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  1. Arthur Hess

    Arthur Hess

    CloudFlare's UI Framework is now open source! It's built on top of ReactJS.
    Arthur Hess
    Open Sourcing CloudFlare’s UI Framework
    blog.cloudflare.com Late last year, the CloudFlare UI team made a huge decision: to change JavaScript frameworks from Backbone & Marionette to React & Redux. We’ve been one of the single biggest Backbone+Marionette apps on the web for a while now, and the decision to...
  2. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    A good vídeo tutorial of ecma6, I recommend watch this vídeo, worth it . =)

    Essential ES6 / ES2015 JavaScript
    Essential ES6 / ES2015 JavaScript Learn the essentials of the next version of JavaScript, ES6 or ES2015: let, const, class, extends, super, arrow functions, template string, destructuring,...
  3. Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    The new features are coming. I like the style of arrows, that's so easy to understand anything.
    Thiago Zilli Sarmento
    ECMAScript 6: New Features: Overview and Comparison