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  1. ProducerLynda Spiegel

    Lynda Spiegel

    The Smart Way to Hire (and it doesn't involve ATS)
    The Smart Way to Hire (and it doesn't involve ATS)SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME...Let’s try to keep it short...SHOW ME DON’T TELL ME...I don’t care what you say...SHOW ME DON’T TELL MERush had it right (the hard rock band, not the conservative commentator). Employers are frustrated with resumes that make...
  2. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    New #job!
    Housekeeping Manager
    Pennswood Village in Newtown
    The Housekeeping Manager assures the provision of housekeeping and laundry services as defined in the lifecare contract to the residences, Community Building, Passmore Fitness Center and Health care Center. The Housekeeping Manager assures a trained workforce for the housekeeping and laundry departments in order to provide these services and assures the maintenance of a clean and well-maintained physical environment. The Housekeeping Manager builds strong relationships to ensure delivery of person-centered services to residents.
    Learn more and apply on RecruitmentQueen:
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Houskeeping Manager
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Housekeeping ManagerDescription The Housekeeping Manager assures the provision of housekeeping and laundry services as defined in the lifecare...
  3. Javier 🐝 beBee
    Thanks @Hannah Morgan

    Javier 🐝 beBee


  4. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    New #job!
    Customer Service Associate
    Bucks County Bank - Doylestown
    Bucks County Bank, a locally owned community bank seeks energetic, experienced customer service associate for our branch in Doylestown. Responsibilities include opening accounts, cross selling bank products and services, teller duties, customer service.1-2 years teller/customer service experience required.
    Learn more and apply on RecruitmentQueen
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Customer Service Associate
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Customer Service AssociateBucks County Bank, a locally owned community bank seeks energetic, experienced customer service associate for our branch...


    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    16/02/2017 #1 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    Shared !!!!
  5. ProducerLynda Spiegel

    Lynda Spiegel

    Resume Advice: Who NOT to Listen To
    Resume Advice: Who NOT to Listen ToMany people solicit feedback on their resumes from well-intentioned people who nevertheless are unqualified to weigh in. I recognize that it's more than a bit self-serving since I'm clearly suggesting that I am qualified, but stay with me; I am...


    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    13/02/2017 #2 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    This is expert advice, @Lynda Spiegel. It is truly important to figure out if the person offering advice knows what they are talking about. Do they have any sort of actual experience or credentials or are they just offering the knee-jerk answer that some guy told them 20 years ago?

    People like to be helpful, but a fair amount of what most people say comes from generalizations. An easy way to evaluate is to ask the crucial question WHY? Find out if they have any substantial reasons that your DQ experience is crucial to getting a job in a medical office. I can think of only one reason, and it is very unlikely - that you might be able to build rapport with your new manager because they also worked at DQ to suport themselves during college. However, that tiny rationale just won't cut it, in the short space available on a resume, unless you know for certain it is relevant. Say, perhaps, your DQ supervisor was the doctor's niece.

    I have to add that everything you've said holds true for interview advice, as well. Family and friends mean well when they help you practice for interviews, but they are invested in you, not in objective feedback. It is quite likely they will knock you out of the confident, competence zone with tales of hard interviews they had to endure and worries of how important the money is.

    Be willing to discard advice that doesn't come with solid rationales.
    Brian McKenzie
    13/02/2017 #1 Brian McKenzie
    A girl that bathed in breakfast cereal got to meet the last standing President. Why do I get the unshakable feeling that is what HR is searching for in this day and age?
  6. Producer4CVe CV Writers

    4CVe CV Writers

    4CVe's February Sale!
    4CVe's February Sale!For those of you whose New Year's Resolution to get job hunting have only just got going, 4CVe are having a February Sale!Email us at procv@4vve.com for prices....
  7. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Philadelphia company is looking for a Director of Media.

