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international business developer

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  1. Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
    I wanted to encourage others to be mentors. I mentor new professional engineers to Canada. Last year I was given this award... Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
  2. Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
    I'm giving a presentation on Business Development to Grow your Sales at Niagara College in Welland, ON on March 29. Cost is $25 and includes breakfast and parking. If you are looking to understand what is needed to expand your sales, this is for you.

    I look forward to meeting you and discussing your special business development needs.

    Here are the links for Niagara College and EventBrite for registration...

    Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
    Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre – Workshops & Events – Research & Innovation


    Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
    26/03/2017 #1 Bryan C Webb, P. Eng.
    Only a few spots left...
  3. Aaron Horwath

    Aaron Horwath

    As an increasing number of people around the world work side by side with colleagues of different cultures, companies are realizing the value of having employees with international experience and who have successfully navigated globalized workplaces before.
    Aaron Horwath
    Working Internationally: A Crash Course in Cultural Fluency - Idiya Consulting
    idiyaconsulting.com Culturally fluent employees who have experience in international environments are being identified as top performers. Lucky for...
  4. Aaron Horwath

    Aaron Horwath

    I had a chance to speak with entrepreneur, startup adviser, and international recruiting expert Marnix de Groot about how international recruiting works in 2017, how talent can make itself more visible, and about the startup environment in Amsterdam. Big take away for recent graduates: in 2017, personal branding is super important. Awesome guy, well worth a read.
    Aaron Horwath
    Netherlands: An Interview with International Recruitment Expert and Startup Advisor Marnix de Groot
    12hourdifference.co I interview international recruitment expert and startup advisor Marnix de Groot about how international recruiting works and life in...
  5. Aaron Horwath

    Aaron Horwath

    I got a question from a reader. You ask and you shall receive! A few different approaches to finding work internationally.
    Aaron Horwath
    Dispatches from Abroad: How to Find International Work
    12hourdifference.co A reader asks me how to improve their chances of finding an international position. I provide a few methods I have found...