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  1. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    This awesome group is going to help me make the attending filmmakers in our film festival in San Diego feel even more special on April 30! #MFF2017SanDiego #MobileFilmmaking
    Susan Botello
    Star Wars - Steampunk Universe
    www.facebook.com Star Wars - Steampunk Universe, Southern California. 3749 Me gusta Β· 20 personas estΓ‘n hablando de esto. Here is where you can follow our adventures including Charity Fundraisers, Comic...


    Susan Botello
    15/03/2017 #3 Susan Botello
    #2 Thank you! I hope you make it out to San Diego @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    15/03/2017 #2 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Looks like it's going to be a fantastic time @Susan Botello. I can't imagine the time/work that goes into this!
    Susan Botello
    15/03/2017 #1 Susan Botello
    Thanks for sharing @Milos Djukic! Hope you are having an awesome week!
  2. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    "When he DREW his dreams, the MOORE he got...and SO CAN YOU!"

    WED, 3/15, 330pm PST

    Link to upcoming show:

    It really is true! When he drew his dreams, the more he got! Definitely a pun intended and my stab at funny on tonight's guest Drew Moore. Drew Moore is an Ex-NFL player who played the game for 14 great years who kept onward always towards more of his passions. Yes, he had hard times- sure he had struggles...but he always stayed steady after his dreams. Today Drew has inadvertently landed into acting; starring in many roles- all while having a blast.

    Drew is here to share his story- the good, the bad, the fun, and funny...hopefully inspiring listeners to continue after their dreams!

    You can check out some of Drew's work here and even connect with him at:









    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
  3. ProducerAli Anani

    Ali Anani

    The New Mirrors of Social Media
    The New Mirrors of Social MediaOur world is changing fast. I feel that the globe isn't only like a small village; more it has coalesced into a forest. Social media has disrupted our lives in many forms, including communications and increasing flows of information. There...


