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Helping career changers, students, veterans and those returning to the work force find jobs. If you have a position at your organization, please share it. If you have helpful advice, share that too! Let us put the world to work.
  1. ProducerAkemi Tatsakura

    Akemi Tatsakura

    How a career test can help you
    How a career test can help youYour destiny is determined by every decision that you make. That is why choosing a career path to take is very crucial. With so many jobs to choose from, you may end up confused on what to pick. Though many go for aptitude tests to know what job...
  2. Tanmoy Ray

    Tanmoy Ray

    Webinar on "Tips & Tricks for Careers in Management Consulting, Product Management & Financial Services" on July 6 (Thursday) at 8 pm (IST).
    Register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3853794136461425667?source=Social+Media
    Tanmoy Ray
  3. ProducerMelissa Gorin

    Melissa Gorin

    #IHSMarkit Summer Internships available! (It's not too late to apply!)
    #IHSMarkit Summer Internships available! (It's not too late to apply!)Do you have an #internship lined up for the...
  4. Melissa Gorin

    Melissa Gorin

    Check it out! :-)
    Melissa Gorin
    #IHSMarkit Summer Internships
    www.linkedin.com (It's not too late to apply for an internship!) We have a few marketing internships (#socialmedia #corporatecommunications #SEO) and a...
  5. Producer๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Partner with my team for Recruitment Services
    Partner with my team for Recruitment ServicesI add passion, value and purpose to my personal and professional life.My professional purpose is to transform the way employer's interact with job-seekers and help recruitment grow; Transform the way companies interact with customers and help...


    Meera ๐Ÿ Nair
    17/05/2017 #24 Meera ๐Ÿ Nair
    @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams Hey! It was nice reading! From your write-up, I could easily sense the passion and dedication that you owe towards your job! Wishing you all the success :D
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    06/05/2017 #21 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you @debasish majumder @Yogesh Sukal and @Tausif Mundrawala Stay awesome always ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿค—
    Yogesh Sukal
    06/05/2017 #19 Yogesh Sukal
    I think HR as ' High Responsibility ' as any company success depends on people. Choosing right people at right time and for relevant position is quite important role.

    Thanks for sharing this buzz @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Tausif Mundrawala
    06/05/2017 #18 Tausif Mundrawala
    I mean at the right place at the right time. Sorry for the typing mistake.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    06/05/2017 #17 Tausif Mundrawala
    Being an excellent bee you are a wonderful human being as well. You are at the right place at thecroght time. Your traits as a friend and a person allows you to be an effecient HR person. If the need arises then would surely contact you for job. I am blessed with such a wonderful friend. I wish you luck for your future endeavors my friend,@๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    06/05/2017 #16 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    #1 Sign up on www.aptresources.ae for job opportunities and send me a message or email on fatima@aptresources.ae to help you source candidates.
    To those interested in my recruitment services. Let's get on a call to discuss the services and terms of the business and also to better understand the kind of people you want in your team.
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/05/2017 #14 Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Need a new recruitment consultant on your team? Check out the bold and relevant post from Fatima G Williams - transforming the recruitment industry!
    Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    06/05/2017 #13 Deb๐Ÿ Lange, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    Dear @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams you are a beautiful kind soul , intelligent and street smart. You are successful and you will be more successful! I love how you have been open about what you do and who you help! I will share in lots of spaces!
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    06/05/2017 #11 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Thank you @David B. Grinberg and @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher for the motivation. You guys are awesome.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    06/05/2017 #10 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    I can see you being highly successful @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams, you have all the great qualities to attract others to you and put their trust in you as well! I wish you the best and I will share this for you too :))
    Chris ๐Ÿ Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
    06/05/2017 #6 Chris ๐Ÿ Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA
    Clear and purposeful articulation of your objectives @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams.Well put together.
    David B. Grinberg
    06/05/2017 #4 David B. Grinberg
    Fatima, I wish you all the best and much continued success with your important work. I've shared this buzz on three hives: "Human Resources Professionals" and "HR Recruitment" and "Recruitment."
    Please have a wonderful weekend and keep buzzing. Thanks for all YOU do!
    @Julio Angel ๐ŸLopez Lopez
    05/05/2017 #3 @Julio Angel ๐ŸLopez Lopez
    It's a great pleasure to be connected to you.@๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    05/05/2017 #2 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    wow queen bee shining star, what a beautiful post!!!! @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    05/05/2017 #1 stephan metral ๐Ÿ Innovative Brand Ambassador
    Okay where do we sign up ?
  6. Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    @Lyon Brave - FYI - I had a feeling @Candice ๐Ÿ Galek would be needing some help.....

