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Natural health & beauty

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This hive is for people who love to use ingredients they can eat on their face! Honey is good for beauty on the inside as it is for the outside. Please join and share your remedies or natural products you believe. All are welcome to join this hive. Buzz buzz
  1. Heenay Patel

    Heenay Patel

    Question: how do you get whiter teeth? Answer: Charcoal. More specifically, "Activated Charcoal." No seriously. It seems counter-intuitive, but this black powder can actually lead to a brighter smile.
    Check out my 1st post for BLVNCO: #activatedcharcoal #BLVNCO #beauty #health
    Heenay Patel
    Activated Charcoal: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Always Better
    buff.ly Activated Charcoal: Why Natural Teeth Whitening Is Always Better Let's face it: with so many oral care products on the market it's easy to get confused—or worse, misled. The fact is most teeth-whitening strips, gels and mouthwashes are...
  2. Jahanara Hoque

    Jahanara Hoque

    Jahanara Hoque
    Get Gorgeous with Apple Cider Vinegar
    www.sisters-magazine.com Considered a health miracle by many, apple cider vinegar is also amazing for your skin and hair. SISTERS' Reyhana Ismail looks at some ways you can add it to your beauty routine, as well as other health...