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  1. Nicole Chardenet
    Why learn a Star Wars language? We're glad you asked, laserbrain! Because you can write privately in public, annoy grownups and win football games. Yes really. And you took Spanish in school instead of Huttese. Ya big geek.
    Nicole Chardenet
    Star Wars Languages - How's Your Mando'a? - Yappn Corp.
    yappn.com Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes out next week, and we examine Star Wars languages and the dedicated fans who speak and write them. R'iia's...
  2. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    Shout out to 2017 and all the BeBees around the globe, from SBP in San Diego!
    Susan Botello
    Events - International Mobile Film Festival
    www.internationalmobilefilmfestival.com All films shot with mobile smartphones. Global pioneer international Film Festival based in San Diego. The red carpet is in your...
  3. ProducerMax J. Carter

    Max J. Carter

    What’s a Movie Whore?
    What’s a Movie Whore?I’m glad I asked.I’m The Move Whore and if anyone can answer that question it’s me. How did I get to be The Movie Whore?It’s a long story and it’s quite cinematic.I was talking with a friend after seeing the movie TRANSMORPHERS and his only comment...
  4. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    For all my Spanish friends and creative types everywhere:
    Migdalia Burgos
    Fear + Loneliness in Beautiful Spanish Web Comics
    eyeondesign.aiga.org In 2013, illustrator and former art director Ana Galvañ launched a web-comic platform called Tik Tok to promote the work of young Spanish and Spanish-speaking authors. It was also a kind of backlash to the fetishization of the printed fanzine. “I...
  5. Tracktour Music Library
    TrackTour Music provides provides royalty free production music for audio-visual and multimedia purposes. You are free to use the tracks whereever you want as many times as you need. No further payment of synchronization fees as soon as you have downloaded from TrackTourMusic.com
    Tracktour Music Library
    Week 46 Rock x5
    bit.ly Direct access to download and use. tracktourmusic.com Genre: Rock Title: Rollin On [155 bpm] File: 155_Rollin_On.mp3 Feeling: Cool Duration: 01:29 Genre:...
  6. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    Too cool not to share:
    Living Paintings | Beyond Caravaggio | The National Gallery, London
    Living Paintings | Beyond Caravaggio | The National Gallery, London To celebrate our exhibition 'Beyond Caravaggio', on Friday 28 October two of the artist's masterpieces were recreated as 'living paintings' in front of the...
  7. ProducerAnurag Harsh

    Anurag Harsh

    Why Buying Movie Tickets on Facebook Could Be a Game Changer
    Why Buying Movie Tickets on Facebook Could Be a Game ChangerThe movie industry has not had a great summer. Even blockbusters appear to be in trouble. Audiences everywhere are starting to show signs of fatigue after being spoon-fed one too many sequels, remakes and superhero movies. One could be forgiven for...
  8. ProducerAnurag Harsh

    Anurag Harsh

    Has Snap Just Made Smart Glasses Cool?
    Has Snap Just Made Smart Glasses Cool?It's hard to be surprised nowadays, particularly since tech launches are purposely leaked ahead of an event for maximum exposure. So when Snapchat announced its Snap Spectacles, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised.Reinvention Is the Mother of...
  9. ProducerAnurag Harsh

    Anurag Harsh

    Does the Merger Trend Indicate a New Media Industry in the Making?
    Does the Merger Trend Indicate a New Media Industry in the Making?As US telecom giant AT awaits approval from regulators to takeover Time Warner for nearly $86bn, many question the conspicuous trend of ISPs buying publishing and content media companies.When companies like AT control access to smartphones, tablets,...
  10. ProducerAnurag Harsh

    Anurag Harsh

    Why IMAX Is Investing $50 Million in Premium VR Content
    Why IMAX Is Investing $50 Million in Premium VR ContentIn 2016, the film industry is forecasted to have sold the fewest U.S. tickets per person of any year since perhaps before the 1920s. Lazy sequels, remakes and the rise in popularity of online streaming from sites like Kodi are partly to blame....
  11. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    RIP, Leonard Cohen
    Migdalia Burgos
    "I've heard there was a secret chord"... Jacob Collier's stunning tribute to Leonard Cohen, Tim Garland, The 12 Ensemble, Jacob Collier, In Tune - BBC Radio 3
    www.bbc.co.uk Jazz singer Jacob Collier performs Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah live on Radio 3's In...


    Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo
    11/11/2016 #1 Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo
    Nice voice.
  12. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    More #BogDataAnalytics!

    "[Bacardi] uses data to understand not only who its consumers are but also where and when they will see the brand message" Mauricio Vergara., NA CMO.
    Migdalia Burgos
    Bacardi North American CMO: ‘We are transforming how we engage with consumers’ - Digiday
    digiday.com The company is having a big shift to...


    Migdalia Burgos
    10/11/2016 #3 Migdalia Burgos
    "As Bacardi diverts more resources to digital, Vergara’s team is using more analytics from social and mobile to optimize media investment. The company uses data to understand not only who its consumers are but also where and when they will see the brand message, said Vergara."
  13. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    When people here the terms "Big Data" and "Analytics" they fail to grasp the impact because it sounds too technical, but it's really simple. It comes down to basic research: gather data, see what it tells you about trends/movement, report. Big business - especially pharma, marketing/ad firms, but many others - use it to great success. No surprise Trump';s campaign used it and used it well..

    Polls can be scientific if done right, but it's also personal: you have to approach people, and that can affect your perception. Plus, they can lie (and did).

    What this cycle proved was that Clinton's people suppressed anything negative in favor of spin. You can use positive spin in some arenas, but in politics on a massive scale it's not useful. Note: The data said otherwise, and they never redirected tactics.

    #BigDataAnalytics won.
    Migdalia Burgos
    Trump Camp Says It Capitalized on Early Voting Data
    adage.com The Donald Trump campaign used data and analytics to capitalize on clues from early voting returns, including data on Latino voters in...


    Migdalia Burgos
    10/11/2016 #2 Migdalia Burgos
    #1 Well, this should teach people that the data doesn't lie, and there's only so much spin you can do. Better to read it, absorb the impact, and adjust. They were in constant denial, and I think it's for two reasons:

    1. The typical managerial mistake of "we've always done it this way." They relied too heavily on polls and biased and/or inexperienced pollsters. They didn't take advantage of new technologies.

    They criticized the LA Times poll (which was consistently correct), and it's because it wasn't changing test populations. It stuck to the same sample 3000. Why? That's an old scientific/medical practice of following a population for a certain segment of time (in this case, a year) and watching shifts/trends. SCIENCE

    2. Discomfort with new technology. This is what got Clinton into trouble in the first place: forcing State Dept to change its business practices because she was uncomfortable with the modern computer and system they had in place. She did the same with the campaign: surrounded herself with people who also did things the "old fashioned" way and didn't embrace tech/data as had Obama.

    For the stats and data nerd like me, I feel vindicated today!
  14. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    This was the first symphony I ever heard in its entirety. ( I was 5.) Thank you, Sir Georg Solti! I must be away tomorrow; so I leave you with this musical interlude:
    Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 In E-flat Major 'Eroica'
    Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 In E-flat Major 'Eroica' Chicago Symphony Orchestra - George Solti conductor 1. Allegro con brio 2. Marcia funebre: Adagio assai 18:02 3. Scherzo: Allegro vivace 33:23 4. Finale:...
  15. Javier beBee