    8-12 years of experience buying digital media
    Agency experience required
    Advanced knowledge of Digital Media, Paid Search, Paid Social
    Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Excel
    Advanced Knowledge of Ad Serving Technology and 3rd Party Data Targeting capabilities
    Working knowledge of Tableau or other visualization platforms is a huge plus
    Working knowledge of web design, development, and information architecture
    Excellent oral and written communication skills for effective communication with clients, internal staff and the management team
    Must have experience managing a small team
    Excellent organizational skills, ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
    Must have experience working directly with clients on customer-facing digital marketing programs
    A self-starter who takes initiative and works effectively, and thrives in a changing, fast-moving agency

    Email your resume with subject line: Director of Media - to Jennifer@RecruitmentQueen.com
  8. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    New #job!
    Marketing Coordinator
    Physicians Endoscopy is searching for a talented Marketing Coordinator due to company growth!
    Responsibilities include:
    E-marketing and for social media marketing efforts for the company
    Writing press releases and articles for company’s publication
    Coordination of tradeshow/seminar/conference activities
    Some travel to attend/support industry tradeshow activity
    Research marketing materials: promos, software, materials, etc.
    Assist in the design and editing of marketing collaterals and direct mail pieces
    Learn more about this job and apply on RecruitmentQueen:
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Marketing Coordinator
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Marketing CoordinatorPE is searching for a talented Marketing Coordinator due to company growth!Responsibilities include: E-marketing and for...
  9. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    New #job!
    Financial Service Professional
    Financial Professionals help clients identify and achieve their financial goals. We offer a comprehensive array of financial products and services to help clients develop a sound, long-term financial strategy. New York Life and its affiliates are dedicated to prudent financial management, high quality products, and impeccable service.
    Learn more about this job and apply:
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Financial Service Professional
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Financial Adviser / Registered Representative / Agent Career Description: ...
  10. George Touryliov
    In order to land your dream job in the shortest amount of time possible, you must learn to use your job search time wisely. Knowing where to allocate your time and energy will help make every minute you dedicate to your job search a productive one. Learn more -
    George Touryliov
    7 Tips for Using Your Job Search Time Wisely | Career Sherpa
    careersherpa.net These seven tips will help you re-prioritize how you invest your job search...
  11. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    New #Job!
    Paralegal - Full Time - SWAN/LSI
    Family Design Resources, Inc. is seeking a full time paralegal to support the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network Legal Services Initiative (SWAN LSI). SWAN is both a broad-based cooperative effort and a centralized information and facilitation service funded and overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. SWAN includes county children and youth agencies, juvenile court judges, foster and adoptive parents, private adoption agencies, the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange and many others, all working together on behalf of children who need permanent homes.
    Learn more about this job and apply on RecruitmentQueen.com
    #paralegal #BucksCounty
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    SWAN/LSI Paralegal - Bucks County
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Family Design Resources, Inc. is seeking a full time paralegal to support the Pennsylvania Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network Legal...
  12. ProducerWayne Yoshida

    Wayne Yoshida

    Blow Your Horns
    Blow Your HornsBlow your own horns because no one will do it for you.One of the most important items in your career management arsenal is a bank of quantified success stories that describe your skills and accomplishments in brief, one-line statements. Let’s call...


