion! (I guess that's my word of the day :-)) Buzz on gentlemen, Buzz on!
    Zacharias Voulgaris 🐝
    11/12/2016 #2 Zacharias Voulgaris 🐝
    Not sure how this article relates to the Flat Earth society, but I can definitely see the point of the being a maverick bit
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    11/12/2016 #1 Max🐝 J. Carter
    It's good to be in the company of someone who also finds being a maverick and agitator is a passion worth living.
  4. ProducerMax🐝 J. Carter
    The Theory of Consciousness and Connected Gravity?
    The Theory of Consciousness and Connected Gravity?I have a reputation for being direct in my buzzes. This is a definite departure as I venture into the unknown. In taking this trip into the unknown I need some assistance and welcome all who want to take a stab at seeing what we can discover working...


    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #68 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #66 It takes all kinds Joris and who knows this hobby could lead to some discovery that is of benefit to the sum.

    That's why.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #67 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #65 Walter I get where you are coming from.

    I am spiritual scientist.

    I wish I could remember where I saw it. There is a woman who developed a piece of technology that takes a picture of your soul. In an infant it's not a tiny soul but what looks like a full grown human.


    The soul is emotional energy with awareness of itself. The soul powers the body through dimensional interface.

    The soul is 4th dimensional.

    What if our 3d form is shadow of the 4d self that the soul is.?

    Makes the body a machine or avatar for the soul.

    The body needs power to hold it's form.

    The electromagnetic waves in the brain would be no different than the energy powering your motherboard on you computer so to speak.

    Is there a tie to gravity and emotional energy.

    As an Empath my sensitivity is high enough to emotional energy I can feel that energy physically pulling on me or pushing at me.

    I have described the Empath as an emotional energy singularity in some of my other work.


    In the film INTERSTELLAR Christopher Nolan touches on the idea of love having a gravitational effect.

    We say things such as "I feel pulled ..." "I feel drawn to you..."

    What f emotional energy resides within the gravity wave?

    What if we could measure energy outside the 3d?

    In my thinking we limit our understanding based on the being the observer using technology to provide the answers that perhaps reason without readout so to speak can plug the holes into the deeper inter-dimensional being that the soul is that takes on flesh to experience the 3d reality.

    Joris Plaatstaal
    12/12/2016 #66 Joris Plaatstaal
    I must go off topic again.


    Although I think my former remarks where on topic.

    Here comes the question again. Why do we seem to waste our intelligence with trivial arguments about the origin? It is a nice hobby, I agree. A nice hobby.

    I too like thinking about my origin.But all that thinking is not going to change to way the world operates.

    I feel I can better utilize that amount of thinking power I have for the good of our world.

    Knowledge of all the forces in universe can not prevent the existence of selfish idiots. Knowledge does not rule our world, the selfish idiots do. And they do not need 'knowledge'. They just do what they want and get away with it. And the thinkers think.

    I think I am an off-topic guy......
    Walter Smith
    12/12/2016 #65 Walter Smith
    Max, I am the optologics dude. The premise of optologics is that humanity functions on nine fundamental affinities (assessing quality, manipulating resources, planning strategies, garnering attitude, gaining perspective, building language, expressing ideas, valuing knowledge and accessing information) and that we all have the same intellectual assets to work with - perception, thinking, doing and knowing. As we live we use our assets to engage those affinities. As we engage in those affinities we are constantly faced with four dilemmas - static (knowledge of reality), dynamic (thinking new knowledge), political (thinking what to do), and economics (doing what is realistic). Optologics is the practical side of holism. We need to connect what we do and say to a bigger picture. Gravity and electromagnetics constitute the chicken and egg of the universe, the BIG picture, the dance between matter and energy. The human mind functions on visible electromagnetic waves. In that way it is the mystery of humanity and has a spiritual aspect to it. This makes it subject to all form of speculation and manifestation. #64
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #64 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #63 I would be inclined to say no. Here's why.

    Each of us has consciousness however some of us refuse understanding by choice. Conscious level awareness however could be likened to understanding as it takes understanding to move through levels of awareness that expands the understanding of the bigger picture and ones place in it.

    Good question @Walter Smith

    And there is the idea that we all belong to the same universal consciousness only in smaller pieces and we give ourselves these bodies to give us the illusion of separateness in order to experiences this 3d reality as an individual with the idea being that we return to a sea of consciousness without form and no individual expression but a hive mind of sorts.

    I use "idea" on purpose as far as I know there is no true way to prove it or disprove it though I have talked with many who would agree and many who would not based on personal experience of tapping into higher levels of awareness.
    Walter Smith
    12/12/2016 #63 Walter Smith
    Is understanding and consciousness the same thing? #45
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #62 Max🐝 J. Carter
    Rick if you like to invite these people here to take part in this discussion I would welcome them however posting links of other peoples work is not what this discussion is bout.

    If you would like to sum up what you find does have bearing n this discussion that would be great. However participation is participating yourself.

    This is about people bringing their own work not debating other peoples work.

    I could very easily myself post several links to the counter of the links you post. Not my thing.

    I would ask you respect that this is a discussion not a link library.

    The links posted already were to the work of the participants of this discussion.

    If you would like to create a buzz and post all those links please do.

    The quality of any discussion is bringing your thoughts not posting links that are not your work.
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #61 Rick Delmonico
    On Penrose, skip to the end, the road to reality.
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #60 Rick Delmonico
    #58 Kerry welsh https://ciis.academia.edu/KerriWelch
    Stuart Hameroff http://www.quantumconsciousness.org/
    Roger Penrose http://chaosbook.org/library/Penr04.pdf
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #59 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #57 There are several resources and some of them contradict each other which is why I have not bothered to link any of them here that go into the 9 dimensional realities that keep part of existence. We exist in the 3d. 4d time has no existence as it is only a 3d human construct this idea of time.

    Our assertion of time has no bearing on the other realities that play a hand in what we experience in the 3d.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #58 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #54 Cool reading however I found it to be incomplete making many assumptions that do not acknowledge consciousness and the role it pays nor does it delve into the other dimensional realities and how they all interact.

    I have never seen anything that has ever convinced me of the fractal theory being the actuality as it is too based in a humn construct of and dimisses the chaos factor that is free will.
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #57 Rick Delmonico
    #55 I am not familiar with 9D reality.
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #56 Rick Delmonico
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #55 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #52 @Rick Delmonico I understand you and what you are saying as in the highest level of conceptual thinking I would agree with you for the most part. .

    It's the associations that give us comfort and allow us deeper understanding of the details that go into life, existence and most things.

    #53 Are you referring to 9D reality view also commonly known as God Consciousness?
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #54 Rick Delmonico
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #53 Rick Delmonico
    If you wish to point the way, you must first take the high ground.
    Rick Delmonico
    12/12/2016 #52 Rick Delmonico
    Truth is the highest energy state of the system.
    The lawful regularities of our physical reality are emergent.
    We are in the gray region between truth and chaos.
    All engines take advantage of a difference.
    The definition of definitions is an infinite network of associations.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #51 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #50 Thank you and I wish the best in your work.
    Joris Plaatstaal
    12/12/2016 #50 Joris Plaatstaal
    #49 Appreciate it, but I said, off topic, a while ago, I decline.

    Good luck.
    Max🐝 J. Carter
    12/12/2016 #49 Max🐝 J. Carter
    #48 I appreciate you apology Joris and look forward to anything else you have to contribute in this exploration.
  5. ProducerGraham🐝 Edwards
    How much is your idea worth? It depends...
    How much is your idea worth? It depends...Firstly, I should point out my career has involved working in a cutting edge industry where the work was fun and challenging; it offered me the advantages of travel, expense accounts, bonuses and stock options... great times, invaluable experience,...


    Brian McKenzie
    20/12/2016 #13 Brian McKenzie
    What is my idea worth ? Health Care / Social Care is 1/5 of the GDP - surpassing the Defense Sector - and 1/3 of the budget (when they write one) - It takes ObamaCare off the table. And it is not just an 'idea' - it works overseas - the paths and plans are live and functioning. What's it worth to burn ObamaCare to the ground - 'Priceless'.
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #12 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #6 Thanks for reading @FancyJ London
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #11 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #5 Thanks you for reading and it's greatly appreciated @debasish majumder
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #10 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #4 Thanks for the comment @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman... ideas and implementation are a powerful combination.
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #9 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #3 Thanks for your comment @Renée 🐝 Cormier... it is funny how we get in our own way quite a lot...
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #8 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #2 I 100% agree @Mohammed Sultan, thanks for reading!
    Graham🐝 Edwards
    09/12/2016 #7 Graham🐝 Edwards
    #1 Thanks for the comment @Sushmita Thakare Jain... ya, the hustle is everything !
    FancyJ London
    03/12/2016 #6 FancyJ London
    Many say it's not good to take risks, but if you never risk you will never know! Great post! Cheers :)
    debasish majumder
    02/12/2016 #5 debasish majumder
    wonderful post indeed @Graham Edwards! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    02/12/2016 #4 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    Your idea of writing this post is spot on! So many great ideas never get past square 1. Ideas have to be implemented to see how they function and make them a reality.
    Renée  🐝 Cormier
    02/12/2016 #3 Renée 🐝 Cormier
    It's funny you should post this today. This morning I was thinking about someone I know (and I have met many others like this) who has a wealth of opportunity before him that could easily be turned into something very profitable, but somehow this person can't get out of his own way to make anything happen. I don't know if it is fear of failure, failure to clearly see the vision or just plain laziness, but people like that frustrate me. It seems to me that the holy trinity of success consists of idea, opportunity and drive (idea + opportunity + drive = success). The three must work together and drive is the most important factor of all. It makes me crazy to see people deny the great gifts of opportunity and creative ideas.
    Mohammed Sultan
    02/12/2016 #2 Mohammed Sultan
    Thriving to come up with a new idea will worth the strife,particularly when it's turned into branded solution.Implementing ideas is,at least,as important as generating them.
    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    02/12/2016 #1 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    The closure on your post could not be more perfect!
    Thank you for sharing the post. Posts like yours are reminders of what the hustle is for, to execute our ideas.
    Sharing it ahead.
  6. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    From Winnie-the-Pooh to Nietzsche
    From Winnie-the-Pooh to NietzscheImage credit: FamaHaber I cannot express the feelings I have been going through since I found my name on the new ambassadors list and the response I am receiving from you to my having to decline. I feel...


    Sara Jacobovici
    31/10/2016 #27 Sara Jacobovici
    #25 I am very touched and grateful for your comment @Anees Zaidi. Thank you very much.
    Sara Jacobovici
    31/10/2016 #26 Sara Jacobovici
    #24 Thank you @🐝 Fatima Williams for your very generous and kind comment. Much appreciated.
    Anees Zaidi
    31/10/2016 #25 Anees Zaidi
    Great thoughts dear @Sara Jacobovici. I wholeheartedly endorse what @Milos Djukic has said below. You are a gem of a person, a great thinker, a writer par excellence and a most lovable bee. You are the source of illumination indeed.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    31/10/2016 #24 🐝 Fatima Williams
    You speak out true feelings in words and these quotes are an excellent way of showcasing them.