    Javier beBee

    Differences ? Javier beBee


    David Ige
    05/11/2016 #13 David Ige
    The different is very clear
    Jan Barbosa
    05/11/2016 #12 Jan Barbosa
    #mobile is NOT the next thing... Mobile Is THE Thing To Be INTO !!! #GoMobileOrDieTrying 😆😆😆😆 @Susan Botello 😆👍👍👍
    Fatima Williams
    05/11/2016 #11 Fatima Williams
    We have not changed have we 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Jorge Carballo Pérez
    05/11/2016 #10 Jorge Carballo Pérez
    Y muy gráfico
    Jorge Carballo Pérez
    05/11/2016 #9 Jorge Carballo Pérez
    Jajajajjajajaa, muy bueno !!!!
    Susan Botello
    05/11/2016 #8 Susan Botello
    Love this! @Javier beBee There is no difference other than instead of a bunch of men reading the news it's now every gender and age across the globe consuming all sorts of media including the ones we create ourselves, including video. @Jan Barbosa Go mobile or die, right?
    Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    05/11/2016 #7 Franci Eugenia Hoffman
    Quite a contrast, in a way.
    Nicole Dumitriu
    05/11/2016 #6 Nicole Dumitriu
    We have changed? Not so much...
    Martin Tolovski
    05/11/2016 #5 Martin Tolovski
    Interesting :)
    Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    05/11/2016 #4 Praveen Raj Gullepalli
    Horses then. Horsepower now. ;) Smart folks then. Smart phones now. :)
    Carlos Souza Ribeiro
    05/11/2016 #2 Carlos Souza Ribeiro
    São os tempos modernos , mas para quem viveu e vive os dois momentos, realmente é interessante @Javier beBee e @Luizia Patrício.. as fotos são fantásticas, em termos de comparações, rs!
    Fran Brizzolis
    05/11/2016 #1 Fran Brizzolis
    Ninguna!!! La misma esencia... La esencia sobrevive al paso del tiempo
  16. Migdalia Burgos

    Migdalia Burgos

    This is pretty cool to see: "Amongst other things, Wayward Wild is offering a Silicon Valley-style incubator for independent media publishers."
    Migdalia Burgos
    Independent Publishing Just Got Grown Up, Media Incubator Wayward Wild Will Turn Your Next Big Idea into a Legit Business
    eyeondesign.aiga.org Prevailing wisdom is that if you want to have a successful business, don’t start an independent magazine. Flying in the face of such gloomy advice—and proving that indie publishing is, in fact, coming of age—media company Wayward Wild has just...
  17. Susan Botello

    Susan Botello

    I am very passionate about using smartphones for video and filmmaking. I just completed an interview for our blog and thought I would share it with you with the hope that it inspires you. Dream big!
    Susan Botello
    The Challenge of Smartphone Filmmaking
    mobilefilmmedia.wordpress.com This is a story about the challenges of mobile filmmaking and about the person taking the challenge by the horns which is...
  18. George Touryliov
    Nearly 35 years after their last public performance together, the members of ABBA are preparing to give their fans around the world what millions of them have long dreamed of but considered impossible: a new entertainment experience.
    George Touryliov
    Abba back together for Simon Fuller project
    www.dumbartonreporter.co.uk The successful foursome will be working together an exciting new...
  19. George Touryliov
    I’m too tired for the Death Star joke but it works, trust me - this infographic from the Wall Street Journal really nails the fundamental insanity of the telecom industry.
    George Touryliov
    Look at this goddamn chart
    www.theverge.com There’s been a lot of excellent analysis and reporting about the proposed $86b AT&T / Time Warner merger in the days since the deal was announced, but...
  20. David B. Grinberg
    Who's YOUR favorite Star Wars role model? I like Obi-Wan's "Sense of Loyalty and Honor" - via starwars.com
    David B. Grinberg
    Parenting Padawans: 6 Star Wars Role Models to Learn From | StarWars.com
    www.starwars.com Meet characters whose qualities and approach to life can teach us valuable...
  21. George Touryliov
    Agreement for between $105-$110 a share could be officially announced as soon as Saturday evening.
    George Touryliov
    AT&T; Reaches Deal to Buy Time Warner for More Than $80 Billion
    www.wsj.com AT&T has reached an agreement to buy Time Warner for between $105 and $110 a share, with a deal likely to be announced as soon as Saturday...
  22. ProducerJim Cody

    Jim Cody

    Things are Big in Vegas
    Things are Big in VegasThe Palazzo is a luxury all-suite casino hotel located at 3325 Las Vegas Boulevard right on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada that is the largest building in the United States. Upon its completion, The Palazzo ‒ its total floor area covering 6,948,980...


    Paul Walters
    15/10/2016 #1 Paul Walters
    @Jim Cody Ahhhh, Las vegas. I city I thought was built especially for me. However when I eventually did get there I found nothing there...just BIG stuff. A whole city to which 60 million flock to each year and really, there's nothing there !!!
  23. ProducerDavid B. Grinberg
    How Social Startup beBee Benefits Bloggers
    How Social Startup beBee Benefits BloggersToday’s boisterous blogosphere continues to expand exponentially with competing content. In fact, your current social reach for blogging might be analogous to readers finding a single grain of sand on a beach, or the proverbial needle in a...