    Mark Anthony Dyson
    01/02/2017 #17 Mark Anthony Dyson
    Once you start to use critical thinking (thinking how both sides respond ), you will value how powerfully and deeply you'll prepare all phases of your job search. Then sharing your accomplishments is adding value because understand how and why others do.
    Wayne Yoshida
    23/01/2017 #16 Wayne Yoshida
    #15 Thanks @Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS - and I appreciate the sharing!
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    23/01/2017 #15 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    Great post on careers, @Wayne Yoshida! Sharing...
    Wayne Yoshida
    19/12/2016 #14 Wayne Yoshida
    #13 Thank you Lisa for sharing this one!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    16/12/2016 #13 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    This is a great buzz @Wayne Yoshida. I love that you used "It's a Wonderful Life," as an example to reflect. There are many of us that have a hard time targeting what our strengths are because many of us do underscore what we do or have done, agree! I love the exercises, very helpful to anyone seeking employment. Thanks for sharing the tips!
    Wayne Yoshida
    16/12/2016 #12 Wayne Yoshida
    Thanks for sharing this, @Milos Djukic!
    Wayne Yoshida
    16/12/2016 #11 Wayne Yoshida
    #10 Thanks Phil - and you are right - this technique is useful in many situations, including holiday - family - friends gatherings. Another exercise I suggest is to take the power stories and then simplify them so your grandma would understand what you do for a living. Too many people have a difficult time describing what they do to strangers - so how can people help them if they don't understand what the heck you do?
    Phil Friedman
    15/12/2016 #10 Phil Friedman
    Wayne, excellent article, especially your point about seeing one's working history in terms of outcomes. It will be very useful not only to those seeking employment but to those working on presentations and proposals for contract and consulting work. Cheers!
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/12/2016 #9 Aurorasa Sima
    #6 Absolutely. And imagine you had meeting after meeting. How glad will you be to hear something else than a boring list of qualifications
    Wayne Yoshida
    15/12/2016 #8 Wayne Yoshida
    #4 Thanks for your comment, Michele -- glad you noticed the exercise. This helps people think about what they did in a different way, Many times the one-liner that comes out of the 3 column thing is too long - and can be broken up into more than one "power story."
    Wayne Yoshida
    15/12/2016 #7 Wayne Yoshida
    #3 Glad you like this one, Jan!
    Wayne Yoshida
    15/12/2016 #6 Wayne Yoshida
    #2 Thanks for commenting and sharing, @Aurorasa Sima ! Telling a short story turns you into an interesting human being with proven skills - rather than a cold and desperate job-seeker.
    Wayne Yoshida
    15/12/2016 #5 Wayne Yoshida
    #1 Thanks for your comment, Randy - I agree. This stuff really works, but it is not easy. And I strongly agree a lot of employers these days need to brush up (lack of a better term) on describing expectations.
    Michele Williams
    15/12/2016 #4 Michele Williams
    Includes and exercise to let you get started improving your resume and how you talk about your accomplishments right away!
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    15/12/2016 #3 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    Thanks for the advice !!!
    Aurorasa Sima
    15/12/2016 #2 Aurorasa Sima
    Great advice! I love that you put an emphasis on "story". Reference stories are great and even greater when they are not a boring feature description. Shared in Story Seekers®
    Randy Keho
    14/12/2016 #1 Randy Keho
    Spot on, @Wayne Yoshida
    This works. I've had a few interviewers comment that by emphasizing my particular accomplishments they were able to quickly compare them to their needs.
    It also clearly shows what led to my being promoted from one position to the next. Now, if the employers would learn how to clearly present what the position their advertising actually entails, I wouldn't end up wasting my time talking to them.
  13. ProducerPatrick Scullin

    Patrick Scullin

    A Circus Taught Me Modern Marketing
    A Circus Taught Me Modern MarketingWhen I was 23-years-old, I ran away and joined a circus.I was not a lion tamer, sword swallower, daredevil, roustabout or acrobat. I was the guy in charge of getting all those people seen by as many people as possible.I was an advance man. I...
  14. George Touryliov
    Regardless if you are more of an extrovert or introvert, there are a variety of questions you can ask in your next interview. Before jotting all of these down, make sure you are comfortable asking the questions you have chosen otherwise your successful interview could quickly turn to an awkward one.
    George Touryliov
    9 Killer Questions Candidates Ought to Ask the Interviewer
    theundercoverrecruiter.com You’ve made it to the interview and you’ve prepared for all the questions they are supposedly going to ask you. You go in confident, chest up, and...
  15. George Touryliov
    When you are going for an interview or applying for a job you need to give the interview compelling reasons for giving you the job and that starts with the basic question: Why do you want it? There are four key steps to selling yourself into a job.
    George Touryliov
    How to Answer 'Why Do You Want This Job?' in an Interview
    theundercoverrecruiter.com There are four key steps to selling yourself into a...
  16. ProducerLynda Spiegel