    Ali Anani
    08/03/2017 #36 Ali Anani
    #35 Dear @🐝 Fatima Williams- the proof is in your words in action. Your words reflect your appreciation for others and appreciation for what you deem worthy. You now that you hold a great place in my mind. I am eagerly waiting for your elaboration for I know it shall add to my understandings. Blessed you are.
    🐝 Fatima Williams
    06/03/2017 #35 🐝 Fatima Williams
    "Our words reveal our character. Our thoughts are expressed in words and these words reflect how we think, feel and act" What you say shows who you. Today everything we do online reflects our thoughts and actions. Your writing is not like the shooting star @Ali Anani but like the moon that shines bright and even visible in the day. The biggest star on beBee as you shine and thereby the stars around you shine from the reflection of your light and the knowledge you share.
    This buzz not only talks about one's writing but It also makes me think that we cannot truly understand a person merely by his thoughts or actions. I will elaborate on this shortly. Thank you for yet another star worthy buzz.
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #33 Ali Anani
    #30 You are one of the souls that keep us socially on the move with your deep comments dear @Mohammed A. Jawad
    Ali Anani
    04/03/2017 #32 Ali Anani
    #29 9 Amazing comment @Donald 🐝 Grandyy as I am currently contemplating a story on crime detection. I might do it
    Mohammed A. Jawad
    03/03/2017 #30 Mohammed A. Jawad
    Without social media we are without identities. ..we are nowhere. We are someone when we are hooked up to our chosen media platforms, our scribbling is like an open diary. We learn, we inspire others and it's all sharing and giving. If at all social media is disruptive, then with right engagement we can keep the excitement on the move.
    Donald 🐝 Grandy
    03/03/2017 #29 Donald 🐝 Grandy
    Thank you @Ali Anani for posting such a thought provoking topic. This is also a valuable tool for forensic science. I see a mystery or crime fiction novel in the works.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    03/03/2017 #28 Tausif Mundrawala
    #27 You are correct , its necessary to being tagged. It would be unscrupulous on my part to address you with your first name, Sir.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #27 Ali Anani
    #26 Will do Tausif. I tag your name to make sure you read the comment. Me too I like my first name.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    03/03/2017 #26 Tausif Mundrawala
    #25 You are always welcome and you can address me with my first name, Sir.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #25 Ali Anani
    #24 Dear @Tausif Mundrawala- you shook me up with this comment. I try to be better; but expectations from thinkers like you keep the trust. I shall do and I am short of words to say more.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    03/03/2017 #24 Tausif Mundrawala
    #13 All the intellectuals keep visiting the theories and ideas propounded by experts. Recently the great economist Kenneth Arrow passed away who was the youngest recipient of nobel prize for economics. Entire newspaper was rife with his theories and how an administrator used his theory to form a universal insurance scheme. You are an expert and will always remain so because you have always updated yourself with the latest developments and skills required to reach new heights. Keep inspiring us the way you do, Sir.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #23 Sara Jacobovici
    #21 #22 Very appreciative of all your encouragement and support @Ali Anani.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #22 Ali Anani
    #20 Your dedication is an honor dear @Sara Jacobovici and I am grateful for this dedication.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #21 Ali Anani
    The brainy @Sara Jacobovici wrote a great buzz in as inspired by this buzz and our exchange of comments. THis buzz is natural extension to this buzz and adds wealth of reasoning to the ideas of this buzz. I urge readers of this buzz to read Sara's as well and see for themselves how ideas emerge.
    The buzz of Sara title is "What Does It Mean To Adapt?" and the link is:
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #20 Sara Jacobovici
    #18 Not at all, @Ali Anani. I look forward to dedicating the buzz to you.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #19 Ali Anani
    #10 The thoroughness of your comment dear @CityVP 🐝 Manjit has prompted our friend @Sara Jacobovici to share your comment as a stand alone buzz. She published a buzz titled "A stand alone comment"
    I shared this buzz on three hives in appreciation of your comment Majit and in acknowledgement of Sara's picking pearls of comments and sharing them. There too I have already had some interesting discussions with Sara.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #18 Ali Anani
    #17 Absolutely correct you are dear @Sara Jacobovici. You wrote a lot about meaning and now you have attached meaning to adaptation (or vice versa) and a new meaning for meaning just emerged. I know what your next buzz shall be about, and if not then I have lost synchronicity with you. Goodness no.
    Sara Jacobovici
    03/03/2017 #17 Sara Jacobovici
    #12 Your highlighting and expansion of the line, has inspired me (as always) @Ali Anani, to think; since language is our way of communicating meaning, than adaptation is linked with meaning. Adaptation can only be successful when we understand what it is we are adapting to.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #16 Ali Anani
    #10 I enjoyed reading your explicit and very sound comment my friend @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. I go all the way along with you.These lines of your comment are worthy "The fortunate thing is that there are observant people, either these people have understood the meaning of being scientific - and therefore are a part of a rare breed of people who can objectively observe, or these people have a poetic ability and the artist in them see's a different facet of human existence".
    No matter what or how we live we still need to know and know better. In my comment to @Ivette K. Caballero I gave examples of one value of knowing more.
    We need to be in harmony with ourselves. But also we need to understand the environment in which we live. If I have peace in my heart then I direct a my knowledge to better uses. It was Alfred Noble who changed his mind fro making explosives to establishing the prize of peace.
    Is it wrong that we know a bit more? Or, our tendency to use what we know for bad intentions and practices?
    Using knowledge to sell more for people isn't the same as knowing people better to deal with them better. However; the profoundness of your comment leaves me brewing with more ides to share soon.
    Ali Anani
    03/03/2017 #15 Ali Anani
    #9 Spot on dear @Ivette K. Caballero. We try to understand people and the tools to do that are varied with newest tools showing great creativity. I say to myself sometimes as we have fractal bodies; yet we are different and in many ways these differences aren't visible to the naked eye. For example, our eye prints, fingerprints and even tears may appear the same; it is only through scientific research that we made these differences availble for us to identify and solve criminal problems, . DNA is another example.
  4. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    Wanna see the best new Bruce Lee movie come to fruition?

    Do you want to see an inspiring story plus action?

    Then please join me in helping support my colleague and friend Nik Catello in raising the remaining funds to get "Bruce The Challenge" finished.

    Learn more on how to help here and what it's all about:
    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    BTC completion
    www.generosity.com Support BTC completion - donate or share on...
  5. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    It's official! the Global Mobile Film Awards have arrived. Very exciting. Press Release is now public. We are grateful for the first members, SmartFone Flick Fest SF3 in Australia and Heartland Film Festival from Indiana. Help spread the love of filmmaking by sharing this announcement.
    Susan Botello
    International Mobile Film Festival - International Mobile Film Festival
    globalmobilefilmawards.com All films shot with mobile smartphones. Global pioneer international Film Festival based in San Diego. The red carpet is in your...
  6. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    The Johnny Walker Experience...