    " The potential of the connections we make with others on beBee is that each connection can be a source of illumination." As everyone rightly said here "You are an enduring source of illumination and your thoughts leave an indelible mark in the reader's mind and that's what matter at the end of the day. #beBeesforever
    Sara Jacobovici
    19/10/2016 #23 Sara Jacobovici
    #22 Dear @Milos Djukic, you've touched my heart. I respect and admire your work and to get this generous and kind comment from you means so much. Thank you.
    Milos Djukic
    19/10/2016 #22 Anonymous
    Dear @Sara Jacobovici, You are one of the most prominent thinker here on beBee. Thank you. I am a great admirer of your writing.
    Sara Jacobovici
    19/10/2016 #21 Sara Jacobovici
    #20 Touched by your response @DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão. Thank you.
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    19/10/2016 #20 DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    "The potential of the connections we make with others on beBee is that each connection can be a source of illumination.' Totally agree with you, @Sara Jacobovici You 're a source of illumination...Touched by your buzz
    Sara Jacobovici
    19/10/2016 #19 Sara Jacobovici
    I am sincerely touched by your kind words @Lada 🏡 Prkic. I am looking forward to our future exchanges.
    Lada 🏡 Prkic
    19/10/2016 #18 Lada 🏡 Prkic
    I wrote your last paragraph in my notes in which I write down sentences that have impressed me. There are few people on social networks who I admire and you're one of them because of your intellect and wisdom. Dear Sara, I wish you all the best.
    Sara Jacobovici
    19/10/2016 #17 Sara Jacobovici
    #16 Sweet! Thank you @Deb🐝 Lange.
    Deb🐝 Lange
    19/10/2016 #16 Deb🐝 Lange
    @Sara Jacobovici love Winnie the Phooh!! and you!
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/10/2016 #15 Sara Jacobovici
    #9 #10 Thank you for your shares and support @Jared Wiese.
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/10/2016 #14 Sara Jacobovici
    #8 Much appreciated @Irene Hackett.
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/10/2016 #13 Sara Jacobovici
    #7 Very kind comment @Jared Wiese. Thank you.
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/10/2016 #12 Sara Jacobovici
    #6 The feeling is mutual @Mamen 🐝 Delgado.
    Sara Jacobovici
    18/10/2016 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    #5 Thank you @Ali Anani for on going positive energy and generous support.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    18/10/2016 #10 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Shared in beBee ambassadors.
    Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    18/10/2016 #7 Jared Wiese (+VALUE & RESULTS)
    Truly beautiful and illuminating, @Sara Jacobovici. When I saw the pic and title, I think a bit of the kid in me DID anticipate :)

    Ahem... hate to break it to you... but this sort of honey is EXACTLY what an ambassador produces! Please keep it up!!

    Yours in sweet anticipation...
  7. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Consortium Hive
    The Consortium HivebeBee is the land of affinity. A bee may choose the hives that appeal to his taste and flavor. As much as the hives serve as landing platforms for people with similar affinities, still there is the risk bees would tend to develop similar...


    Anees Zaidi
    31/10/2016 #16 Anees Zaidi
    #15 Thank you Sir, joined now:))
    Ali Anani
    31/10/2016 #15 Ali Anani
    #14 A hive without you isn't a real one dear brother @Anees Zaidi. You are most welcome
    Anees Zaidi
    31/10/2016 #14 Anees Zaidi
    Would love to join brother @Ali Anani. I see it as Hive encouraging 'inclusive' growth.
    Ali Anani
    31/10/2016 #13 Ali Anani
    #12 Love the way you described the hive dear @🐝 Fatima Williams. I am so happy with your assuring comment and I also thank you for sharing this buzz.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    31/10/2016 #12 🐝 Fatima Williams
    This is the hive for great minds that think alike and differ for the betterment & growth of the mind, to taste and relish fruitful ideas.

    Thank you @Ali Anani for this hive that's going to be pretty interesting and dynamic. A consortium of beBee hives with intriguing exchanges lead by the awesome @Ali Anani will help us build the essence of beBee #affinitynetworking.
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    30/10/2016 #11 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #10 You know I'm all yours ;).
    Ali Anani
    30/10/2016 #10 Ali Anani
    #9 It is not only one hand doesn't clap along; minds are too. e need your mind here and together we shall clap dear @Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    30/10/2016 #9 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    Just happened upon this and again I'm in awe of how much you empower people, especially women, @Ali Anani, Ph.D. I envision a fantastic generation of ideas spreading fractal imagination, no doubt. Powerful idea and lovin' the pic, too. It's inviting. I'm Joining and pleased.
    Ali Anani
    30/10/2016 #8 Ali Anani
    #4 Thank you @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Ali Anani
    30/10/2016 #7 Ali Anani
    #3 Thank you dear @Sara Jacobovici- you are an integral part of the idea of this hive
    Ali Anani
    30/10/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    #2 Thank you dear @Sara Jacobovici
    Ali Anani
    30/10/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    #1 Thank you dear sister @Irene Hackett
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    30/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Joined, great idea @Ali Anani!
    Sara Jacobovici
    30/10/2016 #3 Sara Jacobovici
    @Ali Anani's invitation to join and participate: We need hives to talk each other. While each hive will have its own personality there is a desire that each hives is aware of what other hives are doing. Exactly, like the human body in which each system such as the digestive system to have its functionality and yet this system works with other systems in the human body.
    Discussions have revealed that some ideas reach a point where "foreign" input from other hives becomes a necessity.
    Sara Jacobovici
    30/10/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Well done @Ali Anani! Just joined and looking forward to the dynamic exchanges that I am sure will be taking place.
  8. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Contamination of Emotions
    Contamination of EmotionsMy previous buzz on Unexpected Passion Migrations and subsequent lovely buzz by Sara Jacobovici on Bee Passionate drew great discussions. A comment by Fatima Williams led to the formation of what I suggested as the WPD Factor (Wonderment, Passion...


    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    29/10/2016 #48 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #47 Wow, @David Navarro López - that is such a powerful question! "if we didn't have them [fear & pain]. Could we then have the sensation of "God like" , and make it even worse? "

    My gut reaction is you just explained why our minds come equipped with a sense of separation and limitedness. No person is equipped to make decisions for everyone when in possession of a singular body and unique set of life experiences. We are meant to participate, not feel in charge.
    David Navarro López
    29/10/2016 #47 Anonymous
    #40 I agree entirely that fear is hard to define because it has too many nuances, and they vary depending on the individual. One thing is clear: it is common to the whole species. To deny it is to deny our own nature. Which in my opinion, it has nothing to do with freedom. It is up to everyone (fully compos mentis) allowing fear to be a limit. The "sense of freedom" is as well different for every individual. Some might say that freedom is about of being able to choose what you want or you think. But as long are not absolutely responsible for the options to choose from, we are still enslaved by the options we get.
    Above all, I am not too sure if we have fully evolved from apes, and if so, looking at what humankind is doing to its environment, well, I wouldn't be that proud of it. We still have too short years of life to be able to evaluate it, but the trend is not very flattering. Considering that we still have the mentioned "limits" of fear and pain, i wonder what would happen if we didn't have them. Could we then have the sensation of "God like" , and make it even worse?
    Sara Jacobovici
    29/10/2016 #46 Sara Jacobovici
    #40 Definitely @Peter van Doorn, the meaning we give to a feeling, experience, or role makes all the difference. The good thing however, is that, no matter how individual or subjective the meaning, there is enough in common for us to allow for identification and in this way still be able to get the support of being part of a community.
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #45 Ali Anani
    Again, synchronicity between @Sara Jacobovici and myself as we commented almost the same time. Do people become twin-like when they exchange minds frequently?
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #44 Ali Anani
    #42 To my best knowledge I believe @Sara Jacobovici is writing a buzz on WPD Factor. I only hope she would read your comment dear @Deb 🐝 Helfrich before writing her buzz. Yes, it is precisely this availability of lag time between between stimulus and response hat we may change.
    Amazingly, Deb you wrote " Thank you @Ali Anani for hosting what I consider a modern day virtual salon"- I feel you expressed my feelings to all of you here who made this salon a place to be in.
    Sara Jacobovici
    29/10/2016 #43 Sara Jacobovici
    #36 "Awareness releases the stronghold of resistance, and space is opened up, enabling positive thoughts of "Wonderment, Passion and Drive", and we move into healthy, positive momentum. This is vibrant, healthy thinking..." All key concepts and words @Irene Hackett. I am adding this to the design I am trying to put together of the immune system (with appropriate credit given of course). Thanks Irene.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    29/10/2016 #42 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #25 #27 @Peter van Doorn - I really enjoy reading your comments. I identify with the conundrum of being strong and the result being that others require you to be strong, such that it removes the freedom to be weak/human on occasion.

    If we don't feel our emotions as they arise, they do become invisible to us and we suffer drastically, unaware of what is driving our behavior.

    The thing is fear will always occur when we are alive. It is in the famous pause that @Sara Jacobovici talks about often, via Viktor Frankl's space between stimulus and response. That is where we really want to target the implementation of the WPD factor.

    It is easy to sit over a leisurely coffee on a rainy Saturday morning and use WPD. It is very hard indeed to shift the impetus to close down, hide, or react when fear occurs. And that is precisely the moment when if we have to interrupt our response and look for a new way to react or new possibilities to enact. Then we have a chance to thrive.