    Lynda Spiegel

    "Get Up Offa That Thing," and Upgrade Your Career
    "Get Up Offa That Thing," and Upgrade Your CareerJames Brown implored us to get up "offa [our] things" in order to dance `til we felt better. Dancing does seem to increase those endorphins, but won't we feel even better knowing that our careers have a future? So, what do I mean when I urge you to...


    Lynda Spiegel
    05/02/2017 #8 Lynda Spiegel
    #7 interesting! you're quite the student of JB! I just dance to him
    Mark Anthony Dyson
    05/02/2017 #7 Mark Anthony Dyson
    #5 Lynda, he even owned hotels and a railroad.
    Lynda Spiegel
    05/02/2017 #6 Lynda Spiegel
    #4 You nailed it, Deb. It's not just Google; the paradigm has shifted and most progressive companies understand that relying on a list of skills is a poor way to hire.
    Lynda Spiegel
    05/02/2017 #5 Lynda Spiegel
    #3 Totally agree, Mark, and my apologies for taking so long to respond to yours and Deb Helfrich's thoughtful comments. Interesting info re: james Brown (I LOVE rockin to JB!), and had no idea he was an entrepreneur! Thanks for reading and commenting.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    01/02/2017 #4 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #3 So great to meet you, @Mark Anthony Dyson. You've got a lot in common with @Lynda Spiegel and I. We are all businesses of 1, no matter the official payroll arrangements.

    And great companies like Google, setup their structures to look past someone's current job description to all the rest of the untapped knowledge within them that can be a source of unknown potential. No one is ever just their current set of tasks. That fallacy is why work is currently so unproductive and unfulfilling. Effective employees have to be allowed to keep growing and learning and reaching for new skills.
    Mark Anthony Dyson
    01/02/2017 #3 Mark Anthony Dyson
    #2 AMEN! Want to add grease to the squeaky wheel (your personal brand)? Look outside the box for the holes. Approach it more as a consultant rather than solely the technician. Follow trends but don't be afraid of the disruption potential of your ideas.
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    31/01/2017 #2 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #1 That is a great value add, @Mark Anthony Dyson on who James Brown was in the hours he wasn't making music. We tend to think entertainers and sports figures have it made and if we only had their talent life would be easy street. But so many of the greats took what they achieved and invested further in themselves and their communities by opening multiple businesses.

    The more diversity we have, across all the meanings of that word, the more robust our lives will be. And if we have a robust life, we are poised to share the bounty with others.
    Mark Anthony Dyson
    31/01/2017 #1 Mark Anthony Dyson
    Loving any and all job search related posts involving James Brown including this one, I understand why he inspires any parallel directly or indirectly. Brown, outside of his recording and performing excellence, by 1972 owned 22 businesses. He envisioned not relying on his gift to solely brand himself or sole reliance on one source of income. All of us need to "Get Up Offa That Thing" and diverse our brands and expand our career trajectory outlook. Think global.
  17. ProducerKristen Maslanka
    Who Knows You- A reflection on networking with relationships in mind.
    Who Knows You- A reflection on networking with relationships in mind. Over the past few years, I've been vigorously applying to job after job in the animation industry.  I looked at the term "networking" as though it were some holy grail that once achieved would open countless doors. I introduced myself to hundreds...


