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Ingenieure und Techniker

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Offizieller Ingenieurwesen - Bienenstock bei beBee. Verbinde dich mit Fachleute aus deinem Sektor und teile Information, Kenntnisse und Karrierechancen.
  1. ProducerScarlett Morgan

    Scarlett Morgan

    Rain Gutter Cleaning More Important than You’d Think
    Rain Gutter Cleaning More Important than You’d ThinkOne of the most difficult things about owning a home is maintaining. There are a hundred different things to upkeep when you own a home. It can be easy to forget a few of them. But some are more crucial than others. If you’ve neglected your rain...


    Scarlett Morgan
    03/08/2016 #2 Scarlett Morgan
    #1 Thank you so much @Jens Werner! That's a good idea. Thanks again :)
    Jens Werner
    27/07/2016 #1 Jens Werner
    Very vital thing for the upkeep of a house, I am sharing this in the german Architecture hive, hope you don't mind