    I am so grateful for the discussions of this community. Thank you @Ali Anani for hosting what I consider a modern day virtual salon.
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #41 Ali Anani
    #40 My bread and games for you @Peter van Doorn
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #39 Ali Anani
    #36 Thank you dear sister @Irene Hackett and for sharing your beautiful thoughts. In fact, I had an opportunity to extend discussions on same with both dear @Sara Jacobovici and @Deb 🐝 Helfrich on their latest buzzes. I have confidence they shall enjoy your thoughts here and add to them. Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable input.
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #38 Ali Anani
    #32 I do appreciate your comment @Peter van Doorn. If you would inspect the image and the listings of emotions in its bottom we may see the blue cluster. Under this cluster we tend to move between different stages of fear and their differing intensity. The borderline between them is fuzzy and moving from one state to another is easy since we move within the same boundaries of the cluster. So, fear is hard for me to define.
    Ali Anani
    29/10/2016 #31 Ali Anani
    #30 May be taking full control of fear is beyond us; hovwer not fearing excessively is within our control. Yes, little fear can be healthy; too much fear can be the unhealthy thing to do.
    David Navarro López
    29/10/2016 #30 Anonymous
    "We contaminate our emotions with many negative ones such as fear. " Well, fear is inherent to our human nature, is the direct responsible of our survival, is the alarm when a danger appears, and it resides in the amygdala. The Urbach–Wiethe disease damages the amygdala, and no fear behaviour is a clear symptom of it. I would say that we contaminate our emotions if we allow fear taking control, whilst we should always pay attention to its signals. Brave or courageous people have fear too, but they take control and do what they have to do, despite their fears.
    Ali Anani
    28/10/2016 #28 Ali Anani
    #27 Dear @Peter van Doorn- My strength seem to be my weakness . Ironic. This is brilliant and it shows that there is no strength without weakness. Can we have light without darkness? Sometimes we chase impossible dreams
    Ali Anani
    28/10/2016 #26 Ali Anani
    #25 Dear @Peter van Doorn- brilliant comment and it is a story on its own. Freeing self from fear brought you other responsibility- dependence of people on you for protection. Truly as thermodynamics says we get nothing for nothing. But, don't you agree that helping others is better than being submerged in ones' own fear> I do long to read your response.
    Ali Anani
    28/10/2016 #24 Ali Anani
    #23 Dear brother @Anees Zaidi- I am equally impressed by your very sound comment as I am happy to see you back in action. beBee is not the same in your absence. Yes, we need to remove of the fear of the uncertain from our lives. SPot on as this is the first step to moving on.
    Anees Zaidi
    28/10/2016 #23 Anees Zaidi
    Dear brother @Ali Anani Good day!! a very timely post indeed. We, specially living in this region, are living in the rippling effect of fear. The fear of unknown. Once we embrace the inevitability of this unknown we come out of this fear effect. Death is an uncertain certainty. Once we embrace the inevitability of death the fear of death is removed and we live and spend an enjoyable life. Once we accept 'Every soul will taste death' we are free from all fear and illusions. It is the element of fear that makes 'Wonderment' short-lived. Your closing statement ' self-determination forms a high enough barrier to contain action by negative emotion' is the next step after we remove the fear of unknown from our path. Thanks for sharing your brilliant WPD factor.
    Ali Anani
    27/10/2016 #22 Ali Anani
    #19 ABsolutely stunning your comment is dear @Harvey Lloyd. Your concept of ideas before and after action resonates so strongly with me and leaves me with lots to think about. The value of internal demons shall remain positive and accept the trial and error consequences is ably discussed in your comment. More to discuss on this soon.
    Ali Anani
    27/10/2016 #21 Ali Anani
    #18 Great to read your comments again dear @Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA. Glad you find the post of relevance.
    Ali Anani
    27/10/2016 #20 Ali Anani
    #17 Dear @debasish majumder- Thank you and your bottle is filled with great content and meanings. I do appreciate your kind words and analysis.
    Harvey Lloyd
    27/10/2016 #19 Harvey Lloyd
    This is an awesome concept @Ali Anani i would think that a step 1 to this might be the "concept" of success. Emotions are dynamic and changing based on internal and external forces. Ideas are subject to internal forces, in most applications, because we have not yet taken the idea to action. WIthin action, even those who shared your wonder, now can become the triggers to emotional contamination.

    What strength will we have when these external forces attack. Although i paint a negative picture of the attack, in reality it is a normal trial and error in the public domain. I have found and i also believe many others have found, when the idea generates from a "service to others" model, our strength emanates from the end goal.

    The public domain and its pressing trial and error processes are merely inquiries into the how. If the questions enter the why zone we can answer them through the benefits your success will bring to others.

    I believe the attack of a rolling out concept is inevitable. So would should keenly understand our motivations to insure we can sustain the WPD. Internal demons being in control, a prudent review of our motivation/success benefits we can insure no one externally will wake our inner demons.
  9. ProducerSara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    Bee Passionate
    Bee PassionateImage credit:  Lil Fish Studios In his Buzz, Unexpected Passion Migrations, @Ali Anani asks, “Where is the passion?” Because of Dr. Ali’s choice of the word “migration”, I will expand on the...


    Harvey Lloyd
    11/01/2017 #41 Harvey Lloyd
    #40 "....then experiences, then meaning, then expectations and then emotions." You described it very well with this statement. I do agree they coexist. But in the world of self help it is incumbent that we look at the expectation if the emotion is not gratifying ourselves. Not to separate but rather to establish a cause and effect inner monologue.

    In my world of understanding we can observe something and render a discussion. The language would be different within our inner monologue of searching for greater existence. I find it interesting how folks who write about such things slip in and out of the observer role within their writing. I try to write based on the inner monologue perspective. Not as an observer.

    Our inner monologue, if we are trying to seek new understanding, has to eventually come to motivation. Expectations are a motivating factor in our actions, and may produce an unintended result that turns on an emotion. Certainly not the exclusive motivator but a large one.
    Sara Jacobovici
    11/01/2017 #40 Sara Jacobovici
    #39 Much to think about @Harvey Lloyd. One thing that stands out for me is when you write, "Emotions come from our expectations of the world which are designed through our life experience." I see a different timeline in this process (developmentally); first emotions and expectations co-exist, then experiences, then meaning, then expectations and then emotions.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/01/2017 #39 Harvey Lloyd
    #38 This is what makes passion so nebulous. When you explain it to another it doesn't seem quite as passionate, its a personal ideal.

    Passion is a force of energy. Energy is something that can be broken down into components. But i can't break them down for you, only myself. There is no recipe that works for everyone. But the ingredients are still the same.

    I noticed that you placed an S at the end emotion of your definition. Implying that passion is a result of.... not in and of itself a single emotion. This is my point. Emotions come from our expectations of the world which are designed through our life experience.

    A challenging discussion. Similar to how do you describe anger. We can discuss the outward appearance of the emotion as felt by others, or....we can discuss the components of the emotion. A third description of anger is my personal feelings and judgement, what it caused in me.

    Not sure we need to define passion so pointedly. Our interface with others is where we need to understand the motivation of passion in someway so we can make a decision of whether we want to join.
    Sara Jacobovici
    11/01/2017 #38 Sara Jacobovici
    #37 This is why I like our engagement and exchanges so much @Harvey Lloyd - they're so dynamic. Not at all predictable. In this comment I am struggling with the notion of passion as "a container of emotions, skills and knowledge." For me, passion is something we feel, not as an emotion but as I mention a hybrid of emotions. I am having a hard time imaging passion holding anything else but emotions. But.....I am willing to try. I'll get back to you. Thanks Harvey.
    Harvey Lloyd
    11/01/2017 #37 Harvey Lloyd
    Passion is a very nebulous topic of discussion. I enjoy folks who are passionate like you @Sara Jacobovici. But when it comes to the description of what makes up passion it becomes a quest for "who am I". Passion is a container of emotions, skills and knowledge. To much of any one ingredient is like a bottle rocket, heavy anticipation, the lighting of the fuse and the 3 second exhilaration, followed by whats next.

    Our passion container should have a good recipe, if you will, of the three ingredients. Its not necessary to have the full range of each ingredient but we do need to know where to find the missing ones.

    With the correct ingredients we can secure a growing recipe where we share the passion and grow it not only in ourselves but through others also. One of the biggest killers of passion is when our container is easily broken. The ingredients are still there but we cant collect and organize them anymore. The paradox, the recipe is the designer of the container. The passion container is challenged when we share the passion. Keeping in mind this recipe of passion has been simmering in you for some time. This is not so when it comes to the share. I might need time and throw a little skepticism your way during my merging with your passions.

    Passion that includes the goals designed around win-win and can be pointed out to others will usually survive the skepticism.
    Sara Jacobovici
    27/10/2016 #36 Sara Jacobovici
    #29 Just joined and already contemplating my next contribution. Thank you so much for your support and quick response @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman. Well done!
    Sara Jacobovici
    27/10/2016 #35 Sara Jacobovici
    #27 Wonderful @Pamela 🐝 Williams. Great example and great results!
    Ali Anani
    27/10/2016 #34 Ali Anani
    #33 Wonderment, Passion, Drive @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    27/10/2016 #33 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    New hive WPD, what does it stand for @Ali Anani?
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    27/10/2016 #32 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    #31 Thank you, Ali.
    Ali Anani
    27/10/2016 #31 Ali Anani
    #29 Shared ato the new hive WPD and joined the hive . Drive to the new hive all. Thanks @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    27/10/2016 #30 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Passion can run so deep @Sara Jacobovici. I agree with @🐝 Fatima Williams you don't need to be an expert at something to make change or do something different. I even find passion in the simple things, such as the birds chirping right before the sun rises, the tides of the ocean and the smells I take in when near the ocean, out in the forest- these things remind me of the innocence of a child. Pure wonderment we had within us as children. If we can be aware of those passions that stirred us as children, I believe it's always possible to expound on those passions. Many of those scents, noises and senses allowed me to fantasize or dream as a child, I still find myself doing that and yes, I act on some of my dreams as I'm able.
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    27/10/2016 #29 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    @Sara Jacobovici @🐝 Fatima Williams @Ali Anani - will one of you please share this post to the new hive - https://www.bebee.com/group/wpd-factor-wonderment-passion-and-drive Thank you.
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    27/10/2016 #28 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #13 I adore your poem my sister! I copying and pasting and going to stick it on my mirror so I'll read it every morning.
    thank you for tagging me in this post. It is very much appreciated!
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    27/10/2016 #27 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    Ah, @Sara Jacobovici and @Ali Anani, Again rises the question of passion. What is my passion from where does it come from. Every since I wrote that piece I still occasionally contemplate the question. I think you're correct in your thought that it is a hybrid emotion. I can't associate my passion to an emotion, but instead emotions seem to arise from the passion. A perfect example: today at work I was facing a tedious task that was going to take hours/days but then that 'exploring' part of me kicked in and I went on a search for a 'quick fix' you might say (at least less tedious). Before I knew it that internal motivation, that passion that drives me to discover arose. I was on a personal quest and when I'm there, in my mind world, I feel elated. Then I found the fix and I turned hours/days of tedious work into minutes. I felt like I was Columbus and I had just discovered the New World. It didn't matter that the 'fix' already existed in the software I was using, I discovered it for myself, I learned today, my mind expanded just a little. Whoopee!
    Ali Anani
    26/10/2016 #26 Ali Anani
    #25 Great @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman. I have just published a buzz on Contamination of Emotions in which I expanded the idea of the WPD Factor. It could be of help to you:
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    26/10/2016 #25 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    #19 Yes, let me ponder on how to structure it.😉
    Sara Jacobovici
    26/10/2016 #24 Sara Jacobovici
    #23 Beautifully and insightfully expressed @Mohammed Sultan. Thank you.
    Mohammed Sultan
    26/10/2016 #23 Mohammed Sultan
    Thanks for sharing dear Sara Jacobovici .Our passion stems out of style concision,thought precision and sound decision.Although it's not growing like a tree ,in bulk passion make me a better bee.
  10. Ella de Jong

    Ella de Jong

    Hmmmm, perhaps this will be the best place to share my new ideas and thoughts. Just let me get 'bold' enough to do so :-) Glad you @Deb 🐝 Helfrich are also to be found here! Wouldn't it be wonderful @Javier 🐝 beBee when this would be the womb? Growing and developing and at one point: ready to be shown to the real world ? :-) This is a picture of my last project (translating my e-book from English to Dutch and have a bunch of wisdom helping me) but I have so many "next ideas" ! Ella de Jong


    Ella de Jong
    26/10/2016 #2 Ella de Jong
    Thanks Deb! I'm now a little bit 'under the weather' and will be leaving for Halifax, Canada on Monday (my final treat: going abroad and present my workshop "Energizing Communication with troubled Youth at the SFBTA Conference almost at the end of my unpaid leave). When I'm back I'll fore sure post one of my big dreams! #1
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    23/10/2016 #1 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    You know, Ella, this is a fabulous place to collaborate on a lot of different projects. I know just the folks to help when you are ready to translate into Portuguese, for example. I have been having a lot of talks with some fantastic people in Brazil, lately.