    Kristen Maslanka
    31/01/2017 #45 Kristen Maslanka
    #40 I certainly knew i just don't think I properly understood the concept of WHAT networking was. That it was more than just meeting people but getting to know them and getting them to know you.
    Wayne Yoshida
    31/01/2017 #44 Wayne Yoshida
    #41 @CityVP 🐝 Manjit - Thanks for sharing the story on Bernays. It is always good to point out the differences between "Public Relations" and "Public Information" and "Advertising." Boils down to changing opinion vs education and increasing knowledge, or paying for visibility of products and services vs true news.

    And unfortunately this is changing - People are finally whining about "fake news" - but what do you think would happen when news agencies fired the professional news writers and journalists and instead relies on "man in the street" "reality" reporting from un-trained people?
    Mohammed Sultan
    31/01/2017 #43 Mohammed Sultan
    It's a good idea not to brand yourself as a commodity or a "box of soup" but as a a premium "box of perfume".As in perfume industry a popular brand can command a price premium ,more than forty times the cost of production,the candidate can also aspire to be highly paid by premium employers.To make the job search a fantasy like a perfume with good smell you have to follow the same development process of developing a new perfume.In marketing a new perfume the marketer first outline the features(mainly the candidate's core interests) in terms of a certain target(employer) at a certain price(the salary range) often with a predetermined name(@Kristen Maslanka).You should also emphasis the rational of the synergy,enthusiasm and passion.As a perfume you should convey through your messages the rational of being pretty and young.In the brand positioning era the most important thing is your name..
    Claire 🐝 Cardwell
    31/01/2017 #42 Claire 🐝 Cardwell
    @Kristen Maslanka - great advice here - I really enjoyed your article. "it is not who you know, but who know's YOU." this phrase really resonated with me. I hate the way on LinkedOut when you accept a connection request you instantly get a message asking you to buy insurance etc. etc. It really puts my back up and makes me think that the people are desperate for new business. As far as my interests go, I am a part-time artist, I love photography and exploring nature. I also love old black & white movies and am a huge fan of Gregory Peck and Cary Grant. I am a complete bibliophile and have quite a library of my own - mostly self-help books and books on medicine, alternative healing, psychology and travel. I also have 3 cats and would love it if you could do some sketches of them.
    CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    31/01/2017 #41 CityVP 🐝 Manjit
    The power of story is immense!!! Storytellers who people love is actually a form of selling! Then some doodoo turns storytelling into washing powder. There is nothing wrong with being a commodity, ever since the birth of commercial media we have been commodities - that is how SOAP opera's started - original television series had soap ads in the middle of the shows !!!

    Why Soap Opera's are called Soap Opera's

    We are the product of social media companies - that is how Facebook, LinkedIn etc make their money, but we are also minds that evolve the market. I would encourage you to study the art of persuasion, and appreciate the abilities of the best marketers, because it is a great education. It is your own choice if you end up being a box of soap!!! My favourite brain in marketing is the Father of PR - Edward Bernays - man, that guy was good. Don't become a Bernays - be the best storyteller you care to be !!!

    Edward Bernays - Father of PR
    Mark Anthony Dyson
    31/01/2017 #40 Mark Anthony Dyson
    Networking makes the world go around! Or did you know it before this?
    Kristen Maslanka
    30/01/2017 #39 Kristen Maslanka
    #35 Thank you so much for sharing that, I hadn't thought to connect the two, but it's a great point and example. Funny how so many things can be applied to our life and career approach!
    Kristen Maslanka
    30/01/2017 #38 Kristen Maslanka
    #37 My friend Wayne had also suggested that book! I'm still waiting for my local library to get it in and I'm excited to read it!
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    23/01/2017 #37 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    #19 #20 Martin Yate's Knock 'Em Dead was the first memorable career book I read and modeled. I believe it has been updated. Do check it out!
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    23/01/2017 #36 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    #33 #34 As @Preston 🐝 Vander Ven states, just wait until you meet more of the 'clicks' here on beBee ;) It's like they knockin' on your back door. :)
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    23/01/2017 #35 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    " Leave them with a story. Leave yourself with a story. It's not about who you know, it's about WHO KNOWS YOU. So get out there and make some friends! "
    Well said, @Kristen Maslanka!