    "We want to hear what you think youโ€™ve got to offer and how youโ€™ll bring it to Bikini Luxe. You must live in South Florida to be considered. "

    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    Bikini Luxe Is Seeking An E-Commerce Startup Summer Intern In Miami Beach, FL
    fashionista.com We are now looking for summer interns with a variety of passions and talents, to assist with social media marketing, press relations, customer service, photoshop, web design and display, and lots...


    Candice ๐Ÿ Galek
    18/04/2017 #1 Candice ๐Ÿ Galek
    Thank you for the share Deb!
  7. ProducerGraham๐Ÿ Edwards
    Where will your passion take you?
    Where will your passion take you?Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night Over the Rhone ar Arles wearing a straw hat with candles in it โ€”ย this offered just enough light for him to paint by. It must have been quite a sight for anyone who cared to watch him atop the hill as he painted....


    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #14 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #13 No I haven't... let me add it to the list...
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    15/03/2017 #13 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    #9 I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing. CHEERS!!

    RE: 4) Have you read How to Fail... by Scott Adams (Dilbert author)?!
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #12 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #6 Thanks of the comment @๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams. You are right we need to value what's right in front of us, and even the smallest light can show the way.
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #11 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #5 Thanks for the comment @Praveen Raj Gullepalli. I know what you mean... the poor tortured soul couldn't even take his own life without dragging it out for two days. He is one of a handful of artists who has touched my soul.
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #10 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #4 Thanks of the comment @Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee. I also wish I could do the same.
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #9 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #3 Thanks @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese. I am working on my poetic side. My Passions? 1) exploring the human condition, 2) solving the problem, 3) great food, wine and conversation and 4) keep getting up after I fall down. Thanks for asking.
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #8 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #2 Thank you sir. @Scott Craig
    Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    15/03/2017 #7 Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    #1 Thanks for your comment @Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt. You are spot on about taking action and being proactive.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    10/03/2017 #6 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Beautiful painting @Graham๐Ÿ Edwards
    "I was inspired not only by the beauty of what I was looking at, but the imagery of someone in the dark creating something so beautiful while no one was looking."

    So much to value and learn from the very things that are right in front of us. We only need to open our eyes are see. We need to be the light in someone's darkness #Lifegoals
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    10/03/2017 #5 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Hurts to even hear his name sometimes. Human cruelty hurts even more when transformed into posthumous praise and respect. Truly a blessed soul. Sheer passion and sheer expression is what he signifies to me. https://youtu.be/AVprz0nm0Y4
    Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen   Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    10/03/2017 #4 Joyce ๐Ÿ Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee
    Oh that I were able to paint a picture in words as well as he parsed his paint...
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    10/03/2017 #3 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    A poetically poignant post, @Graham๐Ÿ Edwards!

    Passion starts within
    but shines without.

    As in your story, even by candlelight, it is possible.

    Once it starts to shine enough, your value comes through.
    When that happens, your passion becomes priceless.

    What are your innate passions that you can let shine?!
    Scott Craig
    10/03/2017 #2 Scott Craig
    Thank you sir.
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    10/03/2017 #1 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    My passion never took me anywhere. So i decided to move ahead and take it somewhere :)

    Beautiful painting, great buzz and i am inspired. Thanks
  8. ProducerAri Kopoulos

    Ari Kopoulos

    Why You Need a Mentor, and How to Find One
    Why You Need a Mentor, and How to Find OneEvery successful person has a mentor. Thatย mentor might be a teacher, parent, sibling, political hero or business associate. One mentoring organisation reports that 25 percent of high potential employees plan to resignย within a year, so it becomes...