    And then there is the twitter app that Paul Croubalian is building almost entirely crowd-sourced here.

    I bet there will be a lot of great things in the future because of beBee collaborations!
  11. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Parasitic Thoughts
    Parasitic ThoughtsInitially, I intended to write this buzz on cellular times as @Sara Jacobovici urged me to do so. However; during the thinking of the flow of ideas I found myself attracted to other aspects of our lives and I was dragged into writing this buzz...


    Ali Anani
    15/12/2016 #51 Ali Anani
    #50 Believe me your penetrating questions had the same effect on me @Paul Frank Gilbert. Thank you and I need to brainstorm with myself
    Paul Frank Gilbert
    15/12/2016 #50 Paul Frank Gilbert
    Now this is some creative wandering! Should we need to look to the trees to find ourselves? We can barely understand us ... I think the leap is too far for most. Does a tree make a sound if it falls alone in the woods? With so much noise in our digital communities is anyone actually hearing anything other than what they want to hear? Are they hearing anything at all? You have given me reason to ponder ... to imagine. Thank you.
    Anees Zaidi
    24/10/2016 #49 Anees Zaidi
    #46 Take care my brother @Ali Anani. Wish you a speedy recovery and good health.
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    23/10/2016 #48 DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    Wishing you prof. @ali anani all the best. Take care of you and I hope you may be allright soon.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    23/10/2016 #47 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Oh no please take care dear @Ali Anani You are precious to us so take care of yourself :) Pray you get better soon.You can always come back strong with a big smile and reply later.
    Ali Anani
    23/10/2016 #46 Ali Anani
    #45 May be I should have delayed the publishing of this buzz dear @🐝 Fatima Williams. Last week I had a teeth problem- it started small, but now has spreaded its virus and ill-effects in my body. Living the experience is far more impactful. What starts with a small problem might uncover many more. We need o educate the new generation that it is not a small issue or not, but how this issue may develop in the future.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    23/10/2016 #45 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Don't our emotions also dictate our decisions? Having a butterfly effect on all the actions that follow.

    It's so amazing to learn about how our thoughts have such strident effect on our bodies.I do know that the human body is complex but this buzz has expanded so much on how a simple signal can cause chaos and harm us in unreasonable ways.

    When trees are so intelligent and avoid dangers through the signals. Does human mind fall prey to negative signals and comments or actions.
    Ali Anani
    19/10/2016 #44 Ali Anani
    #42 I am sure you shall have a lot to say when you visit again dear @🐝 Fatima Williams. Knowing you, you shall contribute a very sound comment
    Ali Anani
    19/10/2016 #43 Ali Anani
    #39 Great examples dear brother @Anees Zaidi. SO, you come back from your vacation with great examples. I am sure you shall cover few of them in a buzz. The experiments on the memory of plants are astonishing. Being a living body as we are no wonder plants share many of or attributes.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    19/10/2016 #42 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Parastic thoughts wow That's how I feel with some of my thoughts today and right now I'll be back to read everything on this buzz, tonight. 🙌 @Anees Zaidi Your here im excited to see that your back 🤗🤗
    Anees Zaidi
    19/10/2016 #40 Anees Zaidi
    Harvey Lloyd, trees do respond to trauma in their chemical communication. Sage brush in North America and willow & oak trees in Europe 'warn' their neighbors of insects attacks by emitting pheromones, which raises the production of bitter tannins and other predator-deterrent chemicals in nearby plants. Similar happens with Mopane trees in Africa where the predators are the elephants.

    I agree with you Dr. @Ali Anani we may take many lessons from the plants. We need to love them and adapt them.
    Anees Zaidi
    19/10/2016 #39 Anees Zaidi
    Dear brother @Ali Anani, your scholarly writings are always great stimuli for us to learn new things, know more and sail in new waters. During my recent holiday break I had the chance to lay my hand on Richard Mabey's authoritative and very interesting book 'The Cabaret of Plants'. The book is globe-trotting exploration of the relationship between humans and the kingdom plants. The learned author shows how flowers, trees, and plants have been central to human experience. While I still have to cover the book's 400 pages the chapter that attracted me the most is 'Plant Intelligence'. Exploring the history of the sensitive plant 'Mimosa pudica', attempting to find satisfactory explanation as to why the sensitive plant shuts its leaves in a dramatic fashion on being touched, Mabey takes his readers to an interesting experiment done as recent as 2013 by Australian ecologist Monica Gagliano.

    Gagliano did 'habituation' experiment on sensitive plants (repeated dropping on plants from a height of six inches every five seconds. Each training session involved sixty drops). While in the beginning of the experiment all the plants shut their leaves in thner. But some started to reopen after only four or five drops in subsequent sessions. Gagliano repeated the experiment, using the same 'trained plant', after one week and then one month. Again they ignored the drop stimulus, suggesting they had 'remembered' what they had learned. Surprisingly, the Bees, in similar experiments, forget what they have learned in forty-eight hours. It is astonishing how a plant, without any organ comparable to brain, could store or process memories.
    Ali Anani
    17/10/2016 #38 Ali Anani
    Believe me dear @Praveen Raj Gullepalli- I think the same of you and I am truly honored to have connected with you.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    17/10/2016 #37 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #36 Journey men on a journey like this, need a philosopher, guide and friend like dear @Ali Anani. It is indeed an honour to be connected with you Sir!
    Ali Anani
    17/10/2016 #36 Ali Anani
    #35 I am preparing a buzz on plants movement and including some examples that you mentioned in your rich comment @Praveen Raj Gullepalli. I shall also mention some of the work Indian scientists did. The issue of what stimulates plants and how they respond just shows how less we know than some plants. Your lovely comments motivates me to continue with this journey and I am truly grateful to you.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    17/10/2016 #35 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Another beautiful buzz Dear @Ali Anani I read somewhere that negative thoughts and feelings manifest as disease, and I have been looking for a book that connects emotion and attitude to a specific disease, for long! I had mentioned Dr.Bose's earlier to you Sir...Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose..."His major contribution in the field of biophysics was the demonstration of the electrical nature of the conduction of various stimuli (e.g., wounds, chemical agents) in plants, which were earlier thought to be of a chemical nature. These claims were later proven experimentally. He was also the first to study the action of microwaves in plant tissues and corresponding changes in the cell membrane potential. He researched the mechanism of the seasonal effect on plants, the effect of chemical inhibitors on plant stimuli and the effect of temperature. From the analysis of the variation of the cell membrane potential of plants under different circumstances, he hypothesised that plants can "feel pain, understand affection etc."
    Ali Anani
    17/10/2016 #34 Ali Anani
    #33 What a great buzz that you wrote dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. I commented, liked and shared. I invite readers of this buzz to read yours as well and to see why beBee is fastly becoming the land of ideas metamorphosis.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    17/10/2016 #33 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Dear @Ali Anani the buzz I spoke off which was inspired by the first half of your buzz has been written in my Paradox Wisdom hive, it is called "Paradise vs. Parasite". https://www.bebee.com/producer/@cityvp/paradise-vs-parasite
    Ali Anani
    16/10/2016 #32 Ali Anani
    #29 My next buzz shall reveal more- I promise you @Susan Rooks
    Ali Anani
    16/10/2016 #31 Ali Anani
    I believe this is your first comment on my buzzes @Susan Rooks and you rock with it. I hope you read my next buzz for it shall address more your thoughts. You re right and we may learn from trees far more than we can imagine.
  12. Producerdebasish majumder
    NATURE, THE ULTIMATE PATTERN MAKER!Nature has many patterns We are mere intern to comprehend its manifestation How uniquely it has woven Myriad of inanimate and animate are nicely arrested in their domain Nature dictates our configuration We helplessly subdue to...


    Yael Mendez
    17/10/2016 #8 Yael Mendez
    self-similarity is amazing
    Sushmita Thakare Jain
    15/10/2016 #7 Sushmita Thakare Jain
    @debasish majumder such a lovely poem filled with the simplicity of the virtue of the natural patterns. The image with the poem takes the connection to a different level. Thanks for sharing and last but not the least what a way to provide a tribute! :)
    Ali Anani
    15/10/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    Thank you dear @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher and you truly have done the same.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    15/10/2016 #5 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #3 @Ali Anani, you've sure made an impact on many, myself included. Thank you. Thank you for this beautiful poem and tribute to Ali, Debasish!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    15/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Beautiful poem @debasish majumder. This stood out, "Life become enigmatic with its colorful expression

    Pattern and its enigmatic soul" Just like the butterfly who gained it wings and learned to fly!
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #3 Ali Anani
    #1 It amazes me dear @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman how the same poem influences us differently, but beautifully. This is evidenced y the two extractions you and I selected from the poem.
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #2 Ali Anani
    Patterns has a significant say To make an array with graceful spray Whether zebra, snake or frog Nature displays unique colors with amazing knock Yesterday, today and tomorrow Nature entwine all with an infinite row Inevitable for all to come across the design to grow Nature thus maintains her pattern with a pristine blow! I love these extracts from your lovely poem dear Debasish Majumder. With amazing knock you knocked my heart and passions for patterns and you know that for sure. Keep going. I warmly appreciate your generous dedication
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    14/10/2016 #1 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    This is a lovely dedication to our dear @Ali Anani, Debasish and I especially like these flowing words.
    "Some may hibernate with amazing gesture
    Nature orchestrate all with a unique mixture
    A lovely hype with grandeur in rhythm
    Nature guide is as an anthem, an enigma of paradigm
    Where we all synchronized in an inevitable sync of jovial gleam!"