    "Remembering Prince Tour & more w/ Johnny Walker"

    THU, 2/16, 8pm PST

    Link to upcoming show:

    Who didn't love the Artist Prince? I know I did! So did Johnny Walker and his team. Johnny was a former dancer for Prince and is gearing up to do a Prince Tour this March. Johnny will be sharing some of those details here tonight.

    Not only that, we will be learning more about Johnny Walker. While Prince was a star in his own right, I believe we are all stars and have our own important story to share. Tonight we will get some insight into Johnny's life on what it's like to be a celebrity songwriter along with being a fashion designer for clothing and shoes. Plus, his wisdom on following your heart and going after your dreams.

    Learn more about Johnny Walker here:


    Connect with him on Twitter at:

    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
  7. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    Comedian Loy Lee on "REAL TALK with Michaella"
    WED, 2/15, 8pm PST

    Link to upcoming show:

    Short, pale, and handsome equals Asian?!! Probably not but by happenstance, Comedian Loy Lee is all of that.

    Loy joins us tonight to share some laughs and his journey into comedy along with the challenges he's faced and overcome such as racial stereotyping and expectations.

    Partially quoting:

    "Loy Lee is an American Asian Standup Comedian from the far off and distant land of Boston, MA. He is a gifted writer, comedian, and actor who continues to entertain audiences from coast to coast with his unique brand of comedic snark that is firmly planting him as one of the best comedians to look out for today.

    Loy's talents extend to otehr areas in the entertainment business. He has a podcast where he gives his perspective on current events, sports, aand his everyday life. This podcast provides an outlet for his fans to hear him on a weekly basis and follow his journey through the craziness of life.

    He also works with the Asian American community, youth groups, colleges, fundraisers, and community outreach programs to help define and establish a social environment that promotes self awareness and self esteem among Asian Americans and Youth."

    Learn more about Comedian Loy Lee and his work here:


    Or connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at:

    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko


    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    16/02/2017 #2 Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    Yup YUP! ;)

    Looking forward to it! :)
    Loy Lee
    15/02/2017 #1 Loy Lee
    Tonight it goes down !! Follow along
  8. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    Good information about the current state of the entertainment industry and how it relates to tech and social media.
    Susan Botello
    Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over
    www.vanityfair.com From A.I. Aaron Sorkin to C.G.I. actors to algorithmic editing, Nick Bilton investigates what lies...


    Susan Botello
    07/02/2017 #1 Susan Botello
    Thanks for sharing @Milos Djukic! Hope you are having an awesome week!
  9. Libby Li

    Libby Li

    Carbon Fiber Electronic Scooter Manufacturer
    Libby Li
    Libby Li on Twitter
    twitter.com β€œElectronic Scooter Manufacturer In China - Conatct me at sales01@brifull.com, Thanks...
  10. Grey Jabesi

    Grey Jabesi

    http://www.greyjabesi.com/events/welovesummer/ Grey Jabesi
  11. Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
    "POP goes the Sugar Weasel Clown?!!"

    Show link:

    A Clown Escort?!! WTF is exactly what I first thought when researching guests for my first sexual wellness show. I thought, really...this is who I want to bring on as my first guest? And then I thought, F#CK yeah- most definitely! What a way to break the ice on such a serious and often taboo subject. Then once I got Sugar Weasel on the phone, I definitely knew it was meant to be. We shared lots of laughs and honest truths that just resonated- and I thought it might with some of you too.

    Some may find it absurd, hilarious, and outright freakish but most by now have got to be as curious as I was into the world of Sugar Weasel.

    Tonight Sugar Weasel (his stage name of course, or if you prefer to tell your Momma that you listened to a guy named Douglas Wright on my show...by all means, say that instead!) joins us and shares a peek into his world, how he got into the Adult Entertainment business and why he decided to become a "Clown Escort" of all things. To quote, "It's not easy being Sugar Weasel, people either want to fight or fondle you." Not only that, listeners will get to hear the highs and lows of what it's like from a male's perspective. We will also be discussing Sugar Weasel's ideas on how to have a healthy and fun sex life.

    Sugar Weasel has performed the world over, whether in private or for large groups along with being featured on numerous shows and magazines- and is an Artist of various talents.