    Pamela L. Williams
    16/10/2016 #32 Pamela L. Williams
    #24 But Please let me get you a new map!!!! That's the first one I ever did and the new ones are so much neater. LOL! I got much better! I love Jim's memes! I have one and will be adding others that are scheduled on Paul's app! .
    Also I agree with Harvey #31 below: I believe there are many people that would come to beBee just to engage with like minded people that may not have an agenda or business goals but like discussing business or learning from the experts here on the site.
    Harvey Lloyd
    15/10/2016 #31 Harvey Lloyd
    I have to agree with all that you have said here, and would add that i experienced the two platforms as you stated.

    But would like to encourage a different group to join the BeBee experience.

    Many of the posts of help suggest that one site is better for different goals, or how to post to develop your brand, sales or goals. I am not on of these folks. I also believe (No data to support.) that there are a great many who just wish to connect with like minded folks, no agenda.

    LI presented me with an opportunity to strike and find these folks. Unfortunately it did not work out. I am not a computer genius nor understand the motives or coding that didnt allow me to find like minded folks. BeBee however has been an emersive experience where i have met and shared with folks across boulders many thoughts and ideas that have expanded my being.

    @David Grinberg keep in mind that many folks are looking for professional connections with no agenda of brand or sales.

    BeBee is an awesome platform that represents a welcoming affinity atmosphere where all can find a voice. Most importantly i dont feel like i need to become a programmer to find these like minded folks.
    James O'Connell
    15/10/2016 #30 James O'Connell
    Nice informative piece @David B. Grinberg (' ' ,)
    James O'Connell
    15/10/2016 #29 James O'Connell
    Have a squizz @Daniel Keating (' ' ,)
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    15/10/2016 #28 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @David B. Grinberg Just sharing this comment I made earlier on LinkedIn... copy & Paste Hahaha

    " What beBee offers, is an opportunity for fair-play. You get to share your words to the largest audience of relevant groups via hives, and can be assured that it will be see. This is the first step in any writer sharing his/her words. If your audience does not see you, you have not started the race. Maybe some will see and find your words are relevant, maybe they will comment, and maybe they will share via facebook, twitter, email, LinkedIn, bebee and even WhatsApp. This I think gives the writers and bloggers an easy opportunity to distribute as desired. The other great point to note is the diverse sets of information available in groups. Ever checked out an engineering hive - you should give it a try! What about the Foodies hive - believe me when I say, there is no need to hunt for a cookbook before checking it out. Having a rough day and need some inspiration, well you WILL be inspired - I can vouch for that!

    As much as the words 'professional' are touted, one should remember, 'professionals' are people with lives. There is no need to get the same generic offering from one person all the time when on a platform with a carefully planned layout which makes selecting a genre quite easy.