    Beautifully written.
  13. Virag Gulyas

    Virag Gulyas

    beBee goes viral @Media Tech Summit NYC
    beBee goes viral @Media Tech Summit NYC Matt Sweetwood has 5min to present beBee. So here it...


    Marta Carretero Garcia
    10/10/2016 #22 Marta Carretero Garcia
    Great pitch!
    José Jordán de Urríes
    10/10/2016 #21 José Jordán de Urríes
    Congrats Matt! Fantástic intervention!.
    Maria Luquero Vila
    10/10/2016 #20 Maria Luquero Vila
    Great Job!!!
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    09/10/2016 #19 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    That was simply fabulous @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood. I dito what Dean said: Highly engaging, clear, concise, and relaxed.
    Dean Owen
    07/10/2016 #17 Dean Owen
    Clearly evident that Matt is a veteran of many many pitches! Great job. Highly engaging, clear, concise, and relaxed.
    Virag Gulyas
    07/10/2016 #16 Virag Gulyas
    #13 haha it wasn't so funny, as we got scared it wasn't going live at all :-D
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    07/10/2016 #15 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Very nice job @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood! Yes, we are growing and will reach those numbers! Very excited about the new roll outs and happy with the platform as it is now too :))
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    07/10/2016 #13 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #3 That's just part of the fun of being live, Virag.

    Great Job, Matt.
    John White, MBA
    07/10/2016 #12 John White, MBA
    Awesome job, @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood.
    David B. Grinberg
    06/10/2016 #11 David B. Grinberg
    Kudos on the awesome presentation @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood -- and sharing this Live Buzz, @Virag Gulyas! Buzz on...
    Cepee Tabibian
    06/10/2016 #7 Cepee Tabibian
    Thanks @Virag Gulyas!! Great job @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood!!!
    Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    06/10/2016 #5 Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    #3 Thanks @Virag Gulyas. Some users had already happened. Thanks for the feedback. Best
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    06/10/2016 #4 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
  14. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Nuggets of WisdomI have been honored by a considerable number of comments on my buzzes. Some comments carried gems with them. I extracted some gems and compiled them as Nuggets of Wisdom. I have plans to write Part 2; however I wanted first to probe your...


    Ali Anani
    15/10/2016 #84 Ali Anani
    #83 Your contribution is judged by its value and it is of tremendous one dear @David Navarro López. I am the one who is thankful to you
    David Navarro López
    15/10/2016 #83 Anonymous
    Dear Ali, I am honored to be on your listing, at the look of so much talent and wisdom here, even if my contribution is so small. Wish I would have made more comments to your last posts, but as you already know, I do not use to make comments unless I did not understand firstly, and meditated about the running issue, and it will take some time for me to be capable to understand them, as your posts are lately out of the bounds of my possibilities. Sorry for that.
    Ali Anani
    14/10/2016 #82 Ali Anani
    Thank you @Aurorasa Sima and you gave been a great source of inspiration
    Aurorasa Sima
    13/10/2016 #81 Aurorasa Sima
    Great collection, dear Ali. Please do keep inspiring us!
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #80 Ali Anani
    #79 And very proudly you have been a great and positive influence dear @Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA. I included one quote from you because of space, but more to come in subsequent nuggets.
    Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    13/10/2016 #79 Jean L. Serio CPC, CeMA
    A beautiful roundup of inspired, thoughtful and profound ideas and comments from your incredible group of followers, Ali Anani. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #78 Ali Anani
    Clarisse Nigaud

    Dr. Anani, your post is appreciated profoundly. Most peoples would go online fishing for ideas, rebuff them and post an article under their names. You show in reverse, appreciate great ideas into a pot of gold! Warm Regards.
    This comment was made on G+. I find it very relevant to share here. WE learn and progress by digesting ideas and not by stealing them. I am profoundly grateful to Clarisse as much as I am to everyone of you who helped me move forward. The least I could do is to say thank you and this is the nugget of wisdom that helped me improve.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #77 Ali Anani
    #76 Much obliged to your nugget of comment @Don 🐝 Kerr
    Don 🐝 Kerr
    13/10/2016 #76 Don 🐝 Kerr
    Brilliant compilation of a few of the beBee's greatest hits.
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #75 Ali Anani
    #70 AT least you made me feel I am rich with your great appreciation dear @David B. Grinberg. Thank you
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #74 Ali Anani
    #69 Yes, the beautiful thinker @Sara Jacobovici- believe me I am enjoying this round of comments so much because I feel the value of collecting gems such as many of yours
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #73 Ali Anani
    #68 May be I shall start my next compilation with this comment @Paul Walters. This is profound kindness from you
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #72 Ali Anani
    #67 Thank you @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher- your comment is as sweet as your beloved grandson
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #71 Ali Anani
    #64 #66 Thank you again @James O'Connell- thank you for your sharing and giving more life to the idea of compiling comments. The question now is how to mote coherently select comments around few topics each time.
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #70 David B. Grinberg
    Ali, your buzz is always filled with many nuggets of wisdom for which all bees benefit greatly. If I had one dollar for every nugget of wisdom you provide, I would be a rich man by now! 🙏🐝🐝✌️️
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/10/2016 #69 Sara Jacobovici
    "This is what beBee is for... All the comments from all the Bees bring in so much learnings and perspectives ! Everyone is a Star here in the galaxy of gems!" - @Ali Anani
    Paul Walters
    13/10/2016 #68 Paul Walters
    @Ali Anani Note to self. " Write something profound so as to make Ali's list!!! Thanks , great piece as always !
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    13/10/2016 #67 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Ali Anani, this is just beautiful and flows. I want to thank you for quoting my comment. Your awesome!! CC; @Donna-Luisa Eversley @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    James O'Connell
    13/10/2016 #66 James O'Connell
    I'm sharing this into Digital Marketing Hive for the reason that I think this approach of compiling comments given to a produce could enable fresh insights into the audience and their reactions. It also allows growth to the original article/produce (' ' ,)
    Ali Anani
    13/10/2016 #65 Ali Anani
    #64 Well, I accept and love the potential of your comment @James O'Connell. I shall write Part 2 and try to make the comments more lively. Your support is lively
  15. Ali Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Duality of Me
    @Sara Jacobovici started writing a series of posts on duality and having two characters, two personalities and I am not sure if two identities as well. With which personality we socialize, work, interact and what would these dual actions do. The series promises to be extremely enlightening. Episode one is so rich with references and linkages that you wouldn't want to miss. I thoroughly urge you to read


    Sara Jacobovici
    10/10/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Thank you for your support and share @Ali Anani. Much appreciated.
  16. ProducerCityVP 🐝 Manjit
    Mind Compass
    Mind CompassBuzz Submitted by : CityVP Manjit Buzz: Big Mind & Small MindWhat was initially a buzz written from a backdrop of personal frustration now has become a mind compassI never intended that a buzz initially written by me would become a "paradox...


    Prakashan B.V
    09/10/2016 #4 Prakashan B.V
    Nice article @CityVP 🐝 Manjit...Thanks @Ali Anani for bringing this to my attention...Thanks
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    08/10/2016 #3 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    #2 Dear @Ali Anani, I will take a look at these links next Saturday, for the next six days I am going to be occupied in preparing for the very event that initially was the backdrop to Big Mind & Small Mind. I will lurk in between breaks from this event prep but will return with full attention to beBee on 15th October 2016. Thank you in kind.
    Ali Anani
    08/10/2016 #2 Ali Anani
    Part 2
    You remind me of two presentations that I wrote and now I am thinking of merging them with a new thinking as prompted by this buzz. The two presentations are:
    1. Separation Thinking- it is not OR as much as it is AND http://www.slideshare.net/hudali15/separation-thinking View more
    Part 2
    You remind me of two presentations that I wrote and now I am thinking of merging them with a new thinking as prompted by this buzz. The two presentations are:
    1. Separation Thinking- it is not OR as much as it is AND http://www.slideshare.net/hudali15/separation-thinking
    2. Story Attractors- and Slide 15 as an example. Now, the center of the tetrahedron is No Mind. This opens a new thinking on developing the structure of a story. http://www.slideshare.net/hudali15/separation-thinking

    Thank you @CityVP 🐝 Manjit for the inspiration Close
    Ali Anani
    08/10/2016 #1 Ali Anani
    @CityVP 🐝 Manjit= I discovered one important idea from this buzz. When an author (bee) of a buzz evolves, because of a comment the author of the comment evolves as well. I am truly honored that my simple comment on your previous buzz dear Manjit resulted in this hugely relevant buzz. The movement away from separation thinking of OR to AND opened huge possibilities to reconsider minds and how they may operate.
    I look at your pyramids as tetrahedral of new thinking and these two tetrahedrals are fractal because they operate at all scales and spaces. That No Mind is freedom is also greatly linked to vivid imagination where we may imagine things beyond reality. Is this imagination a form of meta-imagination or what I am not sure about, but what I am sure of is the opening of novel ways for us to think.
  17. Sara Jacobovici

    Sara Jacobovici

    This is my first "integrated" piece on social media. beBee is the first place where I am sharing a "personal" post on a "professional" site. This is a reflection of how beBee is successfully bringing the parts of me to a whole. @Ali Anani, your influence crosses many boundaries. I was happy to include a Dr. Ali quote in this article.
    Sara Jacobovici
    Sara Jacobovici – Beginning a New Year, when “I” becomes “We”
    israelseen.com Sara Jacobovici – Beginning a New Year, when “I” becomes “We” I hate starting any work with the word “I”, yet this story is about the process that “I” have been going through in my “I”dentity journey. Although my journey has been ongoing, it isn’t...