    Ari Kopoulos
    19/01/2017 #11 Ari Kopoulos
    #4 Thank you..glad it resonates!
    Ari Kopoulos
    19/01/2017 #10 Ari Kopoulos
    #5 #3 thank you!
    Ari Kopoulos
    19/01/2017 #9 Ari Kopoulos
    #6 Cheers Lisa...thank yoU!
    Ari Kopoulos
    19/01/2017 #8 Ari Kopoulos
    #1 Cheers David...and the true value is when we pay it forward. I suspect you are a mentor!
    Ari Kopoulos
    19/01/2017 #7 Ari Kopoulos
    #2 I like your mentor...truely sagelike.. Master Po!
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    18/01/2017 #6 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    Nice buzz @Ari Kopoulos, very informative. I think mentoring is a great idea. You wrote, " Finding a strong advisor can take your career to the next level and ensure that thereโ€™s always someone to guide you when you face difficult tasks. " I think it would also make a person feel less stressed knowing they have a mentor and make for a much smoother transition.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    18/01/2017 #5 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    #3 Indeed great insights from @Ari Kopoulos and I like the differentiation between short-term oriented coaches and long-term oriented mentors.
    I fail to express my gratitude to you dear @debasish majumder and I am grateful that I have a person of your high caliber to talk about me like this. I supported you because it was so easy to spot your high quality writings which match your high manners.
    Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    18/01/2017 #4 Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc.
    this is a wonderful post!
    Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    18/01/2017 #2 Preston ๐Ÿ Vander Ven
    Great Article. My first mentor gave me a to do list. Until I completed this list, I was not worthy of his time. This list was great. It has two main purposes: to help me find my goals so my mentor new what he what I was striving for, and of course, to see if I was commented. If was going to treat this opportunity as a hobby, he most likely would have given me similar advice yet just passed on a book to read instead of his time.
    David B. Grinberg
    18/01/2017 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Awesome buzz, Ari! I echo your sage advice about the critical importance of mentors to career advancement. I was fortunate to have many mentors to help guide my career when I was younger, which led to positions in the White House and Congress. Nobody does it alone.
    I've shared this in three hives. Keep buzzing๐Ÿ๐ŸโœŒ๏ธ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
  9. ProducerLyon Brave

    Lyon Brave

    TAKE THE JOBS THAT DONโ€™T PAY: INTERNSHIPS Everybody wants to make money, but when you are pursuing a profession in the creative arts that might not be possible in the beginning stages of your career or building your platform. It might seem counter intuitive to take an internship that...


    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #12 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    Or maybe thinking too many things to realise, it is being written than a one on one chat
    Lyon Brave
    05/01/2017 #11 Lyon Brave
    #9 but you have to do less thinking if you generalize ;)
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #10 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    #9 apologies for generalising Asia. It was a frame of reference for Lyon.
    Dean Owen
    05/01/2017 #9 Dean Owen
    #5 Let's not generalise about Asia. Asia is vast. Working for free is virtually unheard of in Japan. They like to do things by the book (which often results in never ending bureaucracy)
    Lyon Brave
    05/01/2017 #8 Lyon Brave
    #7 My location is irrelevant. I will literal be leaving in three days, but back in the US for the Holidays for now. I am not sure where i will be by the end of the year. I go where my job tells me.
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #7 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    #6 writing articles on problems doesn't appeal to me because I wrote many articles and no one wanted them.
    Its better to write them as inputs to a project report and create solutions to the pressing problems, I am trying to get one working .

    I am writing what I enjoy writing. How come you are still running on the Asian Clock..where are you exactly?
    Lyon Brave
    05/01/2017 #6 Lyon Brave
    #5 I am not in Asia this year, but yes you have to be a lot more careful in Asia. They play dirty ball for sure and that i agree with. Perhaps, you could write an article on the Asian Market. Where exactly are you? I hate that you often only get paid once a month in China and Thailand. It's easy to get cheated on a pay system like that. It's awesome that Bebee is connecting people from across the globe, but i think the different markets, culture, we will have misunderstandings. Asia certainly has it's own set of rules, for getting ahead. I left Asia to be honest, because i was getting cheated a lot. I found it too hard to navigate not being fully fluent. Plus, because i have an American passport, everyone assumes i'm rich. It puts a big target on my back for people to want to take advantage of me and cheat me.
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #5 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    #4 I did many unpaid jobs, I was the basis for continuous. Exploitation of others, you are in Asia, there is utter disregard for worker safety and working for free means no liability on the employer, no proof that I work there ,
    Employer is not responsible if I get hit by a truck. Fall off a pole, get looted on premises , get beaten by a customer...no liability.
    I believe Chris would understand.
    Lyon Brave
    05/01/2017 #4 Lyon Brave
    #1 Chris Gardner's took an unpaid internship. You want to tell him he should have never taken it. He was competing with 20 other guys. Once he landed the broker company, he learned a new skill and Gardner went on to form his own multi-million-dollar brokerage firm. There is more to life than immediate gratification. You can make the quick buck or the big buck.
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #3 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    Well that's exactly why the sectors with high levels of volunteering have high barriers to stability and a long teething period when you average it for everybody.

    Take the money, learn to negotiate, if you really see money as addictive after the first earning...spend it on charity for getting the first break so easily, makes one learn self respect and self control.

