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Invisible Illnesses: For Men - beBee

Invisible Illnesses: For Men

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  1. Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie

    Brian McKenzie


    Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    23/06/2016 #3 Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD
    #1 The pic and the start off paragraph had me shirking, until the 'real' you came out and busted that bubble that needed to be burst! Bravo!
    22/06/2016 #2 NITIN SONAVANE
    Brian McKenzie
    22/06/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Are you looking for the most beautiful girl, the 'perfect' match of an angel in the day – and devil in the sheets, one that is still Better House Keeping circa 1953, Marilyn Monroe circa 1957, floral skirts during the day – fetish leather at night? A woman with a figure of a goddess and the crafty spendthrift as well? Get over it – this is all pure fantasy – this is not a girl that exists in reality. And go look in the mirror – there are no 'perfect' people in the world – quit demanding what cannot be done.

    International dating takes a bigger batch of courage than the Tinder swiping meme – you need to leave your comfort zone. Be open to learning in a foreign country, discovering the traditions and character of a girl that is a world away from your local pub. (and for fark sakes – quit going to the pub thinking that you are going to meet the woman of your dreams – at best you are looking at a hook up, and hefty bar tab to go with it) If you keep doing what you have been doing – and expecting different results.... hello my friend, you are insane.

    Come find me overseas. I will introduce you to several girls that are interested and serious to get married, that are looking for what they can't find here. Because if you think the dating scene for you at home is bad for you – it is the exact same playing field for them here. You want someone that is genuine and matches your interest and effort – so do they.

    Get on a plane – come see me.