    Sara Jacobovici
    10/10/2016 #11 Sara Jacobovici
    #10 Dear @Irene Hackett, it is your kind words that humble me. Thank you.
    Sara Jacobovici
    10/10/2016 #9 Sara Jacobovici
    #8 Thank you @Virag Gulyas. Your support is much appreciated.
    Virag Gulyas
    10/10/2016 #8 Virag Gulyas
    "I don’t need to “let go” of my past in order to be in the present and look forward to the future. " A fantastic piece by @Sara Jacobovici
    Ali Anani
    05/10/2016 #7 Ali Anani
    #5 So it fell on the edge of the two. Even timing works for you @Sara Jacobovici and well-deserved.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #6 Sara Jacobovici
    #4 Thank you @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher. I always look forward to your comments.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #5 Sara Jacobovici
    #3 Thank you for your ongoing support @Ali Anani. I actually submitted this before the holidays and was pleasantly surprised to see it up after the holidays. The best of both worlds.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    05/10/2016 #4 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Sara Jacobovici, what a beautifully written article about "I" and how "I becomes We." You wrote: "My “I” is anciently rooted but growing and thriving in my present ground. I don’t need to “let go” of my past in order to be in the present and look forward to the future. “I” exist in a relationship with myself, others and my world. Everything I do comes from and goes into this relationship." This makes so much sense on many levels and I think our past plays a pivotal role in shaping our futures. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article! PS: I loved Ali @Ali Anani metaphor about Trees.
    Ali Anani
    05/10/2016 #3 Ali Anani
    I love tre and I love trees as metaphors. I love that you quoted me in this lovely buzz dear Sara @Sara Jacobovici. So, actually you were not taking a holiday as much as imagining.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    #1 Thank you @Deb 🐝 Helfrich. Your comment is much appreciated.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    05/10/2016 #1 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    I really enjoyed reading this, @Sara Jacobovici. This time of year really feels new to me and this quote speaks to me as a necessary ritual in any well-lived life:

    "I am conscious of Shabbat as a day when I need to cease to interfere and allow what is to be and what is not, not to be."
  18. Emilia M. Ludovino
    My dear friend @Ali Anani - The Got Tree from southern Morocco is a sweet memory from my childhood and I think it portraits quite well some of your articles on trees and human beings. Those Gots surely know what you mean by being on the Edge. :)))))). Let's start the week with a good laugh :))))))))). Blessings!!!! Emilia M. Ludovino


    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    03/10/2016 #6 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    This would remind me of @Ali Anani's tree metaphors as well, @Emilia M. Ludovino

    Absolutely incredible photo. I bet they learned this pastime fractally.....
    Ali Anani
    03/10/2016 #5 Ali Anani
    #3 Dear Emilia, I wonder what the got on land think of the got on the "edges". May be they got "edgy"
    Emilia M. Ludovino
    03/10/2016 #4 Emilia M. Ludovino
    #1 @Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreira - Você tem uma Got Tree!!????? Deus do céu! ONDE?
    Emilia M. Ludovino
    03/10/2016 #3 Emilia M. Ludovino
    #2 Dear Ali, I think , somehow the got realize that, When they finihed
    Ali Anani
    03/10/2016 #2 Ali Anani
    This is incredible dear Emilia M. @Emilia M. Ludovino. It is funny .I wonder if these animals realize that they are on the edges?
    Great and humorous sharing this is.
    Marcos Vinicius Fernandes Ferreira
    03/10/2016 #1 Anonymous
    i've got a got tree... 😜
  19. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Thinking on the Edge
    Thinking on the EdgeWould you like to be in the middle or the extreme ends? Is there a simple and scientific approach? How answering these questions will help us improve our thinking and hence our actions? I promise the reader a soft sailing in attempting to answer...


    Sara Jacobovici
    09/10/2016 #64 Sara Jacobovici
    #62 #63 Your kind words @Ali Anani and @Irene Hackett, encourage me to keep at it. Thank you.
    Ali Anani
    09/10/2016 #62 Ali Anani
    #61 Dear @Sara Jacobovici- what a great insight "So we are not just discussing being on the edge but whether we are on the internal or external side of the edge". I can't wait to read about your thoughts. My intuition you are hitting a treasure. I was thinking of @CityVP 🐝 Manjit last buzz on which I commented and I feel this ideas takes us even a step further. Great thinking
    Sara Jacobovici
    09/10/2016 #61 Sara Jacobovici
    Dear @Ali Anani and @Irene Hackett. I have not forgotten the encouragement to develop the concept of being on the edge of a triad. I'm working on it and studying the comments from you both. I was working on something focusing on duality and integration and thought of the possibility that the duality of the edge, one side connected to the sides that enclose the triad, the internal side facing the triad and the external side, although connected with other edges, the external side faces away from the containment produced by the triad. Could this external boundary be the edge of integration formed in the contained internal area, or integrated area, where we do not experience the integration? So we are not just discussing being on the edge but whether we are on the internal or external side of the edge; a duality holding a triad containing the integrated area formed by the internal side of the edge. Just updating you both with some of the thoughts going through my mind. I hope I am not travelling too far beyond the original concept. Please let me know.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #60 Sara Jacobovici
    #59 Great @Irene Hackett! Thanks
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #58 Sara Jacobovici
    #56 Dear @Irene Hackett, I'm not forgetting for a moment that the idea comes from you. If you wish to expand on it...after all we believe that good things come in threes.
    Sara Jacobovici
    05/10/2016 #55 Sara Jacobovici
    #54 I trust your intuition @Ali Anani. @Irene Hackett's idea worth exploring.
    Ali Anani
    05/10/2016 #54 Ali Anani
    Dear -@Sara Jacobovici- the previous comment of dear @Irene Hackett inspired me with an idea for you. On the edges of triads. I haven't thought much about it, but my intuition is that it might interest you.
    Ali Anani
    05/10/2016 #53 Ali Anani
    #52 "...On the edge in order to live fully and love deeply"- stunning quote from your comment dear @Irene Hackett- Yes, avoiding being on the edge is a recipe for missing many beauties in our lives. Thanks to this 'edge" that brought this super comment from you my dear sister.
    Ali Anani
    05/10/2016 #51 Ali Anani
    So in the cups one cup should have an edge between head and heart and you edge me out with your solid comment dear @Melissa Hefferman
    mohammed khalaf
    04/10/2016 #49 mohammed khalaf
    I hope this to you to spread honey around the world#47
    Ali Anani
    04/10/2016 #48 Ali Anani
    Enjoy your salad dressing dear @Susan Botello over the weekend
    Ali Anani
    04/10/2016 #47 Ali Anani
    #44 I feel I have the wings dear @mohammed khalaf
    Ali Anani
    04/10/2016 #46 Ali Anani
    #43 I wouldn't say scary as much it is a blessing dear @Sara Jacobovici. I have read a lot of your writings and I sense what interests you
    Susan Botello
    04/10/2016 #45 Susan Botello
    Oil and vinegar don't mix but when shaken it becomes my favorite salad dressing. Hope everyone is having a great week!
    mohammed khalaf
    04/10/2016 #44 mohammed khalaf
    when you come to the edge of all that you know ,there will be ground to stand on ,or you will be given wings to fly
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/10/2016 #43 Sara Jacobovici
    #21 #25 It's scary how well you know me @Ali Anani. With @Deb 🐝 Helfrich's comment I thought of the spaces referred to by Mozart, “The music is not in the notes,
    but in the silence between.” And Frankl, "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." With @CityVP 🐝 Manjit, I had already replied before I read your comment.
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/10/2016 #42 Sara Jacobovici
    #18 "The irony of our age is that we are becoming more innovative as a human race yet also less adaptive." Great line @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. I agree 100%. Although less adaptive, it is interesting for me to witness what forms the adaptations take on. They seem to reflect the dissociative state and sensory diminished environment which produced them.
    Sara Jacobovici
    04/10/2016 #41 Sara Jacobovici
    #7 Thanks @Irene Hackett. Your blessing reached me across cyber space!
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    04/10/2016 #40 🐝 Fatima Williams
    #39 Thank you @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman A little bit of pollen dust from all of you " Makes this bee buzz happily 🤗🤗👌👌
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    04/10/2016 #39 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    #35 #33 #35 Lovely comments @🐝 Fatima Williams
  20. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Ideas Don't Move
    Ideas Don't MoveTrees don't move and yet they produce lovable fruits. I often say "a moving idea", but I am still in my place. To be living is to be moving? Trees live longer than humans. Is this a paradox? There are the walking trees. In fact, they don't...


    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #26 Ali Anani
    #25 Dear sister @Irene Hackett- it is a paradox. I am writing about standstill tree while having caught severe cold and then your comment warms me up and runs my water. Yes, we can go beyond our limitations and this is the core message of this buzz. Acceptance of our limitations creates creative thinking and yields to the production of fruity ideas such as yours.
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #24 Ali Anani
    #23 Yes dear @Neil Smith and we do live in a world of paradoxes. The non-moving trees move mountains, emotions and great wisdom as yours is. I appreciate your generous comment.
    Neil Smith
    28/09/2016 #23 Neil Smith
    Nice article Ali Anani. Paradoxically demonstrating that your ideas moved to readers around the world.
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #22 Ali Anani
    #20 Yes- one word or one image may produce a rippling effect to change the world. I appreciate your good words about me and coming from you fills me with special pride dear @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #21 Ali Anani
    #19 The expected quality of comment from @Mohammed Sultan and you never fail to deliver high quality fruity comments. I like so much your attention to "the idea we stick in our customers mind about our fruits(products) can pull them or move them to the store shelves to pick these fruits.This's the " idea pull" on which the concept of our ads is built". Amazing how you summarized my recent buzzes with such depth and interconnections.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    28/09/2016 #20 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Ali Anani, your mind is so creative! "One image can move the world," this is so true and it may be something we do that feels so simple, yet could have a ripple effect! I hope you are feeling better very soon dear Ali!
    Mohammed Sultan
    28/09/2016 #19 Mohammed Sultan
    Dear Ali Anani,PhD.Your ideas can take us everywhere and even can change the equilibrium of our minds.Trees don't move but produce fruits that provide us with the energy required to make us move.Some fruits, as well as,ideas are more preferable than others although they are irrigated by the same source ,the same water, and the same source of knowledge.Trees are like organizations can diversify organically either vertically or horizontally,change their leaves and businesses, but also keep their roots intact.The idea we stick in our customers mind about our fruits(products) can pull them or move them to the store shelves to pick these fruits.This's the " idea pull" on which the concept of our ads is built.Whether our advertising ideas are enough to do the job or not,we always go back to our pipelines of ideas to find a new one,and then run with it to the market.Our innovation process also starts with an idea that can move us everywhere and even can change our strategic equilibrium.
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #18 Ali Anani
    Yes, I don't see how you blush @Sara Jacobovici, but I see it through the reflections of your words. Or, may be I am like bees blind to red color. No matter what- I sense what you feel and now I am blushing.
    Sara Jacobovici
    28/09/2016 #17 Sara Jacobovici
    #10 It's a good thing @Ali Anani that you can't see how I blush when I read your generous and kind words. I am always grateful for the learning opportunities from your exceptional work.
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #16 Ali Anani
    @Anandhi Krishnan- your name is equal to Anani+dh inserted between n and i. I am glad because I love the way you express yourself. You have clear thinking.
    Anandhi Krishnan
    28/09/2016 #15 Anandhi Krishnan
    Produce that image....the world moves for you. Very profound thought here. Liked your way of analyzing the adaptative nature of trees and putting across a post of hope.....produce that image, a oneliner that says a lot.
    Ali Anani
    28/09/2016 #14 Ali Anani
    #13 I too thoroughly enjoyed your explanatory comment @David B. Grinberg. Thank you
    David B. Grinberg
    28/09/2016 #13 David B. Grinberg
    Nice buzz @Ali Anani, I really enjoyed reading it (as usual). Key takeaway for me: "ignore your limitations..." Or, as Cervantes said, "Believe there are no limits..." Get well soon!
    Ali Anani
    27/09/2016 #12 Ali Anani
    #11 Appreciate your kind words and comment dear debasish majumder. Movement is energy and I like the introduction of the idea of the thermal state of a system
    debasish majumder
    27/09/2016 #11 debasish majumder
    'Trees move as well the make a paradigm shift in terms of different soil texture. lovely intriguing post. heat have two different impact on the same body. cold may solidified and hot evaporates. heat is also an intriguing form of energy! however, lovely insightful post as always sir Dr. @Ali Anani, Phd. enjoyed read. thank you very much for sharing the post, wishing you to be more solid in terms of your phenomenal posts enabling us to enrich sir.
    Ali Anani
    27/09/2016 #10 Ali Anani
    #7 Dear @Sara Jacobovici- Because we can propel ourselves across space, we often forget that movement takes place on so many different levels. What could i add? I think we need to collect your wisdom and fill it have A Jar of Wisdom by @Sara Jacobovici. Thank you and I agree fully that movement may be intangible sometimes.
    Sara Jacobovici
    27/09/2016 #9 Sara Jacobovici
    #8 Thank you @Laurent Boscherini for your kind words and opening up a new door for me.
    Laurent Boscherini
    27/09/2016 #8 Anonymous
    Thank you @Sara Jacobovici for your relevant and consistent comment, I am fully agree. The brain is converging to the quantum and cognitive limit, both sensorily sensitive in each of the principal quantum modes of interaction and possessing generalized sensory processing capabilities arising from edge of chaotic dynamics and quantum electro-physiology, understood in the perception of its existential dilemma to move on...Maybe ;) #5
    Sara Jacobovici
    27/09/2016 #7 Sara Jacobovici
    Part 2/2 You're right @Ali Anani when you advise us to learn from trees when things seem not to be moving. Because we can propel ourselves across space, we often forget that movement takes place on so many different levels. And, as you say, trees have much to teach us. They may not be able to propel themselves across space but there is constant movement in their growth and development and in their dynamic and intricate dance with nature. There is much to learn from how we move in stillness.

