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  1. ProducerKim Wheeler

    Kim Wheeler

    When your best friend is a dog
    When your best friend is a dogWhen your best friend, is a dog...by Kim Wheeler We are surrounded by humans, everywhere we go; there they are, walking, talking, eating, laughing, crying and sometimes shouting. So why do some of us choose to be far away from the noise...


    Gerald Hecht
    01/07/2016 #15 Gerald Hecht
    #14 @Wayne Yoshida you're welcome, Kim just told me about it today, and...yeah this one hit home for me... I hadn't seen it before
    Wayne Yoshida
    30/06/2016 #14 Wayne Yoshida
    #12 @Gerald Hecht, thanks for sharing it over here so I could see it.
    Wayne Yoshida
    30/06/2016 #13 Wayne Yoshida
    Thank you for this Buzz, Kim Wheeler. Every time people complain about their relationships with other people, or if they are depressed / not happy, are not enjoying life - I always suggest they should get a dog. They relieve stress, don't complain, always welcome you home and are always ready to play a game of fetch.
    Gerald Hecht
    30/06/2016 #12 Gerald Hecht
    Thank you @Kim Wheeler
    Kim Wheeler
    30/06/2016 #11 Kim Wheeler
    #10 @Deb.............funny enough after a book of poems (where i cut my teeth as a writer) I also wrote a book about dogs called 'rescue dog rescues man,...' which in truth they did and still are.............always good to hear others people's experiences and happiness from owning and loving such a beautiful friend..K
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    25/04/2016 #10 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    I am so glad to see this story, @Kim Wheeler. You have poignantly expressed a number of reasons why I chose to live my life with a dog. The simple love, reciprocated because it exists, nurtures me endlessly. A canine companion is priceless in my opinion. It is why my first book is about my dogs. As a fellow writer & dog lover, I salute you for all that you have accomplished and all the good stuff that is next on your journey!
    Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    25/04/2016 #9 Deb ๐Ÿ Helfrich
    #5 @Brigette Hyacinth that is so sad, such a hard thing to go through. Do reach out if you want to just chat - often silence is right, but other times it helps to talk about losing a dog with someone who has been through it.
    Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    25/04/2016 #8 Pamela ๐Ÿ Williams
    Beautiful @Kim Wheeler, in my turbulent teens I found my confidant in a wolf. I basically stole her from a young man that found it amusing to get her high by blowing marijuana smoke in her face. I threatened to turn him in if he did one thing to stop me from taking the pup. It took a year of living under our house for her paranoia to ease but from that point on we were rarely parted. When the normal teen angst hit I would lay on the ground next to her and unload all my woes. She never judged or told me I was being an over-emotional teen. She just listened and gave me the occasional wolfie kisses. It's been more years that I care to count and I still miss her. Sometimes a human just won't do!
    Kim Wheeler
    25/04/2016 #7 Kim Wheeler
    #5 I am sorry to hear of your loss but hope that you will find the time to perhaps rescue another as I am sure your last dog would be happy to give its warm blanket and loving lap to another broken soul..;
    Kim Wheeler
    25/04/2016 #6 Kim Wheeler
    #3 I have often wondered where the human soul evolves to after death, my hope would be that it will be of a dog as I have never met any human more forgiving,more caring loving or a greater companion than a dog..
    Brigette Hyacinth
    25/04/2016 #5 Brigette Hyacinth
    Excellent Post Kim. My puppy passed away a week ago. It was just so sudden. She was so beautiful and loving. A great friend and confidante. The only thing she couldn't do was talk. I miss her dearly even last night I dreamt her :'( Keep up the good work Kim. You are a wonderful human being!
    Kim Wheeler
    25/04/2016 #4 Kim Wheeler
    Thank you @Catalina Serrano, for me it is the perfect partnership as they also saved/rescued me from myself
    NO one
    25/04/2016 #3 NO one
    There's no more loyal, honest, and innocent being in the world. I wish humans were more like dogs. In fact we have many faults but it's so beautiful that dogs will never see them and even if someone treats them bad, with time they forgive and keep on being innocent and caring (nothing lifke humans). Beautiful buzz @Kim Wheeler
    Catalina Serrano
    25/04/2016 #1 Catalina Serrano
    I liked your post, and I think what you did rescuing those dogs is a very altruist action that says a lot about you. Because for me too, a dog is the best friend of a human!