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  1. Terry Pierre

    Terry Pierre

    We can only be as good as the technology available to us - if a company is on bad infrastructure and cannot do the basic functions, employees are set up to fail. The rise of the CIO and CTO as change champions and change leaders is fantastic! The better the technology, the better jobs we employees can do, the better our services to external and internal clients, the better the company becomes. Technology is in the recipe for success.
    Terry Pierre
    CIOs Play Key Role in Organizational Success With Data
    www.insurancenetworking.com IT leaders have become more central in the boardroom, but find it challenging to find time to...
  2. Terry Pierre

    Terry Pierre

    Is Snapchat, Inc. really to blame for this teen's reckless driving? I don't know a lot about product liability insurance, so I can't help but look at this from a non-insurance perspective.
    Terry Pierre
    Snapchat sued for encouraging teenager to drive at 107mph before crashing | Mobile | Geek.com
    bit.ly Traffic accidents happen all the time, and phone usage is sometimes the cause. Rarely do the injured parties go after the makers of the phone or software for causing them to do stupid...