    Vibrations are the signals of life forms; they are movements and only become sounds when they can be "heard".

    Finally, I am always amazed by the fact that the same area of the brain that gives us signals to move our muscles is also the area that allows us to experience emotion and so we use the words "being moved" when describing something that we feel deeply. In this way, movement does not need to take place exclusively on a physical level. But there is no doubt how important emotions are to help us move, react, respond, engage and so on. And no doubt how important a physical movement is to enable us to shift or get out of an emotional stuck place.

    Dr. Ali, I wish you a quick recovery. Feel well soon and thank you for the bottom of my heart.
    Ali Anani
    27/09/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    Before reading Part2 I am already overwhelmed by Part 1 dear @Sara Jacobovici. Just reading this extract from your comment "They know what they are doing, where and how. Nature is working with them and when things happen in nature to challenge them, they either adapt or are overcome by nature's ways. The trees not being able to move would only be a handicap if it prevented them from being trees" I feel satisfied and even healed. I fail to express myself and the degree to which I am happy with your sound comment.
  21. Dick van Vlooten
    Before after

    Photographer Reveals How Online Images Are Photoshopped (13+ pics)
    Dick van Vlooten
    Photographer Reveals How Much Online Images Are Photoshopped (13+ pics)
    flip.it Taking a good picture isn't easy. Taking an awesome picture is even harder. And taking an impossible picture is, well, impossible. Unless you use Photoshop that...


  22. ProducerDavid Navarro López
    Flocculating Bubbles
    Flocculating BubblesSome ideas have the power to be so contagious, that empower other ideas to stick together and form a different thing with a completely different behaviour and results. This is a response to Ali Anani’s challenging comment “Just to tease your...


    David Navarro López
    17/09/2016 #11 Anonymous
    #10 That's precisely the idea I tried to share, but you said it with much better words. Thank you
    Gert Scholtz
    17/09/2016 #10 Gert Scholtz
    @David Navarro López In a way one can maybe say flocculation is similar to convergent thinking while coagulation is divergent thinking. A very original buzz David - thank you.
    Ali Anani
    17/09/2016 #9 Ali Anani
    #8 That is one theme of my next buzz.
    David Navarro López
    17/09/2016 #8 Anonymous
    #5 I believe everyone has flocculant ideas. The question is to recognice they are, and share them
    Ali Anani
    17/09/2016 #7 Ali Anani
    Dear David @David Navarro López- I shall mention this buzz in my next post. This is a deep and far-reaching post. Thank you for sharing it. The value of this buzz shall only increase with time.
    Ali Anani
    17/09/2016 #6 Ali Anani
    Thanks dear @🐝 Fatima Williams as I mentioned this quote of dear @Sara Jacobovici in my last buzz on The Hidden Fractal Power, but couldn't remember where I read it. Yes, this is a very deep thinking on behalf of Sara. I agree with her and your comment here.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    17/09/2016 #5 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Flocculant ideas would be the ones that have the power to “stick” to other ideas changing them just what is needed to be a part of a whole, and this whole would have more weight. If every one had flocculant ideas the world will be such a better place to live in.

    I keep thinking about Sara quote "The process is in us and we are in the process" Very deep and very true
    David Navarro López
    13/09/2016 #4 Anonymous
    #2 you did it again, dear Sara. "The process is in us and we are in the process" . Something to think about
    Ali Anani
    13/09/2016 #3 Ali Anani
    I meant as a "soft" koke- I meant joke. I have to check my eyes
    Sara Jacobovici
    13/09/2016 #2 Sara Jacobovici
    Your "just saying..." @David Navarro López is saying a lot! Great connections. Reminds me how this process is in us and we are in this process. Whether molecularly, biochemically, as thoughts and ideas, as relating to others and the world around us. It all makes sense. Thanks for helping me to see it all in a clearer way.
    Ali Anani
    13/09/2016 #1 Ali Anani
    I do appreciate this work dear @David Navarro López. I have often said ideas are molecules- they dance with each other, twist each other and what I meant as a soft" koke you turned into a "hard" buzz. By hard I mean solid and of quality.
    You bring the role of medium in affecting the destiny of ideas. They don't have to change completely, but with coagulation and flocculation they may change their movement. Great thinking and amazing and I need more time to respond to you in a dedicated buzz.
  23. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    The Hidden Fractal Power
    The Hidden Fractal PowerI don't know how the idea of this buzz emerged. All I recall it started by looking at the image of the rugged leaves below. I found myself comparing this rugged shape with rugged coastlines and rugged mountains. Coastlines are...


    🐝 Fatima Williams
    24/09/2016 #112 🐝 Fatima Williams
    Wow kaleidoscope with numbers spinning off sounds like a pretty fractal mind with colourful thoughts.
    Lol "It's a hot mess of crazy in there" ✋
    Pamela 🐝 Williams
    24/09/2016 #111 Pamela 🐝 Williams
    #110 That is an amazing thought @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher and @🐝 Fatima Williams. My thought fractals would probably be a kaleidoscope of colors and and moving patterns with numbers spinning off in all directions. HA! There was a line from TV show where the character was talking about her thinking process: "It's a hot mess of crazy in there"
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    24/09/2016 #110 🐝 Fatima Williams
    #105 @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher I love this thought of yours spoken out loud " Wonder what my thoughts would look like if they emitted fractal patterns people could see? "

    Yes @Ali Anani heading that direction Thank you - " Restriction is truly rewarding "
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    24/09/2016 #109 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    I want to get back to the fingering effect and the researcher who studied these sand fractals, Xiang Cheng - for the actual research Cheng did to discover this effect is mindboggingly complex, the kind that @Vincenzo De Florio View more
    I want to get back to the fingering effect and the researcher who studied these sand fractals, Xiang Cheng - for the actual research Cheng did to discover this effect is mindboggingly complex, the kind that @Vincenzo De Florio and @Milos Djukic can get their mind around https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0712/0712.2019.pdf but which is out of reach to the layman.

    Then I go to the other dimension of people studying effects of people looking at this effect and the words apophenia and pareidolia pop up. http://59ways.blogspot.ca/2012/01/apophenia-and-pareidolia_09.html This too can become way too outside the range of the layman, indeed the more one studies this, the more we begin to identify with the world that @Gerald Hecht and @Deb 🐝 Helfrich will readily understand, well beyond the mainstream.

    What Milos does well in his comments is make a linkage between the creation of social networks and complex adaptive systems, which so far invariably brings me back to the one place where these linkages are studied at depth, which is namely the Sante Fe Institute and even then that Institute provides disclaimers between the work of individual researchers and its purpose. One such work is by Melanie Mitchell, called Complex Systems: Network Systems. http://www.santafe.edu/media/workingpapers/06-10-036.pdf

    Even if there is a Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell type that can channel the work of researchers into mainstream insights, I recognize that complex adaptive systems explain much but the large body of business thinking is wired differently, so we can learn to see these thing but not get mainstream business folk to see what it is we have learned. That is what I see as "hidden" in fractal power, so I am still grappling with how best to make this invisible visible - otherwise we end up in complex thinking communicated as a specialty. Close
    Ali Anani
    24/09/2016 #108 Ali Anani
    #104 Do you find my buzz relevant to your comment dear @🐝 Fatima Williams?
    Ali Anani
    24/09/2016 #107 Ali Anani
    #105 Beaty is your comment dear @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher. Please read my next buzz of TThe Different Facets of Growth and I can tell it shall resonate with you. I pledge.
    Ali Anani
    24/09/2016 #106 Ali Anani
    #104 I am writing a buzz and it should address directly and indirectly the full value of your comment dear @🐝 Fatima Williams. I am bringing the value of restricted movement in adding beauty to our lives. Yes, restriction can be very rewarding.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    24/09/2016 #105 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    The more I read about fractals the more intrigued I become. Such a mystery when it comes to complex sytems, like humans ! Great thoughts to ponder @Ali Anani. I wonder what my thoughts would look like if they emitted fractal patterns people could see?!
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    24/09/2016 #104 🐝 Fatima Williams
    So coming back reading this buzz is as @Donna-Luisa Eversley mentioned is beauty beyond measure and it's quality is simply profound.

    I would love to agree with @Irene Hackett beautiful comment here as she shares my thoughts on this
    " You, dear Ali are the "Fractal Power acting on systems (beBee) on organizing movement (of thoughts and ideas) ....so as to maximize their use of available resources." Your inspiration moves us, our thoughts & ideas beautifully colliding and taking new direction and shape - such as cannot be measured, but like a fractal coastline, when one looks close, such inspiration is much bigger than the senses can perceive"

    As Milos says " Learning about fractals to me is more like absorbing and shaping of my perceptions "

    The beauty of the object is in the hands and eyes of the maker and that beauty reflects that person inner beauty like that of the beautiful snowflake and the Fractals Forever beBee's who have the Fractal Power to organise, enrich and enlightened play a major role in avoiding the crowdedness of ideas.