    This might sound crazy but this is the best way. Try it
    Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    05/01/2017 #1 Devesh ๐Ÿ Bhatt
    Never take a job that doesn't pay, never do a job just for the money.
    Its called valuing your effort and time. None can be compromised for the other.
  10. ProducerPaul Burge

    Paul Burge

    5 things stopping you from getting on the career ladder
    5 things stopping you from getting on the career ladderThere are so many things that can stop you from getting on the career ladder, people telling you your dreams are too unrealistic to random hurdles appearing in your way. But one of the main things that tends to get in the way of our hopes and dreams...


    Tony ๐Ÿ Rossi
    07/12/2016 #2 Tony ๐Ÿ Rossi
    The Jim Rohn quote says it all: believing in yourself is the FIRST act of change, and as you argue, the most important! Really well presented position, @Alexandra Galviz, and the resurgence of the imposter syndrome is likely due to the fact that much corporate ascension has been stagnated as the large population of boomers hit their prime years and stuck around. Now there is lots of room for younger generations to take big leaps forward, instead of small incremental career improvements.
    Cepee Tabibian
    07/12/2016 #1 Cepee Tabibian
    Another strong post @Alexandra Galviz! I agree with all of the above. :)
  11. ProducerSusan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    Wednesday Words: Quiz on Commonly Confused English Words, #1
    Wednesday Words: Quiz on Commonly Confused English Words, #1Hi everyone -- it's Wednesday, and it's time for a quiz to make sure everyone reading this is comfortable with some of the most confusing words in English. I'm keeping the quiz short, so that you can concentrate on the five sets of words you may be...


    Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    19/12/2016 #4 Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess
    #1 Didn't see this from you until now, @David B. Grinberg! Many thanks for sharing the post in several hives!
    Alexa Steele
    01/12/2016 #3 Alexa Steele
    YESS! I had to think about the first one but got 'em all right before checking the answers :) Great post, @Susan ๐Ÿ Rooks, the Grammar Goddess.
    Diane Schultz
    01/12/2016 #2 Diane Schultz
    Thanks for reminders!
    David B. Grinberg
    01/12/2016 #1 David B. Grinberg
    Wow, Susan, I scored 100%. I'm sharing on three hives, as such common grammar mistakes can damage one's personal brand image.
  12. ProducerMaureen McCann

    Maureen McCann

    Why waiting to write your executive resume is a huge gamble.
    Why waiting to write your executive resume is a huge gamble.As an executive resume writer, I get a lot of calls from eager job seekers with job postings in their hands, asking if I'll write them a resume in 24 hours because they 'need it right away.' There are resume writing services that do, but I am not...
  13. ProducerPaul Burge

    Paul Burge

    Interns: Don't forget to do these before leaving!
    Interns: Don't forget to do these before leaving!I get it, youโ€™re heading towardsย the end of your internship, youโ€™ve endured endless amounts of stress, consumed your weight in colleagueโ€™s birthday treats and have developed a passionate relationship with a friend called caffeine. Itโ€™s easy to slack...


    John White, MBA
    03/11/2016 #3 John White, MBA
    Congrats on such a buzzworthy post! We have shared it to beBee's social media profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Buzz on, Alexandra!
    Paul Burge
    03/11/2016 #2 Paul Burge
    Internships are incredibly valuable if you're lucky enough to find a quality experience and make it work for you. I think they're also a very useful way to help define exactly where you want to start your career and in which direction you want to take it. The exposure to real-world experience also acts as a reality check to see if you're the right fit for the career path you're choosing, or rather if the career path you're choosing is the right fit for you. Thanks for sharing @Alexandra Galviz. Always look forward to your posts!
    Kieron Johnson
    03/11/2016 #1 Kieron Johnson
    Solid hints and tips, @Alexandra Galviz! A quality internship experience is like gold dust (especially in this climate). So, finishing an internship strongly can be critical in taking the next step on the employment ladder. Keeping your "eyes on the prize" throughout is a great way of keeping the momentum going until you cross the finish line.
  14. Don Hornsby

    Don Hornsby

    A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm. - Charles M. Schwab

    Make sure to show some passion in your life today!
    Don Hornsby


    Mohammed A. Jawad
    30/10/2016 #1 Mohammed A. Jawad
    And let not towering, upright passions falter in timidity!
  15. Don Hornsby

    Don Hornsby

    Ideally we like our leaders to be individuals of good character and integrity, a simple enough bar that too often isnโ€™t reached.
    Don Hornsby
    The Most Important Leadership Attribute? New Study Has Clear Answer | Surviving Leadership Chaos
    sco.lt At the end of the day, this day belonged to Integrity. Perhaps this isnโ€™t surprising, but a validation of something positive is never a bad thing. Itโ€™s also a timely reminder of why the โ€œunfavorableโ€ ratings of our two major presidential candidates...
  16. Diane Schultz

