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For doctors and other professionals involved with Concierge Medicine and Direct Care.
  1. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Shoulder pain? Don't just live with rotator cuff problems, overcome them!
    Tampa Sports Medicine - Subacromial injection
    Tampa Sports Medicine - Subacromial injection Dr.Tommy demonstrates a subacromial injection for rotator cuff tendonitis. http://echelon-health.com...
  2. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Fun with phone tree music. How a real life experience with a robot voice allowed me to make this wonderful PSA for concierge medicine.
    Your Time is Valuable - Echelon Productions
    Your Time is Valuable - Echelon Productions Echelon-Health Concierge Medicine - No phone trees, No BS. http://echelon-health.com...
  3. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Cash pricing for surgery saves you money. Free Market Medical Association Florida chapter co-founder Chris Markford is on the Dr. Tommy Show talking about common sense solutions to medical care.
    Cash Surgery Centers - America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Show
    Cash Surgery Centers - America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Show Chris Markford, co-founder of the Florida Chapter of the Free Market Medical Association (http://fmma.org) and adminstrator of the Orthopedic Surgery Center...
  4. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Learn how to make the Filipino dish Lumpia on the Dr. Tommy Show!
    How to Make the Filipino Favorite Lumpia - Dr. Tommy Show
    How to Make the Filipino Favorite Lumpia - Dr. Tommy Show Dr. Tommy, co-host Tracy Hoyle, and special guest Fred McElroy make the delicious dish lumpia. Looking for a twist on the eggroll or springroll for dinner,...
  5. Tommy McElroy, MD
    2nd Full Dr. Tommy Show Live and we've improved the 'set.' We shot this with two $20 webcams, open-source software, and less than $200 worth of audio equipment. More to come.
    America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Show Live Stream
    America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Show Live Stream Dr. Tommy and Tracy discuss the upcoming Halloween Ask Dr. Tommy event. Come dressed as a character from the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Dexter, 90210, or...
  6. Tommy McElroy, MD
    New social media territory for me, YouTube Live
    America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Live Stream
    America's Free Market Doctor - Dr. Tommy Live Stream Concierge Medicine physician and host of the Ask Dr. Tommy Show, Dr. Tommy McElroy gives an overview of the Echelon-Health Concierge Medicine program...
  7. Tommy McElroy, MD
    I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Williams this morning on the Ask Dr. Tommy Show. What a pleasure to talk with a scholar that I have been following since I was a premedical student. Truly a high point for me!
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    Walter E. Williams - Is Liberty Alive in America?
    soundcloud.com IS LIBERTY ALIVE IN AMERICA? Professor of Economics, author, and syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams is on the show to discuss liberty, the Constitution, and moral decline. Is the American...


    Tommy McElroy, MD
    27/08/2016 #3 Tommy McElroy, MD
    #2 Exactly majoritarian dictatorship!
    Brian McKenzie
    27/08/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    Why 'Democracy' is a bad idea, and the Founding Fathers knew it. 'Democracy' is Two wolves deciding to eat sheep for dinner.

    There is more Communism in DC now, than there was in Soviet Red Communist Moscow in 1989.
    Brian McKenzie
    27/08/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Damn timely this election season; should be required listening for anybody that cares about the Constitution.
  8. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Is the Obamacare/Exchange system like the Housing system just before the crash?
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    The big Obamacare bubble is about to explode
    www.cnbc.com Millions of previously uninsurable sick people are flooding the insurance market, driving premiums sky high, explains attorney Bryan...


