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  1. ProducerTerry Dowe

    Terry Dowe

    Costa Rica:  How to make your CFO happy
    Costa Rica: How to make your CFO happyI took a picture of this Coati (raccoon family) that you will find while traveling in Costa Rica. It is April 2016 and it is quite humid right now with the start of the rainy season. I was traveling here last December and the weather was...
  2. William 🐝 Rakow
    Paralyzed man regains hand movement
    Paralyzed man regains hand movement Ian Burkhart regains some functional use of his hand in the lab through the use of neural bypass technology. To read more http://www.cbc.ca/news/1.3533731...
  3. William 🐝 Rakow
    William 🐝 Rakow
    Completely Paralyzed Man Moves His Own Arm for First Time |
    www.medgadget.com Researchers at Ohio State University and Battelle Memorial Institute are reporting on an incredible achievement of having a quadriplegic man move his own...