    Diane Schultz

    For my audiology friends:
    Diane Schultz
    Gross Halloween Party Food: Dirty Earwax Q-Tip Treats - SheSavedยฎ
    www.shesaved.com These Dirty Earwax Q-Tip Treats are truly gross and perfect for a spooky halloween party food that will be the hit of your Halloween...
  17. ProducerNoah Carmichael, MBA
    5 Reasons You're Not Making Progress
    5 Reasons You're Not Making ProgressLife can be frustrating, especially when you know you could be doing much better. You might be intelligent, friendly, and talented, but still fail to make significant progress in your life. Avoid confusing potential with results. No matter how...


    Tausif Mundrawala
    21/11/2016 #8 Tausif Mundrawala
    Unless and until we are not self aware we can't achieve anything. Even if we are self-aware we need to define ourselves. We waste lot of time eavesdropping and taking interest in others life in the form of gossip, jealously etc. We need to be disciplined enough to use out time fruitfully and by not taking ourselves granted. Welcome to this wonderful world of bees, Noah.
    Kevin Pashuk
    31/10/2016 #7 Kevin Pashuk
    Some sage advice Noah.
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #6 Sarah Elkins
    I suffer from #3 more than the others. How about you?
    Sarah Elkins
    31/10/2016 #5 Sarah Elkins
    #3 is always tricky for me, Noah. Thanks for this article.
    ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    31/10/2016 #4 ๐Ÿ Fatima G. Williams
    Welcome to beBee land Noah
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    31/10/2016 #3 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    @Noah Carmichael, MBA is a New bee who has some great thoughts and useful tips about Why Progress is Difficult.
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    29/10/2016 #1 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    Really useful article, @Noah Carmichael, MBA. Welcome to beBee.
  18. ProducerKieron Johnson

    Kieron Johnson

    How I turned a job rejection into a four-year freelance gig (at Reuters)
    How I turned a job rejection into a four-year freelance gig (at Reuters)My journey from rejection to acceptance According to the age-old saying, โ€œThereโ€™s more than one way to skin a cat.โ€ Landing your dream job is no exception.This article chronicles how I went from rejection to acceptanceโ€Šโ€”โ€Šall in a single job...