    Along the lines of a story, there once was a president many people adored, the world over. Ironically, before he became so loved and famous, he gave a famous speech. Some called it an inauguration of sorts. In it, were many paradoxes. It ended with inspiring words that some say have lasted over 50 years, even to those who were not alive at the time. It went something like, "Ask not what your [network] can do for you — ask what you can do for your [network]."

    Well, it was something like that, but me thinks it is very relevant to your story here ;)
    Kristen Maslanka
    14/01/2017 #34 Kristen Maslanka
    #33 " Every Click is a Person" That line is gold, and leave me with a lot to think about. It's true and it's nearly poetic. Some would say that the internet distances us, but if used the right way, it can instead bridge the gap between us all and connect us all as though we were all in one big convention center making friends! Thank you for the comment, I look forward to hearing more from you!
    Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    14/01/2017 #33 Preston 🐝 Vander Ven
    @Kristen Maslanka I feel you nailed everything in your phrase, "it is not who you know, but who know's YOU." This world today is all about relationships, especially online. Every click is a person. We have to view them as that. If we view every lead we ever get in whatever type of lead funnel we use as statics, we'll never truly succeed. It is possible but it will take probably 1000 times for traffic. Great tips you left.
    Eileen Doyon
    13/01/2017 #32 Eileen Doyon
    great words!!!
    Kristen Maslanka
    13/01/2017 #31 Kristen Maslanka
    #20 thank you! I'm going to ask my library if they have that Knock em dead book and get to reading that. Those are great resources and you are a fantastic writer- very well informed and I love that you cite your sources!
    Kristen Maslanka
    13/01/2017 #30 Kristen Maslanka
    #23 It certainly would, and I know i'd learn quite a bit myself!
    Clarity is something i can always improve on!

    Oh really?! Nothing beats an old fashioned book. I still end up with an entire floor of reference books open in a circle around me. I joke and call it my summoning circle of knowledge. (( if you like older books on foreshortening- Andrew Loomis' books particularly his book on illustration is a great reference))

    Goodness, that is exciting! I can't wait to see what you post with it. Yeah i was using an intuos for years before i upgraded to my cintiq, but I couldn't do without it now!

    It's the most convenient guitar for a student to keep without taking up too much room in the plane and in their apartment! I never thought of it that way, but that's a stunning way to view the instrument- I can look at my hohmer in a whole new way. The blues...golly. So beautiful. Ever check out Susan Tedeschi? That girl has a voice like no other. I like pretending I can cover her songs.

    If you ever want to jam some time i'm always open!

    Thank you. I mean that most sincerely, it's been a bumpy ride, but i'm going to make this work, and i'm overjoyed at how welcoming people have been on this website, I'm thrilled to make new friends and I take your words very seriously and with much appreciation. I also think the same of yourself.
    Kristen Maslanka
    13/01/2017 #29 Kristen Maslanka
    #28 Firstly- Thank you! Secondly, I know! I'm so excited- so many new faces and people to get to know!

    I'm going to have to join that hive, thank's for the recommendation!
    What kind of dog do you have? If you send me a picture I'll be happy to draw your pup!
    Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    13/01/2017 #28 Deb 🐝 Helfrich
    #27 Looks like you are sorted with twitter, just tweeted this excellent buzz! And you know why I think it is so phenomenal? You did exactly what you advised others to do. This is one masterclass of a comments section.

    People are mingling, getting reacquainted, offering help and tips and just plain old gettin' along!


