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  1. Producertom ford

    tom ford

    Top Ten American Sports Franchises
    Top Ten American Sports FranchisesA few weeks ago I was listening to a morning radio program and the announcers read a list they found on the Internet of the Top Ten American Sports Franchises. Quite simply, the list was a complete joke full of bias for and against certain...
  2. ProducerChristopher Scali
    The Jersey Shore to Cowboy Country. Part 3
    The Jersey Shore to Cowboy Country. Part 3"Three,Two, One.... Hello?"How much did you pay your references to say good things about you.?""Haha.. no money at all sir.""Well, would you like to work for this station?"My heart skipped a few beats and I instantly blacked out. "Yes... yes.... I...
  3. ProducerChristopher Scali
    The Jersey Shore to Cowboy Country. Part 2
    The Jersey Shore to Cowboy Country. Part 2 It's been a few weeks since I've sent out my application out to Casper Wyoming. My mind was racing and preparing for rejection. But I had to keep some faith, My mother always told me to pray and keep the lord in your heart. Every morning when I...


    Christopher Scali
    31/05/2016 #2 Christopher Scali
    You will find out the outcome. My story is far from over. I am happy you are enjoying my journey.
    Tausif Mundrawala
    31/05/2016 #1 Tausif Mundrawala
    Your post made me hungry to know more. Excellent post, Christopher.
  4. Alejandro Guerra Gandón
    La cifra ya es alarmante...
    Alejandro Guerra Gandón
    102 peloteros se han ido de Cuba en 2015


    Alejandro Guerra Gandón
    06/10/2015 #2 Alejandro Guerra Gandón
    #1 De niños allí todos somos peloteros, ahora un aficionado más :-)
    Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    06/10/2015 #1 Federico 🐝 Álvarez San Martín
    ¿Tu también eres pelotero? ;)