    Kieron Johnson
    30/11/2016 #56 Kieron Johnson
    #55 Wise words and warm sentiments. Thanks again, @Harvey Lloyd.
    Harvey Lloyd
    29/11/2016 #55 Harvey Lloyd
    #53 Your welcome and i sense that if more folks looked for the opportunity instead of feeling the pressure of the herd, there would be more stories like yours. Finding the gold in a crazy world takes courage and energy to find. Your post esposes this quest. Good luck, you will go far with your courage and focus.
    Kieron Johnson
    29/11/2016 #54 Kieron Johnson
    #52 Hi @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, thanks for reading my post. I really appreciate your comments. Wishing you a wonderful remainder of your week.
    Kieron Johnson
    29/11/2016 #53 Kieron Johnson
    #51 Hi Harvey, thanks for reading my post and encouraging others to do the same! Hope you're doing well.
    Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    22/11/2016 #52 Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
    This buzz is simply great and it shows that facing failure and rejection might be a turning point to a better future. Thank you @Harvey Lloyd for tagging me to read this heart-lifting buzz. If we turn failure into new alternatives many gates open
    @Kieron Johnson- O love your storytelling style as much I love your resilience, determination and working with rejection to achieve more than you expected.
    Harvey Lloyd
    22/11/2016 #51 Harvey Lloyd
    @Ali ๐Ÿ Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and @Sara Jacobovici. This post is the emotional management discussion i resolve is the best to navigate the world in which we live. @Kieron Johnson was seeking one thing and navigated a system that was fraught with emotional challenges. He adapeted and overcema.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    07/11/2016 #50 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #42 @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit, that song still rocks. Brought back a lot of great memories!! Good choice :))
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #49 Kieron Johnson
    #48 One of the hallmarks of an entrepreneur is to see opportunities when others see obstacles. Your take on the start of the working week reminds me of that.
    Claire L Cardwell
    06/11/2016 #48 Claire L Cardwell
    #47 I work for myself, so it's pretty much a 7 day week for me with a bit of time off on a Sunday afternoon after a planning session in the morning.... The start of the week is full of so much possibility.
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #47 Kieron Johnson
    #46 That's extremely refreshing to hear, @Claire L Cardwell. The world needs more of your enthusiasm towards Monday mornings!
    Claire L Cardwell
    06/11/2016 #46 Claire L Cardwell
    #43 Thanks @Kieron Johnson, I did have a great weekend. Looking forward to starting the week again.
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #45 Kieron Johnson
    #40 Thanks for your warm welcome and kind words, @Javier ๐Ÿ beBee!
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #44 Kieron Johnson
    #42 That really made me giggle, @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit. I think you'd be hard-pushed to find someone - anyone - who doesn't like a bit of Bill Withers! Have a lovely *day* (wink).
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #43 Kieron Johnson
    #38 Hi @Claire L Cardwell, it's really encouraging to read that you found my post inspirational - thanks a lot. Have a great weekend!
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/11/2016 #42 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    #41 Your welcome Kieron, but BTW I don't take too much stock on this conception people refer to as the WEEKEND. It is not that I ever seek a lovely weekend, but I am cool with Bill Withers, man, really cool with Withers - a lovely day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYi7uEvEEmk
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #41 Kieron Johnson
    #37 Hi @CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit, where do I start? From one Londoner to a Londoner at heart, thanks ever so much for receiving me into the beBee community with such warmth and generosity of spirit. I appreciate you taking the time to outline such a detailed, thoughtful perspective on my post. Take good care of yourself and have a lovely weekend!
    Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    06/11/2016 #40 Javier ๐Ÿ beBee
    @Kieron Johnson welcome to the hive ! A great buzz ! Willing to read more ! :)
    Kieron Johnson
    06/11/2016 #39 Kieron Johnson
    #36 Hi @Tony ๐Ÿ Rossi, I'm very grateful for your comments. I especially like your take-away from my post. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
    Claire L Cardwell
    06/11/2016 #38 Claire L Cardwell
    Very inspiring post @Kieron Johnson - looking forward to reading more!
    CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    06/11/2016 #37 CityVP ๐Ÿ Manjit
    Ah! When I accepted the connection request I had no idea that I would open up a first buzz that was magnificent. What I did know is that I am connecting with a fellow Londoner (albeit having emigrated a couple of decades ago), but I have never lost the the Londoner in me having lived their for the first three decades of my life.

    So first of all Kieron, a big, big beBee welcome from me and this is a brilliant opening, enough for me to know that you have definitely been noticed. There is an energy and verve in your writing that I found refreshing. There is a point in life where we must graduate beyond the heroic in our lives but narrative is made for these forms of storytelling because a story of rejection to acceptance is what so many people will relate to.

    That certain point of graduation is realizing that this is not the story of our life once we have got past that point, so I look forward to the journey you have come to beBee before, which is the Regal Content journey, just as my journey is my "Learning Journey", which is not about my work life, but my way of life.

    A enthusiastic welcome to beBee Kieron.
  19. John White, MBA

    John White, MBA

    Science tells us that once you start complaining it can be habit forming and become a way of life. http://www.inc.com/john-white/10-ways-to-avoid-being-labeled-a-complainer-at-work.htmlJohn White, MBA


    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    27/10/2016 #11 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    #10 Godspeed! :)
    Cepee Tabibian
    27/10/2016 #10 Cepee Tabibian
    #8 @Praveen Raj Gullepalli, I was even thinking of printing it out to put at my desk. A daily reminder.
    Sharon Fulgenzi
    27/10/2016 #9 Sharon Fulgenzi
    Wonderful infographic with great points.. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to steer clear of the complaining and the negativity, but it so worth it for peace of mind and healthier environment. Thanks for sharing.
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    27/10/2016 #8 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Dear John, these 10 Mantras must be put up on every office notice board! If the first point is adhered to by ALL, STRICTLY, then the rest are a piece of cake! ;)
    Ella de Jong
    27/10/2016 #7 Ella de Jong
    Wonderful ways!
    Ella de Jong
    27/10/2016 #6 Ella de Jong
    I LOVE this @John White, MBA!!!
    For me it's absolutely 'a way of life'. So I even think "yack - ugh' about the title :-) for me it's too negative. But than again it'll resonate very good and is good "marketing-branding" for all those workers! Great!
    Thanks @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher for sharing!
    Harvey Lloyd
    27/10/2016 #5 Harvey Lloyd
    These outward ideas of complaining express the challenges others may experience in your complaining. There is a deeper and more disturbing aspect of those who gain the habit of complaining. Bitterness. This word, like it feels when you say it out loud, infects not just the outside world but deeply harms your ability to see success from your own psyche. These are awesome reminders of facing our day looking forward and contributing.
    Cepee Tabibian
    27/10/2016 #4 Cepee Tabibian
    These are great points! At my last job we took a challenge to not complain for 24 hours. It was healthy to shift the mindset. One of my favorite quotes that applies to the workplace and life in general is "Be responsible for the energy you bring into a room."
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    27/10/2016 #3 Mohammed A. Jawad
    When we start blaming others and/or list out a set of complaints, then we become forgetful of ourselves, our shortcomings, our own weaknesses. The habit of complaining is no good at all. Instead, when we sprinkle a little perseverance, and ponder over things and hope for the best, then this very feeling makes us cheerful. So, why blame others, and spoil our attitude?
    Michele Williams
    27/10/2016 #2 Michele Williams
    @John White, MBA, Thanks for the infographic. It makes a great tweet. Helpful tips, especially for those new to the workforce or changing jobs. I would also add gratitude and forgiveness to your positive list, but they also fall under point #2-focus on the positive. Tweeted both the article and the infographic.
  20. ProducerPaul Burge