    Learn more about Sugar Weasel or connect with him at:



    Michaella Lyanne Teresa Candelaria Guerrero Misko
  12. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    Was Blackstone's SESAC Acquisition a $1 Billion Deal?
    www.billboard.com 2017 started off with a bang for the music business: Blackstone's Core Equity Partners fund acquired SESAC in what might well be $1 billion deal. That's the rumored price tag floating around the industry. Who knows if the rumor is true, but here we...
  13. Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon

    Joyce Redlon
    CES Trends: Virtual Reality Between Crystal Balls, Data Gloves and Rabbit Holes
    variety.com Virtual reality was once again close to everywhere at CES in Las Vegas this week, with countless booths displaying headsets and accessories. A number of studios and creators also used the event to...
  14. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    All beBees are invited to come to San Diego April 28, 29 & 30 and be inspired to share stories through filmmaking using mobile phones. Would love to meet you! @Javier 🐝 beBee @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher @Jan 🐝 Barbosa @John White, MBA @Milos Djukic @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood @Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín @Mamen 🐝 Delgado and the rest!
    Susan Botello
    MFF - International Mobile Film Festival
    www.internationalmobilefilmfestival.com All films shot with mobile smartphones. Global pioneer international Film Festival based in San Diego. The red carpet is in your...


    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    25/02/2017 #28 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #26 I can see why @John Marrett!
    John Marrett
    25/02/2017 #27 John Marrett
    #16 Glad to hear @Susan Botello!
    John Marrett
    25/02/2017 #26 John Marrett
    #22 Aris is a very creative and talented young man @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher! I think I saw on FB that "How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer" won a couple more prizes.
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    24/02/2017 #25 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #24 And, your too kind! πŸ˜™
    Susan Botello
    24/02/2017 #24 Susan Botello
    #23 You are such a rockstar, @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher! Hope to meet you! :)
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    24/02/2017 #23 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    @Susan Botello thank you!! Feel honored you thought of me. I would love to if I could. :)) We keep talking about traveling at the end of April, who knows maybe we could manage, I've never been to California!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    24/02/2017 #22 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #14 That's really cool, I saw his video @John Marrett. Wow, that takes talent to make something like that.
    Susan Botello
    24/02/2017 #21 Susan Botello
    #20 Now that I have met you in person, I know for sure you would have had a blast! San Diego will miss your presence @Matt 🐝 Sweetwood The festival is very close to La Jolla.
    Matt 🐝 Sweetwood
    24/02/2017 #20 Matt 🐝 Sweetwood
    So wish I could be there!
    Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    24/02/2017 #19 Jan 🐝 Barbosa
    Success !!!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    24/02/2017 #18 Javier 🐝 beBee
    Thanks @Susan Botello !! Much appreciated !
    Susan Botello
    24/02/2017 #17 Susan Botello
    Our film festival would like to promote indie musicians during our festival. If you know of composers or bands who would like to have their music promoted get in touch. You can use the contact form on our website.
    Susan Botello
    12/01/2017 #16 Susan Botello
    #14 I loved it the movie, by the way!
    Susan Botello
    12/01/2017 #15 Susan Botello
    #14 He already submitted his film. I think he was the first one we got. I'd have to check. I also think he would like to come to San Diego for the red carpet and be in the Q&A and his film was also in our collaborative partner's festival in Australia who will be here for the festival too. He is officially a part of the glibal mobile filmmaking community! Thank you for sharing! I love how we are connected now through beBee!
    John Marrett
    11/01/2017 #14 John Marrett
    I'll have to pass the info on to a friend's son. His iPhone 6s video ""How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer." has done pretty well in several festivals of films made using mobile phones (including 2nd place at a festival in Zurich). His last project was creating a VR movie...

