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  1. ProducerEkta Singh

    Ekta Singh

    Ways to Take Care of your Diamond Ring
    Ways to Take Care of your Diamond RingThe beautiful ring box your dreamy diamond engagement ring came in was perfect for displaying your ring during the proposal, but other than that, it doesn’t have much use. While diamond rings are made for being showcased constantly, they also...
  2. Ness Campagnaro

    Ness Campagnaro

    Today's finished creation for a French fishing charter. We used silver, sapphire for the eye and the amazing copper cable coated in PVC which is salt resistant and stands the test of time on the sea. Ness Campagnaro
  3. Ness Campagnaro

    Ness Campagnaro

    Have you ever looked for something so long that it drove you to the point of utter distraction? You just wanted to tear your hair out because you know it existed, or you just know you had it in your hand only five minutes before and the universe absolutely refuses to show it to you?

    Like when you ran around the house screaming 'I just had the damn keys in my hand!' and then you found them in the freezer a week later?

    Ness Campagnaro