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  1. Marcel Arvizu

    Marcel Arvizu

    The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains
    The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains Japan is facing a serious labor shortage, a problem that can be traced back to an aging population and a prevailing fear that immigrants will dilute the...


    Marcel Arvizu
    12/05/2016 #2 Marcel Arvizu
    #1 Yeah it is Julie. I posted this because in my years here in China I have met many young Chinese who want to get international experience since in general Chinese people have a hard time travelling abroad because of their own country's visa restriction laws and the visa requirements of the countries they are visiting as well. It creates an endless cycle of Chinese who never have the opportunity of traveling abroad and growing as people. You can feel the lack of international experience that 90% of the Chinese public has, and it is really hurting the country and the world. I thought the US was bad in regards to people's knowledge and actual experience abroad, but China takes the gold medal. This particular instance in Japan is just horrible.