    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    06/01/2017 #12 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    #11 Ironman event. It's a Triathlon and the men/women swim, bike and run a total of 140.6 miles for a full Ironman event and 70.3 miles for a half Ironman, they are intense but so much fun to be a spectator at and cheer them on!
    Susan Botello
    06/01/2017 #11 Susan Botello
    #10 Awesome, Lisa! I would love to see you in San Diego. Hope you can make it. Ironman as in the comics? If so bring Ironman!
    Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    06/01/2017 #10 Lisa 🐝 Gallagher
    Thanks for thinking of me and tagging me @Susan Botello! When you explained to me what others have done it's made me do some digging. As you know, photography is a great interest of mine and I'd love to learn how to do some fun videos. Hey, if I'm in Cali, would love to attend! We may be heading out there this spring, my son has an Ironman Event but not sure of the date. Thanks again Susan!
    Susan Botello
    06/01/2017 #9 Susan Botello
    #8 Your presence would be fantastic! Hope you can make it and you can Disco dance on the red carpet. ;)
  15. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    Warner gains, Sony holds, Universal falls in US 2016 market shares - Music Business Worldwide
    www.musicbusinessworldwide.com MBW estimates based on BuzzAngle's new report lay bare the winners and losers of...
  16. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    Snapchat Accused of Misleading Investors in Ex-Employee's Lawsuit
    www.hollywoodreporter.com An ex-Snapchat employee says he was fired just weeks after the company poached him from Facebook and is being blackballed. Snap says his claims have no...
  17. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    Back to the grindstone on French-Spanish project (upcoming TV show) + social media management for a separate client. See you this evening!
    Blues Brothers - Soul Man
    Blues Brothers - Soul Man Comin to ya on a dusty road Good lovin I got a truck load And when you get it you got something So dont worry cause Im coming Im a soul man Im a soul man Im...
  18. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    SESAC acquired by investment giant The Blackstone Group - Music Business Worldwide
    www.musicbusinessworldwide.com SESAC's 30,000 affiliates include songwriters and musicians such as Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and...
  19. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    Digest: SoundExchange Revenue To Drop in 2017, Alibaba Investing $7.2 Billion in Entertainment
    www.mndigital.com Soundcheck is a weekly music news digest curated by the passionate industry experts at MediaNet, a SOCAN...
  20. Emiliano Figueroa
    Emiliano Figueroa
    3 ominous problems the UK music business must overcome in 2017 - Music Business Worldwide
    www.musicbusinessworldwide.com When should the UK business turn its back on the album... and other...


    Emiliano Figueroa
    03/01/2017 #2 Emiliano Figueroa
    New year resolution @Javier 🐝 beBee, to be more active in beBee!!! All the best for 2017!!
    Javier 🐝 beBee
    03/01/2017 #1 Javier 🐝 beBee
    thanks for sharing this ! Happy New Year @Emiliano Figueroa !
  21. ProducerLyon Brave

    Lyon Brave

    Float Like A Butterfly: The Poetic Life Of Muhammad Ali
    Float Like A Butterfly: The Poetic Life Of Muhammad Aliβ€œLife is so, so short. Bible says it’s like a vapor.” -Muhammad Ali This is the legend of Muhammad Ali. The prettiest fighter there ever will be. All over the globe we loved him like our black coffee. He was even in a movie. His left punch asked...
  22. ProducerAllen Tompkins

    Allen Tompkins

    My 2016 Dark Album and Website
    My 2016 Dark Album and Website This project was completely produced on my laptop in 2015. Self released in March of 2016. Β Alot of work went into the lyrics, the music composition, recording, mixing, and producing this. If you grab a copy, please let me know what you think. It...
  23. George Touryliov
    Watch "The Grand Tour" from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May! - Prime Video is automatically available at no additional cost to Amazon Prime members in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain and to customers in new Prime Video territories at an introductory price of $2.99 (or €2.99) per month for the first six months.
    George Touryliov
    Amazon Prime Video Now Available in More Than 200 Countries and Territories Around the World | Business Wire
    www.businesswire.com (NASDAQ:AMZN)β€”Amazon today announced that Amazon Prime Video is now available to customers in more than 200 countries and territories around...
  24. Nicole Chardenet
    Why learn a Star Wars language? We're glad you asked, laserbrain! Because you can write privately in public, annoy grownups and win football games. Yes really. And you took Spanish in school instead of Huttese. Ya big geek.
    Nicole Chardenet
    Star Wars Languages - How's Your Mando'a? - Yappn Corp.
    yappn.com Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out next week, and we examine Star Wars languages and the dedicated fans who speak and write them. R'iia's...
  25. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    Shout out to 2017 and all the BeBees around the globe, from SBP in San Diego!
    Susan Botello
    Events - International Mobile Film Festival
    www.internationalmobilefilmfestival.com All films shot with mobile smartphones. Global pioneer international Film Festival based in San Diego. The red carpet is in your...
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