    Brian McKenzie
    12/08/2016 #5 Brian McKenzie
    #4 follow the money. Every 'new' idea under ObamaCare had been tried earier in live policies, and proven to fail. Every one of them on their own wasunviable in the market: combining them is a recipe for collapse ~ and that is what they are driving for.
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    12/08/2016 #4 Tommy McElroy, MD
    #1 @Brian McKenzie you are the bringer of 'Bad News' that is unfortunately true. Like the children who don't want to hear that Santa is a fraud, the masses have been led to believe that 'Gov't knows best' and HAVE believed it, for reasons unknown to me. We shall meet after the collapse I hope.
    Brian McKenzie
    12/08/2016 #3 Brian McKenzie
    Circuses and Clowns - same as it ever was.
    Brian McKenzie
    12/08/2016 #2 Brian McKenzie
    Remember - the IRS has direct access to your bank account because of Obamacare - and when the crash comes, do not think that they will not tap private accounts to bail out their cronies - it has already been beta tested.
    Brian McKenzie
    12/08/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    It is the same idea - the housing crisis was when assets / wages / market value of the home could not meet the higher interest rates of the adjustable ARM loans that were initiated under fraudulent and non existent 'financial stability' - essentially hedged bets on escalation in the market based on past performance without any risk mitigation because poor performing accounts were bundled and sold as toxic assets to a next and new lender like a hot potato. Health Care is following the same path....but expenses in the sector are 1/5 of GDP and 1/3 of the budget when they write one. It will fail - and hard.... and now for the kicker - it was DESIGNED to do so. Anybody that READ the bill, and has any economics sense - should have known it was built on faulty logic, wrong numeric projections, poor risk mitigations and a continuing of toxic asset bundling. THAT was the crux of the BRICK that I mailed to the White House after graduating with a Master's in the Sector. The whole thing is gamed - fake - pump and dump. Enjoy the show - I have YEARS of blogging and warning about this crash. I am done ringing the bell - content to watch it all burn in a warm " I told you so "
  9. Tommy McElroy, MD
    What happens when doctors pay is based on internet reviews? Happy to contribute my two cents to this article by Bryan Rotella, CEO of Rotella Legal Group in Tampa.
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    Doctors Should Not Be Paid Based on Satisfaction
    www.newsmax.com Treating patients like customers is a good thing. Having patients treat doctors and hospitals like an online Yelp review isn’t good for anyone. Unless we all want to use the internet to treat...
  10. ProducerTommy McElroy, MD
    Top 10 Signs Concierge Medicine is Right for You: Patient Edition
    Top 10 Signs Concierge Medicine is Right for You: Patient Edition10. You don't like waiting for an appointment. If you would prefer to see your doctor when you need to, and not have to go to urgent care, then concierge medicine is right up your alley. 9. You have a high deductible health plan (HDHP). Some...
  11. Tommy McElroy, MD
    A short talk I gave on hormones in Tampa, Florida.
    Balanced Hormones, Balanced Life
    Balanced Hormones, Balanced Life Concierge medicine physician Dr. Tommy McElroy talks abouts how hormones help control your body. Learn about metabolic, sex, and stress hormones and how...
  12. Tommy McElroy, MD
    When ordering food is like getting medical care.
    Dr Josh Preview
    Dr Josh Preview What if restaurants had to follow the same rules as medicine for billing? Dr. Josh of AtlasMD and Dr. Tommy discuss. Show Link:...
  13. Tommy McElroy, MD
    Want to see what Membership Medicine is all about? Listen to Dr. Steves tell the story of how he got fired after requesting more resources for patients, and then what he did about it.
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    Dr. Robert Steves - The Town Doctor
    soundcloud.com Dr. Robert Steves shares his inspirational story about being fired after going to bat for his patients and starting his own successful direct care practice, The Town Doctor. Learn how doctors,...
  14. ProducerTommy McElroy, MD
    Marketing Membership Medicine: Selling the Ghost
    Marketing Membership Medicine: Selling the GhostRecently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Topher Morrison, Managing Director of Key Person of Influence-USA. Among the things we discussed was the difference between selling products and services. As a concierge medicine physician, Topher...


    Tommy McElroy, MD
    09/07/2016 #4 Tommy McElroy, MD
    #3 I appreciate that @John White, MBA, I look forward to contributing to beBee.
    John White, MBA
    09/07/2016 #3 John White, MBA
    Great piece @Tommy McElroy, MD. I have promoted it on Twitter via @bebeeproducer @bebeesocial @bebeemarketing. Feel free to retweet!
    Tommy McElroy, MD
    09/07/2016 #2 Tommy McElroy, MD
    #1 That is interesting @Brian McKenzie because 'Concierge Medicine' began in Seattle in the early '90s. One day the things you and I are working on will commonplace and we will back at the current way of healthcare delivery with the appropriate level of laughter.
    Brian McKenzie
    09/07/2016 #1 Brian McKenzie
    Bigger employers are moving to a similar model on their job site location. Seattle has long been a hot bed of on campus work access for doc care. Best of success in continued care delivery to you @Tommy McElroy, MD