    Paul Burge

    What no one tells you when you join the workforce
    What no one tells you when you join the workforceDear students, graduates and everyone in between,Joining the workforce is a bit like being thrown into the deep end, only no one told you how long you were going to tread water for and youโ€™re pretty much doing it in pitch black. Thatโ€™s not to say...


    Paul Burge
    26/10/2016 #9 Paul Burge
    #8 No probs! Thanks for the great posts - they're proving very popular!
    Federico ๐Ÿ รlvarez San Martรญn
    26/10/2016 #4 Federico ๐Ÿ รlvarez San Martรญn
    Thanks @Alexandra Galviz!! Welcome to beBee!!
    Cepee Tabibian
    26/10/2016 #3 Cepee Tabibian
    Wow @Alexandra Galviz!!! What an inspiring post, left me feeling like I can conquer the world. Thanks!!!
    Melissa Hughes
    25/10/2016 #2 Anonymous
    Great post, @Alexandra Galviz! It's so easy to get lost in the weeds, but your advice is spot on! Thanks for sharing this one!
    Paul Burge
    25/10/2016 #1 Paul Burge
    Great advice @Alexandra Galviz! The learning curve never ends!
  21. Diane Schultz

    Diane Schultz

    Helping leaders become great leaders.
    Diane Schultz
    3 Elements Of An Emotionally Intelligent Ego โ€“ Leading with Humility
  22. ProducerJared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    Burn Your Rรฉsumรฉ for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...
    Burn Your Rรฉsumรฉ for beBee or LinkedIn? Not so Fast...Some say you should swap rรฉsumรฉsย for online profiles. I disagree. I wish it were that easy!We have no control over what companies need from applicants. Most still have Applicant Tracking Systems, which needย content that only a "Black Hole"...


    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    02/02/2017 #50 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    If you liked this post, please check out a great related post by @John White, MBA:
    Harvey Lloyd
    19/10/2016 #49 Harvey Lloyd
    Some good thoughts on managing your resume. I would think this approach would also survive a B2B examination Good read @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    Gerald Hecht
    19/10/2016 #48 Gerald Hecht
    #47 @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese yeah that should do it
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    17/10/2016 #47 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    #42 Hi @Charles David Upchurch. Thank you so much for clarifying. Sorry for misunderstanding your intentions. In #39 I was trying to show I had done my due diligence. I can see how the link might not be noticed.

    The issue we posters have is that when you see the blurb of a post on a wall, you only see the first ~250 characters. Those are precious up-front words to capture the reader's attention and let them know what your article is about. If you start by giving a long link to any post, the summary message may be lost. As it stands, I have updated the post to list and link to Steve's post up front:

    'Steve Blakeman wrote a great post, "Burn your rรฉsumรฉ... LinkedIn has made it obsolete", and made a compelling case for companies dropping traditional resumes - burning them, in fact - for online profiles instead. I wish it were that easy!

    The problem i...'

    ... and I added Steve's link again with the end photo credit.

    I may have now lost my main problem statement, but maybe it is clearer this way. Hopefully I am doing better. :) It's a balance.