    Thank you @Ali Anani for opening up the fractal world to me :)
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    20/09/2016 #103 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    Beautiful beyond measure, each line, and texture. They hold the power, to be discovered, which may not be easily understood, based on its simplicity! Thanks for this Ali @Ali Anani
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #102 Gerald Hecht
    #101 @🐝 Fatima Williams yeah, I'll show 'em 👁
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    18/09/2016 #101 🐝 Fatima Williams
    #97 @Gerald Hecht it's funny that you remembered me on this one as I had a hearty laugh on reading the comments this evening on this buzz and lost my comment while typing and had put it off for later.
    Your humor is infectious my cheerful friend 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Who's the bugger bugging your health give him a ---- you and take care 😉😉👍👍 cheers to that ✋
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #99 Gerald Hecht
    #98 @Aurorasa Sima yeah; you can never (or at least, I can't) be sure how things will come across on social media; having said that; I don't think that the experience of physically standing with me at the intersection of Choctaw and Sherwood Forest Blvd in Baton Rouge would do anything other than cause you to gag and maybe cry...better to risk a misunderstanding than your health; it's different in my case; my health was recently stolen from me by a place that legally requires me to pay taxes ( presumably for the privilege); I'm holding up fine; I challenge myself and mostly do so in a cheerful spirit!
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #97 Gerald Hecht
    @🐝 Fatima Williams how are you holding up my friend? You seem to have that rare ability to see the humor in the human predicament...I believe it will serve you well 💫✨🕶
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #96 Gerald Hecht
    #95 @Cyndi wilkins well I guess we'll finally see how effectively the methods of science are when it comes to that whole "unraveling the mysteries of the Universe thing"
    Cyndi wilkins
    18/09/2016 #95 Cyndi wilkins
    #90 #93 Now you're talking! I've got the tattoo...However, it's location is a secret;-)
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #94 Gerald Hecht
    #92 @Aurorasa Sima WHAA? Listen; we are going for a WORLD RECORD HERE!! No more joking around! They make those in pink?? Huh...how about camo?
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #93 Gerald Hecht
    SERIOUSLY PEOPLE; LISTEN UP! I think if we really can get "Darkside of the Moon" on Vinyl; candles we are well on our way to 895 relevants and like 80zillion views; let's not blow this thing; it's a team effort! We each have our role-play to play!🕯🕯🕯⏳
    Aurorasa Sima
    18/09/2016 #92 Aurorasa Sima
    #90 Hahaha, wearing my pink Birkenstock shoes
    Gerald Hecht
    18/09/2016 #91 Gerald Hecht
    @Irene Hackett you just bee discrete; me and Lt. Colombo will take care of the diversion
  24. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    Crying over Spilled Ideas
    Crying over Spilled IdeasIf you receive a negative and hugely critical comment on your buzz- how would you react? If you are in a meeting and somebody proposes an idea or expresses a provocative one leading to hating up the meeting room with negative responses and...


    Ali Anani
    15/09/2016 #64 Ali Anani
    #60 Dear Fatima Williams- you wrote "This often happens in corporate offices where the new is simply looked at as a tsunami and they would rather lose an entire project than implement a worthy new ideas. I salute you for writing this. Luckily, and as you later highlighted, we bees here welcome new ideas and we are enjoying he fruits of our exchanges of them. I believe this beBee is a platform for doing the unconventional. This is further assisted by the presence of great souls such as @🐝 Fatima Williams
    Ali Anani
    15/09/2016 #63 Ali Anani
    #59 I hope your faith remains after publishing my buzz of today on the hidden fractal power. I am not sure if the crowded ideas in my mind on how to thank you are colliding or forming a fern-like pattern. No matter what million thanks to you dear @DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    Ali Anani
    15/09/2016 #62 Ali Anani
    #57 Lisa @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher- only if I could to find the words to thank you enough
    Ali Anani
    15/09/2016 #61 Ali Anani
    #56 I added a new buzz today and I dared to mention or spill a new idea if there is a fractal power? Your comments here encouraged me to do that dear @namita sinha. You don't know how grateful I am to all of you
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    15/09/2016 #60 🐝 Fatima Williams
    I read this buzz yesterday and today I read the comments and I enjoyed each comment thoroughly.

    I love the idea of insulating of our ideas from fear and doubt. Kind of an insurance for our ideas to keep them from being swept away by the wind. When Ideas are spilled we should not let the idea to be swept away rather we insulate it from the fear and doubt created, ensure that it survives to become a stronger idea such as the tempered glass. As the insulation process nurtures the idea and makes it stronger.
    If we were told that our ideas are not worthy it's simply because it is unique and noone has tried/heard it before on fear to implement or elaborate on the same.

    This often happens in corporate offices where the new is simply looked at as a tsunami and they would rather lose an entire project than implement a worthy new idea. Pushing that new idea up the bucket is like the crab story the only difference is that one crab had the idea and other's feared that idea not releasing it's value if they simply chose not to understand.

    " I want to teach you to live the truth, to reveal the light within your own soul - said Swami Vivekanda "

    The truth is that it is your idea and that it can reveal light that can be spread within your own soul and to those around us as well.

    Similar to what Ali Anani , Sara Jacobovici and CityVP Manjit and many great bees do on beBee.

    As the different streams having their sources in different paths which men take through different tendencies; various though they appear, crooked or straight, all lead to Thee. ( A verse from a song learned by Vivekanda during his childhood :) The highlight for me in this would be the various tendencies that are crooked or straight. As ideas are like the streams. Thank you for this frothy buzz dear Ali Anani.
    DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    15/09/2016 #59 DILMA BALBI -📃 Engenharia&gestão
    #9 Gratitude is the key word to me my dear friend @Ali Anani.. Gratitude for learning so much from you
    Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    15/09/2016 #58 Paul "Pablo" Croubalian
    #57 Yes, you scheduled it right.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    15/09/2016 #57 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    I just scheduled this buzz to auto tweet for 10 days if I did it correctly @Ali Anani, used @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian's app!
    namita sinha
    15/09/2016 #56 namita sinha
    #35 Its extremely satisfying to read your comment dear @Sara Jacobovici and to see you relating so well to my line of thought .You have added a unique and enriching perspective to it and I am reflecting deeply on what you mentioned, " When we possess the idea instead of experiencing it within a communal context, letting go is definitely a factor that distracts from the idea itself. “ I appreciate you sharing this – perhaps this could be the answer to why there is so much fanaticism, rigidity and insecurity , more than an all embracing attitude of sharing and caring , being propagated by some thinkers and philosophers of the present times, leading to deep chasms in the society ! Grateful to you for sharing this nugget of your wise thinking ...
    And as I see some great exchange of ideas being pooled in thanks to, @Aurorasa Sima , @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher and many more wonderful bees, hope to see this buzz from Sir @Ali Anani opening up new vistas of human perception …
    Sara Jacobovici
    15/09/2016 #55 Sara Jacobovici
    #51 Flattered and open to the opportunity.
    Ali Anani
    15/09/2016 #54 Ali Anani
    #52 I am sharing your success and you bring me along with you on your journey dear @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    15/09/2016 #53 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    Sharing in Ideas Metamorphosis
    Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    15/09/2016 #52 Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman
    We can't cry over spilled ideas is a powerful and empowering statement. It says to me get up and move forward and let sleeping dogs lie. Be all you can be and bring someone along with you on your journey to success.
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/09/2016 #51 Aurorasa Sima
    #49 The F word. Interesting ... now I think along the lines of the potential of collaboration. An interview for example.
    Aurorasa Sima
    14/09/2016 #50 Aurorasa Sima
    #49 Ok. I shall return with feedback (:
    Sara Jacobovici
    14/09/2016 #49 Sara Jacobovici
    #48 So glad to hear about your upcoming Buzz @Aurorasa Sima. Can't wait to read it.

    In response to your comment, I invite you to read my post in the following link. Thanks, I would welcome your feedback. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/another-f-word-sara-jacobovici?trk=mp-reader-card
    Aurorasa Sima
    14/09/2016 #48 Aurorasa Sima
    #47 Fear changes our brain (I am writing a honey about this currently). When we get hurt, emotionally or physically, it triggers a connection to the primitive part of the brain. If there is a neural pathway to the primitive part of the brain, we will react before we have the chance to think (think about a fly hitting your window when you´re driving on the highway. You WILL blink before you think "it cannot hit me"). You have a very high EQ. But we need to understand that a lot of people do not. Often, they do not have the chance for rational thinking because their brain forces them to an immediate "fight or run" primitive reaction. The triggers are similar situations, not identical. Luckily, that can be trained.
    Sara Jacobovici
    14/09/2016 #47 Sara Jacobovici
    #41 Agreed @Aurorasa Sima, fear is a primal instinct. From my perspective fear can only can hinder our spiritual growth when we have given the fear a different meaning than it had in its original form. In its original form, fear is an important form of communication; it alerts us, it makes us attend to something. When fear stops communicating and becomes "something", that is what hinders our spiritual growth. Yes, primal instincts can influence our ability to think rationally but again, it is up to us to understand the influence and what to make of it. If we allow the primal instinct to be in control, than of course we can't access our rational thinking.

    Ali Anani
    14/09/2016 #46 Ali Anani
    #44 I find sometimes that if the internet is slow tagging doesn't work. Otherwise; I have no idea @Aurorasa Sima.
    Sara Jacobovici
    14/09/2016 #45 Sara Jacobovici
    #42 Grateful and appreciative @Ali Anani for your generous and kind words.

    The question of nature's consciousness is both interesting and important. There is no doubt in my mind that every life form has the means to direct their "behaviours" towards the optimum conditions. From that point of view, choices are being formed. I eagerly look forward to your next discussion, Dr. Ali.
  25. Ali Anani

    Ali Anani

    It is a great honor that my buzz on Don't Cry on Spilled Ideas
    is being circulated on the great and new feature of beBee. Bebee today is in its latest update of the APP has included "Buzz Live" is a tool that allows us to broadcast live from our mobile device and from anywhere (provided you have Internet). We could say that Live Buzz is how to have a tv station itself in the palm of the hand and also free.
    Here we can see a screenshot of the App Live bebee with Buzz:
    Live Buzz is how to have a tv station itself in the palm of the hand and also free.
    @Alfredo Vela Zancada- thanks for the detailed description of the Buzz Live feature
    Ali Anani
    Crying over Spilled Ideas
    www.bebee.com If you receive a negative and hugely critical comment on your buzz- how would you react? If you are in a meeting and somebody proposes an idea...
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