    I'll meander on the topic of "she's a real dog lover" I created the canine companions hive to share photos of these wonderful dogs we get to hang out with and would love to see some more of your work using the various breeds as fairy tale characters.
    Kristen Maslanka
    13/01/2017 #27 Kristen Maslanka
    #24 That's a fantastic idea! How would I go about doing that?
    Wayne Yoshida
    13/01/2017 #26 Wayne Yoshida
    #24 #25 Great advice for everyone / every Bee -- Thanks John!
  18. Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    Blow Your Horns
    www.bebee.com Blow your own horns because no one will do it for you. One of the most important items in your career management arsenal is a bank of...


    Wayne White
    25/01/2017 #1 Wayne White
    The article was good because if you don't blow your own horn, then who shall, thank you and enjoy.
  19. ProducerWayne White

    Wayne White

    Let’s speak about this interesting acronym {GRIND}
    Let’s speak about this interesting acronym {GRIND}Good day to one and all, yes, I am writing about how, what way and so on to get your GRIND on, yes, a little urban but effective. I have a goal, not to work for another if I can help it and help others with the ups and downs of the job...


    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    25/01/2017 #4 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    #3 Exactly. And unfortunately, they don't teach us that skill, do they?!
    Wayne White
    25/01/2017 #3 Wayne White
    #2 The article was good because if you don't blow your own horn, then who shall, thank you and enjoy.
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    25/01/2017 #2 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    Check out https://www.bebee.com/producer/@wayne-yoshida/blow-your-horns
    Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    25/01/2017 #1 Jared Wiese, 🐝 adding VALUE & RESULTS
    Hi Wayne,

    Interesting points/questions. In a nutshell I'd say the average career ladder worker is feeling more squeezed, finding less opportunity and giving up the GRIND. That's why we still have so many out of work.

    A potential solution? Know your value, find your target companies or occupation, and do more than the GRIND - master the art of selling yourself!
  20. George Touryliov
    As you look through job listings, you’ll start to see the same format popping up again and again. These phrases may seem standard, but they may not mean what you think. To help you out, here are some tips for reading and responding to job descriptions.
    George Touryliov
    How to Read & Respond to Job Descriptions
    theundercoverrecruiter.com As you look through job listings, you’ll start to see the same format popping up again and again. If you’re just starting your search for your first job,...
  21. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    My feet are still swollen today - but grateful that 350 talented people came out to our job fair to talk to employers about getting a job! Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
  22. George Touryliov
    Luc Jones (Partner at Antal Russia) article on finding a job in your 50s, titled 'jobhunting for the greyhaired':
    George Touryliov
    Jobhunting for the Greyhaired
    www.moscowexpatlife.ru By Luc Jones Not so long ago, I turned 40, which back home (In Britain) would be an excuse for a huge party yet in Russia this particular anniversary is considered superstitious and isn’t...
  23. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    HELP ME HELP YOU! I've planned our job fair for Wednesday at the Neshaminy Mall so I can help as many people as I can find a job.

    Now help me, help you by showing up! :-)

    New Year, New Career Job Fair this Wed, January 18th, 2017 - 9am -1pm Neshaminy Mall -Sears Court http://www.recruitmentqueen.com/pages/5615-new-year-new-career-job-fair-january-18th-bensalem
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
  24. Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Dreading going back to work tomorrow? Could be the right time to look for a new job. Check out the new jobs posted this week on RecruitmentQueen.
    #jobs #BucksCounty #Montco #Philadelphia
    Jennifer 🐝 Schultz
    Recruitment Queen
    www.recruitmentqueen.com Recruitment Queen is the top local website for finding jobs in Bucks County, PA. We help employers and job seekers connect with our website and in person job...
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    4CVe CV Writers

    20 Tips to your CV enlightenment, Part 1: Style  - Tips 1-8 (with illustrations!)
    20 Tips to your CV enlightenment, Part 1: Style - Tips 1-8 (with illustrations!)Having written over 5000 individualised and, we’re happy to say, interview-winning CVs for clients of all levels and sectors all over the world since 2005, we’ve seen a LOT of different CV styles and approaches, and have ourselves gone through many...
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