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If you are interested in the Google-developed, open source Software Container scheduler (aka orchestrator), this hive is for you! Please join us!
  1. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    Linux Container security remains a challenge. Aporeto's open sourced Trireme may be a solution.
    John Starmer
    Aporeto Secures Kubernetes Workloads with Labeling and Network Policy - The New Stack
    thenewstack.io Last week, a new company called Aporeto advanced an architecture whose purpose, it said, would be to enable microsegmentation in containerized applications on Kubernetes. Its aim, it wrote in a note to The New Stack, is to “make it possible to...


    John Starmer
    13/11/2016 #1 John Starmer
    An interesting, newly open sourced container security solution.
  2. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    OpenStack - as the premier open-source IaaS Cloud Management Platform - might be thought of as the logical solution to also managing Container infrastructure. However, Kubernetes the Google-built, open-source container scheduler/orchestration engine may have a role in helping run OpenStack.
    John Starmer
    SF Bay OpenStack Meetup – OpenStack on Kubernetes? | Kumulus Technologies
  3. John Starmer

    John Starmer

    If you are new to Kubernetes - and perhaps wonder how it differs from Docker- this ~5 minute video from Kumulus Technologies will provide a concise introduction.
    Managing Containers with Kubernetes 5MoC-36
    Managing Containers with Kubernetes 5MoC-36 Kubernetes is a software Container management system originally developed by Google and open sourced. In this episode, Kumulus Technologies CTO, Robert...