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Motion Graphics

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Hive for all those professionals or interested in Motion Graphics.
  1. Dj Tixx

    Dj Tixx

    Dj Tixx-Music every day new 2016-2017
    Dj Tixx-Music every day new 2016-2017 Music is...
  2. Aleksej Durdevic
    Working as a freelance logo designer can be a great thing with a lot of advantages. You have a possibility to choose only the projects that perfectly fit your graphic design style, and currently, you can find more than one hundred of available freelance platforms for that type of a job.
    Aleksej Durdevic
    Freelance Logo Designer Journey Dzony99 - Freelance TnT
    freelancetnt.com We have interviewed a self-educated logo designer Dzony99, who has more than two years of experience and more than 50 completed projects in his...
  3. ProducerTracktour Music Library
    TrackTour Music Library
    TrackTour Music Library TrackTour Music provides provides royalty free production music for audio-visual and multimedia purposes. You are free to use the tracks whereever you want as many times as you need. No further payment of synchronization fees as soon as you have...
  4. Silvia Rios Galeano
    Silvia Rios Galeano
  5. Silvia Rios Galeano
    Silvia Rios Galeano


    Silvia Rios Galeano
    18/07/2016 #2 Anonymous
    The pleasure is mine! #1
    Sue Chien Lee
    18/07/2016 #1 Sue Chien Lee
    A pleasure to find you, @Silvia Rios Galeano.
  6. Pedro de Erquiaga
    Demo Reel
    Motion Graphic's - Fotografía - Diseño gráfico
    Pedro de Erquiaga
    Reel Pedro de Erquiaga
    vimeo.com Video de trabajos realizados por Pedro de Erquiaga, en post-producción y...
  7. ProducerChristopher Taylor
    The immersive animated universe of Eoin Duffy.
    The immersive animated universe of Eoin Duffy.Recently, a friend turned me onto the work of one Eoin Duffy, an Irish animator and former designer working out of his studio in Vancouver, Canada. I have long been a lover of animation and I believe that over the years I have learned more life...


    Dean Owen
    06/06/2016 #1 Dean Owen
    A very distinctive, if minimalistic style. Definitely influenced by origami.
  9. Dave Parfitt

    Dave Parfitt

    Exclusive tour of Blue Sky Studios to meet with the voice actors and animators of THE PEANUTS MOVIE. We learned how to draw Snoopy too!
    Dave Parfitt
    A Visit to Blue Sky Studios for THE PEANUTS MOVIE
    www.adventuresbydaddy.com Adventures by Daddy was invited to go to Blue Sky Studios in Connecticut to explore the studios and to meet the creative team behind THE PEANUTS...


    David Brown
    04/04/2016 #2 David Brown
    Grew up with Peanuts
    Lisa Lee
    30/03/2016 #1 Lisa Lee
    I love Peanuts! It's so innocent but full of life learning
  10. Fernando Arias Cebrian
    Trailer made with Adobe Premiere, After effects for Monster Divers. Video recorded with gopro 3+. Enjoy it.
    Fernando Arias Cebrian
    Monster divers on Instagram: “Trailer of Monster Jellyfish #monsterdivers #monsterexperience #monsterdiversmedia # Jellyfish #molaunmonton #scubadive #monsterdivers…”
    www.instagram.com “Trailer of Monster Jellyfish #monsterdivers #monsterexperience #monsterdiversmedia # Jellyfish #molaunmonton #scubadive #monsterdivers productions...