    All the Buzz...
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #46 Gerald Hecht
    #39 @Charles David Upchurch I t may help to read them in an environment/state of mind that is relatively distraction free, that way you can comment in a coherent manner that is germane to the content. This maintains the dynamic of a discussion much more effectively than continually apologizing for commenting in the wrong forum, etc.
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #45 Gerald Hecht
    #40 @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese You are most welcome; I think this the ideas discussed here are worthy of such.
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #44 Gerald Hecht
    #41 @Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher Thank you for saying that; I don't often feel that my opinions are deemed worthy of attention.
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #43 Gerald Hecht
    #42 @Charles David Upchurch I see; BTW --try not to "protest too much" (it's a literary allusion/parable thingie); it may prove to help you in articulating facts/comments in the future,
    Charles David Upchurch
    16/10/2016 #42 Charles David Upchurch
    #28 #39
    1) I had no idea that there was a link under the main photo. I only tried it after your comment #39.
    2) You stated "Steve Blakeman wrote a great post"... of course you did. I did NOT suggest that you were trying to take "credit or anything from Steve Blakeman."
    That wasn't my point at all. I was just hoping that you would add a link to the article that you had already properly mentioned.
    3) I did not see the link "(See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@steve-blakeman/burn-your-resume-linkedin-has-made-it-obsolete for Steve's original post.)" when I first read the article. If it was there, I apologize for missing it.

    I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I just made the mistake of making a suggestion publicly which I should have either not made at all, or I should have made it privately. Instead of being helpful, I appear to have angered you, and for that I am also sorry.
    Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    16/10/2016 #41 Lisa ๐Ÿ Gallagher
    #34 I ditto @Milos Djukic's response. Very interested in what you have to say and think. @Gerald Hecht
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    16/10/2016 #40 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    Thanks for the share, @Gerald Hecht!
    Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    16/10/2016 #39 Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese
    #28 @Charles David Upchurch

    1) I linked the main photo to https://www.bebee.com/producer/@steve-blakeman/burn-your-resume-linkedin-has-made-it-obsolete (if you try clicking on it).
    2) I stated "Steve Blakeman wrote a great post"... In my first 6 words...
    3) Followed by" (See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@steve-blakeman/burn-your-resume-linkedin-has-made-it-obsolete for Steve's original post.)"
    4) Further, see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/burn-your-resume-bebee-linkedin-so-fast-jared-j-wiese?trk=pulse_spock-articles#pulse-comments-comment-urn:li:comment:(article:7205065201813015847,6192687279354535936) for how Steve shared the post on LinkedIn.

    Please let us know how I could have done better.
    I am not taking a link or credit or anything from Steve Blakeman.

    You have made this exact remark several times, but about other posts I have written. Please verify before posting. Thank you!
    Charles David Upchurch
    16/10/2016 #38 Charles David Upchurch
    I care what you think, @Gerald Hecht. I'm just not always sure that I understand what you are saying!
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #37 Gerald Hecht
    #36 @Milos Djukic Given your description of our job (Which I agree with 100%)...We are the one.
    Milos Djukic
    16/10/2016 #36 Anonymous
    #35 Dear Prof. @Gerald Hecht, Our job is to point out what should be right. Only when we are awake, but also a little imaginative, we are able to share with others the most valuable parts of ourselves. And yes, You are the one.
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #35 Gerald Hecht
    #34 @Milos Djukic well I believe you --so at least one.
    Milos Djukic
    16/10/2016 #34 Anonymous
    #33 I am interested @Gerald Hecht and for sure I am not the only one.
    Gerald Hecht
    16/10/2016 #33 Gerald Hecht
    #31 @Milos Djukic I think so; but apparently nobody is interested in what I think.
    Milos Djukic
    16/10/2016 #31 Anonymous
    @Jared ๐Ÿ Wiese :) This is a great article. Thank you.
  23. Diane Schultz

    Diane Schultz

    I just had to share. My boss has a neat vision to employ 500 people in 3 years. He is a shining example thst integrity and hard work pay off. I have learned so much from him in a short time.
    Diane Schultz
    Local Business Owner Creating New Jobs
    www.chicagotribune.com Exciting new jobs growth occurring at Downers Grove organization, Physicians Revenue Group. Founder Mansoor Ahmed, has two modest visions: help 500 people find jobs and protect the legacy of the private physician's practice. Recent recipient of the...
  24. ProducerJavier ๐Ÿ beBee
    Organization Tips: Job/Internship Search
    Organization Tips: Job/Internship SearchCall me nerdy, but I love to be organized. Creating to-do lists, files on my computer, and knowing where everything is, makes me feel happy. Through applying to internships and now jobs, Iโ€™ve learned a thing or two about the best way to stay...
  25. Diane Schultz

    Diane Schultz

    Very wise suggestions.
    Diane Schultz
    20 Mantras Great Leaders Live By Every Day
    blog.hubspot.com There might not be a single recipe for what makes a great leader, but these 20 mantras can put you on the right...
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