    From my own experience, when I get onto bebee, I'm energized. Thanks again for this great post on bebee David B. Grinberg"
    David B. Grinberg
    15/10/2016 #27 David B. Grinberg
    #26 You're the best, @Donna-Luisa Eversley. Thanks so much for your kind assistance and gracious support. Please have a wonderful weekend. Thanks to you and others, the buzz is growing!
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    15/10/2016 #26 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @David B. Grinberg..had to delete half my response..hahaha, still on mobile...
    But you have captured so much here I hope you will consider doing a YouTube video for sharing. You do have a voice for it.
    The live streams are good also, but it may take about ten streams to get the message out , and shared via Twitter and Facebook...just an observation
    Donna-Luisa Eversley
    15/10/2016 #25 Donna-Luisa Eversley
    @David B. Grinberg as @Randy Keho says maybe you can do a speaking tour, or maybe you can tape on the video twitter and share..
    The clarity with the message within is brilliantly presented as indicated on one of my two comments on LinkedIn. Bebee does give the blogger a much better starting point . For bloggers who have built a following for a long time in one place , change may be tough. It's important though to note that many persons have different reasons for electing to stay in one location, for example LinkedIn, and it probably works for them. New bloggers need to hear about beBee, and I think experience the affinity.
    What sets us apart is the real multi lingual offering of bebee and the open network sharing. Another huge plus not to be taken for granted is the easy and welcoming access to @Javier beBee @Juan Imaz.. the starters and owners of the platform. I sincerely hope these guys will always be accessible, and present.
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #24 David B. Grinberg
    This is a bee-lated special "shout out" to @Jim Murray for his masterful memes and to @Pamela L. Williams for the awesome image (both above).
    "If bees are to rule social media then bees must buzz! When bees pollinate we can create newBees! All bees must swarm." - Pamela.
    Jim: "beBee understand that there's a lot more to you than just business. And they have designed their site accordingly." And, "beBee was created to help you to find the audience you need to build the kind of online relationships you want."
    Kudos to you Jim and Pamela. I also love Jim's moniker: "The buzz is growing @ BEBEE.COM."
    Simply awesome messaging, Jim and Pamela!
    cc: @Javier beBee @John White, MBA @Teresa Gezze
    Lisa Gallagher
    13/10/2016 #22 Lisa Gallagher
    Check out this article on Linkedin by @David B. Grinberg and comment if you have time, thanks so much!
    Lisa Gallagher
    13/10/2016 #21 Lisa Gallagher
    #20 Thanks @David B. Grinberg, I'm really having fun.
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #20 David B. Grinberg
    #11 Lisa, I appreciate your always being so wonderful in spreading buzz about BB. I wish you and your family all the very best. I also look forward to reading more of your sweet honey!🙏✌️️🐝
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #19 David B. Grinberg
    #5 it's it's my pleasure, JAVIER. I really hope more bees engage with the blog post on LinkedIn to show the BB team spirit and provide testimonials about this wonderful affinity-based social network. Thanks for all you do! 🙏😇🐝✌️️
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #18 David B. Grinberg
    #14 I really appreciate your kind words Ali. Your writing is always masterful and enlightening 🙏🐝✌️️
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #17 David B. Grinberg
    #12 thank you Jim. Your memes are masterful as are your sweet honey and blog posts! BB is very lucky to have you on their side. Thanks for all you do! 🙏✌️️🐝🐝😇
    David B. Grinberg
    13/10/2016 #16 David B. Grinberg
    #15 Randy, thanks so much for your kind words. But as I like to say, I have a face only a mother could love ❤️ On the other hand, a handsome guy like you should be out there front and center. We starving writers like to stay behind the scenes and let the more photogenic and telegenic people like you take the lead in this regard. 🙏😇🐝✌️️🐝
    Randy Keho
    12/10/2016 #15 Randy Keho
    You should embark on a speaking tour @David B. Grinberg. I can see your face on billboards and buses all across America. Heck, I can see you on "Ellen" someday on your way to being profiled on "60 Minutes." Awesome job.
    Ali Anani
    12/10/2016 #14 Ali Anani
    @David B. Grinberg- you are masterful. beBee is thriving on your writing
    debasish majumder
    12/10/2016 #13 debasish majumder
    lovely elucidation. enjoyed read. you people are the star as well influencers' of beeBee which made this platform so attractive. Jim Murray, John White, Dr. Ali Anani, Lisa Gallagher, Javier beBee and plenty more which enable me a lot to widen my vistas. thank you very much David Grinberg for sharing such lovely post.
    Jim Murray
    12/10/2016 #12 Jim Murray
    Thanks for the shout out David. Very effective piece.
  24. Lynne Black

    Lynne Black

    Lynne Black
    Topsfield Fair Weekend Entertainment - LRB & Associates
    lrbandassociates.com This past weekend, my Husband surprised me with tickets to attend the Topsfield Fair.  Since this is one of America's oldest fairs, it was a...
  25. Nicole Chardenet
    With only a half-million speakers worldwide, the vast majority in Siberia, it probably wasn't a big priority for Lucasfilms or Disney to translate the Star Wars movies into the Yakut language. But a cool new fan project may change that.
    Nicole Chardenet
    Star Wars: But Can C3PO Speak Yakut? - Yappn Corp
    yappn.com Star Wars: A New Hope may be coming soon to a Yakut-language theatre near you. Not that Mr. Fluency himself, C3PO, was any...
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